GPlay: "It'll be a lot harder vs. Na`Vi"

We caught up with GPlay ahead of their match against Natus Vincere at SLTV StarSeries XIII Finals.

GPlay opened up today's tournament with an upset win over EnVyUs, but their day will only get harder as their second opponent will be none other than home crowd favorites Natus Vincere.

bubble & team manager ZinG celebrating the win over EnVyUs

We briefly talked to the Bulgarians about their chances in the match, namely Kamen "bubble" Kostadinov and team's manager Alexander "ZinG" Ananiev:

In light of your victory against EnVyUs, how do you go into the Na`Vi match?

ZinG: As I told to everyone in the team before, we have to forget the match against nV already.

Versus Na`Vi everything starts from the beginning for us. We must play our 100% game.

We will put in a lot of effort to win because in our last match against them we lost in a weird way, but today we'll do everything to finalize the game like we should have last time.

If you play like you did vs. nV will it be enough to beat Na`Vi?

No. Definitely not. Na`Vi are in their home, with their crowd, and it will be a lot harder for us.

What map would you like to play, what map do you think will give you the best chance to win? Last time it was close on Cobblestone?

Yea, Cobblestone maybe. Probably Dust2, because online we beat them very easy, as you know it was 16-1. But I think we will play Cobblestone.

GPlay will play against Natus Vincere after Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács & co. are done with their match against FlipSid3, while the Bulgarians have another match to play later today -- vs. HellRaisers.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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Maps played:
Bulgaria Alexander 'ZinG' Ananiev
Alexander 'ZinG' Ananiev
No team
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Bulgaria Kamen 'bubble' Kostadinov
Kamen 'bubble' Kostadinov
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implying it wasnt hard vs nV
2015-06-19 16:30
Implying it will be even harder.
2015-06-19 16:40
you shouldnt throw around with words you dont know the meaning of, you make no sense
2015-06-19 16:41
You tried to say that from Zings words you understood that they think it was easy to win vs. nV. I correct you in saying that they didn't imply anything but that it will be hardER vs. Na'Vi.
2015-06-19 16:44
my bad then as i misunderstood your post :>
2015-06-19 16:55
2015-06-19 17:21
it will be alot harder versus NaVi
2015-06-19 16:53
JW | 
Sweden Hasklon 
You say so?
2015-06-19 16:31
Andorra _TMP 
2015-06-19 16:31
this was rather short but gplay is a promising team and shortly they're gonna enter the top10 realm
2015-06-19 16:31
Their English is... Well, let's say it isn't top-notch. They are incapable of having a normal conversation in English, if you will. Hence, why only the manager spoke up.
2015-06-19 17:28
World lilil 
ofc envy are stupid, h24 on csgoshuffle
2015-06-19 16:32
Brazil Collee 
gl guys dem arms though
2015-06-19 16:33
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
Bubble > freakazoid > pasha
2015-06-19 16:34
I remember seeing a picture of bubble on some lan in like 2009 and he was a skinny lil nerd:D
2015-06-19 16:39
back 2010-2013 bubble was a pretty sick sprint athlete but i am not quite sure how was it before.Anyway he has been quite young before 6 years so i dont expect him to be a beast at that age.
2015-06-19 16:41 Bubble biceps is quite strong my friend.
2015-06-19 16:44
Russia YQKKE Q_Q 
won bo1 match >>> It wasn't hard for us
2015-06-19 16:34
i hate this team and i hope they lose
2015-06-19 16:34
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
2015-06-19 16:42
Envy is better then Navi so this guy is completely retarded. It was a bo1 and Envy seems to get upset in group stages.
2015-06-19 16:44
yes, thats why he said it will be harder against navi, cuz envy always sucks in 1st matches
2015-06-19 16:46
Na'Vi have played GPlay a lot more than nV have so they know their playstyle a bit better. Plus, they wont underestimate them like nV did.
2015-06-19 16:48
so you wanna say now that actually navi or nv or any othet tier1 team look some strats and what did some tier3 team? they simply throw it adn thats it, when i read what you writing you saying that actually teams prepare strats and some shits against some tier3 team? wtf
2015-06-19 16:54
you seem to be quite mad.Na vi has played against gplay before several days.What the guy above me meant is:They are more familiar with gplay's style because they saw how they play recently.Top IGL's like zeus can make some small adjustments just by having such expirience against any team ;).
2015-06-19 17:09
reading your post made me want to puke,what are you silver and/or retarded ? tier 3 - PUG team, tier 2 - semi-pro, tier 1 - professional teams,also yeah you need strats against a team that is TIER 2 and clearly knows what they are doing,even if its a choking hard team like Gplay,the thing is if they don't choke they can easily win if underestimated,and that doesnt happen only in professional games,for example you are beating given team on ESEA/FACEIT/MM/CEVO or whatever 14-1/13-2 or smth and you usually will take it easy because "oh clearly they can't make a comeback with such huge round deficit" and suddenly its back to 14-14/13-13 or smth and you're like "shit we can actually lose this" and the other thing is that those players have played CS for years just like nV have,so the difference between the teams is not as big as many people are,tier 2 teams can easily beat tier 1 teams,only if they know the set plays of that team and make up counter-plays and can overcome the burden of facing a tier 1,heavily favored to win team...
2015-06-19 17:10
ez blyats
2015-06-19 16:48
gg guys! I want to wish good luck and all the best.
2015-06-19 17:10
Bubble said that just to sway odds towards Na'vi :D
2015-06-19 17:17
GPlay on Cobblestone? KEK
2015-06-19 17:27
I don't really see gplay winning. Hoping for a cool game though! :D
2015-06-19 17:27
12-3 GPLAY lol
2015-06-19 17:55
Turns out I know nothing about esports. But hey at least I still get a bunch of skins :D
2015-06-19 17:57
I put like 5 euro on Gplay vs EnVy, now 10. Damn, didn't expect them to perform twice, but ye, ez skins.. :D
2015-06-19 18:01
2015-06-19 18:58
What skins?
2015-06-19 19:32
2015-06-19 17:56
2015-06-19 18:00
2015-06-19 18:07
Not really.
2015-06-19 22:49
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