Na`Vi breeze past FlipSid3

Natus Vincere are through to the StarSeries XIII grand final after easing past FlipSid3 Tactics 2-0.

The first match of the StarSeries XIII playoffs paired two Eastern European rivals against one another, with a spot in the tournament decider on the line.

On the opening day of the event, Na`Vi had scraped a 16-13 victory on de_cobblestone, which certainly led to the idea that this would be a close series. However, it ended up being a one-way street from start to finish as Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko's men proved to be far too hot for FlipSid3 to handle.

The two teams met each other once again on de_cobblestone, the opening map of the series, but this time around the outcome was very different nas Na`Vi cruised to a 16-4 victory after taking 12 rounds on the CT side, with Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács looking on point with an impressive 1.90 rating.

Na`Vi through to grand final 

Next up was de_inferno, where Na`Vi got off to a great start by picking up the opening four rounds as CT. FlipSid3 then refocused and closed the gap on their opponents, but Na`Vi simply dominated proceedings during the later stages of the half as they brought the scoreline to 11-4.

Na`Vi then piled more misery on their opponents by winning the opening three rounds of the second half. FlipSid3 still claimed the first gun round but it was just too little, too late, as the Ukrainian-Russian-Slovakian mixture strung two rounds together to hammer the final nail into their opponents' coffin.

 Natus Vincere K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' KovácsGuardiaN 45 - 20 +25 - 1.62
Ukraine Ioann 'Edward' SukharievEdward 39 - 17 +22 - 1.57
Russia Egor 'flamie' Vasilyevflamie 37 - 15 +22 - 1.50
Russia Denis 'seized' Kostinseized 30 - 19 +11 - 1.18
Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' TeslenkoZeus 29 - 23 +6 - 1.12
 FlipSid3 K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostylievs1mple 22 - 36 -14 - 0.65
Russia Georgi 'WorldEdit' YaskinWorldEdit 23 - 38 -15 - 0.61
Ukraine Vladyslav 'bondik' Nechyporchukbondik 20 - 35 -15 - 0.58
Ukraine Yegor 'markeloff' Markelovmarkeloff 13 - 34 -21 - 0.43
Ukraine Andrey 'B1ad3' GorodenskiyB1ad3 16 - 37 -21 - 0.42

Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
nylon | 
Greenland Kaizy 
2015-06-21 12:52
ez #NAVI
2015-06-21 12:52
Germany Rosal 
2015-06-21 12:52
Didn't expect such strong performance from NaVi
2015-06-21 12:53
Singapore AeX1N 
Too ez for navi
2015-06-21 12:54
easy semi final , hoping for gplay to make something huge so we don't get bored to death
2015-06-21 12:54
Great tournament from F3 tho!
2015-06-21 12:54
Belgium Axelele 
from s1mple *
2015-06-21 16:34
Slovakia NIKE545 
ez NaVi
2015-06-21 12:54
let's light a candle for flipside [*]
2015-06-21 12:55
NaVi Lan mode activated, nobody but top2 teams can stop them now
2015-06-21 12:56
NaVi always struggle in groups
2015-06-21 12:56
dat rape
2015-06-21 12:58
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Markeloff is seriously dragging this team down. IMO, the only reason he's still in the pro scene is because of his past fame. His match history is nearly all red :
2015-06-21 12:58
he was never that good of a rifler to compete with tier 1 teams, only solution is to let him awp, and if that fails as well he should retire.
2015-06-21 13:12
+1 shud definetly retire.
2015-06-21 13:19
Germany Bongskie 
sad but true
2015-06-21 13:15
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
He plays a support role.
2015-06-21 13:16
'support role' = players without aim biggest f3 problem is that they cant understand that they need fresh young u'20 players, which could improve with blade and johnta with marik / andren / ubiq / prizrak thats a road to nowhere F3. fix plz!!!!
2015-06-21 13:25
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Nope. All the pros talk about the support role. Only mad kids who lost their skins say that support role doesn't exist. Look at the game and you will understand the difference between each role.
2015-06-21 13:35
Edward | 
Moldova flymans 
You are right, man, but tell me, who is support in NaVi and Fnatic and why in-game leaders can't be supports
2015-06-21 13:57
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Pronax is support in Fnatic. No1 is support in Na`Vi because they are from ukraine/russia and all think they are the star. That's why they lose 5v1 and throw advantages all the time.
2015-06-21 14:31
Edward | 
Moldova flymans 
Starix was support before leaving, ty for info m8.
2015-06-21 14:36
Seized is support / second entry.
2015-06-21 15:34
No, he plays same role as seized, pimp, xyp9x, and even f0rest / krimz to a degree. He enters second and throws flashs for the entryfragger, just like enters after olof, and f0rest enters after friberg.
2015-06-21 15:33
oskar | 
World Traneee 
It is something with his mentality I would say. Thooorin made video about him( Who is markeloff). He said that even at the end of 1.6 he decided to quit awping and let Starix awp most of the time. It is crazy that guy who has the potential to be superstar awper again wants to play different role. Because when you search on youtube for some videos when markeloff is awping (DMs,highlights from stream or older videos from hltv) he still has it. He just needs to start awp again and he can really help F3. EDIT: some videos - he just needs to awp...
2015-06-21 13:31
Yeah, but what then? I mean, worldedit is not really a good rifler either, and he is also struggling with the awp after the update seeing as s1mple has to pick it up for them to put it to use most of the time, at least on the t side which is the side where the change has hit the awp the most since you can still hold angles on ct side like you could before the update.
2015-06-21 15:36
oskar | 
World Traneee 
Yea I know,S1mple has been really good with AWP recently. My point is that if they want to get more out of markeloff he has to be put into star-role. S1mple as the first star and markeloff as the second star. I mean markeloff has to awp as CT at least. S1mple has incredibly wide range of raw skill, he has the potential to be the "next Olofm".If they want to keep markeloff in the team I think they need to adjust his role a bit. If they don't he is the one who has to be cut. It is very sad,because he was my favourite 1.6 player and sometimes he has some flashy moments, but It is not enough to fight for titles at events such as Starladder or DH.
2015-06-21 16:33
My point was that either way, they have to cut either markeloff or worldedit. If markeloff awps, then worldedit is worthless, if worledit does, then markeloff is.
2015-06-21 16:37
oskar | 
World Traneee 
Yea I agree. Even though we could saw some good plays from worldedit with rifles during Starladder he will probably remain as one of the awpers in f3.I don't know if he has the potential to be star player,so if they cut markeloff the should go for more firepower,because S1mple can't carry every game and what's more,he can't play in ESL events...
2015-06-21 18:41
2015-06-21 12:58
Born to LAN :D
2015-06-21 14:32
no s1mple no fun
2015-06-21 12:59
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
2015-06-21 12:59
Russia polt94 
flamie >> s1mple
2015-06-21 12:59
They didn't deserves for a rekt like that...
2015-06-21 13:00
ez for navi as always 4Head
2015-06-21 13:01
2015-06-21 13:03
Latvia SEHUN 
after i lost like 40$ on flipside vs mouz i saw how the other players of flipside played badly. Today was the same thing only world edit hitted a few shots, i think they are just getting drunk there and partying not trying to win :D #placedbetonnavibtw
2015-06-21 13:03
please, dont cry about skins. You bet, it is your problem that you are better without brain. It is 2 different things to play on lan with simple, and play without simple online. They dont have big chances to qualify for pro league, so they just didnt care, you can saw on their performance. They got really big results this tournament, they are good and with a lot of training and if simple teach how to be calm they can do it into tier1 level
2015-06-21 13:27
Greece her-1g 
simple the groupstage hero
2015-06-21 13:09
navi will won final
2015-06-21 13:14
NaVi clearly burrowed VP's plow for this match and put it to good use.
2015-06-21 13:20
2015-06-21 13:22
2015-06-21 13:21
3 more deaths and markeloff could have gone 13-37
2015-06-21 13:26
F3 was barely even getting any frags jesus... that was brutal
2015-06-21 13:31
where is s1mple!? HAHA s1mple fanboys he been on fire now he can't do shit againts tier1 team
2015-06-21 13:44
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Guardian just showing s1mple fans how its done.
2015-06-21 14:56
AK redline give away for followers!! at 14:00
2015-06-21 13:46
Aleksib | 
Russia ivanb_ 
rip f3
2015-06-21 13:47
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
At least flipsid3 finally had some decent LAN performances. Shame they run out of steam today. And lol at all the people bumming s1mple and saying s1mple > guardian etc. Na'Vi and guardian stepped it up when it mattered and basically destroyed them.
2015-06-21 14:57
China ghua 
bad pick system, F3 should vs Gplay as F3 is 1st
2015-06-21 15:05
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