Matchmaking, Overwatch updated

A new build of CS:GO has shipped which brings important changes to matchmaking, spectating and Overwatch, with the customer-based cheat monitoring service finally leaving its beta state.

Although the latest update to CS:GO may feature no gameplay changes, it has shipped with a number of tweaks that will impact the daily experience of most players.

Overwatch, the previously much-maligned service which allowed players to monitor the demos of reported players and judge them for cheating or game infractions, has been taken out of beta and will now award XP to players who award accurate verdicts.

Matchmaking now requires an in-game "rank 3" in order to play, which is similar to the concept behind ranked play in Valve's Dota 2.

In addition, the snapshotrate for GOTV and demo viewing has been doubled to 32, which will hopefully improve the spectating experience overall.

A number of other important changes have been introduced to the game, which can be found in the patch notes below:


  • Added an XP reward for accurate Overwatch verdicts. The reward is proportional to the investigator’s Overwatch Score, is delivered after a sufficient number of accurate cases have been resolved, and can be collected by completing matches on official servers.
  • Added a message to users when they have reported a user that was banned by VAC or Overwatch.
  • Added a message to users when they have lost XP, competitive wins, Profile Rank, and Skill Group due to partying with a cheater.
  • Updated the Overwatch F.A.Q.:


  • Weapon fire sounds no longer prevented from playing due to the Potentially Audible Set.
  • Fixed bug where dormant players could emit bullet impact sounds.
  • New ladder footstep sounds.
  • Inspecting a weapon from loadout screen now plays cage opening sound.
  • Adjusted weapon fire sound falloff to be more noticeable at near range distances.


  • Added Leadership, Teaching, and Friendliness commendations to the scoreboard. The team member with the best score in each category will display the relevant icon.
  • CS:GO Profile Ranks now display like Skill Groups in the scoreboard: always for friends and party members, and at the end of the match for everyone else.


  • Doubled GOTV broadcasting and recording snapshot rate ( to 32 ) on official servers.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to commend themselves and removed all such commendations.
  • Update rates enforced for players can now be configured higher than GOTV master tv_snapshotrate.
  • Tickrates for players on official servers are now enforced to match server tickrate.
  • Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking.
2015-06-11 02:59
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
really nice i agree
2015-06-11 03:00
finally, no more cheaterinos
2015-06-11 03:07
Wtf? This stuff is basically nice for silvers, skins lovers and shit like that. For people who actually play cs not for skinerinos it's completely useless. Instead of developing anticheat system and launching 128tick servers they do useless stuff like this. Well,yeah, it's for the money, to make this game wanted in younger auditory of people. This game is turning to team fortress. Gg
2015-06-11 07:16
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
I just realized that this game is actually turning into team fortress. Mind blown
2015-06-11 07:23
If it really is, where are my hats?
2015-06-11 07:33
You have your skins, worse than hats
2015-06-11 08:09
Germany Chris Walker 
This update was kinda against cheating tho
2015-06-11 07:31
In what way? Has more support than tf2 ever had. There's literally nothing the similar between the games apart from the hats to skins comparison...
2015-06-11 07:34
Because a huge amount of their playerbase are silvers, skin lovers and shit like that. You know there are other options?
2015-06-11 08:06
But they can not improve their levels (not their skills) with faceit or esea, can they?
2015-06-11 10:18
no, they can't
2015-06-11 13:12
So, more people doing overwatch is not good for the community how?
2015-06-11 11:57
I agree! because I didnt bought the new operation, so I can't rank on that level coz I'm still level 1. How do I rank up on my acc to be able to play on mm if I dont have the new operation?
2015-06-11 12:25
thats wrong every acc gets the new rank system you can rank it up by playing dm casual and every other mode just not ranked mm
2015-06-11 12:54
didnt buy
2015-06-11 16:26
the fuck are you talking about, if anything the demotickrate going from 16 to 32 is, whatever way you look at it, an improvement for people that only care about the game. Stop rambling about skins, I don't care about skins but they still make CS:GO into the huge game (competitively) it is today.
2015-06-11 13:10
Denmark 3picanteater 
Dude the update is about making a better anti-cheat system, did you even read the article?
2015-06-11 15:01
all they did was making steam accs a little bit more expensive on the blackmarket lol, gj valve, now cheaters who wanna cheat again and get banned every week with each acc wont be arsed to level their rank to 3, they will only buy rank 3 steam accs now. this is funny
2015-06-11 16:47
And you think there is a market for this? Source please? W4nn4 use my Haxx. Kappa
2015-06-11 18:11
my german compadre... you should know kappa
2015-06-11 18:23
Fun Fact most of the cheaters I came across were from Austria.
2015-06-11 18:39
I love you
2015-06-11 03:06
now we got prestige mode (CoD:GO)
2015-06-11 03:16
2015-06-11 05:37
Damn, don't know why, but I was hoping for new rank system, may be similar to league of legends one. For example, like in Challenger tier, there is on only fixed amount of players who can be in this league.
2015-06-11 09:19
back to the old daysss
2015-06-11 13:39
2015-06-11 14:35
2015-06-11 02:59
shit sry
2015-06-11 02:59
Germany Dok1 
32tick demos!
2015-06-11 03:00
:D now just upgrade servers to 128-tick = near perfect game.
2015-06-11 13:00
Ukraine gungrave 
not SO useless this time =)
2015-06-11 03:00
ladder sound sucks :s
2015-06-11 03:00
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
Yeah it sounds wrong. Older was better.
2015-06-11 06:00
same with knives
2015-06-11 10:42
Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. THANK YOU
2015-06-11 03:00
le leddit upboats amirite
2015-06-11 03:01
you are always right stich!
2015-06-11 03:05
ayy lmao, stich is too good for us plebs. Lemme translate "Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. THANK YOU" into stich speech: "I have noticed in this update that Valve has implemented features which have been present in other competitive multiplayer games, and which vast swath of the game community has asked for a long time. I really appreciate how Valve has embraced the ideology of Habermas, and has accepted that universal pragmatics is the best model for developing CS:GO and interacting with the community." Can you get it now stich? No need to be a dick.
2015-06-11 03:25
that was beautiful
2015-06-11 03:28
anything for you stich-senpai
2015-06-11 04:55
stich for president of the world.
2015-06-11 05:47
2015-06-11 05:22
How do you rank this up?
2015-06-11 05:52
2015-06-11 06:35
untill rank 3 its pretty ez, in half an hour u can do it.
2015-06-11 10:53
I'm really curious...If you dont have the operation, then you can gain, lets say 200Xp per casual match. 2*5000=10000 10000/200=50 a match is around 15 min so its 12-13 hours to get that :)
2015-06-11 13:59
if u do 20+ kills per casual in half an hour u can do it, MAYBE a litle more, u can do it.
2015-06-11 14:50
No way. Not even with acing in all rounds.
2015-06-11 16:50
a casual as a maximium os 15rounds. So youre telling me that its impossibel to kill at least 2 every round playing agaisnt 10 low level players? you sir are wrong
2015-06-11 17:23
stich laying down the truth
2015-06-11 13:12
and what would that change if I may ask? Less cheaters? No, they would just idle their account for a bit before starting to cheat, which would even make their account more trustworthy.
2015-06-11 03:07
Germany d2kx 
Idling doesn't give you XP, so that doesn't work.
2015-06-11 03:09
You don't get xp for standing afk with +forward +left in console doing casual? Sry, I wouldn't know, never done casual lol
2015-06-11 03:11
All modes apart from MM give you XP based on your score. MM does it on round wins
2015-06-11 03:13
ty for explaining. I'm global, but I haven't played casual for a very long time. I haven't played it in this patch either. I only play mm and faceit
2015-06-11 03:54
easy to get hiscore & rank up fast with cheets :(
2015-06-11 04:37
Bit you can get rank 3 in 2hours in casual with week dbl xp it changes nothing really.
2015-06-11 03:34
Pasha and olof won't play MM again cuz they aren't rank 3 and it's really hard to get it instead of MM servers RIP :(
2015-06-11 10:19
Portugal x6tenz 
2015-06-11 03:00
2015-06-11 03:01
nice updaterino
2015-06-11 03:01
Czech Republic baylife 
2015-06-11 03:01
where is the "Only global elites can do overwatch" at least make it fucking lem+
2015-06-11 03:01
because most people dont give a fuck about overwatch lol. Imagine globals then. cheaters would take months to be watched
2015-06-11 03:04
yeah but people at dmg and below don't have the skills to see a cheater.
2015-06-11 03:06
"Since the beginning of Overwatch, we have been extensively reviewing Investigators’ Overwatch Scores. There is no systematic difference in Overwatch Scores between investigators who play in high, medium, and lower skill groups." Yeah you are wrong
2015-06-11 03:14
+ Fucking this, but you know what despite valve providing cold hard facts people will still disagree, and have there own shit opinions based on nothing but assumptions.
2015-06-11 05:49
2015-06-11 08:11
People will always deny facts.
2015-06-11 07:47
You sir, have no idea. People in lower ranks may have the knowledge of mg for example but the aim of a silver, so it shouldnt be changed that much. And if they are bad owerwatchers they only get the blatant cheater cases where the cheater is ed to spot
2015-06-11 11:35
The knowledge of an mg?? Haha thats still nothing man, if you are dmg or below you have no idea what cs is
2015-06-11 16:57
That was just an example, if a player has ge knowledge and le aim, its basically the same thing, and i know people who know alot about cs but have a shitty aim
2015-06-11 18:00
You can get to lem/supreme with shitty aim if you have good game sense.
2015-06-11 18:08
Thats exactly my point....
2015-06-11 18:13
2015-06-11 12:22
Greece her-1g 
i was dmg for 1.5 year because of my pc specs. does that make me unskilled? with 12 years of experience in cs? lel no
2015-06-11 14:46
Venezuela cubek 
what? really? i'm SMFC
2015-06-11 03:05
smfc would go as well I want lem+, but I wouldn't mind if only globals could.
2015-06-11 03:06
only globals could never handle the mass. I mean yes it would be better but the most dont give a fuck about overwatch and the few who are doing it on global are waaaaay to less to handle the thousands of cheater
2015-06-11 08:04
Tunisia edgg 
Aren’t mediocre players going to falsely convict good players? It is not necessary for a player to be exceptionally skilled in order to be a good Overwatch investigator. For example, we would expect casters to be good investigators regardless of their skill levels, given their experience in observing highly skilled play. Every new investigator will enter the pool with a low score, which only increases based on the accuracy of their verdicts. This process gives everyone a chance to participate while ensuring that only the best investigators drive case outcomes. Since the beginning of Overwatch, we have been extensively reviewing Investigators’ Overwatch Scores. There is no systematic difference in Overwatch Scores between investigators who play in high, medium, and lower skill groups. source :
2015-06-11 03:22
Name a good caster that is not LEM+ I don't care about all the none-sponsored small casters. I'm talking about those who are casting tournaments.
2015-06-11 03:59
Semmler. He's DMG.
2015-06-11 04:12
Thought he was lem, alright.
2015-06-11 04:18
There's no real difference anyway. Trash players at every rank, SMFC littered with silvers in disguise.
2015-06-11 04:43
he was LEM, got deranked.
2015-06-11 06:36
Hes smfc btw.
2015-06-11 06:17
Semmler is supreme
2015-06-11 07:55
he said good caster
2015-06-11 10:03
Denmark Ztereo 
rizc - DMG :)
2015-06-11 07:57
Morgen MG1 Keepo
2015-06-11 08:51
no Keepo, he's casting on ESL :D
2015-06-11 09:50
Isn't ddk dmg?
2015-06-11 15:41
2015-06-11 03:02
Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. wtf im still lvl 1
2015-06-11 03:02
me2 i only play "titan DM HSonly" and 1v1arena's and it seems they don't count :/
2015-06-11 04:14
has to be valve servers to get xp
2015-06-11 07:23
Okay tyvm for the reply :)
2015-06-11 08:30
Russia bugsYsiegel 
nice for scream
2015-06-11 03:02
Brazil dUdUb44- 
2015-06-11 03:02
once again useless patch, gj
2015-06-11 03:02
Germany d2kx 
- XP reward for Overwatch - get a message when someone you reported gets VACd/OWd - Lobby/partymembers from cheater/booster lose XP and get deranked - Sound fixes - Leadership/Teaching/Friendlyness MVP and profile rank listed on scoreboard - GOTV/demo tickrate doubled - Matchmaking only for players with profile rank 3, not brand new accounts If you call that useless, I don't think you can ever be happy.
2015-06-11 03:09
-GOTV/demo tickrate doubled - Sound fixes the rest is useless
2015-06-11 03:10
nice try smurf
2015-06-11 03:41
Salty Silver
2015-06-11 10:07
totally agree with you
2015-06-11 06:05
now everyone gonna report :D just to see if ther's any chance to get that message about someone VACd
2015-06-11 12:33
[*] Smurf, ELO Boost N1 Valve
2015-06-11 03:02
I haven't been following the recent updates, but are the ladders on train fixed yet?
2015-06-11 03:02
nope, valve has their priorities strait..... kappa
2015-06-11 05:00
you are not from america
2015-06-11 12:39
judging by previous posts, just a typo.
2015-06-11 14:04
How can "strait" be a typo lol
2015-06-11 17:02
i expected 128 tick MM
2015-06-11 03:03
Germany d2kx 
- Tickrates for players on official servers are now enforced to match server tickrate. This could pave the way for 128 tick option in the future. Because everyone already plays with 64 tick on official servers, and this change only makes sense if there are higher-tick servers in the future, where they would want you to play with a higher tick without manually changing the rate yourself.
2015-06-11 03:07
yeah... nice more micropayment... payed 128tick MM servers incoming.
2015-06-11 03:31
Germany jonezz 
I'd pay.
2015-06-11 03:51
So many mongoloids on esea just trying to boost adr & rws like faggots instead of just winning the round
2015-06-11 04:45
What's adr and rws? I haven't played esea.
2015-06-11 11:38
Round win shares and average damage/round. Rws is pretty shitty if you ask me. Only gives you credit if you win the round.
2015-06-11 13:51
+1 if you get a 4k every round, but lose those rounds cause of a bad team, you still get 0 rws.
2015-06-11 14:19
RWS = average Round Win Shares If you don't win the round or have an impact on the round your team is winning, it doesnt increase your RWS. A good player will always try to make your team win the round. This will result in him getting higher RWS. You can get tons of kills but if you're just baiting like a tard and get easy frags while losing the round it wont increase your RWS.
2015-06-11 13:35
RWS is a garbage stat in general, but you don't know what you're talking about. Getting RWS doesn't mean you're playing as a team. People play like idiots instead of like a team to boost their stats, you don't have to win the round to raise your ADR, which is a stat a lot of people also try to boost.
2015-06-12 00:43
ofc retards like you would pay... because you like throwing money in the trash.. instead of earning even more money.. they could give something back to the community and make 128tick server standard... (in before flames about "are you poor" comming in.. no im not... only thing is that i have some brain left)
2015-06-13 13:36
2015-06-11 03:03
Finally!!! OOOO hell yeah :) ez global ez life
2015-06-11 03:03
Nice changes. Omg Valve cares about the game!!!
2015-06-11 03:04
shox | 
Sweden moonman33 
Best update valves released in over a year
2015-06-11 03:04
128 tick servers?????????
2015-06-11 03:04
Nice! wp volvo
2015-06-11 03:04
Well, my guess is the XP reward system will work for a little while but not sure if people will care about it in the future. Unless XP gets you skins? I have never looked into it so not sure what the new ranking system does.
2015-06-11 03:06
XP gets you skins once a week when you rank up
2015-06-11 03:07
XP does give you skins, only once per week tho
2015-06-11 03:07
when u rank up weekly u get a drop i think aint it?
2015-06-11 03:08
United States Prop 
for every rank up a player is granted a drop, but i think there you can only get one drop per week with this system. other than that there is no reason for the XP system besides an XP rank icon :D
2015-06-11 03:10
Will be honest, I haven't gotten any XP nor know how to get any. Hope it's worth a damn in the eyes of the community, we could use the cleaning lol
2015-06-11 03:28
United States Prop 
it just comes from playing and completing games on official servers (casual, valve dm), so it definitely wont hurt the community
2015-06-11 03:34
and bloodhound missions, though I guess that's almost pay-to-play in terms of xp farming
2015-06-11 03:48
World Noldi_alb 
Rank 3 competitive means no more smurfs right?
2015-06-11 11:48
My smurf is already rank 5 meanwhile main account is still on rank 2 :D
2015-06-11 12:42
is it really, though? Its mostly quite easy to earn your money back from drops, or even make money.
2015-06-11 14:20
Greece her-1g 
so do i need to buy the newest operation to have that ranking? im having a timeout from the game and im a little bit lost
2015-06-11 14:48
2015-06-11 15:55
XP gets you skins once a week when you rank up
2015-06-11 03:20
you need to be at least rank 3 to play competitive now. good addition.
2015-06-11 03:28
when you level up until 40 (Global General), you will get nice emblem
2015-06-11 04:29
I guess this new rank to play in mm at level 3(currently) will be increased to some higher level(and it should be) at later stage. Thats actually good at some pont of view.
2015-06-11 05:06
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
That's a really nice update though, good job Valve!
2015-06-11 03:06
I asked for some reward from Overwatch when it cames out. Only took a year. Sponsored money for next major? No. Gotta earn more cash through stickers and skins instead. I'm really losing confidence in Valve with these 15-minute updates. So greedy, so bad.
2015-06-11 03:06
Teams get Sticker money for Valve sponsored major, how aren't they helping wtf?
2015-06-11 04:10
Designed by the teams, PART of the sales goes yo the teams. Its free money for valve and they didn't even supply the 250k this game. Its greedy. Greed will be their downfall.
2015-06-11 04:56
The Sticker money is more than the major itself. From an article of CPHWolves manager stealing sticker money, It seems like sticker money is around 50k per team and 16 teams qualify for every major which means thats about 800k worth of stickers money which seems alot more than the major itself.
2015-06-11 05:10
That is still just a fraction of what valve makes of the stickers
2015-06-11 17:07
Look at The International, its community funded too and valve get 75% of the item sale but the fact is, they are supporting the game but just because the money doesnt go into the prize pool everyone thinks that Valve isn't supporting/sponsoring any major.
2015-06-11 22:36
doesnt volvo fly out all the teams and provide a bootcamp?
2015-06-11 16:40
best update in a while
2015-06-11 03:07
No, mm isnt 128 yet but game streams will look way better. Also, thanks valve. For the first time you concentrated on the game and not on the money.
2015-06-11 03:07
2015-06-11 03:07
well i think they are just making spectate better for the upcoming major
2015-06-11 03:09
Yup, this with the new audio codec might make the GOTV with casters much more viable
2015-06-11 03:15
Can someone explain what the meaning of rank 3. :s
2015-06-11 03:11
The new rankinf system in cs go.. Based on xps you get after playing official game mods.
2015-06-11 03:11
ez overwatch
2015-06-11 03:11
still waiting for 128 tick tho :(
2015-06-11 03:11
really good update, thanks volvo <3
2015-06-11 03:12
Japan zet3 
overwatch out of beta .... but don't&#12288;removed false accusation.. plz unlock my main account &skin. OW is the most stupid system. It suddenly steel our money and if we ask valve about the OW ban they won't tell anything.
2015-06-11 03:13
it doesnt steal your money m9
2015-06-11 10:12
Doubled GOTV broadcasting and recording snapshot rate ( to 32 ) on official servers. Wow Valve! :D
2015-06-11 03:13
Finally some good update!
2015-06-11 03:18
Canada iadf 
what is rank 3? silver 3?
2015-06-11 03:13
This is not about the new rank bar?
2015-06-11 03:14
yes it is
2015-06-11 03:17
Thanks Valve
2015-06-11 03:14
2015-06-11 03:16
wtf is rank 3? 2 months since last match on MM. my level is recruit level 1 ...
2015-06-11 03:19
Portugal motioncs 
Rank 3 on the new operation I guess
2015-06-11 03:24
karrigan | 
Germany ZW3RG 
overwatch only lem + pls
2015-06-11 03:21
2015-06-11 03:25
''Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking''Whats the point in that ? Only retarded moves
2015-06-11 03:27
To avoid smurfs basically ,for newbies better step too ,they will have to play in casual / DM etc first to get some basic in game knowledge instead of directly jumping into mm
2015-06-11 03:54
So now I can't play MM becuse im only level 2? But I have around 170 wins. ^^
2015-06-11 03:28
I think it's for new accounts only.
2015-06-11 04:16
ah okay, Lets hope so. :)
2015-06-11 04:31
its not
2015-06-11 05:08
nice volvo
2015-06-11 06:23
hahaha lol
2015-06-11 06:40
omg really? i havent played since the XP update...(only 1-2 DMs to take a look...)i have MM wins and played much mm...but since i havent played since the XP update im not even level 1.. and now i have to play some shitty casual to play MM again?... what is the fastest way to gain xp? dm is very slow....
2015-06-11 03:29
Japan zet3 
MM is the fastest way to get xp. don't need to complete missions.
2015-06-11 03:31
Japan zet3 
sorry I didn't watch ur comment enough. you have better play mission which need to buy a bundle.
2015-06-11 03:33
yeah... i wont do that.. nowadays every game is pay2play... i dont support that... im stuck with DM, casual destruction and armsrace i think. 128tick premium matchmaking incoming :)
2015-06-11 03:37
what? wouldn't premium 128tick be pay-to-play?
2015-06-11 16:43
yes and thats why it sucks... instead of giving something back to the community for the millions they make with shitty skins... they will add another pay2play option to get even more money.. its so sad... and the fun thing is.. they will get trough with that...
2015-06-13 13:39
CIS Laggy 
same story for me :(
2015-06-11 08:00
Denmark JKN-.- 
casual is pretty fast as well, depending on your score of
2015-06-11 09:44
if you do not want to play the MM before, there is no need to play MM in the future
2015-06-11 15:38
i play MM.. but i have breaks from 2-4 weeks or even longer or shorter inbetween.. thats why im now still level 1 and now i cant play MM again.. because i have to play boring DM,destruction etc :/
2015-06-13 13:40
Japan zet3 
rank3? are u jorking valve. I have a friend who wanted to play CS:GO. he bought GO and tried to play with me. but he couldn't because he didn't have any ranks. so he started mm alone to get a rank. but valve allow only 2 wins each day. he stopped this game at 5 win because he is beginner so he was really boring to play alone a long time. yeah I know 5men party let him play with me but he is really shy so he couldn't. now + personal rank3 is needed too. How can I recommend this game anyone who wana play this game.
2015-06-11 03:29
You can gain XP in official game modes too.
2015-06-11 03:33
yes but really low.
2015-06-11 05:18
Got 500 on dm.
2015-06-11 05:18
you need good score for that, if someone is silver1 he wont get that much
2015-06-11 15:43
ahh I see
2015-06-11 20:58
Denmark cabronnn 
cool history , i rate 68/45
2015-06-11 03:33
Germany jonezz 
well, if you play with a new friend I'd say that casual fits best for him... Matchmaking is considered to be for advanced players, who know the game.
2015-06-11 03:54
yeah u right. but anybody wana play with their firends. most of cs:go players play MM so ofcourse he wanted play with me.
2015-06-11 05:17
bec. of people like you and your friend, a lot of MM games get destroyed. why should i carry your friends fat ass before he even knows whats going on in the game? makes no sense. a game is about learning, not about jumping into MM level play and get REKT.
2015-06-11 11:16
The point is to have players ( especially NEW players ) get used to the game and know what they're doing before they can play MM. This is because NO ONE in MM wants to play with teammates who runs around mindlessly. I guess that's why they required rank 3 or something. As for the limit of 2 wins/day for new accounts... I don't know. It probably has something to do with being an attempt at stalling the cheaters from creating a new account and continue hacking at GE levels within a day or two.
2015-06-11 06:13
yes that and it will force smurfs / cheaters to play casual before they start hackig in MM. so i think its a really nice change
2015-06-11 12:45
This is great news, surely will reduce smurfing and cheating. And you are complain that your friend is too lazy to take rank 3 to play together mm? Oh god.
2015-06-11 10:44
cry cheater
2015-06-11 11:27
Tell your Japanese friend that he shouldn't play competetive at all until hes somewhat ok at the game, tell him to play casual and if he refuses to play the fucking game without a friend for a few days until he gets to rank 3 then too bad. (or you can play casual with him.) This update is one step closer to cheat-free MM but I geuss you don't really care cause you are silver anyways.
2015-06-11 16:23
NEO | 
Poland McRekin 
2015-06-11 03:34
Added Leadership, Teaching, and Friendliness commendations to the scoreboard. The team member with the best score in each category will display the relevant icon. Anyone tested it out yet ? Screen please ..( will be getting home after a day so :/ )
2015-06-11 03:39
its just a little icon that appears next to your name, nothing special
2015-06-11 03:43
The one with most commendations will have an icon oh I see ,pretty cool really ( at least I cared for commendations ,26,27,32 here :P ) Is it only for mm? Or all modes
2015-06-11 03:51
maybe fix serious anticheat its just sick on from double ak upto supreme so much cheating
2015-06-11 03:40
Free Scream!
2015-06-11 03:42
cant download demos after playing against cheater.
2015-06-11 03:46
nice update volvo :)
2015-06-11 03:49
they want to back players from faceit to mm :)
2015-06-11 03:55
Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. Useless stuff.
2015-06-11 03:55
Without Operation pass thats like 5 hours of grinding Casual, no its not.
2015-06-11 03:58
I said that because I recently (today) bought the game to my real account (Played ~100hrs in a friend's acc + CS1.6 experience). And now I have to play 5hs of casual matches in order to be able to play competitive matches :( that sucks
2015-06-11 04:04
China ene1nz 
And Smurfhacker have to do this, too. So a great way to lower the amount of funny kiddos.
2015-06-11 05:02
its not great way because anyone who haven't played MM recently and new players need to play in casual 5~6hours. so if anyone who wana play MM with friends ater a long time can't play immediately. this is shit.
2015-06-11 06:29
Slovakia giveitup 
please dont cry about 5 6 hours. Do you know about dota 2? there is normal and ranked matches. If my friend wanna play RANKED with me he was supposed to have at least lvl 13 (WHICH IS FCKNG 150 MATCHES = 140 HOURS OF PLAYING). Because normal matches sucks its like pointless playing without any fun. It is really good prevent from cheaters who buy new acc and cheating immediately. Shit is only your selfish way of thinking.
2015-06-11 11:34
can't play matchmaking anymore on my main, gg volvo.
2015-06-11 04:01
i shed a tear
2015-06-11 04:07
2015-06-11 04:12
China ene1nz 
2015-06-11 04:16
So does this mean the rank thing is gonna stay, even after the operation is over?
2015-06-11 04:12
China ene1nz 
You sir, are a genius!
2015-06-11 04:17
you're too kind
2015-06-28 06:36
The Rank 3 thing sounds pretty stupid.
2015-06-11 04:16
Portugal Cyborgy 
2015-06-11 04:19
It's to stop rage hackers from buying new accounts all the time and just hopping on mm. People have been asking for this forever, its a good thing it finally came..
2015-06-11 05:16
Its stupid though, It means more hackers on casual also, they already have the 2 wins restriction for new players so whats the point of adding it besides spreading hacker to casual than back to mm.
2015-06-11 05:20
Why would hackers bother hacking in casual, lol? That's their own fault for being stupid, risking their accounts in a mode nobody gives a shit about. This is double enforcement, XP and 2 wins a day, thisll discourage all those stupid fucks from constantly buying 2nd accounts to boost their nova friends or to hack on
2015-06-11 05:23
They know that their account is probably going to get banned anyway so why would they only use it in MM not casual?
2015-06-11 05:34
Because hacking in casual is worthless? Nothing to gain winning in casual lmao, you can already look like a hacker without hacks in it, its fucking casual, there isn't much to say.....
2015-06-11 05:40
By winning casual or deathmatch, he gets more EXP with more kills therefore rendering the Rank 3 thing abit useless since he can just top frag every game also, If he is an obvious hacker who is trying to ruin other player's game I don't see why he would not use it in Casual just to piss people off.
2015-06-11 05:43
no one cares in casual, its hackers in competitive who ruins the experience for most. And i don't think hackers would even want to hack in casual since they don't get any sort of reward. (rank)
2015-06-11 12:49
because there are more people in a game of casual. More people=More reportorinoes=Higher chance of getting banned=cheater has to buy another account or wait until overwatch ban is done
2015-06-11 16:50
Overwatch ban for cheating is permanent i m pretty sure but thing is U don't see people getting overwatched on casual.
2015-06-11 22:34
the report is still there so he'll be watched by Volvo? idk not like anyone here knows how the ban/vac system completely works
2015-06-11 22:52
its not. because new account need 10 win for rank. and that doesn't let play with their friends except 5men party until they get ranks. moreover valve let a new account only 2win each day. so rage hack need 5days to get rank at least. it is enough.
2015-06-11 05:24
It doesn't matter if racers aren't ranked... They were still able to get qued into games of legit players and fuck mm up, even if they were to only fuck it up for 2 wins per day, that's more than 0
2015-06-11 05:26
I mentioned that. adding rank3 mean nothing for hacker. rank3 mean valve wana to sell their new bundle.
2015-06-11 05:43
How? New mission gives 1 mission per day and gives u 300 xp. For that you need to do stupid things like killing chickens. Why would you play like 5 dm to kill 40 chickens when you can play 2 dm, kill players and get 400-500 xp?
2015-06-11 10:53
40 chickens in 5 DMs? :D
2015-06-11 17:05
everyone will forget about the enemy and hunt have no Idea how frustrating it is when the server is having 7+ Variance.
2015-06-11 17:33
it's actually a good thing for lazy cheaters it's easy in the same time to rank up to the 3rd level
2015-06-11 12:44
128 tick servers is coming! BELIEVE
2015-06-11 04:18
2015-06-11 04:29
mm is shit anyway:)
2015-06-11 12:04
So...i was rotating to b on de_inferno from middle and heard SILENCE m4a1 shooting in,die plz..
2015-06-11 04:19
Really good update, thanks valve
2015-06-11 04:24
GJ volvo
2015-06-11 04:32
Volvo where is server 128 tick ?. If u you organize major pro players have 128 tick but normal palyer must play 64 tick are u kidding me. Pro player group there is 200 in the world normal players 1 mln ? wtf tell me?. Where is fu cking ELO rank hmmm ? lvl rank what is it needed hmm ?
2015-06-11 04:33
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
are you fucking retarded or what? matchmaking is and forever will be 64 tick. if you want premium quality you go to another service like faceit, esea, esl etc etc.
2015-06-11 16:49
lvl3 isnt enough, maybe lvl 20.
2015-06-11 04:53
2015-06-11 06:37
I dont think many people have lvl 20.
2015-06-11 07:35
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
3 is plenty considering you get the most xp from comp wins. leveling elsewhere is still pretty time consuming
2015-06-11 16:50
lvl5 if anything higher
2015-06-11 16:52
Although it's not a very sophisticated way to prevent cheating, I am appreciative of Valve's recent focus on implementing unique initiatives that deter cheating while simultaneously incentivizing game play for regular customers.
2015-06-11 05:09
I'm sure valve added rank3 limit to sell falcon bundles.
2015-06-11 05:19
you don't need falchion for ranks dipshit
2015-06-11 05:35
But u get more xp for playing missions and missions come from the Falchion Op
2015-06-11 18:08
Actually some great changes this time must be because summer sale is almost here :D
2015-06-11 05:25
32 tick hype
2015-06-11 05:29
Should I play stoopid public servers to play MM ??????? Or WHAT ?!??!?!
2015-06-11 05:36
Is there an option to report a player when watching demo of a game played on MM?
2015-06-11 05:47
Brazil Collee 
N1, but it should be rank 5
2015-06-11 06:03
Poland trishowsky 
lvl 3 for mm is not that bad, in lol it takes few months to get on 30 lvl and finally play ranked... imo that's the best update lately
2015-06-11 06:05
128tick hyp
2015-06-11 06:08
only 128 tick and official timer it's what we need
2015-06-11 06:11
I agree. Where's 1.75, 35s, and 128 tick server?
2015-06-11 09:14
in faceit, cevo, esea, esl etc.
2015-06-11 16:54
demo is 32 now plz 128
2015-06-11 06:26
Updated gotv tick, but we have to play on magichitboxed 64ticks. Nice.
2015-06-11 06:31
nice update
2015-06-11 06:34
Added a message to users when they have lost XP, competitive wins, Profile Rank, and Skill Group due to partying with a cheater. What if we cant kick cheater from our team if he plays with 1 more mate who will doesn't allow to kick him ? Should I just leave from server and get banned for 2 hours ? How will this count in lost for profile rank and ecetera ? This happened to me a few times ago. Any idea ? TY :)
2015-06-11 06:37
Hopefully u don't get penalized for playing with a cheater once in a while, I mean, we all get matched with cheaters from time to time. Hopefully it's if you play with the same cheater every game aka getting boosted
2015-06-11 08:10
From what I know, only people who queue up (in lobby) with cheaters get penalized. Not 100% sure tho.
2015-06-11 10:44
the ultimate idea is this!
2015-06-11 12:50
If you are premade with a cheater and he is caught, you will loose all the xp/elo you gathered while playing with him. If you queue with 3 people and get some1 who is hacking (and his friend), and he gets caught, you wont loose anything. ELO has been handled like that for quite some time now...
2015-06-11 12:13
I would be a lot more interested if Valve implements something like... In MM, you need to be at least rank 20+ or something to be able to play with others who are also rank 20+...otherwise you'll get matched up with rank 1 to rank 19. ( rank 20 is just a made up number for the sake of an example ) This would slowdown the amount of cheaters creating new accounts and able to fuck up legit GE players like us who have played for 1000hrs+ It always sucks to lose a match and when you view the guy on the other team and you realized he's a GE with less than a 100hrs. ( doesn't automatically mean he cheated, but there's a good chance he did or it was his secondary account... and since I reported him, I want his MAIN account to get banned if he indeed cheated, not his cheap no skin inventory 2nd account ) If he didn't cheat, then he doesn't have anything to worry about. Simply put, I would rather play a match and lose against GEs with 1000hrs+ than against one with <100hrs, REGARDLESS of whether he was cheating or not ( it's just a more contented/satisfying feeling of losing against most likely legit GEs, than against most likely cheating GEs )
2015-06-11 06:37
I think this has potential. Something like this would really prevent cheaters in higher ranked matches, since they would be stuck in ranks 1-19. And probably would get banned before rank 20. Of course then the cheaters would just fuck up games in 1-19 ranks, but the games that they cheat on would just get erased anyway after awhile. So legit players would eventually get to lvl 20 heaven. What problems would probably occur is that cheaters would start to buy lvl 20 accounts. I don't know the cost buying accounts but something would have to be done about that, for example always ban for life the account seller if he gets caught. And even if cheaters could buy accounts easily, it would require much more effort from them to actually start cheating in lvl 20 or above. So I think that these "casual" cheaters that do it just for fun, wouldn't actually bother buying accounts.
2015-06-11 08:28
+1 I agree. I would rather have ranks 1-19 filled with cheaters than to have EVERY rank littered with cheaters everywhere. This way, the players who played legitimately for a long time is rewarded by being able to play in a cheat-free zone. ( of course it's not 100% cheat-free... but it's probably still better than the rank 1-19 zone ) The casual cheaters that do it just for fun probably wouldn't bother buying rank 20 accounts. This is true. And the cheaters that do... well they're going to have to go through some trouble trying to find an account seller. There could potentially be a new wave of cheaters pumping xp via DMs/Casuals trying to get to rank 20 to continue cheating or sell their rank 20 accounts. The concern is that if these cheaters use private hacks, then they can rage hack with spin bots,etc in casuals very easily and not get banned. This is because even if they are obviously hacking as fuck, there are no overwatch ban for casuals. ( Or maybe there is ? I've never seen it tho ) All in all... despite the potential increase of cheaters on casual, I still think it's better to have this feature in order to reward those players who have played legitimately for a long time.
2015-06-11 09:01
Denmark JKN-.- 
Good idea although I think there is more potential in Valve making a system capable of seeing "double accounts." This would mean you could ban all the users of a guy when he cheats on 1, you could limit (force?) him to only play on a main and so on. But then again, they want to make money so they like that people buy more accounts :-) I just think they should have a system to detect double accounts, it's not that hard to match users with different algorithms.
2015-06-11 09:47
I don't know man, I think it would cause a lot of this shit: "WTF VALVE JUST BANNED ME EVEN THOUGH MY BROTHER/SISTER/DAD/MOM/DOG CHEATED ON THE SAME COMPUTER AND NOT ME" And valve would have to unban them because how can they know if an account is someone's brothers or not? There is no way.
2015-06-11 10:06
It would be perfect if Valve could "reliably" ban every account of the cheaters, including their main account which they didn't use hacks on. This way, people would really think twice before even "trying" to cheat on their secondary account. But then again, I'm not really a programmer so I don't really know how Valve can go about doing that. The scumbag cheaters always finds an excuse too... like Oh, I was playing from a pc in an internet cafe, or in school, or just visiting a friend, or my bro just happens to use my pc to play on his account and he hacked, but I never used hacks, etc blah blah blahhh
2015-06-11 10:07
just make MM filter like "minimal rank" where a player may set search low rank limit of MM opponents
2015-06-11 15:44
The only good for thing about this update is that the cheaters will have reach level on their profile ranks which will take quite a lot of time and hopefully the number of cheaters we meet will decrease
2015-06-11 06:38
silvers playing alone in mm in few days , kappa
2015-06-11 06:39
Dafuq? I was going to buy another smurf acc. That's fuckin bad. At first 2 game a day, now this shit 8(
2015-06-11 07:27
Play on your main and stop ruining silver games.
2015-06-11 07:38
Level 3 nice !! Good job valve !! :)
2015-06-11 07:43
shox | 
Lithuania despotz 
in game level 3.... you can get that in like 4-5 hours of first day of drop reset... 2-3 matches of MM and you already level 2. should've put it on at least level 8. took me 3 weeks to get level 8. Dota requires you to be level 13 if you wanna play ranked, and it took me 150 hours of DOTA. Right now what i've met in MM is 20-40 hours cheaters so when cheaters reach level 3 they gonna have 20-30 hours played of csgo anyway
2015-06-11 07:44
how about players with skill, but play rarely or playing rarely MM cuz faceit, ESEA, praccs?
2015-06-11 07:49
Brazil Collee 
It might take some time for them, but at least they will only do it once, and play a MM with less hackers. When a hack gets banned, he won't comeback for a long time, unless he buys an account with level 8+. It would be worth, and I think they would agree with this. Maybe level 7 is enough. But 3 is pretty easy and quick to get, it's too low
2015-06-11 09:52
"2-3 matches of MM and you already level 2" u cant start matchmaking without rank 3, which means only casual. should have been like rank 5 at least
2015-06-11 08:07
Brazil Collee 
Yeah, 3 is pretty quick to get
2015-06-11 09:53
Best update since ... can't remember ...
2015-06-11 07:49
Costa Rica disturv 
to late for scream my friend.
2015-06-11 08:16
5on5 rankings with teams profiles when?
2015-06-11 08:25
Denmark JKN-.- 
could be cool :)
2015-06-11 09:48
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
Can I clearly say: ''rip cheaters'' with that update? or not yet xD
2015-06-11 08:28
Nope :/
2015-06-11 09:21
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
so sad
2015-06-11 10:33
2015-06-11 08:29
an overall good update??? guess so...
2015-06-11 08:34
Amazing the amount of stupid questions, and dumbass negative remarks ive seen on this thread. Finally valve make a worthwhile update that improves the game without breaking something and still people are bitching. This place is worse than reddit...
2015-06-11 08:44
Gonna do overwatches now, atleast theres a "Reward " for it. Atleast something
2015-06-11 08:51
keep that hope bruddeh, theirs something
2015-06-11 09:04
2015-06-11 09:05
No 128 tick server !!!
2015-06-11 09:09
What does Rank 3 mean - Silver 3 ?
2015-06-11 09:14
2015-06-11 10:13
Im actually happy that some efforts have been done for this game. But... Correct me if Im wrong: I have 1500 hours, 449 wins in MM, ranked LEM, steam xp/level 1. So I cannot play MM now? :) So I need to do some missions or whatnot?
2015-06-11 09:19
It's the rank in-game, not steam rank :) Should be fine.
2015-06-11 09:22
I launch the game, that rank thing that right there in the opening screen. "Recruit rank 1"
2015-06-11 09:24
Oh ok then yes i guess :( You need rank 3...
2015-06-11 09:27
Rank 3 is nothing. Only 2-3 hours of afk or casual. Atleast rank 15-20
2015-06-11 09:19
can't play mm anymore after 400 wins :(
2015-06-11 09:25
Level 3? Come on... absolutely insufficient
2015-06-11 09:26
Good stuff!
2015-06-11 09:34
2015-06-11 09:50
still waiting for 128 tick mm
2015-06-11 09:56
Still waiting for 128 tick...
2015-06-11 10:09
Only globals overwatch? Are you kiddin me? Nowdays there is so many globals without any kind of gamesense.. There should be monthly price for analyser gets 10-30dollars bet dunkies can lose them :D
2015-06-11 10:10
most of the globals are either boosted or cheating hard... Rank doesn't matter a shit here. Anything above DMG+ is legit
2015-06-11 11:06
Good updates but too many players will open the titles about this "overwatch" and they will spew hatred about the watchers...
2015-06-11 10:15
2015-06-11 10:33
2015-06-11 10:36
128tick plz...
2015-06-11 10:38
Sweden fued 
The lvl 3 to play mm is going to be huge i think
2015-06-11 10:39
dat Service item looks cool tho
2015-06-11 10:45
this is really great news, just before the summer sales valve makes the move, gj.
2015-06-11 10:46
kennyS | 
World DS1337 
when will wee see this "Doubled matchmaking servers rate to 128" ?
2015-06-11 11:00
Actually a good update ? Wow i'm stunned...
2015-06-11 11:05
what about a minimal level on overwatch ? nova and silver should not be able to say a good player he's a cheater ( look at scream smurff ! )
2015-06-11 11:13
Pls level 3 atleast to lvl 10 Its nothing to get level 3
2015-06-11 11:18
2015-06-11 11:18
Germany Dayjay 
2015-06-11 11:20
so i play solo Q on matchmake and i have a cheater on my team. If he gets ban i also dont get xp ?
2015-06-11 11:24
i think you get banned also.
2015-06-11 11:30
finally something good :/
2015-06-11 11:37
its only me who thought when read this on 128 tick servers?
2015-06-11 11:38
this sound bug is useless
2015-06-11 11:41
thanks to scream
2015-06-11 11:55
they are going on a good way. Now, fix the fucking Jump Shots, mainly the fucking scout!
2015-06-11 11:56
I can't wait to see how the pro games look in stream at 32 tick :D
2015-06-11 11:56
Maybe delete the overwatch at all, and try to do it by yourself because player cant judge, bcs i get vac banned for nothing. Payed for game, played fair, and get vac baned, so something is wrong.
2015-06-11 11:57
VAC is not a overwatch ban though. and if u got banned by VAC u 100% cheated fgt :)
2015-06-11 12:32
2015-06-11 12:54
see, thats why u are fucknig idiot, bcs i didnt cheat at all, why would i comment then? first, i had 'banned by overwatch' then 3month later VAC Ban, so yes its not 100% Working as you see, propably idiots like you were watching my overwatch.
2015-06-11 13:46
Wrong: Rocca and Shroud also got wrongly convicted. Who knows how many non pros got convicted because they have no orgs to back them up and beg to Volvo.
2015-06-12 04:37
Players who have a 5 Year CS Coin shouldn't be affected by the Rank 3 limitation imo.
2015-06-11 12:06
Or players with 600 fucking wins.
2015-06-11 12:40
Still pretty dam useless. But its the best they've done in awhile. I hope they are working on the more important issues with the game.
2015-06-11 12:10
sound is fucked though, can hear gunshots when nobody is there
2015-06-11 12:15
ruined a little bit the sound skills xD now u'll be afraid to catch someone who's actually away from you and you heard his gun near to you :D didn't tested yet btw .. just guessing after what ppl feed about it
2015-06-11 12:57
Europe  Skaarj  
I guess BOT sound bug still not fixed?
2015-06-11 12:17
Great update!
2015-06-11 12:27
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
So if I haven't played competitive since the ranks came out and I'm certainly not a person who would play either casual, arms race, deathmatch or demolition I just don't get to play competitive even if I have over 160 wins on my account?
2015-06-11 12:28
shox | 
CIS Shoxie<3 
Where is Tuscan?
2015-06-11 12:41
i dont't see how 64tick can help ppl with wooden PC i have a shitty pc and i play waaaaaaaay better in 128 tick than 64 it's just impossible for me to play MM because of shitty reg and slow game so i play with unskilled players vs unskilled team and i can make 1, or hardly 2 kills per round, and can't rank up i don't know if there's someone who has a shitty PC and still feel good playing in 64tick servers !!! in relation to this update .. it's better than nothing ...
2015-06-11 12:43
best update since awp nerf
2015-06-11 12:46
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
Silver detected
2015-06-11 13:16
2015-06-11 13:21
Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. worst update ever! like wtf
2015-06-11 13:00
choke on ur mother's dick, valve
2015-06-11 13:03
When are they going to fix bot sound bugs -.-
2015-06-11 13:06
Matchmaking will be allways 64tickrate and you are brainwashed by this stupid ranks grow up kids :)
2015-06-11 13:06
i may just return to playing csgo now that the game is going forward with matchmaking.
2015-06-11 13:25
Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. rip all my 40 accounts
2015-06-11 13:27
Serbia R4ngO 
So they are actually doing something about this shitty mm.
2015-06-11 13:35
What about fixing Overwatch so our reports are not useless ? A lot of cheaters are using Overwatch-proof cheats and are actually bragging about it...
2015-06-11 13:38
ropz | 
Poland fleja 
Well done volvo
2015-06-11 13:47
Tickrates for players on official servers are now enforced to match server tickrate. What?..
2015-06-11 13:49
- Sounds fixed yeah right , you "hear" people shooting with m4a1s near you , but in reality they are on the other side of the map rofl , these shits cant get one thing right
2015-06-11 13:54
But where is 128 tick and normal round/buy/bomb times?? Stupid Volvo again doing useless shit...
2015-06-11 14:18
forget about 128tick in MM
2015-06-11 14:42
Shitty update? Expected
2015-06-11 14:41
still no 128 tick in mm...
2015-06-11 14:54
United Kingdom DuckMoriarty 
rip smurfs
2015-06-11 15:03
Such a nice update, we need more stuff that goes in the same way. Keep up Valve.
2015-06-11 15:19
128tick will never happen. Instead they give us a Wannabe Prestige mode, XP system, Skins for days & Wannabe COD Ladder Footsteps & this knife sound change still... DAFUQ why would they change it lol. R.i.P CS:GO Welcome COD:GO
2015-06-11 15:23
Greece her-1g 
good update!! now we need bigger inaccuracy move for pistols bigger inaccuracy jump for rifles stronger flashbangs planting sound removal and we are good
2015-06-11 15:39
"we" or "you" ?
2015-06-11 18:34
Agree but they shouldn't remove planting sound but decrease sound range.
2015-06-11 20:59
Greece her-1g 
that works as well
2015-06-11 22:02
kakafu | 
Austria kakafu 
only took them 4 years, gj
2015-06-11 16:14
I have a "Happy face" near my nickname what does it means? Anyone knows? Thanks :)
2015-06-11 16:26
Someone know ? :S
2015-06-11 21:13
2015-07-28 01:05
added prestige to csgo [*]
2015-06-11 16:26
Thanks to this new update my MM matches are NOT SAVED and I cannot view them. RIP pro plays. Seriously fuck this.
2015-06-11 16:29
OK now it is working as usual! Thank you.
2015-06-11 18:12
Doubled GOTV broadcasting and recording snapshot rate ( to 32 ) on official servers. So only mm demos?
2015-06-11 17:02
what else?
2015-06-11 17:38
Nice! Now cheater go cheat at casuals before they cheat at mm! 32 tick rate at demos are sick tho
2015-06-11 17:05
>32 tick >sick choose one
2015-06-11 17:39
Way better then before
2015-06-11 18:08
nice one, volvo!
2015-06-11 17:24
i cant play match making because im private rank 2. and my mm rank is supreme is this a joke.
2015-06-11 18:00
atleast there is faceit.
2015-06-11 18:01
This is fine...but the hitboxes are still screwed up. I fear for what we will watch unfold on train.
2015-06-11 18:06
So, my friend with 180 matchmaking wins is now not allowed to play matchmaking. I sense a flaw in the new system. Maybe they should have made some exceptions to the new system..?
2015-06-11 18:16
Doubled GOTV broadcasting and recording snapshot rate ( to 32 ) on official servers.
2015-06-11 18:50
fucking shit update. Im away from cs cus of the military, finally able to play and this shit???
2015-06-11 19:32
wtb 128 tick and pay to play per month
2015-06-11 19:48
You can get rank3 in a day. Getting to ranked in Dota2 requires weeks.
2015-06-11 21:00
2015-06-11 22:03
maybe it's because of bloodhound or weekly bonus? I hardly played since patch and I'm rank 4.
2015-06-12 02:46
Players must now be at least Rank 3 to play Competitive Matchmaking. FUUUUU do i have to spam casual mode with the usual bunch of retards to be able to play again? -_-
2015-06-11 22:25
2015-06-12 04:38
So, i have played 2,7 k hours. And since i haven't played for last 10 months, because living abroad, i'm not allowed to play MM? cba to grind at official servers/casual playing against bots to get play on bad servers couple times a month. It was always easy PUG, without the another clients/or friends online ä, but not anymore, gg Volvo.
2015-06-11 22:45
can't edit, fml. What is the point to take possibility to play MM from already experienced players, who just haven't played any comp's or missions because they have another things to do? I guess there is more than 1 pro, who doesn't have the rank either.
2015-06-11 22:51
The point is to make it hader for cheaters to just buy back into the game. Since you've been away for ten months i'll give you a summary: cheating has become unbearable lately, mainly because getting banned achieved nothing. Hopefully tnis will change.
2015-06-12 04:41
good update on Mirage... fuckin sounds everywhere!!!
2015-06-12 10:20
So I'm one of the very few that the forced tickrates fucked over? I'd max out at 54 tick before I'd start lagging...2000+ ms now if I move from spawn to long on dust2... Wut do???
2015-06-12 17:50
i doubt it's the right call since cheaters are the most active players (mainly teenagers) they will have the drive to get the xp required to play mm, but the casual players, even veterans now cannot play mm. i dunno, maybe adding the level requirements only to new accounts would do the trick
2015-06-13 12:27
2015-07-28 00:27
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