ESL ESEA Finals viewer's guide

With the $250,000 ESL ESEA Pro League Finals closing in, kicking off in 27 hours, we've compiled a viewer's guide for you to have everything there is to know about the event, all in one place.

ESL ESEA Pro League Finals features an uncommon tournament system. Three out of four advance from the GSL group stage, with the first advancing directly to the semi-finals, while second and third will battle each other in the quarter-finals.

Both semi-finals and quarter-finals will be played in a best-of-three, the top two sides will then meet on a best-of-five in the grand final.

Top four teams from both North America and Europe's online phases will meet in Cologne from July 2nd-5th, in the following two groups ordered according to their seeding:

Group A Group B
United States Cloud9 Sweden fnatic
Poland  Brazil Keyd Stars
United States Luminosity  Denmark TSM
France EnVyUs United States CLG

Keep in mind that ESL are meaning to start the matches as soon as possible after previous ones end with each day starting as follows:

Thursday, July 2nd
11:45 Show start
United States Luminosity vs. Poland A1 BO1

United States Cloud9 vs. France EnVyUs A2 BO1
Sweden fnatic vs. United States CLG B1 BO1
Brazil Keyd Stars vs. Denmark TSM B2 BO1
A1 winner vs. A2 winner
A1 loser vs. A2 loser
B1 winner vs. B2 winner BO1
B1 loser vs. B2 loser BO1
Friday, July 3rd
14:45 Show start
Quarter-final #1 BO3
Quarter-final #2 BO3
Saturday, July 4th
14:45 Show start
Semi-final #1 BO3
Semi-final #2 BO3
Sunday, July 5th
16:15 Show start
Grand final BO5

Below you can find the talent panel for the ESL ESEA Pro League offline finals:

United Kingdom Alex "Machine" Richardson - Host

Sweden Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg - Analyst
Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen - Analyst
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole - Analyst

United States Auguste "Semmler" Massonat - Caster
Denmark Anders Blume - Caster
United States Jason Kaplan - Caster
United Kingdom Leigh "Deman" Smith - Caster
United Kingdom Lauren "Pansy" Scott - Caster

Serbia Janko "YNk" Paunović - Observer
Germany Simon "pAn" Schumacher - Observer

A total of $250,000 will be given out at the end of this weekend, with another $250,000 already spread between the teams from the online phase, in the following distribution:

1. $100,000
2. $60,000 
3-4. $25,000
5-6. $12,500
7-8. $7,500's Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen has prepared a preview for ESL ESEA Pro League Finals with his thoughts on all the teams taking part, take a look here to read through it.

A four-man team will be on site to bring you a full coverage from ESL's studios in Cologne, Germany, including galleries, statistics, interviews, live tweets and more.

Serbia Janko 'YNk' Paunović
Janko 'YNk' Paunović
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Jonatan 'Devilwalk' Lundberg
Jonatan 'Devilwalk' Lundberg
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Jason 'moses' O'Toole
Jason 'moses' O'Toole
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Joona 'natu' Leppänen
Joona 'natu' Leppänen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-07-01 09:27
2015-07-01 09:28
2015-07-01 13:03
2015-07-01 09:28
ez 4 uk
2015-07-01 09:28
i lel'd :D
2015-07-01 13:32
ez for HUNDEN
2015-07-01 20:03
2015-07-01 09:29
who're the 4 on site?
2015-07-01 09:30
2015-07-01 14:59
Tgwri1s, MAKKU, daboo & yours truly
2015-07-01 15:15
where nip at
2015-07-01 09:30
Lost 2 times to hellraisers and didnt qualify -.-
2015-07-01 15:18
NiP, where you been lately? Tier 2 atm.
2015-07-02 00:19
I believe we can see c9 on July 4th :P
2015-07-01 09:32
2015-07-01 09:36
Spain ewg 
no chance for NA again lol
2015-07-01 09:39
will they stream 2 games at once or will they have 1 after the other on the main stream?
2015-07-01 09:40
3 ez 5 shox
2015-07-01 09:40
United Kingdom Alth 
What on earth are these show-matches and why do they have them.
2015-07-01 09:40
So that the NA players get to play on day 2 and 3 also...
2015-07-01 09:42
Complaining about extra LAN games between, most likely, EU and NA?? Why?
2015-07-01 09:46
United Kingdom Alth 
Because I like to watch competitive games, that have something on the line. Not a mix of 10 players fucking about for 45 minutes buying auto shotties and negevs (this will happen). As Ekoli above said, it just seems to be there so NA players get to play more days, or as filler to a very spread out schedule. Won't be interesting to watch however you look at it, if actual competitive games are what interest you.
2015-07-01 10:13
It's like all-star games, pointless but made for the fans :P
2015-07-01 10:16
you do realize no matter what a na team will make it through to playoffs since 3 teams out of each group, 2 na teams are in 1 right *FailFish*
2015-07-01 12:15
United Kingdom Alth 
"Playoffs" aka, bo3 group stage elim game. And no NA teams will be left in the tournament on sat/sun, yet they will still have "showmatch" games that they will participate in. *FailFish*
2015-07-01 12:22
Someone is super salty about the scene in uk imo. You can't say no na teams will make it through since they haven't even played each other before with the new lineups... with the exception of cloud9, but they have proved they can score very well, with 12 rounds on virus pro and 13 rounds and a win on envyus
2015-07-01 14:04
I can say that, because I'm not a moron. No NA team will make it into the semi's, guarenteed. You can believe your pipe dreams all you like, but that's all they are, pipe dreams. And excuse-me, what on earth does this discussion have to do with the UK scene lmao? Patriotic morons like yourself who think because I come from a certain country, I must have a hidden agenda linked to it, really do make me chuckle.
2015-07-01 14:10
You're smashing on a scene much better than the one in uk, does sound biased to me. And it's not logical to say no na team will play more than 2 games, because they haven't even competed against EU after the new lineups.
2015-07-01 14:19
Again, what the fuck does the UK have to do with anything here. Jesus Christ you're stupid. Where does the UK come into this debate at all? I would also highly advise you to google search what the word logic actually means.
2015-07-01 14:26
It's not logical to predict or garauntee the outcome of something which hasn't been done before. That's where a thesis or a theory comes into play, but no garauntee. And I'm talking about the uk scene because you are smashing the na scene, although the uk scene is non existent.
2015-07-01 17:11
Where does the UK scene come into this argument though. I'm really confused about this. What link does the UK scene have to do with ESL ESEA pro league? Are you going senile? Based on previous results of the NA teams vs EU teams, and the fact that the EU teams are so far ahead in ability, it is fair to assume the NA teams will get aboslutely trounced. If you actually think you can't make a judgement before something has happened you're a fucking imbecile.
2015-07-01 17:24
Lol, just agree to disagree. Because now you have just resorted to name calling and uncalled for insults. Have a nice day :D
2015-07-01 17:51
excellent guarantee
2015-07-03 19:34
I am glad to see it to be fair, but nobody could have predicted this. This lan is fucked. I'll swallow my pride however, because c9 have been fucking brilliant. Their playstyle is really intriguing. I'm not convinced by CLG at all however, I think poor tournament format of auto-semi's from topping the group, and an arrogant Fnatic (they fucked around making stupid plays with questionable buys for 2/3's of the game and didn't take it seriously) has massively helped CLG get a good placing here.
2015-07-03 19:45
props to you tbh
2015-07-03 19:55
France cedd 
pug games for fun !
2015-07-01 09:50
hey maybe c9 will get out of groups for once...ah who am i kidding
2015-07-01 09:41
soorryyy sleepyy
2015-07-01 09:49
Turkey powergs 
No thorin my friend
2015-07-01 09:46
2015-07-01 09:49
its my prediction: vp should win their match, envyus ez, fnatic ez too, and i think keydstars can win with tsm, so i will bet on keydstars
2015-07-01 09:47
Probably worst prediction i've ever seen. Vp's performance recent few days was... horrible. But they might've been saving strats for this tournament. I'd say 50-50 in terms of VP vs Envy just because of VP's performance in qualifiers, Envy also seems to be out of a complete slump, though i'm not sure if they're back 100%. I'd count VP and Envy lucky because the Top 1 and 2 teams of the world atm, Fnatic and TSM are both in Group B, which would mean one of them would definitely be eliminated. Also Keyd beating TSM? You must be smoking something amazing. I'd say the current Keyd=LG or slight advantage Keyd>LG. TSM aren't just a T1 team right now, they're currently top 1-2 team in the world atm. It's probably also around 50-50 for Fnatic vs TSM. Either way one of the top 1-2 teams in the world will be out from Group B, if i'm looking at the brackets right of course and the chances of VP/Envy going against either of them in the grand finals is really high.
2015-07-01 13:43
Or at least in the semi-finals, yeah. Guess I didn't think about the system that much.
2015-07-01 13:54
we will see
2015-07-01 17:50
Lithuania vca 
Gl cloud9 !
2015-07-01 09:52
megaman from ESEA TV is a better caster than all of those people besides anders sad that ESL doesn't give us Joe Miller and find something else to do with... the rest predictions: vs. Luminosity Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs could go either way fnatic vs. CLG Keyd Stars vs. TSM
2015-07-01 09:59
Joe + Deman! /need :(
2015-07-01 10:35
USA flag, not surprised
2015-07-01 11:02 vs. Luminosity Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs could go either way hahah nice bait
2015-07-01 12:01
2015-07-01 20:11
choke on my dick yurotrash TSM will lose too, mark my words
2015-07-02 15:10
2015-07-01 09:59
group stage bo1?
2015-07-01 10:11
1.Fnatic 2.VP 3-4. TSM ENVY
2015-07-01 10:13
No, VP fanboy 1 Fnatic 2 TSM 3 ENVY 4 VP
2015-07-01 10:40
no Fnatic fanboy 1. Keyd Stars 2. C9 3. CLG 4. Luminosity
2015-07-01 10:48
2015-07-03 14:59
Australia TotalEclipse 
How come the times aren't in our preferred settings?
2015-07-01 10:15
Will be sticker competition available for this tournament?
2015-07-01 10:19
Poland xWangan 
Nope, because it is not a Major event.
2015-07-01 10:53
god the esl casters are the worst aside from anders and semmler. too bad they cant do everything. need to pick up black ddk and white james.
2015-07-01 10:27
What are those showmatches
2015-07-01 10:29
EU All Stars vs NA All Stars. Last ESEA S18 LAN in Dallas, they had this showmatch too. EU All Stars was olofmeister, JW, kennyS, NEO and Niko if I'm not mistaken. It's just a Bo1 treat for the fans :D
2015-07-01 10:36
Damn, I wish I could watch the showmatches... *edit* Oh wait! 2 showmatches on the weekend /hype
2015-07-01 10:44
2015-07-01 10:29
Quarter-finals have 2 matches. Sense! Get some! I blame NA for ruining perfectly logical tournament phase-names worldwide. Like calling a Final - Finals... Semi-finals - Round of 4, etc. No! I refuse! :D :D
2015-07-01 10:34
2015-07-01 10:39
Europe porrasm 
Fnatic gonna take dis
2015-07-01 10:55
World maL^ 
fnatic and tsm in the same group, fuck that
2015-07-01 11:07
What's wrong? If played according to plan and if TSM / fnatic #1 and #2, they won't meet until the finals which is great!
2015-07-01 11:33
World maL^ 
yeah but the other na teams wont have a chance i feel
2015-07-01 11:52
2015-07-01 19:54
let's go
2015-07-01 11:29
how ridiculous those NA teams taking spots in stead of EU teams. All the NA (except for Keyd) won't be able to take off even 1 map vs EU teams. shame
2015-07-01 11:30
Sweden Trojka03 
well c9 took a map of nV at Gfinity. So there is definitely potential to take a map or two, but thats pretty much it. Im glad that ESL Cologne decided to give the region with most talent more spots then this ridiculous split.
2015-07-01 11:51
Why would you want to see eu vs eu all the time? We seethat literally every single day. Why not na vs eu? EU had not played as many na teams as this after the shuffle, with the new lineups na can actually upset one or two teams here.
2015-07-01 14:09
North America Foxaika 
I like Keyd, but I don't understand why people put them above C9. It's hardly clear they're better.
2015-07-02 00:52
Sweden Kasidro 
With 3 teams going through from the groups NA will finally make it to the playoffs lol
2015-07-01 11:58
2015-07-01 12:02
United States Zamn 
Can't wait to see TSM vs Fnatic
2015-07-01 12:15
Why not on CSGOL And HLTV?
2015-07-01 12:15
United States Zamn 
Considering it's a day from now, give it some time
2015-07-01 12:16
United States Zamn 
Can someone explain this, so let's say TSM and Fnatic will win. For the winners match if TSM loses, does that mean they're fully eliminated?
2015-07-01 12:22
According to your example, it should go like this: Semifinals of Group: fnatic > CLG Keyd Stars < TSM Winner final of Group: fnatic > TSM Loser semifinal of Group: Keyd Stars > CLG Loser final of Group: TSM > Keyd Stars So, fnatic and TSM through the groups with #1 and #2 positions resp. P.S. You better just google "GSL group stage format"
2015-07-01 13:09
Yeah but I don't see the "group looser final" in the schedule. Having that 2nd and 3d qualify for next stage, have they gotten rid of the last game or? And how will they decide which team is 2nd and 3d when both teams will be 1-1 (probably round difference?), the difference being that one team went from 1-0 to 1-1 and the other from 0-1 to 1-1. My brain hurts :D
2015-07-01 13:39
Bo1 again? Fuck organisations will never learn.
2015-07-01 12:37
Yeah Bo1 groups are pretty bad. Makes me sad every time. The CPL format is kinda ok but this ain't even that it seems....
2015-07-01 13:41
NA not winning a map haha
2015-07-01 12:51
Pansy ruining another event with her clueless casting. Let's hope for pov streams.
2015-07-01 13:13
hahaha, when is she gonna get fired seriously
2015-07-02 11:19
When are they gonna start and when can i bet i'm freaking confused
2015-07-01 13:15
learn to read 3rd worlder
2015-07-01 13:24
such salty much wow go suck krimz dicks fanboy
2015-07-01 13:32
sorry man i tought it was tursday today btw i'm from sweden..
2015-07-01 13:34
Latvia SEHUN 
People say GFINITY is worst event,when i saw this caster lineup just "cri everi time", Where is white&black DDK + Thoorin + Scoots n stuff? Why these garbages? How can actualy some one like them... Okey no offense for semmler because he has hosted allot of events online/lan but yeah.
2015-07-01 14:08
bo1 groups so they have some for some shitty showmatches nice job esl ruining the format of esea lan
2015-07-01 14:11
no timezone adjustment? what is this madness?
2015-07-01 14:43
BAS | 
Russia Unfined 
Fnatic and envy 1 place
2015-07-01 15:44
Man I'm stoked it starts at 2:45 am pacific! On a Thursday! Glad they were keeping their North american viewers in mind too. Big Fuc@#$% KAPPA
2015-07-01 16:32
ESL logic: we have 4 days but lets do bo1 group stage
2015-07-01 16:45
gl keyd
2015-07-01 17:09
rip keyd rip clg [*]
2015-07-01 17:36
Does everybody see only two quarter-final matches? Where are two more?
2015-07-01 18:10
Brazil nnz 
Easy for keyd, all in first match because of odds, Kappa. But actually i think Keyd has a slight chance of surprising TSM.. they're stronger on lan just like VP... but let's see. About the other games the only other NA team that has a slight chance is Cloud 9 i guess.
2015-07-01 18:16
Argentina 241 
1fnatic 2keyd
2015-07-01 18:30
1. EnvyUs 2. Fnatic 3. TSM 4. Luminosity
2015-07-01 19:07
cloud9 AGAIN in the same group with NV and VP lol
2015-07-01 19:59
tosspot plz :(
2015-07-01 20:02
if Luminosity beats VP, then C9 loses to NV and has to play VP again....RIP and B01 so stupid what a waste
2015-07-01 20:27
I'm going to be asleep for over half of this. timezones can suck my fucking balls.
2015-07-01 23:11
Turkey powergs 
VP got this guys i mean prize is big so Virtus.Plow inc
2015-07-01 23:33
Poland tentego 
vp will take it easyyyy
2015-07-02 00:26
North America Foxaika 
Cloud9 in the same bloody group every LAN.
2015-07-02 00:54
I don't understand the format. Only 8 teams, group stage AND quarter-finals? how is that supposed to work?
2015-07-02 02:25
Did you even bother reading the text before posting? "ESL ESEA Pro League Finals features an uncommon tournament system. Three out of four advance from the GSL group stage, with the first advancing directly to the semi-finals, while second and third will battle each other in the quarter-finals."
2015-07-02 03:40
the only reason to call it quarter-finals and not a group decider is so they can say that 2 american teams "got out of the groups"
2015-07-02 04:08
United Kingdom JBNiceGuy 
what was the viewership numbers for the event over the weekend ?
2015-07-06 16:13
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