missharvey: "This is a new beginning"

July 12th, 2015 23:09

We talked with an exhilarated Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey after her and the rest of CLG Red's grand final victory over Games4u to win the ESWC 2015 Female tournament.

Counter Logic Gaming's decision to sign the former UBINITED team put additional pressure on a team whose core has been winning tournaments for years now to step up and take another ESWC championship in their hands.

CLG Red did just that when they took down Games4u 2-0 (16-7 on de_cache and 16-10 on de_inferno) to win first place in the ESWC 2015 Female championship, a placing which netted them $7,000 as well.

HLTV.org sat down with Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey to talk about her and her team's preparation for the event as well as their improving form after a relative earlier slump.

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Canada Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
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2015-07-12 23:09
2015-07-12 23:11
$7000 rofl
2015-07-12 23:11
female/male tournament are bullshit, get a classic tournament, if girl team want to be in, just improve
2015-07-13 00:36
But muh feminism...
2015-07-13 01:19
Female tourneys were the result of sexist thinking to begin with. ESWC was the progenitor and everyone followed their lead because they were, at one time, the biggest.
2015-07-13 01:35
Yep. Some people don't realise this. In sports males are geneticly(is that the right word?) superior so it makes sense to have male/female divided tournaments. In esports it's a joke and some people threst females as victims lmao
2015-07-13 01:47
In sports you have separate divisions because men have more power. Any sport where you can benefit from having increased strength will result in males performing better than females. This isn't the case in eSports. And there aren't any male-only events anyway.
2015-07-13 04:24
It's hot :^) connection.
2015-07-12 23:13
2015-07-12 23:13
wow grill
2015-07-12 23:14
2015-07-12 23:15
good interview
2015-07-12 23:15
"from january to now we took it srsly" LOL WTF?
2015-07-12 23:15
yeah rofl
2015-07-13 01:08
luv this gril<3
2015-07-12 23:17
she's cool but 2 many frustrated nerds on HLTV.
2015-07-12 23:19
I wish they would make female tournaments like they have male :c majors with like 20k female 1st prize and shit
2015-07-12 23:20
yea :( but that won't happen , tbh these females are like pretty good in esea division so idk why all these gold novas screaming
2015-07-12 23:35
because when matched up against male teams,they couldn't do anything...they had attended clutchcon or some fragdelphia lan..even the old luminosity beat them 16-0 or 16-1.
2015-07-13 00:18
it is scientifically proven than males are better in some aspects than females. That doesn't mean that they can't play at a near level, they just don't get the opportunity. There is like 1 or 2 events or leagues a month only female teams, you think they get enough practice?
2015-07-13 00:22
They don't play full time...because there are no events. They have full time jobs,gaming is not the priority here. And female only events happen 4-5 times a year,probably. And "near level" , i must say no, they cant. You can organise a tournament yourself with some male+female teams, and get my point.
2015-07-13 00:29
"There is like 1 or 2 events or leagues a month only female teams, you think they get enough practice?" It must be such a shock to female teams whenever a new up and coming male team comes along and starts doing well. I mean, how do they do it? Could it be that they actually try out in qualifiers? Or is it the patriarchy forcing poor women to be terrible somehow? Maybe their gaming houses isn't big enough. Maybe they would do well had they only been paid more. Maybe, someone once said a bad word to them (which has never happened any man, especially not JW/Flusha) and therefor they can't play.
2015-07-13 15:16
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
They're ranked fucking Intermediate in ESEA in NA, fuck off.
2015-07-13 15:09
AdreN | 
Kazakhstan Aiomie 
they always can enter any "male" tournaments
2015-07-12 23:40
lmfao why, their level of cs is like dmg max, hence why they don't play in the real tournaments
2015-07-13 02:09
legendary cs players right there! wp clg
2015-07-12 23:23
2015-07-12 23:29
lost over a mix xd wonned i mean
2015-07-12 23:30
it's not a male tournament. it's just the main tourny....
2015-07-12 23:31
Great interview. It's cool to see some stuff about the female CS scene too. Girls are a part of the community and we should respect them and give them their space as well. Amazing job stich. You've been a great interviewer. Really good given that it's your first time.
2015-07-12 23:32
Brazil nnz 
2015-07-13 00:24
2015-07-13 00:37
2015-07-13 17:11
As always we need to give women special stuff just for them because they can't compete with men. And then feminists still say women are opressed, when consistently they are given advantages.
2015-07-13 00:23
let them play men and earn respect, ooh wait they'd get crushed by tier 5 teams..
2015-07-13 00:30
2015-07-13 00:33
You can't even make a decent article about the winners? You combine with a interview with shitty headline instead. Mkay.
2015-07-13 00:36
Denmark rpo 
She reminds me of Taylor Swift (which isn't a bad thing :D).
2015-07-13 00:39
how dare you she looks like jw compared with 10/10 t swizzle
2015-07-13 02:08
2015-07-13 00:57
France B0u  
2015-07-13 01:11
refreshing part of the girls games kinda like soccer - less whining and drama and fake bs
2015-07-13 01:19
Afghanistan HSM- 
funny how its the exact opposite irl
2015-07-13 01:31
There was a massive drama 1 year ago in europe when girls started beating each other and ambushing each other with several people after some games.
2015-07-13 01:35
one of their players was in jail gg
2015-07-13 01:31
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
F0rest changed sex?
2015-07-13 15:10
There is a Grand Final today and they think anyone cares about this
2015-07-13 01:32
Any nudes of her floating around on the web?
2015-07-13 02:12
And this is why women actually do need their own competitions.
2015-07-13 03:40
Portugal dracø 
Why? there are daily threads about the hottest male pro gamer here on HLTV :< No one should be offended by stuff like this tbh.
2015-07-13 04:31
one tournament for a year , how bad is that for female , maybe they shouldn't playing , just sit at home waitting for man winning game back and fuck them
2015-07-13 06:23
the fuck?
2015-07-13 19:44
Argentina EnvyJ 
cute grill <3
2015-07-13 06:26
Nope, you're still about as good as an LE
2015-07-13 11:41
Why do you want offend her? She is probably better than you.
2015-07-13 15:05
I'm supreme.
2015-07-13 21:20
For the guys complaining about their low price, but if they were in a male tournament they wouldnt be able to even pass group stage, so anyway they don't deserve it, 7000$ is too much to given to non best players of the scene.
2015-07-13 13:22
People complain that women have tournaments, now they complain prize pool for their tournaments is too low? NOT COMPUTE
2015-07-13 15:06
5/10 not bad
2015-07-13 17:06
Bwills | 
United States hdz` 
i smell fish
2015-07-14 23:57
Looking forward to the next silver finals lol
2015-07-15 06:46
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