FalleN: "We are going back home"

In another interview from ESWC 2015, we had a talk with Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo after his team were eliminated from the tournament following two straight losses.

The ballad of Keyd Stars in North America came to an ambiguous end, with the the Brazilian outfit first only succeeding in making it to the quarter-finals of the ESL ESEA Season 1 finals last week, and secondly with the team's elimination from the group stages of ESWC 2015 today.

Although Keyd Stars registered a 16-3 win over local Canadian talent Boreal in Group A, the team had already lost its chances of advancing to the playoffs, following a 13-16 defeat to FlipSid3 on de_cbble and 6-16 loss to Cloud9 on de_overpass.

We sat down with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo to talk about his team's recent performances as well as the future of the team, which currently involves a return home to Brazil.

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Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
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2015-07-11 00:49
sad, they had 7-0 lead vs Flipsid3, then they become arrogant and started take a lot of not needed risks, which eventually cost them game they surely had talent make playoffs
2015-07-11 11:10
United Kingdom jMz86 
So at one point the Brazilians had a 7-1 lead?
2015-07-11 13:14
as expected
2015-07-11 14:50
Illuminati Confirmed
2015-07-11 15:24
rofl n1
2015-07-11 16:42
yes you are
2015-07-11 00:49
United States hltvconfirmed 
Nt Fallen
2015-07-11 00:51
2015-07-11 00:52
2015-07-11 00:53
Lithuania AvaIon 
thank god, run as far away from NA as you can
2015-07-11 00:53
Why? It's not our fault they choked at both lans.
2015-07-11 00:57
Lithuania AvaIon 
they only became worse after staying in NA for some reason
2015-07-11 00:59
Maybe because they were playing shit teams in Brazil, surprised peeps at their first couple tournaments and NA teams are just as good or better than them. SO many people thought Keyd was gonna come in and wreck NA and I never saw a reason why. They were a top 4 team NA yes but are they on the level of world tier 1? No... They are the middle of tier 2 just like many NA teams. Same will happen with Renegades. Peeps think they are gonna come wreck the fuck out of NA. They will be in the top 4 but they arent better than c9 and if ex-IBP get unbanned they are prob taking a back seat to them too. They are pretty even with CLG.
2015-07-11 01:08
Eh. Keyd was definitely on par with Cloud9 if not better when they first came over. They did essentially "wreck" the NA scene, only really losing to Cloud9 in the beginning. But the NA play style is very pug like, especially outside of the top three teams. So very often, you see this pattern of... - do well in the NA scene - attend international lan and get raped - come back to NA and get raped - attend international lan and do decent And the reason being is because to get recognition in the NA scene, teams need to play a certain "NA style" that just doesn't work outside of NA. Once they have that recognition and sponsors to attend lans, they get raped. Then they'll come back to the states and adjust to a EU style and in that adjustment period, other NA teams will rape them. But in the end, they are a better team for it. We all saw this recently with teams like CLG and Liquid. We saw it two years ago with Cloud9/coL and iBP. Keyd is definitely worse than they were before coming to NA and it's because they're trying to adjust to the NA style. But I think they'll eventually overcome it to become a better team, should they stay.
2015-07-11 01:42
I do agree that outside the top 2-3 NA scene is a pug mostly besides some basic strats. But to say they got worse because they were in NA is just ridiculous. Also they lost to more than just c9. They lost to the bottom of invite. And that's just esea. They are not better than all the NA teams and never were. They are 2-3 NA. It's a fact. The results speak for them self. I don't think losing to method, nihilim, tempo storm, Ace and splitting work the top 3 is wrecking.
2015-07-11 01:57
By your logic, the better team should always win. Hate to break it to you but CS doesn't work like that. There's a reason BO1s are generally dismissed as inconsequential. The fact is, Keyd were considered the best team in NA with Cloud9 from start to finish and it's not without reason. Yes, they did get worse. And it's for the same reason why every team that makes it to the top gets worse -- you need a toxic play style into dominate the NA scene.
2015-07-11 10:11
agreed with everything and then ........ retarded at the end :(
2015-07-11 13:47
Greece her-1g 
with your logic if fnatic moves to NA then in 3 months they will be top15
2015-07-11 14:56
I think they'll get worse if they move to NA. But it's different when you've already "mastered" the right way to play. I'm strictly speaking about up and coming teams like Keyd and CLG who were fighting to establish dominance in NA.
2015-07-11 16:39
because people figured out their play style they were never good
2015-07-11 01:22
Canada suL- 
that is a fucking stupid comment
2015-07-11 01:53
Its also not their fault that they are overrated
2015-07-11 09:44
[*] #1 NA Kappa
2015-07-11 00:53
"We started winning 7-1" Lol no you didnt.
2015-07-11 00:53
I forgot to ask if that was intended or not
2015-07-11 00:54
stich, your interviews are great and your English is top notch. Do you live in NA? Because you have no accent and sound totally fluent.
2015-07-11 01:00
I was born in the states and currently live there but we speak Polish at home and I've lived in Europe too, I have no problem representing either nationality. But yeah, English is my native language now. I still can do better!
2015-07-11 01:03
Well that explains that! Either way, solid interviews, hope to see more of them in the future.
2015-07-11 01:15
Estonia 2026 
You seem to take the Nix0n approach, sitting close to the interviewee.
2015-07-11 01:59
2015-07-11 00:54
Straka | 
Argentina straka 
He was talking about the clg game on esea you dumb fuck
2015-07-11 00:57
and #13 was talking about the world cup...
2015-07-11 00:59
Argentina ivanpb 
2015-07-11 01:02
2015-07-11 02:50
Germany Chris Walker 
haha thought the same and had to go back to see if he was smiling or something
2015-07-11 00:57
Light a candle for Brazil [*]
2015-07-11 00:53
"We are going back home" I found it a funny because im childish
2015-07-11 00:54
I don't get it?
2015-07-11 00:58
2015-07-11 00:55
2015-07-11 00:56
bye huehues
2015-07-11 00:56
Brazil whEZ 
i respect the cs 1.6 brazilians, but the CS:GO needs to show me something
2015-07-11 00:56
North America AdminIWasRDM 
Misleading title, they're going back home until ESL One Cologne, and then they're back in NA to play in the ESL ESEA Season 2.
2015-07-11 00:57
you thought they were quitting everything, just from the title?
2015-07-11 00:59
United States lybrel 
It's what he said. How is it misleading?
2015-07-11 01:11
Brazil bandicoot 
his own imagination mislead him
2015-07-11 01:16
United States mah9 
the title of the news article is slightly misleading.
2015-07-11 01:24
United States lybrel 
Not at all. Didn't say forever, didn't imply quitting. By your logic, the title implies death since Kanye West wrote a song of the same name.
2015-07-11 01:29
Sweden klvmeister 
Kanye West rip in peperonis after this! youtube.com/watch?v=UnNJTDA4fn8
2015-07-11 04:13
thank god, NA teams need the scrim environment from keyd's presence and vice versa. Hopefully Renegades spend their ESEA seasons stateside too
2015-07-11 08:29
pce brazil, thanks for helping us get better than u guys
2015-07-11 00:57
I'm really glad to hear they're going to come back to NA (or possibly even Europe) for next season. I was worried by the title that they were going back to Brazil for good. Fer is a great player and Fallen is really charismatic, so if they stick around they can be great some day.
2015-07-11 00:57
Same here. I thought they were mad at them and would stop there.
2015-07-11 01:17
Poland camarpl 
sorry striker, but this guy makes much better interviews than you
2015-07-11 00:59
pala >>
2015-07-11 01:05
If they dont drop steel and zqks its really just a waste of time and money what they are doing right now. Dont tell me there is noone better in BR.
2015-07-11 00:59
Its sad but true, hope they made some changes.
2015-07-11 04:03
+1. For me zqk was the name of the losts in ESWC, he misses a lot of easy shots on crucial rounds on cbble and after on overpass. Fallen have a much better awp. +Fer +fallen +boltz -zqk -steel
2015-07-11 05:59
maybe zqk's assault rifles aren't as good, so it's better for him to use the awp? but i agree that he missed a lot of easy shots. maybe keyd should start developing a game less reliant on awps.
2015-07-11 23:04
if he can't play assault and awp, he can't play on a high tier team like Keyd. The awp player is crucial, I always see fallen shinning when he takes the awp and zqk I always see missing easy shots.
2015-07-12 17:57
i think zqk's problem is how unstable he is as an awper. on the first phase of the esl esea pro league he was hitting shots, and some really good ones. now he's come back to that old form that we thought he had overcome. but i think the most important question is: is there anyone to properly replace him? i don't really follow the domestic leagues and didn't see how hen1 performed on last year's eswc, so i can't tell how he would perform on international tournaments.
2015-07-15 19:13
United States hltvconfirmed 
Cloud9 tier 1
2015-07-11 00:59
Keyd need some vacation, pracc hard next and a Coach to esl cologne or is out in groups again
2015-07-11 00:59
zqk for coaching and +cold
2015-07-11 01:06
that should be good. didnt think about that
2015-07-11 01:15
ikr and zqk can't get any better than that after so much practice in NA.
2015-07-11 01:18
+1, but what about taco, I saw some sick plays, some very similar to fer.
2015-07-11 04:05
Not a surprise they didn't have work visas anyways so they were in the US illegally
2015-07-11 00:59
2015-07-11 01:00
Finland CHAIDz 
stich > Striker Great interview man!
2015-07-11 01:02
:( hf at your home
2015-07-11 01:02
gl boys <3
2015-07-11 01:02
"#1 na" pls..
2015-07-11 01:03
France Kairos1g 
2015-07-11 01:04
tbh they didn't really seem to improve on an international level in terms of their results.
2015-07-11 01:06
Argentina kra1zy 
he said 7 - 1 lool
2015-07-11 01:07
2015-07-11 01:11
GuardiaN | 
World Darge 
I hope they get back for next ESL season, they need to relax a bit. Too much focus and training on the game also can be harmful for a team. GL!
2015-07-11 01:13
good interview, but bad games today best good luck next time
2015-07-11 01:17
They need to get rid of Zqk and steel, otherwise will be a waste of time.
2015-07-11 01:19
ahaha going home cya
2015-07-11 01:20
2015-07-11 01:27
Argentina YH!one 
gl boys
2015-07-11 01:33
Brazil Collee 
yes and come back with cold and felps pls thx you have potential, but... you can't stay with this lineup
2015-07-11 01:38
if they go home, they can't take part in one of the biggest tournaments to date... maybe they homesick.
2015-07-11 01:47
dunno who it is but this interviewer is so much better than Striker. every second of striker talking was just pure cringe.
2015-07-11 01:48
2015-07-11 01:49
I think keyD did fine, they came out of a country with a very limited and non-pro scene and did well, moved to NA and became a top 4 NA team, they won a little cash to. With a break at home they might even come back better than before. Brazil has always liked to lay in wait and pop out and play huge when you least expect them. I expect to see a completely different keyD when they come back to the states, with possibly an improved roster. They are a good team, not sure why some people are so happy to see them fail.
2015-07-11 02:05
+ 1000 Are you for real? Havent seen such a positive and nice comment from non-brs in ages!
2015-07-11 02:09
I totally agree with this guy. I think it was the attitude that "they are gonna come wreck NA" that got some people riled up. I think they are a good team. Top 3 NA.
2015-07-11 06:04
Brazil lokodecrack 
they will not change a thing, fallen is too stuborn and after katowice they were to practice even more and what they did ? nothing, they practiced less than a hour per day, they need to drop steel and zqk and bring cold and hen and keep zqk as a coach, they dont know how to practice correctly without showing your real play and as we can see fallen cant read others team very well mid game, and he cant do a real good anti strat with a lot of options and angles to aproach
2015-07-11 02:20
I think you're underestimating this team. I potentially agree with a roster change if the situation calls for it, but play good CS as it is. If they can play as good as they did against TSM consistently, they'll be an incredibly dangerous team. It's obvious they have the skill, we've seen them unleash it multiple times, they just cant seem to stay on a consistent basis. That alone may just come with experience and staying together. We'll see.
2015-07-11 03:21
did they have anyone to properly practice with, other than -maybe- dex?
2015-07-11 23:07
Brazil lokodecrack 
practice is not all about playing scrims against other teams, its about making tatics, doing strats and etc and every day pass a demo from EU teams to every player to get acustumated the way they play
2015-07-11 23:44
but they can make new strats all they want, the problem is that they won't be able to test their strats properly, with the easy competition they had. and i agree regarding the demos.
2015-07-12 02:26
Brazil AL1en 
+1 true
2015-07-11 02:54
2015-07-11 02:24
in the next days: KeyD: FaLLeN - Coach - Steel - Boltz - zqk - Fer - Cold
2015-07-11 02:28
Fallen does not like to be coach
2015-07-11 05:57
cold = my eggs nb onliner
2015-07-11 12:39
:)) you guys very bad team
2015-07-11 02:30
Reunion dklinh 
2015-07-11 03:05
El Salvador jayss 
Good interviews stich!
2015-07-11 03:13
lmao so much for that hurr keyd is gonna come to usa and rek na teams!1 narrative pz later huehues, you tried. USA aint nothin to fuck with
2015-07-11 03:14
Keyd Stars blows and has never been good. Don't know why so many are riding their nuts.
2015-07-11 03:35
1 team that beat Fnatic, tsm, vp cant be bad either bro
2015-07-11 04:35
2015-07-11 04:24
Rip KeyD It was good while it lasted
2015-07-11 05:59
so... cogu's done formatting his hdd?
2015-07-11 23:09
dumb mexicans
2015-07-11 06:29
This can open spot for Renegades in the EE Pro League S2?
2015-07-11 09:09
1 lan they went home at group stages now... not a big deal... if they can keep their level up and improve they r still a good team and capable to upset (dont give a f*ck about those inmature hltv logics and kids, who make of 90% of this site)
2015-07-11 10:16
keyd was going great :(
2015-07-11 12:01
It is a pity
2015-07-11 12:01
in my opinion the best thing that EVER happened to the NA scene was 1- KeyD's arrival.. after Katowice, their decision to move to NA simply made their future rivals to spend some fking time on practicing new tactics, raising skill level, etc. 2- Ptr killing some baguettes, it showed that, if they focus on training hard, they can beat EU (while most EU are PROplayers, in NA they were most Streamplayers or Pugplayers) 3-pyth's arrival also, so the burguers realized "hey, we can actually create some decent lineups shuffling here" and obviously ESL ESEA, and the big prize
2015-07-11 12:16
Denmark Fr0nda 
i arent think that
2015-07-11 13:48
noooooo plz stay :(
2015-07-11 13:52
Well, its was a lack of a coach and humble, for people who understands portuguese: just watch the teamspeak against CLG on ESL ESEA, when is 6-0 thy start to make jokes and end the match with bad words against them, also, there's no reason to open 7-0 and start to lose rounds by rounds as it happened agains't Flipside. I think they need a coach to don't let they down or got relaxed. Lets nor forget Boltz and Steel have 17 year old yet, so they can get a lot better.
2015-07-11 16:10
Change Zqk to Cold, Fallen will assume the awp role, and "Dead Sincero" for coaching. For people who dosen't know, Dead is the man who receive in his house Keyd Team. He have talent and played cs for many years.
2015-07-11 16:33
Switzerland CHEDEL 
They can pick up ASPX from ECO.COBRA. So they can easily play against fnatic.. =)
2015-07-11 18:51
ASPX will never be on keyd, the br community hate him couse of a cheat scandal in 2009 edit: kappa
2015-07-11 22:46
Switzerland CHEDEL 
JW was also accused of cheating in the past. So they are equal ! :D
2015-07-12 11:34
2015-07-11 19:21
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