FalleN: "Must not underestimate CLG"

Here's an interview with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo after yet another upset at ESL ESEA Pro League Finals.

After CLG sent fnatic down to the lower bracket, Keyd Stars followed it up with another upset against TSM, which meant we wouldn't get to see the expected grand final.

We caught up with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo to get his point of view on the match, as well as the upcoming one against CLG:

How much have you prepared for this tournament and the specific match-ups in your group?

We have been preparing for this event for two months. We moved to NA and since then we were playing almost every day. For this tournament, as soon as the group was revealed, when we knew who we would meet, we have been studying some opponents. 

What were your expectations going up against TSM in terms of maps? Did you have a good idea on what you wanted to play?

When you're playing against teams like TSM, fnatic, NiP, these guys don't have bad maps, and if they do, they ban it. The shaky maps they ban, so we tried to see which maps they liked the most and inferno was one of them. We tried to look into those maps, which ones we had a good chance on strategically. We managed to find two or three maps that we might have a chance on and we were really happy that they chose inferno.

Keyd join CLG in group B's first place decider 

You started off well, you were up 6-2 before TSM started catching up, what do you think changed after that point? What did they do differently?

Well, we started off losing the pistol round, but then won the next round. Then boltz started picking entry frags for us, so that's why got to 6-1 at the beginning. After that, we just forgot about some basic stuff against TSM, they do push banana a lot as CT and one of these rounds we just forgot about that, we sent two guys there without talking too much about that round. They started catching up but we managed to close the half well pretty much.

There was one round that stuck in my mind was at 12-11, when cajunb was in a 1-on-2 and you had two AWPs against him and ended up dying one by one, what was the communication like throughout that situation?

I knew my friend was stuck in the bombsite and then I didn't expect cajunb to come from library. I tried peeking him first, I had a chance but I missed my shot. I was hiding and stuff and my teammate couldn't do anything, he was in a bad spot, I tried to save myself and lost the shot. I guess it was my fault, I should've waited for when he would try to kill my teammate. Sometimes it's hard, it's fast, you only have three seconds to think and you make mistakes. Thankfully, we had a lot of money after losing that round, so we bought up and won the round after.

Next up you're going to meet CLG, who don't have a good track record against you, what are you expecting from them?

I think we never lost to CLG, we beat them at Katowice and we beat them online at ESEA in Cobble two times with the same score. They're a pretty good team, they have so many talented players, we must not underestimate them, it's a hard game. When we're at a tournament like this, there are no easy maps, we will just enter the game just like we entered this one.

One of fnatic and TSM will thus eliminate the other from the tournament later on today, while Keyd Stars are set to battle CLG for the semi-finals spot.

Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
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nice air conditioning esl
2015-07-02 18:39
United States shbx 
ahahaha hes still complaining
2015-07-02 18:40
i will continue to complain until they at least acknowledge the issue and that they are working on fixing it. to have a tournament like this with the biggest price pool be ruined by a severe issue like this is simply not acceptable. PS. it looked like it affected your boy device more than anyone so far :)
2015-07-02 18:41
AC won't play the game for someone x)
2015-07-02 18:43
the water at the event was too warm, pls repeat all games and return skins csgolounge ty
2015-07-02 18:44
Germany BNKd 
in living 20 km near cologne and its like the hottest day of the last few years no one could expect this shit heat in germany
2015-07-02 18:45
United States shbx 
how is this in any way a severe issue ahahaha im drinking your tears atm rofl
2015-07-02 18:45
it's hot for both teams stop complaining -.-
2015-07-02 19:01
do you even fanboy bro?
2015-07-02 18:44
stfu mad fan
2015-07-02 18:48
Brazil ahdd 
loool, here in brazil sometimes we play 40º C degrees or more,specially who lives in the northeast. stop complaining.
2015-07-02 18:48
Lmao did the heat burn fnatic's skills?
2015-07-02 18:51
jesus bro just stop......its looking real pathetic
2015-07-02 19:08
2015-07-02 18:39
keyd <3
2015-07-02 18:40
Algeria FATALSki 
2015-07-02 18:42
Brazil olym 
nice fallen the real one * razer team
2015-07-02 18:43
Brazil romp  
Fallen <3
2015-07-02 18:44
With all due respect to Cogu, but FALLEN is the biggest idol of Brazilian CS. I trust in the verdadeiro <3
2015-07-02 18:48
cogu won a major, though.
2015-07-02 18:57
2015-07-02 19:00
World mackzim 
With all due respect to you, but I arent think that. Cogu was a winner, Fallen still is an underdog
2015-07-02 19:01
It's not only about titles, if you put only this in the equation ofc cogu is bigger. But fallen created Games Academy that what brought the Brazilian CSGO scene for what it's today. And look the dedication and effort that this guy put in the game/community. He's already a legend. When it comes to alp skills I think is really hard to sevaluateince cs was very different when f allenstart going nuts in 2009 than Cogu era. Cogu was a incredible awp, that rarelly miss shots. Fallen used to be a madfragger with alp with insane skills, just remember him rekting fnatic back in WCG 2009 when dsn could hardly handle him.
2015-07-02 19:19
World mackzim 
cogu started cs scene here, without cogu we wouldnt have a fallen. fallen came to the scene because of him(because of mibr success). back in the days cogu was one of the best awpers of the world and a victorious player. dont get me wrong, i dont dislike fallen, but you cant compare them. Cogu is fucking huge comparing to fallen. You cant say fallen is bigger just cause he created GA, cogu merely created cs scene here.
2015-07-02 19:18
Fallen not even close to cogu, stfu
2015-07-02 19:04
Why not?
2015-07-02 19:23
Not in titles, but cogu is a dickhead, he only makes contact with his fans to say that he is coming back, and he never does, he plays much more Dota 2 nowadays than CS. But there is no problem about that, you dont need to comeback, but at least say something and stop hyping that every fucking 3 months and dissapearing. And he is really full of himself. FalleN didnt win any major but at least he is the main responsible for CSGO growing in Brazil, he plays, represents our country, makes A LOT of content (VODS, posts a lot, free youtube classes) and he has GA aswell which has better classes and makes tournaments to our scenario. He is a talented player, but also a hardworker with really good personality.
2015-07-02 19:29
+1 we are so lucky to have him in our community.
2015-07-02 20:07
Chile Cristoff 
totally agree
2015-07-02 19:04
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
no after cogu fallen is the biggest cs idol. Cogu carried mibr to win the worlds. That's something very very HUGE that fallen never did.
2015-07-02 19:55
2015-07-02 19:01
good luck team
2015-07-02 19:04
Brazil Luca0 
amazing guy
2015-07-02 19:16
2015-07-02 19:48
FalleN: "Must not underestimate CLG" how do u underestimate someone who is better than u anyway xaxaxa justnathings
2015-07-02 23:41
To be fair KeyD was up 3-0 against CLG in previous matches.
2015-07-03 01:18
yeah i know, was just joking by saying "better"
2015-07-03 01:22
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