Overpass decoy bug banned

FACEIT and DreamHack have announced that the train decoy bug on de_overpass will not be allowed during the event in Valencia.

Following July 9's update, the pattern in which the train on de_overpass passes has been changed from random to regular: the first train will start to move 10 seconds after the Terrorists leave their spawn tunnel.

Recently, it was discovered that, by throwing a decoy grenade onto the tracks approximately 16 seconds into the round, it was possible to stop the train, which would eliminate the option to throw grenades onto the B bombsite.

At the cost of just $50, the CT team could eliminate a series of strategies on the part of the Terrorist players. As such, FACEIT and DreamHack have deemed this move a "game-breaking glitch", one that will be banned from all tournaments they host, including the FACEIT League Stage 2 finals, which kick off on Thursday.

All teams caught using this decoy bug will be deducted three rounds for every time it was performed.

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2015-07-15 23:41
Maybe they should ban the bug with you not being flashed if you throw a decoy with right click and then a flashbang on the decoys position with right click as well right after. That way you wont be flashed but everyone else will. Try it yourself. Just ban it so we wont see some cheeky players use it at the event and then see everyone on hltv cry about it.
2015-07-15 23:47
Did u even test the flash?
2015-07-15 23:52
4 days ago. I doubt valve has patched it since
2015-07-15 23:54
I was watching a stream yesterday and he did the flash bug to the viewers so..
2015-07-16 00:20
Tried that yesterday and it didn't do anything remotely close to what all the videos proclaimed
2015-07-15 23:54
No one gets flashed with that.
2015-07-15 23:54
works but which situation you can use it for
2015-07-15 23:54
if you want to go through a door or something and you know he is peeking the position. Throw a decoy and then the flash and peek with it, easy.
2015-07-15 23:55
Finland FRGVN 
well u dont actually gain anything from that bug.. since u have to be totally still, u cant move ur mouse or anything in order for it to work.. just in case u didnt know, I've discovered this shit like 2 yrs ago whilst trying to find out new flashes n shit messing around at the server and decided not to give a crap and post it anywhere since its not game breaking at all.
2015-07-16 01:29
nah, with this one you can actually walk and stuff
2015-07-16 01:33
Finland FRGVN 
wut? I tried it and when I throw a decoy and then flash it doesnt work unless I stay still lol? O_O
2015-07-16 01:51
You don't need to be still to pull it off. You're just bad lol
2015-07-16 11:45
Portugal dracø 
it's not even that specific, it works with 2 flashes(instead of 1 flash and 1 decoy) and it can be used with any of the buttons (not only the right click) as long as you throw the 2 nades in the exact same way and don't move at all :< Broken stuff. youtube.com/watch?v=AAY04TC52rg
2015-07-15 23:54
No, it's not that one. That one is patched already, isn't it?
2015-07-15 23:56
Portugal dracø 
Not sure tbh, never tried it. The concept is pretty much the same as the one you described tho, so if one works, the other should work as well. (Or volvo fixed half of the problem, wouldn't be anything new xD)
2015-07-16 00:00
The one I'm talking about, you can move a bit and change your crosshair placement too.
2015-07-16 00:01
Portugal dracø 
Then you are right, it's a completely different thing. Still broken :P
2015-07-16 00:04
Which is why I want them to ban it because it's not like valve is going to patch it quick haha
2015-07-16 00:05
Portugal dracø 
2015-07-16 00:06
Care to make a video about it? Just a quick shadow play video.
2015-07-16 09:11
yea you can also do it with left click but into the ground :D this is op
2015-07-16 00:12
Too hard to check for the organizers + the move is unpractical to perform in an actual match anyway. Still true that it should be fixed asap.
2015-07-16 00:50
It isn't unpractical. It is even very OP. Consider this. You are ct on dust 2, and the t has planted the bomb at b. You have NO IDEA where he is. Lets just assume he goes car. If you throw a decoy through the doors first and then a flash on top of it and peeks behind it, then he has to turn around or he will get flashed while you can see and just take his head off. You even have time to look around to see where he is then since you have an advantage on about 2 - 3 seconds
2015-07-16 01:00
Estonia swag420weed 
Bug not working, no-one will be flashed
2015-07-16 03:51
I thought we couldn't move until the second flash popped out. Which is why I thought it was unpractical and pretty useless (if you peek with your back turned it's basically the same). But apparently the bug is still there but less effective than before.
2015-07-16 21:10
No because peeking with your back turned means you have to wait for the sound from the flash to pop which is what the other player is also doing since he will also turn around (Since you don't make a popflash with a flash like this). Then it's all about who turns around the fastest and adjusts his aim for a hs. Here you can peek in the flash without getting flashed, the enemy can't
2015-07-16 22:04
Will happily abuse the fuck out of it thanks
2015-07-16 01:04
Not that I care much about what you do in faceit/mm/esea. I'm already eu global, I don't care much about it anymore
2015-07-16 01:08
NA Global > EU Global
2015-07-16 01:45
yes Kappa
2015-07-16 01:46
2015-07-16 01:53
wow wtf that's fucked.
2015-07-16 01:07
In that glitch it doesn't flash ANYBODY. Lmfao.
2015-07-16 01:26
yes it does
2015-07-16 01:36
No it doesn't, the flash goes inside the decoy and thus the decoy acts as a wall. It doesn't flash anyone.
2015-07-16 02:56
exactly, the decoy works as a wall so all you have to do is step on one side of the decoy and throw the flash a little further than the decoy. This has always worked in mm for me when I have tried
2015-07-16 08:55
Is that a joke? No pro player would ever use that in a real match. It's completely useless.
2015-07-16 01:41
It doesn't flash anyone.
2015-07-16 01:45
dude you realise that, it doesn't work.. Nobody gets flashed by it :P
2015-07-16 01:56
It does flash nobody.
2015-07-18 23:54
2015-07-15 23:41
Europe invzh 
thanks for sharing btw
2015-07-15 23:42
Sweden erqqi 
2015-07-15 23:42
2015-07-15 23:42
Classic overpass
2015-07-15 23:42
France Kairos1g 
Nice "bug", imo it should be allowed
2015-07-15 23:42
I don't know how many throws it prevents, but the glitch is clearly game breaking if you can stop the train only with one decoy...
2015-07-15 23:48
as far as I know, it's only the molotov that t's throw in the start of the right on short b so they can take sewers easily without worrying about a ct pushing unless he goes through the molo and loses a lot of health. They sometimes also nade and popflash that position. Every other smoke can be thrown from other positions, I think.
2015-07-15 23:53
rip fnatic
2015-07-15 23:42
RIP fnatic tactic...
2015-07-15 23:42
rip fnatic Kappa
2015-07-15 23:42
Brazil 1-19 
fnatic is not happy :(
2015-07-15 23:42
2015-07-15 23:42
2015-07-15 23:43
2015-07-15 23:43
just ban the train
2015-07-15 23:43
Good thinking by FaceIt and DreamHack
2015-07-15 23:43
what about smoke ?
2015-07-15 23:43
2015-07-15 23:44
Brazil mth^ 
RiP fnatic
2015-07-15 23:44
2015-07-15 23:44
it should allowed actually is pretty entertaining.
2015-07-15 23:44
bad cs tho
2015-07-15 23:45
whats bad is valve not giving a fuck about the game for years
2015-07-16 00:17
Time to use in MM now
2015-07-15 23:44
well too bad cause it will be useless in mm since noone knows any smokes and mollies on overpass there
2015-07-15 23:46
I do :D
2015-07-15 23:52
2015-07-16 00:44
ok then go back to your silver ranks and smoke the spots that are not used there
2015-07-16 10:32
I'm not a good player, but I'm pretty sure DMG is better than silve.
2015-07-16 15:40
yeah better than silver but still crap
2015-07-16 16:32
That's right^
2015-07-17 07:13
rip fncs master strats
2015-07-15 23:45
United Kingdom levymonsta 
Why are there even moving trains on a god damn CS map...
2015-07-15 23:46
I like it, I just think that nades should be able to go through it.
2015-07-16 00:06
Portugal dracø 
Fix please volvo. Good stuff by dreamhack and faceit! E: And by fix I mean remove the fucking useless train :D
2015-07-15 23:48
remove the freakin train or make it grenade penetrable like some texture on inferno
2015-07-15 23:48
why even suggest the latter?
2015-07-15 23:51
2015-07-16 06:52
stupid move
2015-07-15 23:52
How so?
2015-07-16 03:26
Does this include the one Ts can do, the one n0thing did?
2015-07-15 23:53
Sweden Donger89 
RiP Fnatic Kappa
2015-07-15 23:55
Fnatic didn't even do this one yet but they deserve for rekt.
2015-07-16 00:00
2015-07-16 00:03
Brazil nnz 
"...which would eliminate the option to throw grenades onto the A bombsite." It's B bombsite lol
2015-07-16 00:09
this is great, since Valve won't be able to make a hotfix to it, eloge to the guy who detected it.
2015-07-16 00:13
Eloge is a Swedish word bro
2015-07-16 02:36
What does it mean? "Appraisal" is my guess;
2015-07-16 06:47
Pretty much, the best straight translation imo is kudos/credit.
2015-07-16 13:10
Nice. Pretty similar to portuguese then: "elogio" = compliment
2015-07-21 18:14
poor fnatic :(
2015-07-16 00:14
sorry fnatic
2015-07-16 00:19
fnatic wont win overpass since now
2015-07-16 00:19
rip fnatic
2015-07-16 00:19
World FAYU 
rip fnatic
2015-07-16 00:22
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
I like how when you get hit by a measly granade you (a full-grown man trained in the art of combat running at full speed) stop. Well they can stop trains too so well done granade gods
2015-07-16 00:25
it just shows how superhuman cs charakter are. some kind of antimatter nade who can stop entire trains, thrown against your head, and you are just like "what was that? well, nvm"
2015-07-16 06:22
Poland sajlent 
2015-07-16 00:33
Azerbaijan M1R4CL3 
2015-07-16 00:40
Norway exzu 
Haha. How did someone discover this? xD
2015-07-16 00:56
LOL. Glad they make this decission. Bug way too overpowered!
2015-07-16 00:56
way too overpass*
2015-07-16 01:12
MXJ | 
Canada mxj 
thanks for using my video
2015-07-16 01:00
another thing Valve could do... FIX THE FUCKING BUG.
2015-07-16 01:00
2015-07-16 01:11
2015-07-16 01:26
fix p90 D:
2015-07-16 01:16
just get rid of the fucking train...
2015-07-16 01:20
Finland FRGVN 
MIRAA, "which would eliminate the option to throw grenades onto the A bombsite."
2015-07-16 01:32
LOL wtf? I never even knew that bug :p
2015-07-16 01:33
United Kingdom tomtmh 
rip fnatic qq
2015-07-16 02:11
maybe just remove the fucking useless fucking train you fucking idiots
2015-07-16 02:13
Yeah, Faceit and Dreamhack should totally do that.
2015-07-16 02:37
wow, but isn't this a legitimate strategy?
2015-07-16 02:15
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
It's an error in the game. You can compare it with Fnatic's DHW boost. I mean; sure, it was kind of a strat, but the map was not meant to be that way. The map is broken, and it needs to be fixed. I don't even understand what a noisy, running train has to do in a competitive map... ._.
2015-07-16 02:58
realism? idek Volvo pls fix everything
2015-07-16 03:26
Yes! Meaning a well placed grenade on the rails should be able to derail the train and kill everyone on B site or crash the bridge so the sites merge and all cts just die.
2015-07-16 07:12
2015-07-16 08:40
light a candle for fnatic [*]
2015-07-16 03:00
2015-07-16 03:39
That's actually sick
2015-07-16 03:41
gj gaben
2015-07-16 03:46
Edward | 
Macau ianzy 
dayum i saw it as Overgaming decoy bug banned
2015-07-16 03:51
fnatic probably found that one again.
2015-07-16 04:33
Why does a decoy grenade stop a train anyway, what is up with that shit??
2015-07-16 08:01
lol #cs:go
2015-07-16 08:57
Poland Mannix 
lol overpass is still broken first the scout boost now this
2015-07-16 09:06
Just swap the train with a suspended train :) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuppertal_Suspensi..
2015-07-16 09:16
the most logical fix. :)
2015-07-16 09:27
I at least figure it would be way less time consuming, than trying to code your way out of it :)
2015-07-16 09:42
Rip fnatic xD What a fucked up bug tho lmao
2015-07-16 09:40
That is pretty op
2015-07-16 09:51
R.I.P trainmeister
2015-07-16 11:04
wtf? lol
2015-07-16 11:28
Shit game, not surprising at all. This wouldn't even happen if not for the gimmicks nobody wanted in CS. Let's release more skins instead.
2015-07-16 11:48
unless I'm missing something youtube.com/watch?v=vOEaAM8LY7c your all idiots
2015-07-16 14:34
Latvia Zhh 
90% sure that valve will fix this in no time, simply making the train ignore all grenades would do the trick ;)
2015-07-16 19:33
Ukraine Slavenbko 
2015-07-16 20:20
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