fnatic: "It could've gone either way"

For the winning interview we picked fnatic's star AWPer Jesper "JW" Wecksell and coach Viktor "vuggo" Jendeby to take us through each of the grand final maps and Cloud9's surprising performance.

fnatic came out victorious in the grand final of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals after four maps, three of which went to at least 30 rounds and de_cache ending up in a white-wash, 16-6 in fnatic's favor.

We got a hold of a couple fnatic members after the nail-biting best-of-five, coach Viktor "vuggo" Jendeby and Jesper "⁠JW⁠" Wecksell, who broke down the series for us from every way possible:

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Sweden Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
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True story
2015-07-06 01:09
i agree! but the best team won ;)
2015-07-06 01:10
12 replies
The team that made multiple mistakes throughout the tournament won.
2015-07-06 01:10
9 replies
Every team made mistakes lol, fnatic made less than the others... deal with it
2015-07-06 01:11
And C9 didn't ? They lost against VP.
2015-07-06 01:12
1 reply
^ FlaNky wrote that without thinking, have some mercy ^-^
2015-07-06 01:12
The team that didn't owe most of their rounds to pure luck won. Freakozoid clutched 4 or 5 times 1v1 againt fnatic, LOL. That was a laugh.
2015-07-06 01:18
4 replies
Xantarea didnt
2015-07-06 01:42
Didn't rely on luck? Like the 2v3 retake on Overpass when it was 13-8 and if they lost their economy would be in the toilet? Or the 2v3 hold on Dust 2 on match point when both of them were dinked? You act as if clutches and 2v2 situations are not part of the game.
2015-07-06 01:51
2 replies
its not luck to win a clutch
2015-07-06 02:44
1 reply
in america it is
2015-07-06 03:30
So u think "Clown9" deserve to win and fnatic, who had almost all onlan titles in 2014-2015 just "pure luck". Hltv silver rank logic alway best logic =))
2015-07-06 04:12
tsm didnt wonnered :(
2015-07-06 01:31
1 reply
2015-07-06 03:39
Costa Rica Gomezio
Diplomatic statement. Champions find ways to win.
2015-07-06 01:10
Those teams really put on a show for the final
2015-07-06 01:12
Wow JW must be wrong, no-namer hltv kids say c9 sucks. Maybe I should disregard this video. Kappa
2015-07-06 01:13
JW telling story's like 1 min long , cant follow him man
2015-07-06 01:14
Portugal Zedonp
They are such good guys that they give credit to C9 even tho they recked them easly
2015-07-06 01:15
4 replies
2015-07-06 01:22
3 replies
Portugal Zedonp
2015-07-06 01:24
2 replies
recked them easly? HAHAHAHA, blind fox fanboy strikes again
2015-07-06 01:32
highly retarded
2015-07-06 12:29
fnatic made a lot of mistakes so did cloud9. The difference is the mistakes C9 did were much bigger than fnatic's. The experience in finals showed today and unluckily for cloud9 they werent able to close out the last 2 maps.
2015-07-06 01:15
7 replies
mhm. especially with a 13-8 lead on overpass and a 9-15 on dust2. riperino, c9 got too excited I feel.
2015-07-06 01:17
6 replies
Well they ran out of their luck credits by the time they got to that point. You can only get lucky that much man.
2015-07-06 01:20
5 replies
Honestly wouldn't call it luck but I suppose that's an excuse that can be used for C9s performance.
2015-07-06 01:22
luck? lol just stop talking out of your ass
2015-07-06 01:33
luck like you had when you won your only league match cuz the opponent had 4 players? and you still gave them 11 rounds? dude, retire from this game. play.esea.net/index.php?s=stats&d=match&.. like reallY? rofl
2015-07-06 01:51
2 replies
2015-07-06 08:26
A few of my mates were DMG's lol, we trolled all the games i was impressed we won that
2015-07-06 09:10
He's just being polite, dw
2015-07-06 01:17
2015-07-06 01:17
Gutted for c9. Should of been a 5 mapper, cannot believe some of things n0thing was doing on d2. I'm all for the 'we win together we lose together' team ethos but fuck me he cost them that map.
2015-07-06 01:22
1 reply
World Noldi_alb
he played terrible on cache too
2015-07-06 02:27
Agreed at least they know respect
2015-07-06 01:25
he's just being nice. fnatic completely rekt c9.
2015-07-06 01:26
4 replies
2 16:14s 1 15:19 Only map that's true on is Cache, fnatic shit on them on Cache.
2015-07-06 01:29
3 replies
ignore him he is russian. fnatic played sloppy but the experience in finals they have helped them do comebacks , wheras c9 choked .
2015-07-06 01:31
2 replies
c9 did not choke, fnatic just hit their shots:d
2015-07-06 01:45
1 reply
yeah no . in overpass they started panicking and in dust2 they didn't read that fnatic went B a lot.
2015-07-06 02:02
Germany extray0
"hltv is great"
2015-07-06 01:26
Spain Alser
HLTV is great JW confirmed
2015-07-06 01:29
2015-07-06 01:29
Respect for Fnatic, they slowly earned their way to be my fav team lately after NiP. EnVyus couldn't do it, titan either. I wonder if kinguin can reach something impressive :)
2015-07-06 01:37
Yeah, right.
2015-07-06 01:39
cant believe that c9 cant finish their matches
2015-07-06 01:40
2 replies
Yeah unbelievable. Team that plays horribly for 2 yrs. shocking results.
2015-07-06 01:55
1 reply
1 year...and it means nothing
2015-07-06 02:37
Egocentric bitchas.
2015-07-06 02:20
very humble from JW, good to see.
2015-07-06 02:26
Nice interview, good that they gave credit where credit is deserved even tho i think that the NA teams will be back to disappointment at the next major. EU wont underestimate them again, some teams will play with alot of "anger" to make this event forgotten. EnvyUs/TSM will/should be in way better shape. VP/fnatic wont be worse. And u get teams like NiP, NaVi (& maybe mouz, dignitas, Titan) in the mix. I dont see NA having the same success at the major even tho the NA fans will likely think that this success might be a given in the future, which it isnt. But ofc, they might prove me wrong, doubt it tho. :D
2015-07-06 02:42
usa getting better n better
2015-07-06 02:53
He said it could've gone either way in inferno , not the whole game , WTF HLTV
2015-07-06 03:34
2 replies
It literally means the same thing bcuz inferno was the 5th map and game decider bro. :D
2015-07-06 03:38
1 reply
hmm yeah true omg , so stupid from my part , thanks for the reply dude
2015-07-06 03:55
c9 put up a good match. it was a fun game to watch but the better team won gg.
2015-07-06 04:30
Haha nt jw you tried to convince many people that na has made some proggress but we dont catch such b8s m8s
2015-07-06 06:20
3 replies
I hope this is b8, NA has made great progress. This was not a disappointing result for NA at all. If any other EU team had played fnatic, they probably would have lose by more. Sure, cache was potato for cloud9, but all the other maps had great performances. The fact that Cloud9 wasn't even predicted to make the semis is amazing. C9 just needs to be able to close out, if they can do they they could have won. It seems their adrenaline caught up to them and they just didn't finish. NA isn't amazing yet, but they have shown to be a threat, no matter how small.
2015-07-06 07:11
2 replies
Europe duke`
yea, im pretty impressed with them aswell. fnatic won the final because it's insane how could they keep their calm - probably the experience they have helped them a lot. and c9 just need some more lans to feel more comfortable in finals against teams like fnatic and such.
2015-07-06 07:53
1 reply
Yeah I think c9 played surprisingly fantastic. In the end the better team won but this was too close to call.
2015-07-06 10:15
NA, still shit at CS apparently. fnatic still the best team in the world. GGWP
2015-07-06 07:36
2 days for a hangover? wtf? i don't even get a hangover over after a 3 day bender.. hit a line, take a berocca, boom you're up an at them again.
2015-07-06 08:06
5 replies
You are either 18 years old (according to your profile youre not) or you just dont drink enough. Welcome to Finland for a vacation, ill show you how to get 3 days hangover :D
2015-07-06 09:14
4 replies
wait what? come to aussie m8 i'll show you a real bender, it is the home of beer drinking m8. finlad only good for cs no beer, no sunshine.
2015-07-07 01:20
3 replies
Yea dude I know, friend's been over there for a year and loving it. Wish I have time to visit some time. But when it comes to drinking, im taking the lead! And hey, atm sun doesn't even go down here! But winter... you're damn right. And don't know about that CS thing either nowadays...we have very skilled players but no organisations.
2015-07-07 07:09
2 replies
if you get a chance, come over, explore, you'll enjoy yourself. i would like to go to alaska and ice fish.. we can all dream! Atleast you have CS players worth mentioning!
2015-07-07 07:39
1 reply
Some day I will, that friend of mine has been traveling around AUS and NZ, those pics make me jelly. Take care pal!
2015-07-07 08:06
Not enough, ptr better guy.
2015-07-06 10:33
So sad it wasn't TSM vs Fnatic in the final! but Kuddos to C9 they really tried hard. GZ to Fnatic for yet another great performance (sure some mistakes but still great)
2015-07-06 12:39
fnatic's run with this roster should not be even possible in a such low margin game as cs. the skill cap between them and all other "pro" teams is just unheard of. now it looks like past year teams "come close" but if you can't even pull off bo3 wins now and then against them, the skill cap must be absolutely huge. winrate on past 150maps, prolly ~80% or something, just should not be possible. i mean in starcraft bonjwas(a player who dominates the scene for a long period of time) had winrates like (55%), and that was considered crushing the game.
2015-07-06 19:40
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