pasha: "We like the [NA] playstyle"

Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski talked to us after advanced to the semi-finals after a comfortable win over Cloud9. started things off with a one-sided de_cbble victory against Luminosity and followed it up with another North American scalp to make it to semi-finals.

Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski did a short video interview with us and tried to explain why his team were the only ones out of the four Europeans to defeat the American opposition and why are always playing better when more prizemoney is on the line.

Jarosław JarząbkowskiJarosław Jarząbkowski[/header]
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' Jarząbkowski
Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' Jarząbkowski
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South America IFK 
me too
2015-07-02 21:02
ofc you like it when u rekt them
2015-07-02 21:03
Belarus 4rz 
2015-07-02 21:06
True he likes it cos its bad against vp lol
2015-07-02 21:10
coz same level
2015-07-02 21:03
can I go now?
2015-07-02 21:03
you are excused
2015-07-03 00:08
2015-07-02 21:03
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Archaeon 
no shanz my friend
2015-07-02 21:03
pasha takes so much adderall xD
2015-07-02 21:03
too bad adderall does not exist in europe
2015-07-02 21:10
vyvanse, or other things to replace it. Isn't hard to find or get prescribed lol. n0thing confirmed that every1 or most take some form of boost on lan.
2015-07-02 21:11
im prescribed vyvanse actually. still isnt adderall and doesnt happen outside of norway according my physician. all i said was adderall doesnt exist outside of american more or less, and specifically not in europe.
2015-07-02 21:14
f0rest | 
World Hesgad 
EU mostly uses Ritalin
2015-07-03 00:13
whats the name XD
2015-07-02 21:04
2015-07-02 21:04
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
pasha is the best
2015-07-02 21:05
Hungary lemusz 
LOLOLOL i missed this
2015-07-02 21:15
anyway devilwalk dont like pasha i think
2015-07-02 21:30
Hungary lemusz 
2015-07-02 22:52
rip forehead
2015-07-02 21:18
he's so funny ffs
2015-07-02 21:06
Finland kappaboi 
pasha is nice guy
2015-07-02 21:07
Poland trancemeister 
pasha always hejterinho hltv.
2015-07-02 21:08
fuck, why is he so twitchy? makes me bug out after watching him a while. tossed a vase out the window just to release some of that tension y0
2015-07-02 21:07
he's propabli on adderall kappa
2015-07-02 21:12
Too much Redbull and/or speed.
2015-07-02 21:23
Him and almost everyone else are either high or just on some anti sleep pill or whatever, increases attention.
2015-07-02 21:49
2015-07-02 21:07
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
real polak :D
2015-07-02 21:08
2015-07-02 21:08
green dolaaaa
2015-07-02 21:09
american = silver you = nova ofc you like their playstyle you suck
2015-07-02 21:09
go home u finn, the only representative you have down in cologne is on the desk
2015-07-02 21:21
f0rest | 
Lithuania TaigoN 
Amerikana lol
2015-07-02 21:10
Poland Madziula 
This is pretty embarrassing. Not every polish person is greedy like Pasha.
2015-07-02 21:10
everbody loves money.
2015-07-02 21:14
don't worry, I don't think polish people are greedy. you seen that female UFC fighter from Poland? god she is amazing. she absolutely smashed the former champion for the title. it was one of the best fights I've ever seen. I think she's still the champion right now.
2015-07-02 21:15
Yes, she's amazing, but her weigh-ins are pathetic.
2015-07-02 21:43
Poland Madziula 
You are probably talking about Joanna Jędrzejczyk. I didn't know of her, I just googled her and watched highlights from her fight with Esparza and she seems to be really aggressive type of fighter and at the same time real and humble with her opinions.
2015-07-02 21:47
yep, that's her. she made a fan out of me that night.
2015-07-02 21:55
yes yes you surely would not take that money if you have an occasion to do so. and you would not play the best just to get it. OK Rouge.
2015-07-02 23:06
Poland Madziula 
I would give my best in every match i play, not only in those with the big money prize. The thing is, he made it sound like he is doing it ONLY for the money and not for the prestige and proving you are the best, like most sportsmen and sportswomen do. Moreover he generalised it as a behaviour of all polish people, which i don't agree with. Don't get me wrong, I like Pasha for his honesty, but maybe his priorities lie elsewhere now.
2015-07-02 23:30
ofc it is all about money for him when he has to provide for his family. he does not care about prestige anymore, prestige wont feed your family.
2015-07-03 10:29
The real Polak my frend, big prizemoney. Lmaooo
2015-07-02 21:11
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
no homo
2015-07-02 21:12
France Kairos1g 
2015-07-02 21:12
whats the name of the team we just played?
2015-07-02 21:12
pasha ;D
2015-07-02 21:12
we won to they lol nice engrando
2015-07-02 21:13
If you fail to write englando you know you just fucked up
2015-07-03 07:30
pasha is love
2015-07-02 21:13
he said ilumina city?
2015-07-02 21:14
Illuminati confirmed
2015-07-03 15:48
amerikana iluminosity dont deserve for rekt
2015-07-02 21:15
2015-07-02 21:15
2015-07-02 21:21
this is a very gurd englich
2015-07-02 21:16
Poland Marcines 
green dollars XD
2015-07-02 21:18
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom Harribo 
"I want to kick ass of olofmeister"
2015-07-02 21:20
Im waiting for Olof's revenge :D
2015-07-02 21:45
Hahahahahaha! What a suprise! :D
2015-07-03 02:22
ez match against illuminati /_\
2015-07-02 21:20
pasha interviews are the best
2015-07-02 21:23
Wheres my friend?
2015-07-02 21:26
I love this guy I couldn't laugh more! Fucking Boss
2015-07-02 21:29
americanas have a playstyle? lol
2015-07-02 21:30
ask fnatic hahaha
2015-07-03 07:12
Illuminasity HAAHHHA
2015-07-02 21:30
Poland camarpl 
the real polak my friend, the real polak
2015-07-02 21:31
biggest army teambiceps? i doubt that. hltv army #1
2015-07-02 21:32
He didn't even know the name of the American team.
2015-07-02 21:32
Poland Carry Potter 
Too low IQ
2015-07-02 21:57
Doubt he didn't know it, prolly couldn't pronounce it.
2015-07-02 22:25
2015-07-03 07:35
illuminasity not bad pasha haha
2015-07-02 21:33
The VP completely counteracts the NA playstyle. VP is an NA team in EU. Just go for aim battles and win them, and they have the superior aim.
2015-07-02 21:34
VP go for aim battles and win them ? lol ? are you serious ? VP are the ones who avoid the aim battles the most.
2015-07-02 22:04
You're right. VP is known for their extremely tactical strats and insane game sense.
2015-07-03 15:05
except thats not how NA has played at all so far in this tourney
2015-07-03 08:22
Yeah, that's what I'm saying. They both go for the aim battles and VP 9/10 wins them with their superior aim
2015-07-03 15:04
very nice interview kickass BICEPS!
2015-07-02 21:35
americana hahaha
2015-07-02 21:37
Algeria W0r 
Great man :)
2015-07-02 21:43
pasha no biceps
2015-07-02 21:49
I don't think he goes Gym for a long time he is very skinny now and I don't even see biceps anymore.
2015-07-03 00:19
we know they don't have money in the future.... LOL
2015-07-02 22:01
2015-07-02 22:04
Full Kontrol 100% My Friend.
2015-07-02 22:09
I would like kick olofmeister,but i dont mind playing TSM. WE like to play TSM but fnatic will also do. XD
2015-07-02 22:12
Netherlands kid- 
we like to play the americano
2015-07-02 22:26
"real polak" :D
2015-07-02 22:36
that real polak talk :DD
2015-07-02 23:03
full control in da map HAHAHAH
2015-07-02 23:44
the best personality in the csgo scene
2015-07-03 00:20
World after_0 
fun & honest and really respect the fans, game and tries to be entertaining while being himself all the time.
2015-07-03 01:03
real polak with dollars in eyes and having man needs taken care by wife :D:D
2015-07-03 02:18
2015-07-03 07:01
Canada smoo 
First pasha says that cloud9 never change their style, now he says we like the NA playstyle? Small biceps small brain.
2015-07-03 07:35
no h8 but is he legitimately retarded?
2015-07-03 08:23
His english level is bad so he is not able to say what he wants.
2015-07-04 14:12
im not talking about his language i mean like his face twitching etc
2015-07-04 20:56
please no more interviews with this id... no sense what he say about NA
2015-07-03 19:19
dktenso | 
Brazil lgzn 
this guy is a fucking legend hahaha
2015-07-03 22:38
Poland MJP 
Great person , pasha ;]
2015-07-04 02:00
pasha looking at him and thinking "kurwa, can you talk any slower"
2015-07-04 20:58
No Homo
2015-07-05 21:55
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