fnatic vs. Cloud9 grand final preview

We have put together a preview ahead of tomorrow's ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals grand final between fnatic and Cloud9.

Unlike the previous statistical previews we have prepared for earlier matches, this one will have to be different simply because fnatic has never played this new Cloud9 team at any tournament.

As a result we have no data whatsoever from their head-to-head matches, because none exists. We will still focus on statistical analysis, but will also take a look at other aspects.

To make sure everyone is aware of the high stakes of the grand final, the winners will walk away with $100,000 in prize money, while the runners-up will have to do with $60,000.

Only two remain in competition at ESL TV studios 


Recent player performances

This is the one area where Cloud9 really aren't a match for fnatic, but luckily for the North American team's fans, Counter-Strike isn't only a game of skill - the team factor is hugely important.

In Cologne the team has been led, in fragging, by the world's best player Olof "⁠olofmeister⁠" Kajbjer, who has a staggering 1.24 rating so far - good for best in the world.

Notably his partner in crime Freddy "⁠KRIMZ⁠" Johansson has had a poor event thus far, despite a strong showing in their quarter-final versus Keyd Stars yesterday.

In the post-match interview on ESL TV's stream, Robin "⁠flusha⁠" Rönnquist also commented on the playing conditions of ESL ESEA Finals, stating the heat simply makes them play much worse.

fnatic's player statistics at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals

The Cloud9 camp's best performer has been the team's best player Tyler "⁠Skadoodle⁠" Latham, whose AWPing has to be in key role if Cloud9 are to put up a fight tomorrow.

Perhaps the most important point is that so far Jordan "⁠n0thing⁠" Gilbert has had a fairly consistent showing, which has definitely had a big impact on the team's play.

Mike "⁠shroud⁠" Grzesiek was the carrying force in the team's best-of-three victory over EnVy, and has had a solid showing overall, but it still isn't enough to change facts.

In the post-CLG match interview on ESL TV, n0thing admitted it's not really possible to out-skill fnatic over the course of a series, which means C9 cannot rely on skill alone.

 Cloud9's player statistics at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals

Let's then compare these ten players' ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals performances to their ratings for the past three months, to see what kind of form they've all been in this week.

Naturally most players - as well as the average, by 0.03 - have a negative differential, as the level of competition is tougher at ESL ESEA Finals than overall, when including online play.

So far three players from Cloud9 show up in the four most improved players, a mark that helps explain their incredible performance, but also one that raises doubt over whether it can be sustained.

Player ratings ESL ESEA 3 months Differential
United States Tyler "⁠Skadoodle⁠" Latham 1.21 1.12 +0.09
United States Ryan "⁠freakazoid⁠" Abadir 1.01 0.94 +0.07
Sweden Olof "⁠olofmeister⁠" Kajbjer 1.24 1.20 +0.04
United States Jordan "⁠n0thing⁠" Gilbert 1.13 1.09 +0.04
Sweden Robin "⁠flusha⁠" Rönnquist 1.05 1.07 -0.02
Canada Mike "⁠shroud⁠" Grzesiek 1.11 1.16 -0.05
Sweden Jesper "⁠JW⁠" Wecksell 1.06 1.12 -0.06
Sweden Markus "⁠pronax⁠" Wallsten 0.85 0.93 -0.08
United States Sean "⁠seang@res⁠" Gares 0.78 0.88 -0.10
Sweden Freddy "⁠KRIMZ⁠" Johansson 0.96 1.14 -0.18

Rating differentials to show the players' current form

The best player overall has been, unsurprisingly, olofmeister, though only by a hair - C9's AWP, Skadoodle, has a rating that is just 0.03 below the Swedes.

As mentioned above the biggest underperformer of this tournament has been fnatic's KRIMZ, and it's something to keep an eye out on tomorrow - if he plays well, it'll be next to impossible for C9 to keep up in this department.

fnatic as a whole have a combined differential of -0.30 at ESL ESEA, while Cloud9 boasts a positive differential of +0.05. Some is explained by scores in matches, some by pure performance.

A strong performance from KRiMZ could make the series easy for fnatic 


Preparation for this game in particular

The one big difference between ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals and other tournaments in 2015 - and the past years in general - is the very lax schedule allowing for proper preparation between games.

As Cloud9 were already through to the grand final at the time of fnatic versus Virtus.pro, they could view the game through the lense of figuring out weaknesses in each team's game plan.

fnatic were surely watching as Cloud9 thrashed CLG earlier in the day, but their full focus had to still be on the Virtus.pro semi-final, and due to the nature of the match it hardly offered much intelligence.

An issue of sorts has also been raised regarding the availability of POV streams at the event - fnatic's in-game leader pronax even admitted being able to watch - and understand - Cloud9's POV stream is a clear advantage.

In addition, flusha stated in the post-match interview that his side planned on watching some VODs tonight to prepare some anti-strats for the grand final - safe to say they are taking C9 seriously now.

He also added that they've never had issues with C9 in the past, but the team has made strides even since last week. This time the will find out how Cloud9 plays, as opposed to letting pronax sleep their preparation off.

The North Americans, led by seang@res, likely are going to be better prepared by the virtue of watching fnatic play way more than fnatic watching Cloud9 play year-round.

n0thing added that he believes the outcome of the grand final itself will come down to the preparation that his side puts in tonight - and tomorrow, before the grand final.

We spoke to pronax after their semi-final


Map veto process

The Black and Orange side boast a clear advantage when it comes to the veto phase of the series. They are one of the few teams who play all of the seven maps, while Cloud9 does not.

On top of that, they can - and have, in the past - play all maps at a very high level. They are capable of defeating elite teams on any of the seven maps. Cloud9 is yet to prove the same.

In the table below we have included the unplayed decider maps in best-of-three series that were not played, as they were still selected, with vetoes in the brackets beside them.

As you can see, Cloud9 has banned de_cobblestone - a map fnatic is likely the world's best on - in every match so far. That means they must, most likely, do the same tomorrow.

Played maps (vetoes) Sweden fnatic United States Cloud9
de_cache 1 (1) 2 (-)
de_cobblestone - (-) - (4)
de_dust2 2 (2) 2 (1)
de_inferno 1 (-) - (3)
de_mirage 1 (3) - (2)
de_overpass 2 (2) 1 (-)
de_train 1 (1) 1 (-)

The map breakdown for both teams in Cologne so far

For fnatic, they have a choice to make. They could continue getting rid of de_mirage - which they have done after the disappointing CLG loss - or adjust for Cloud9, which is what I expect them to do.

Cloud9 has removed de_mirage in the games where their opponents haven't, and fnatic are still a good team on it. Rational thinking suggests fnatic will therefore remove de_cache.

fnatic's in-game leader pronax went on to state that he's super impressed by how Cloud9 plays de_cache, that he hasn't seen other teams play as they do, adding it's amazing to watch.

It seems like a fair suggestion fnatic will get rid of Cloud9's best map and take the series to de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_overpass and de_train instead - all good maps for them.

Otherwise fnatic could go the other route and watch all three of C9's de_cache games, if they think that will allow them to adjust fully, and remove the element of surprise from Cloud9.

Either way, de_inferno is as close to a sure-thing as there is for fnatic, and they're also clear favorites on de_overpass. Other maps are closer, but could you favor C9 on any of them?

freakazoid's team proved they can play de_dust2 versus EnVy and CLG, but fnatic is a different animal on the map. On de_mirage they are unproven against Europeans.

Finally, de_train is likely Cloud9's best chance to steal a map here, and should be their pick if fnatic removes de_cache. As long as they don't let olofmeister walk out from middle every round.

de_dust2 will be a key map in the series tomorrow 


The leadership factor

This tournament has - in large thanks to the criticized POV streams - led to fans giving much more credit to teams' in-game leaders than usual, as they've been able to hear the actual calls.

Both pronax and seang@res have received their share of praise, but there's one key difference between them, beyond the calls they make, that shifts the odds to fnatic's favor.

Due to the overwhelming skill difference and the ability of their roster to make plays, pronax has a huge margin for error when it comes to his shot calling.

On the other hand, seang@res has called near perfect games after slow starts to get his team here. What if he slips at all tomorrow? Can Cloud9 compete without him at 100%?

In our interview, one of Cloud9's newest additions, freakazoid, called seang@res a wizard when it comes to tactics, saying it's unbelievable what he does and how much he comes up with.

Their semi-final opponent CLG had similar feelings, with their star player Tarik "⁠tarik⁠" Celik tweeting compliments to seang@res shortly after getting knocked out in Cologne. 

It seems like a given that seang@res must be calling a damn near perfect series for Cloud9 to truly compete for the title, and the first place prize of $100,000 tomorrow evening.

So far he's done an amazing job - reading EnVy like an open book - but as freakazoid said, C9 had prepared for the Frenchmen already for Gfinity, so now the timeframe is much shorter.

Still, even n0thing made sure to give props to his in-game leader in the post-match interview, giving an example of where a call gave Cloud9 nearly a free round win.

seang@res's calls have been on point, but enough to lift the trophy? 


Best-of-five format

There has been a ton of talk about the best-of-one group stage that saw three upsets take place on round one, and ultimately sent TSM packing after a match versus fnatic.

Despite the case for best-of-one made in our day one wrap-up, basic mathematics proves that it's significantly harder for an underdog to win a best-of-three series - let alone a best-of-five.

fnatic has an incredible record in best-of-three and best-of-five series, as pointed out earlier today on Twitter by CS:GO analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields.

In the end, even if Cloud9 starts off strong, the format may be their doom. Not only is it harder to win multiple maps, it also makes the veto phase significantly harder for them.

In the past no non-European team has defeated fnatic in a best-of-three. Their only map losses of the kind have been versus KaBuM.TD (now Keyd Stars), Liquid, Vox Eminor (now Renegades) and on Thursday CLG.

Days after indicating no North American is a match to them, flusha stated in an interview with ESL TV that the region as a whole has improved heaps, and cannot simply be out-skilled easily any longer.

Unless you're karrigan's TSM, you don't want to play a long series versus fnatic 


The case for each team

Look, fnatic may have dropped their opener to CLG on Thursday, and been on the verge of being eliminated versus TSM, but since then they've been near perfect in Cologne.

They dropped de_cache to Virtus.pro today, but one must remember they can - and should - remove the map against Cloud9. Plus, pronax stated in our interview he already knows how to counter that style, too.

fnatic are the world's best team, and when put in a best-of-five series - against a team who are fighting for a place in the top ten - they are obviously going to be heavily favored.

The squad coached by Viktor "⁠vuggo⁠" Jendeby has now won over $500,000 in prize money since this roster was created a year ago, and with a win tomorrow that figure could get close to $600,000.

Sweden fnatic 16-9 vs. Poland Virtus.pro de_dust2
Sweden fnatic 16-3 vs. Poland Virtus.pro de_overpass
Sweden fnatic 12-16 vs. Poland Virtus.pro de_cache
Sweden fnatic 19-16 vs. Brazil Keyd Stars de_train
Sweden fnatic 16-5 vs. Brazil Keyd Stars de_inferno
Sweden fnatic 16-14 vs. Denmark TSM de_overpass
Sweden fnatic 12-16 vs. United States CLG de_mirage

fnatic's match record at the ESL ESEA Finals

I believe this preview has made the case for fnatic - judging by all the evidence available to us from the past, they have proven to be a better team overall, over a longer period of time.

Cloud9 on the other hand has had a showing where they have seemingly improved their level of play continuously as the tournament has continued, though they also had an easier semi-final opponent.

After bowing out in London a week ago against EnVyUs and Virtus.pro, the team took down the Frenchmen on three maps in Cologne - though still dropped the sole map played versus the Polish side.

Cloud9 looked dominant today versus CLG, but that had always been the case - they boasted a 7-1 record with these exact line-ups, the one dropped map coming as a part of a best-of-three series they won.

United States Cloud9 16-8 vs. United States CLG de_dust2
United States Cloud9 16-5 vs. United States CLG de_cache
United States Cloud9 16-12 vs. France EnVyUs de_cache
United States Cloud9 16-12 vs. France EnVyUs de_dust2
United States Cloud9 10-16 vs. Poland Virtus.pro de_overpass
United States Cloud9 16-13 vs. France EnVyUs de_cache

Cloud9's match record at the ESL ESEA Finals

The grand final will be the biggest match so far in the careers of all of Cloud9's players. Part of how they do will naturally come down to how they cope with the pressure.

The case for Cloud9 is the ultimate cinderella story happening. No one thought they'd make the grand final, and fewer would have ever bet money on them to win it all.

Tomorrow they have a chance to do just that, but it will require a perfect performance - strong individual play, great calls, and some luck. And a few mistakes by the Swedes.

The minds behind fnatic have good reason to smile 


ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals' grand final will go live around 18:30 on Sunday and will be broadcasted on ESL TV with additional POV streams available for each team.

You can find more interview and highlights from the event on our YouTube channel. All of our event galleries, featuring more than 720 photos, are available here.

Follow HLTV.org's @lurppis_ on Twitter.

United States Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir
Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Viktor 'vuggo' Jendeby
Viktor 'vuggo' Jendeby
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Freddy 'KRIMZ' Johansson
Freddy 'KRIMZ' Johansson
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Markus 'pronax' Wallsten
Markus 'pronax' Wallsten
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Sean 'seang@res' Gares
Sean 'seang@res' Gares
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Mike 'shroud' Grzesiek
Mike 'shroud' Grzesiek
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
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Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
lamp | 
Russia lamp`
nice fnatic go
2015-07-05 01:05
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lmfao at the fact that nV and TSM went out in groups. this tournament is a mess anyways.
2015-07-05 10:57
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I wouldn't call it a mess. It's a tournament where the matches finally start on time (somewhat) and where the Americans are finally showing us some real potential! I kinda expected shroud to finally step it up, but I'm just happy to see a different final than nV vs Fnatic!
2015-07-05 11:37
envyus didnt even go out in groups... cloud 9 fucking 2-0'd them in a b03 as well as beating them in groups.
2015-07-05 12:24
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question is when they're going to take a map of a team that isn't nv
2015-07-05 13:38
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2-0'd CLG.
2015-07-05 17:29
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as we all know na scene is irrelevant
2015-07-05 20:29
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Just took a map off fnatic and only lost to a 16-14 and to a 15-15 + overtime. Next argument?
2015-07-05 23:51
and for the next 1 billion events his statement will be true again.
2015-07-05 11:37
Nice article lurppis :D -------- C'mon C9! they are doing an incredible tourney, i hope at least C9 can fight versus fnatic this afternoon.
2015-07-05 12:21
2015-07-05 15:15
Fnatic didn't deserve this trophy. C9 must have win this, amazing tournment.
2015-07-05 23:54
2015-07-05 01:06
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2015-07-05 07:00
Brazil Matheus56
hope c9 can put up a good fight at the very least
2015-07-05 01:06
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fnatic 3-0 confirmed
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2015-07-05 16:09
fnatic got this
2015-07-05 01:06
Spain Alser
ez fnatic 48-0 :^)
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Korea saddummy
lol they fuckin lost 5 times in a bo3/bo5 against TSM wtf...
2015-07-05 01:07
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yeah man I really LOled that much but I dont think C9 can stand for bo5
2015-07-05 01:17
just like when titan used to be their kryptonites :D
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shit fan detected
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you are retarded seriously
2015-07-05 11:55
He did say against American teams.....
2015-07-05 11:22
Ez Kryptonites!
2015-07-05 14:04
faveN | 
United States gazm
c9 ez
2015-07-05 01:09
what a massive discrepancy in experience when fnatic, being the #1 team in the world, has lost nearly as many bo3/5's offline as c9 has even just played
2015-07-05 01:10
1 reply
Costa Rica Gomezio
It's pretty crazy that Fnatic have only lost 8 in 7 months, but I guess it's more accurate to say 6, since the 7th month just started. Even crazier that it's only 3 to teams that aren't TSM.
2015-07-05 02:26
fnatic gogo
2015-07-05 01:11
nice read
2015-07-05 01:12
I'd be suprised if they get 15 rounds total on all maps
2015-07-05 01:14
nice writeup
2015-07-05 01:17
2015-07-05 01:18
doesnt matter, c9 getting $60k for beating some frenchies at lan
2015-07-05 01:20
Good read, well done
2015-07-05 01:20
Hong Kong SHiFT^up
n1 read. If only fnatic didn't play scared and went back to their mid-2014-era CT style. Aggro everywhere, heavy mid presence, dominate maps like cache and mirage
2015-07-05 01:25
will cheer for c9, but i think fnatic will win 3-0 or 3-1
2015-07-05 01:25
Cloud9 ftw lets go
2015-07-05 01:27
fnatic very ez
2015-07-05 01:32
Fnatic most likely gonna win but still gonna be cheering for my NA boys! GL C9
2015-07-05 01:33
yawn..... 16-12 16-8 16-4 fnatic maybe c9 takes cache
2015-07-05 01:35
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hoping c9 at least take one or two maps from fnatic lol
2015-07-05 08:26
I honestly can't see c9 having a chance in hell of winning this.
2015-07-05 01:44
Nice article! Cheering for C9, although it will be a surprise if they can beat Fnatic in BO5. Looking forward to see finals there and hoping for a good matches! GL both teams!
2015-07-05 01:58
I am a c9 fan, but a bo5 against fnatic will be hard to win.
2015-07-05 02:13
ez amerikana
2015-07-05 02:13
Costa Rica Gomezio
I don't think it'll be a 3-0 like many are saying, because neither team is likely to ban Train or Dust 2, which C9 have an okay chance on. I think C9's best chance is Cache, but I think Pronax and Vuggo will really study their Cache games and they'll either know how to counter them or they'll ban it. P.S. Where you at, Top Ranking? You gonna tell us all how this is bullshit and C9 is actually favored statistically?
2015-07-05 02:24
I doubt C9 let mirage slip through the vetoes, they rarely play it and have never played it well, unless of course they were one of the team scrimming against CLG on it and then they might have an ace up their sleeves. Honestly something like that wouldnt surprise me at this point. Either that or cobble might be their trick. You could also argue they might ban Inferno as they dont have any decent results including a 16-2(?) Loss Vs nV at Gfinity, but they have confidence on the map for some god damn reason. If anything, I think they ban mirage in hopes Cobble slips to a late pick and maybe thay can try and grab DD2 and Train early and use momentum to win a map like overpass or maybe have some trick for inferno. Its gonna be tough because fnatic will ban their clearly favorite map.
2015-07-05 02:31
2 replies
They should ban inferno because it's an auto loss. Their T side is too weak and can't get enough rounds for them to even start up their CT side. They always start T side because they always lose the knife round :c. Like you said they coud have something up their sleeves for Mirage.
2015-07-05 03:03
1 reply
C9 doesn't like Mirage, they hate playing on it and have few strats on it, LG knew this so C9 banned it first round. This is also why I find it so funny that teams like Nv banned it against them. I think that this going to hurt C9 the most, Mirage and Infeno are auto losses for them.
2015-07-05 03:31
Macau fAKEs2j
Krimz with hat, GG.
2015-07-05 02:41
inb4 cloud9 ask ex6 and karrigan on how they managed to beat fnatic and they beckme fnatics next kryptonite
2015-07-05 03:05
2 replies
Then they will merge to make fnatic9 Olof Krimz Skadoodle Shroud Pronax
2015-07-05 11:09
Out aim them + Good teamwork = Win
2015-07-05 14:06
gl sgares and co!
2015-07-05 03:11
don't care who wins just glad to see NA in a final
2015-07-05 03:11
fnatic should ban cache and they would have a much better chance of making it 3-0. Best of luck boys!
2015-07-05 03:24
I'm not gunna lie I can see C9 winning this. I mean obviously Fnatic is favoured but after watching how sgares is calling and how fucking fast skadoodle shuts people down when they try to push, I think they have a half decent chance.
2015-07-05 03:38
I want to believe in this Cinderella story! C9 Take my energy!!!!
2015-07-05 03:44
"Unless you're karrigan's TSM, you don't want to play a long series versus fnatic " This i agree .
2015-07-05 04:06
C9 Take my energy!
2015-07-05 04:25
I'm going with C9.
2015-07-05 04:31
Apparently theres rumor that veto phase is pick-pick-ban-ban-pick-pick. If so then C9 would get cache. Would shift the game in favor of C9 slightly no doubt. If it goes like above it will go: C9 Cache Fnc Inferno/Mirage C9 Inferno/Mirage (ban) Fnc Train (ban) C9 Dust 2 Fnc Cobble/Overpass Last cobble/overpass
2015-07-05 04:32
1 reply
United States Envsion
I think it'll go C9 Cache Fnc Inferno C9 Cobble (ban) Fnc Train (ban) C9 Dust 2 Fnc Mirage Last overpass C9 doesn't seem to like cobble or fnc will try to pick it before the ban
2015-07-05 08:32
C9 has to see tsm playing against them. This is the way. Tsm know how to beat them.
2015-07-05 04:41
fnatic struggled hard against vp's yolo rushes.
2015-07-05 04:41
1 reply
+1 and against key'd rushes on train too... maybe c9 can exploit it
2015-07-05 08:28
My bets are on cloud9. They are absolutely on point right now. Seems they are more confident than fnatic atm. Gl hf hope for a great 5 maps grand final.
2015-07-05 05:10
olof's stats my god
2015-07-05 05:12
the match starts at 9AM PST for a fucking change. no more getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to watch CS, boys. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
2015-07-05 08:27
1 reply
I laughed so hard at this lol
2015-07-05 15:08
Ez fnatic
2015-07-05 09:07
2015-07-05 09:17
Ez c9
2015-07-05 09:19
GL to C9, have no fear/respect guys!!!
2015-07-05 09:37
go NA.
2015-07-05 09:54
c9 will most likely lose, but not 3-0. This will be an interesting match to watch with the way c9 recently played their matches.
2015-07-05 09:57
Good job lurppis
2015-07-05 10:07
Even if ska does some old kennyS level awping it wont be nearly enough because he doesn't have the support structure around him.
2015-07-05 10:08
If C9 wants to win, they need a good performance as a team, not individual. We could see for example "shroud" going crazy with 30 bomb, but rest of the team heavy underperforms, then it's easy win for fnatic. C9 has to do their job and make good trades 1f1,2f2, don't let fnatic to surprise them with their random pushes/off angles/boosts on map etc. fnatic has pretty much standard setup/rotations/positions on every map, which seang@res HAS to know and be prepared for. I'm talking this cause on such matches I often see team getting crushed simply because they always getting caught off guard with that stuff I've mentioned above. GL
2015-07-05 10:19
3 replies
Tbf he predicted most of envys moves when they played...
2015-07-05 10:46
2 replies
True. That's why envyus looked weaker then usually. They were completely outplayed at some point and they looked like a way weaker side even if their individual skill level is above C9's.
2015-07-05 11:02
1 reply
individual skill level is above? ur so fucking wrong
2015-07-05 15:43
it will be a stomp
2015-07-05 10:35
inb4 c9 3-0 and all the comments similar to the nV-C9 game will stop
2015-07-05 10:40
Skadoodle > JW
2015-07-05 10:43
the real question is, wtf is wrong with those fingers in the seang@res picture?
2015-07-05 10:47
1 reply
man, thats freaky.
2015-07-05 12:00
C9 dream was nice but fnatic stomp inc
2015-07-05 11:26
1 reply
Finland ZoqFotPik
maybe, but there is hope!
2015-07-05 12:39
Go Cloud9! <3
2015-07-05 11:29
Nope, in a bo1 C9 got a shot but in a bo5 they no chance in hell.
2015-07-05 12:02
FNATIC have only lost 8 Bo3/Bo5s offline in 2015: NiP TSM (x5) Titan VP Get that etched in your minds bots.
2015-07-05 12:09
what if c9 saved tactixx on cbble? I think they gonna veto inferno and play cbble
2015-07-05 12:10
EZ C9!
2015-07-05 12:17
de_cache (c9) de_overpass (fnatic) de_mirage (c9) de_inferno (fnatic) de_dust2 (last) MARK MY WORDS !
2015-07-05 12:24
RIP C9 [*]
2015-07-05 12:24
I would like to give credit to lurppis. That was a damn good, and long article! :-) ty
2015-07-05 12:32
Finland ZoqFotPik
i'm going to cheer for c9! i can admit i was one of those people who thought EU should have more spots (and partly i still do) but american teams have really surprised in a positive way and i'm hoping c9 can go all the way!
2015-07-05 12:39
Really looking forward to this! Top eu vs top na in a bo5. No possible excuses. Let's go.
2015-07-05 13:49
Great job Lurppis/hltv!
2015-07-05 13:56
C9 just needs to study how TSM fucked Fnatic, But this is going to be 3-0 Fnatic..
2015-07-05 14:10
2 replies
And pronax will study C9 POV from this event, while sean is mad cuz he skipped Swedish lessons in school lol
2015-07-05 15:18
1 reply
who would wanna know that ugly ass piece of language lets be honest.
2015-07-05 16:00
I'm praying for an upset so the plebs can go crazy and chant NA>EU!! Popcorn is ready ;d
2015-07-05 14:16
2 replies
Don't count on it. fnatic is probably 50x more likely to win since ESL ESEA decided to make all voicecoms public and they already were clear favorites in this matchup. The chances of anyone on c9 speaking Swedish is 0.
2015-07-05 16:20
1 reply
c9 clearly is going to get a swedish speaking person to translate. Not that hard to find someone
2015-07-05 17:18
nice preview lurppis gj.
2015-07-05 16:40
I'm a big fan of c9 but don't see them taking a single map off fnatic, especially with the amount of anti-stratting fnatic will most likely be doing on cache. if c9 win this bo5, i will delete my hltv account, never use hltv again, and will give away my karambit slaughter.
2015-07-05 17:09
1 reply
I'll take that karambit slaughter then :)
2015-07-05 19:42
Free $100,000 for fnatic.
2015-07-05 17:12
I think this will be clear 3-0 for fnatic, maybe not a total stomp but something around 16-10 average. Cloud9 pretty much has best chance on Train, their Cache has been good but I highly doubt they can face team like fnatic on there. Mirage/Inferno should be very easy for fnatic to take and if it comes to that C9 can maybe put up a fight on D2. However, if we see fnatic like we saw it in second map against VP, I think C9 will just get destroyed.
2015-07-05 18:03
go big or go home cmon c9<3
2015-07-05 18:18
2015-07-05 18:49
amazing game, 2 more maps c9, GO!
2015-07-05 19:38
2015-07-05 20:26
2015-07-05 21:48
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