LDLC White win ESWC France

June 29th, 2015 03:48

LDLC White defeat their French rivals melty with a score of 2-1 (9-16 on de_dust2, 16-8 on de_inferno, and 16-12 on de_cbble) and qualify for ESWC 2015, occurring July 9-12 in Montreal.

The French ESWC qualifier, commonly known as the Masters Français du Jeu Vidéo, took place over the last two days in Jeumont, located in Northern France.

Eight teams competed in the event, with five receiving direct invitations and three coming from an online qualifier. Luckily for all French teams involved, Titan (who were originally slated to go through the open qualifier), found their place in the ESWC invite list after fnatic pulled out of the event.

LDLC White to ESWC 2015 (seen here as Platinium at ESWC 2014)

From the group stages, four teams emerged at the event: LDLC White, Awsomniac, melty, and DeadPixels. Other notable French outfits, such as LDLC Blue and beGenius, failed to pass into the playoffs.

In the eventual grand final, LDLC White took on melty and despite the latter team starting the series off with a 16-9 win on de_dust2, LDLC White rallied and took the final two maps, thereby qualifying for ESWC 2015.

28th June 2015

As a result, the team list for ESWC 2015 is now:

France Titan Sweden NiP
CIS Na`Vi France EnVyUs
Brazil Keyd Stars Australia Renegades
United States Team Liquid South Africa Bravado Gaming
China QeeYou United States Cloud9
Europe Team Kinguin United States Luminosity
United States CLG Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics
France LDLC White Canada ESWC Canada winner

Barring any further team changes, the final qualifier is set to be ESWC Canada, which will take place as part of the Montreal Comic Con on July 5th.

Nice gz
2015-06-29 03:49
2015-06-29 03:57
mason | 
World PRQN 
nice !!
2015-06-29 03:49
Canada p100n 
2015-06-29 03:49
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
2015-06-29 03:49
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
gz ldlc
2015-06-29 03:50
nice, nt melty :/
2015-06-29 03:50
Envuys? nah they won Gfinity, right?
2015-06-29 03:51
They're invited and therefore didn't need to go through the qualis m8
2015-06-29 06:16
expected, gl
2015-06-29 03:51
expected, gl
2015-06-29 03:54
cool, finally they're at a big tournament again :)
2015-06-29 03:54
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
LDLC White flag
2015-06-29 03:55
2015-06-29 04:03
white flag? basic equipment for French soldier
2015-06-29 04:29
France qor 
Yeah!!! Please Czech Republic guy, teach us, poor french, how to conquer!! Oh wait! I've never heard of any significative military achievement coming from Czech Republic. Nevermind then.
2015-06-29 05:12
Romania Z346 
You deserve the hate :D
2015-06-29 08:55
And how exactly do they?
2015-06-29 09:13
Romania Z346 
Well, for a french person to use military banter twords anyone, doesn't seem that right:P
2015-06-29 10:29
You sure about that ? Our country has the best war record ever over the years.
2015-06-29 10:52
Romania Z346 
I know european history very well my friend, and still I stay behind my statement, and i wouldn't put the credits of your military victories in france, as much as I put it in the church's hands. Not hating on you french people, even tho I don't like you, you have your rights to be fancy assholes i guess
2015-06-29 11:11
None are fancy assholes there, but making white flag jokes about french ppl is like making joke on how thieves are romanian. It's unjustified and a big cliché.
2015-06-29 11:16
Romania Z346 
Embrace your nature i guess, how I embrace mine :D And kind of both of our cliches are a bit justified unfortunately :( You will never stop these jokes as I will never stop the assimilation between romanians and gipsyes. :)
2015-06-29 11:19
WHY ARE YOU GUYS STEALING OUR JOBS AND OUR TOURIST IN THE SUBWAY CANT YOU STOP ?§§§§ Also I was living next to gipsyes from Romania and they were cool, we used to do Barbecue in Summer and they didn't rob my house <3
2015-06-29 11:23
they were cool until you saw they had hedgehog for food, right?
2015-06-29 13:29
And lizards but what surprised me the most were the rats
2015-06-29 18:47
"Not hating on you french people, even tho I don't like you, you have your rights to " you seems to be a pretty retarded guy. France have one of the greatest war record in europe, and romania is pretty much nothing compared to france, just saying.
2015-06-29 13:46
Romania Z346 
There is a difference between not linking and hating someone. I doubt you know any kind of history, French or Romanian. Funny how the person I am talking to is not calling me a retard, but you are. Run along now kiddie.
2015-06-29 13:53
France qor 
I do respect Romania as my best friend is half Romanian half French. But mate, if you don't know what you are talking about, i'd recommand you read those first before you speak. militaryfactory.com/battles/french_milit.. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_history_o..
2015-06-29 19:29
Romania Z346 
You clearly haven't read all the conversation, me and the other guy allready agreed that is just a stupid cliche...
2015-06-29 19:55
France qor 
I have read it. And I still recommand you get informed about topics that you are gonna pretend being well documented upon. Anyway, Romanians =/= Gypsies and most people know that. noapte buna, mate!
2015-06-29 22:41
France qor 
My german brother right here. Respect from France, mate.
2015-06-29 19:24
Syria uRaguuu 
Mad cuz bad :-) ?
2015-06-29 11:16
CIS Ume 
ez for vac banned mathEND
2015-06-29 03:58
Every Russian play is vac banned so whats your excuse? "fan of olofmeister" you don't even fan of your comrades so shame.
2015-06-29 04:16
CIS Ume 
nice knowledge mohammed.
2015-06-29 04:17
CIS Ume 
"member since 22 june, 2014" ???
2015-06-29 10:45
But nw, u are idiot since forever.
2015-06-29 14:09
CIS Ume 
matHEND fanboy.. expected! Great cheat nation France.
2015-06-29 14:28
Unbanned my friend, he was 1 y-o when he got banned. Kappa
2015-06-29 14:49
Yay RNG at another lan :DD
2015-06-29 04:01
That's racist
2015-06-29 04:03
Time for Titan to take a couple of players from LDLC White
2015-06-29 04:04
More like time for LDLC white to getting their spot in top10 by succeeding at ESWC
2015-06-29 11:17
not gonna happen
2015-06-29 11:23
They'll take from LDLC blue or Melty
2015-06-29 14:50
LDLC white to beat NIP again!
2015-06-29 04:23
2015-06-29 04:51
they chose to drop the event.
2015-06-29 05:01
ohh, ty
2015-06-29 05:53
It wasnt an online qualifier for the 3 other teams, it was an open tournament with 9 teams played on saturday :)
2015-06-29 07:48
there has to be a good player for titan
2015-06-29 08:44
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
To1nou and bodyy
2015-06-29 09:09
Bulgaria RzE 
So lets give all the spots to USA and France, that is a perfect idea? No.
2015-06-29 09:18
2015-06-29 09:24
Last year ESWC had 24 slots and had teams from all over world,including japan bulgaria and india. This time its just NA everywhere...not that we need a team from India,just saying.
2015-06-29 09:58
If I'm right, that'll be the case later this year for the usual ESWC that takes place in France. Here is just another ESWC tournament.
2015-06-29 10:53
Nope, probs no eswc in france bro.
2015-06-29 11:25
Where's my ESWC with 8 group matches at the same time ? :'(
2015-06-29 18:56
In canada :D
2015-06-29 18:59
But there's -8 teams compared to ESWC 2014 :( I liked the fact there were tons of teams and tons of games we can choose to watch during the whole day, featuring teams from all over the globe. jepix.fr/images/eswcsgo.png Crazy amount of matches.
2015-06-29 19:08
I was right ! (sorry neL, I felt the need to say it :D)
2015-07-31 02:39
Ahah, i'm glad you are :) But yeah it's still not your "8 group matches at the same time" :D
2015-07-31 09:08
Na,this is the yearly ESWC,no other ESWC this year...
2015-06-29 15:33
gz guys!
2015-06-29 10:00
White power!
2015-06-29 11:11
Romania Z346 
2015-06-29 11:20
gj LDLC!
2015-06-29 11:32
Les bests
2015-06-29 11:43
ez bravado
2015-06-29 12:48
s1mple | 
Turkey Hemta1 
Ez EnVyUs. Free win again lol.
2015-06-29 13:54
too many NA TEAMS. easy groups for europe.
2015-06-29 16:01
According to hltv there is only 1 canadian team (Ace gaming) who have won like 1 game their entire career...
2015-06-29 16:29
vp tsm navi fnatic aint coming so its another bullshit tourney..
2015-06-29 16:51
Netherlands c3i 
neither is dignitas, G2 or Gplay who would wreck them muricans
2015-06-29 18:07
not envyus not ldlc
2015-06-29 20:58
2015-07-06 00:03
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