s1mple returns in Evolution

Former HellRaisers and FlipSid3 Tactics member talent Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has officially linked up with a new team called Evolution.

The Ukrainian hot-shot made headlines last week when he confirmed that he was stepping down from FlipSid3 Tactics' active roster after publicly criticising his team-mates for making what he described as basic mistakes.

At the time, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev stated that he was taking a break from competitive gaming and revealed he would take the time off to learn how to better communicate in a team.

s1mple links up with former A-Gaming team-mates arch and Cyberfocus 

However, just 48 hours later he was seen playing for a brand new team called Players alongside former A-Gaming team-mates Roman "CyberFocus" Dergach and Vladyslav "arch" Svistov in the qualifier for the GameAgents League, beating Contra Omnia by a 2-1 scoreline.

s1mple has now stated to HLTV.org that everyone on the team is taking the project seriously and that he expects great things from his side.

"After I left FlipSid3, I really wanted to take a break, but then I realised that what I really needed was something new and that I could not just take a break from competitive Counter-Strike," he told HLTV.org.

"So I decided to build a team I could be happy with, and I am very pleased that I have put together such a lineup. I have played with all of them before, and now we are all together!

"We will try very hard to become one of the best teams out there. We know it will take some time, but we will work very hard."

Evolution now have the following CS:GO team:

Ukraine Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev
Ukraine Vladyslav "arch" Svistov
Ukraine Ilya "fix" Golovko
Belarus Roman "CyberFocus" Dergach
Belarus Sergey "spaz" Skrypchik 

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Ukraine gungrave 
2015-07-21 02:51
This. Such a long break from CS, welcome back s1mple. ResidentSleeper
2015-07-21 02:52
Its still a break playing t4 for a t1 player :D
2015-07-21 02:53
lol he raged with great teammates, now i wanna see with these.
2015-07-21 06:39
Lmfao true but he should be able to carry fully against shit t4 teams
2015-07-21 06:51
there is nothing to rage about when ur enemies are shit ;D
2015-07-21 06:53
This, so this. If he thought f3 were bad this is going to be an epic shitstorm. S1mple most immature player confurmed.
2015-07-21 07:42
its his plan. after sticking with these mates till 2016, his standards will be so low that he enjoys playing with f3. Kappa(?)
2015-07-21 08:54
One week later.. "s1mple retires.. again"
2015-07-21 11:29
you know how we should call people like him, attention [wh..]
2015-07-21 11:34
He doesn't do this for attention, he's just a bit dumb.
2015-07-21 16:49
2015-07-22 10:13
i think you are on to something
2015-07-23 08:41
2015-07-21 11:56
He was prolly bored and wanted to kill some noobs
2015-07-21 04:31
one does not s1mply leave cs after telling that hes gonna leave xD
2015-07-21 06:15
2015-07-21 11:55
sv_break 0
2015-07-21 02:55
R1p s1mple
2015-07-21 02:59
2015-07-21 03:38
d0ny alshrmo6 :>
2015-07-21 04:20
2015-07-21 12:29
LOL rip f3
2015-07-21 05:23
lmfao +99
2015-07-21 05:34
Good guy simple, giving others time to shine alongside him
2015-07-21 06:35
srsly this kid simple..............
2015-07-21 17:16
Yummy. Now is 3 Ukraine strong team
2015-07-22 20:12
Estonia sux3ss 
I'm the one you're looking for. Cuz I'm a big attention "worm". :D
2015-07-23 08:59
well that was a fast retirement
2015-07-21 02:51
S1mple the Ukrainian JDM
2015-07-21 02:52
He never announced retirement tho
2015-07-21 06:22
he said he was taking a break from cs and coming back stronger.
2015-07-21 09:17
True, but that still has nothing to do with retirement.
2015-07-21 10:05
I also dont know what most of these guys are writing, i got a headache reading all these stupid comments
2015-07-21 12:33
jdm returned bcs he was asked to join an org that could fully support him financially. he was in joke teams all the time so he quit to work a full time job but clg is his full time job now. so jdm is not a joker as opposed to simple here.
2015-07-21 09:33
Google.ca!!! Hi dude
2015-07-21 02:56
He never said retirement though, he said he was taking a break. Playing in this tier3 team can very well be a break in his mind. They probably practice much less and less serious and he can spend more time on other stuff while not taking cs very seriously.
2015-07-21 03:41
Macau fAKEs2j 
2015-07-21 05:32
hampus | 
World mjuddi 
2015-07-21 11:57
Russia dsee 
2015-07-21 02:51
2015-07-21 02:51
stfu with those expected, u dont even know the scene from your country so dont talk like u know the ukranian scene
2015-07-21 05:33
do u know a lot about Ukrainian scene xD?
2015-07-21 08:54
the CIS scene, yes.
2015-07-21 10:02
"u dont even know the scene from your country" wtf, i can buy new brain for you?
2015-07-21 14:39
do u want english lessons russian kid?
2015-07-21 20:48
no, you're just stupid with your "u dont even know the scene from your country"
2015-07-24 02:49
stfu western fuck, south korea best korea
2015-07-21 14:51
Sweden elan108 
What a break
2015-07-21 02:51
ayyy lmao
2015-07-21 02:51
2015-07-21 02:51
wtf retard s1mple is back
2015-07-21 02:51
lololol you must have just watched his awp ace vs NaVi XD
2015-07-21 02:59
how is that even related with s1mple being retard?
2015-07-21 13:01
....nothing because he's not..haha
2015-07-21 20:32
how much
2015-07-21 12:33
Denmark fyhn 
"Let's take a break." "Nah, fuck that."
2015-07-21 02:52
nice tatic
2015-07-21 02:52
Jame | 
Bangladesh NyAn_NeKo 
2015-07-21 02:52
let's be honest, I laughed so hard at this retirement.
2015-07-21 02:52
hahaha expected
2015-07-21 02:52
Brazil Nobuga 
Just a s1mple break
2015-07-21 02:53
topp 555555 confirmed
2015-07-21 02:53
2015-07-21 02:53
Latvia bkt` 
wb missed u so much s1mple
2015-07-21 02:54
That break was a pretty useless idea in the first place just play to keep evolving with those skills.
2015-07-21 02:54
so this team will be better? lmao
2015-07-21 02:55
Russia Drinkins 
I really wanted to take a bread Kappa
2015-07-21 02:55
that was a quick break WOW
2015-07-21 02:55
amazing break
2015-07-21 02:55
just why man... flipside was much better team
2015-07-21 02:56
He hated the way some of his team members played
2015-07-21 03:29
Portugal dracø 
He'll probably hate this team even more, unless he's just looking for a way to pass time and keep practicing and doesn't take it seriously.
2015-07-21 04:06
nah theyre probably friends (evolution)
2015-07-21 07:17
I know but still... now he will hate Evolution too cause they are probably worse than flipside :D
2015-07-21 13:05
I'm guessing that these players are his friends and he just wants to take it easy
2015-07-21 16:12
time will show:P
2015-07-21 18:14
whats that flag ? Shouldnt it be Bulgaria ? oh yeah it should be
2015-07-21 18:35
Don't make me mad, TATAR.
2015-07-22 02:17
2015-07-21 02:56
Czech Republic Zuho 
ahahah good luck postman
2015-07-21 02:56
Qatar olaolakaka 
I am taking a break from CS less than a week later... This kid is a joke
2015-07-21 02:57
He thought he need a break, but soon realized that wasn't the solution. Instead, he built a team he knows and gets along with. You're not in his shoes so how can you call him a joke?
2015-07-21 03:02
Qatar olaolakaka 
excuse excuse excuse
2015-07-21 03:08
He's just being an idiot - that's not the first time he's done something like that. He acts before he thinks.
2015-07-21 03:09
That may be true, but we learn and grow from the mistakes we make in life. Most of the professional players are 21+. It's not an excuse necessarily, but we need to remember he's still just a 17 yo kid.
2015-07-21 03:15
Qatar olaolakaka 
exactly why he need a break, to grow up 1 week from now he's gonna shit on his new "teammates", again
2015-07-21 03:21
We can't say that for sure, though, as it seems like he's genuinely good friends with this group. Team chemistry is extremely important, obviously, so Evolution could end up really surprising us.
2015-07-21 03:35
Jesus Christ, people, 17 is not a kid anymore. If you're still "autistic", there's little hope.
2015-07-21 03:42
So every 17 yo you know acts like a mature adult....give me a f***ing break. 3/4 of the people on this forum act less immature than my 9 yo cousin.
2015-07-21 03:50
Is this really the place to determine age and maturity corelation?
2015-07-21 03:51
2015-07-21 14:25
You definately don't know what is an autistic person. And tell me how is a 17 y/o not a kid ? What did you went through at 17 y/o ? You still live at your parents house, go to high school and probably don't even have a job, probably never had a gf/real gf.
2015-07-21 03:53
I was earning money since age 15 and never asked money from my parents from there on. But how do these things define maturity? They don't. They define independence, not maturity. And Gf, seriously? You are a simpleton.
2015-07-21 04:02
Don't compare your 3rd world country life to everyone. Not everyone is raised the same way, I'm 20 and in Canada being 20 you're still a kid, because almost everyone can afford pretty much everything and you don't have that much struggle in the early stages of you life since your parents helps you for everything
2015-07-21 04:09
I didn't have to struggle and neither did most of the kids in my 3rd world country. You just don't understand the difference between maturity and independence. Have a good day.
2015-07-21 04:15
The fuck are you talking about? You're considered an adult when you turn 18. Living with your parents is irrelevant.
2015-07-21 15:27
As someone who is way past 17, I can tell you, 17 is still a kid. You don't know shit until ur 30 and even then you're still likely to act like a fucking moron from time to time, I certainly do. The only people who think 17 isn't a kid any more are still kids themselves. Also, how in the fuck does earning money make you mature? I've been a professional singer since the age of 6, I have been financially independent since 14, I lived on my own from 16...... Still acted like a complete bellend until I was 28.
2015-07-21 04:28
Thank you
2015-07-21 04:35
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
I'm 31 and I still act like a complete bellend sometimes ;) At 17 you really are still a kid.
2015-07-21 11:01
Knowledge is relative. Money. You should read my and the other guys comments again. Money and maturity are separate things - that is exactly what I said. And if you compare everyone else to yourself at the age of 28, well then.. As for 17 being still a kid. Yes, I did make a mistake in expressing myself - 17 is still a kid. BUT, at the same time, 17 is old enough to be mature. Or rather be mature enough for that age to not be immature.
2015-07-21 14:54
Spain Ayrr 
2015-07-21 02:57
this team could actually be better than f3 with time, arch and spaz are sick players
2015-07-21 02:58
VilliG knows what's up
2015-07-21 02:59
+fix extremely cool on some maps and cyberfocus is really good agressive awper
2015-07-21 06:55
Russia Drinkins 
2015-10-08 17:13
Would've loved to see him taking a break till 2016 when his ban is over so he can actually join a t1 team. Doesn't mean he couldn't have played cups and all but going official with this looks pretty pointless to me.
2015-07-21 02:57
He's just an unstable young lad.
2015-07-21 03:00
well... we'll see
2015-07-21 02:58
2015-07-21 02:57
Flipside was shit.. this team is better Kappa
2015-07-21 02:58
2015-07-21 02:58
2015-07-21 02:58
wow what a surprise /sarcasm can we stop reporting everything this kid says as news, thank you
2015-07-21 02:59
2015-07-21 02:59
s1mple used real life. It was super effective!
2015-07-21 03:00
S1mple is just 17 years old but he is already a star and a showman! Big props for this kid! I see him as slavic superstar in 1 year.
2015-07-21 03:00
This is what happens when you get mad at CS, you just come back to playing it the next day anyway lol, very few can escape the addiction #inb4Adderall
2015-07-21 03:01
This kid has no idea what he's doing.
2015-07-21 03:01
luckily my holidays are not like yours s1mple
2015-07-21 03:01
rip s1mple t34
2015-07-21 03:02
no offense but actually bondik>>>>>>>>>>>>>Evolution oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/write.ign.c.. s1mple right now.
2015-07-21 03:06
I mean... he basically retired, this team is just to play some PCW's
2015-07-21 03:04
2015-07-21 03:04
2015-07-21 03:06
that was quick
2015-07-21 03:07
Philippines Kohi 
nice cs break i r8 8/8
2015-07-21 03:07
2015-07-21 03:07
He thought he need a break, but soon realized that wasn't the solution. Instead, he built a team he knows and gets along with. Most of the people here seem to just relentlessly bash this kid (KID, he's like 17, it shouldn't be surprising that he can be short-tempered and whatnot), but you can't deny how skilled he is at CS. None of you are in his shoes, so stop pretending like you know what's best. Also, the toxicity in these forums is downright embarrassing, for the people and countries they represent along with the CS community as a whole.
2015-07-21 03:11
Portugal dracø 
2015-07-21 04:11
Agree, too many kids here.
2015-07-21 05:57
Well i understand for the amount of people here underage of 18 can be acting like little pricks, the worst comes when you get 20+ old talking trash at a 17 year old. It's an embarrassment to even think these people are considered adults.
2015-07-21 14:19
this kid is crazy
2015-07-21 03:11
Simple is still young, he has more than enough time to develop into a better teamplayer
2015-07-21 03:11
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest 
Thats why this guy not in top team..
2015-07-21 03:12
Congrats. He's pissed off everyone in his scene. Good luck ever getting on a good team again.
2015-07-21 03:12
2015-07-21 03:12
BEST JOKE EVER SEEN -_-, just left a good team to move to **** team
2015-07-21 03:12
Good luck best player in EU Kappachino
2015-07-21 03:12
United Kingdom tomtmh 
back already ResidentSleeper
2015-07-21 03:14
United States 00zach 
wb p1mple
2015-07-21 03:15
the article of his break is still on main page xD
2015-07-21 03:17
2015-07-21 03:35
France Kanti 
best break EU
2015-07-21 03:19
So expected.
2015-07-21 03:21
I think this is the best decision in his part, because of this he will come back a better overall player. Dropping from a tier 2 team to a tier 3 will humble him (hopefully), and he might just figure out how to cool down his emotions.
2015-07-21 03:22
awp new meta jump after each shot
2015-07-21 03:23
Please kick arch asap
2015-07-21 03:23
LOL NICE Team! Would easily prefer this over Flipsid3 any day. It got potential. GL s1mple and fix!
2015-07-21 03:24
this guy xD
2015-07-21 03:26
fer | 
Argentina MyMatkhev 
RIP s1mple
2015-07-21 03:27
simple is a rager, he cant stop who he is and playing with weaker players will make him rage even harder.
2015-07-21 03:28
agree. besides he is not just a rager, hes immature idiot rager which is WAY worse than moddii rager
2015-07-21 11:32
Long break... hilarious move.
2015-07-21 03:29
hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=21404 fix <3 - NEVER FORGOTTEN.
2015-07-21 03:29
-arch -f1x +bondik+blad3 : )
2015-07-21 03:30
and s1mple will go back to F3
2015-07-21 12:33
This is the stuff gaming addicts are made of.
2015-07-21 03:32
rofl, well that didn't last for long. either way, gl aleksandR
2015-07-21 03:32
Longest break ever. Wonder if he can still play or if he will be rusty.
2015-07-21 03:33
Brazil RisenNTC 
lol, wtf
2015-07-21 03:33
what a break
2015-07-21 03:34
ill give it a month and a few rough losses for s1mple to realize its not gonna work
2015-07-21 03:37
Might be longer, because at this time there aren't many events to enter for a new team.
2015-07-21 03:43
true, and don't get me wrong, if this team could actually compete at a high level then more power to them, but I just don't see it happening. its also a strange decision for s1mple to feel frustrated with players for "not being able to do simple things even after having played for many years" -- I doubt these players are going to have more individual skill/gamesense then Worldedit, bondik, markeloff, etc... so it just seems like an immature snap decision for s1mple at the moment.
2015-07-21 03:56
He's just short-tempered, impulsive and doesn't even want to weigh before making a decision and chooses the most simple option (quit f3 or try to workout the differences and make some input into teamwork? 1. easy 2. needs thinking and compromising - f that).
2015-07-21 04:13
he just wants to 40bomb every match playing against shittiez
2015-07-21 03:38
I'll give this at least 3-6 months before he gets signed and leaves this team.
2015-07-21 03:44
A-Gaming :D
2015-07-21 03:46
JDM64 confirmed
2015-07-21 03:50
except JDM sucks and s1mple is one of the top 10 players in the world.
2015-07-21 04:09
You missed the joke more than MH370 missed its landing :)
2015-07-21 12:30
He was commenting on how JDM "Retires" then comes back again and again. I got it, but its like comparing Michael Jordan to some shitty guy who thinks he is still the star in High school.
2015-07-21 18:46
that long break from cs will have helped him to refocus and the new team has many known big names they will reach finals of every major
2015-07-21 03:53
great break kid!
2015-07-21 03:53
Sweden klvmeister 
evolution with s1mple > F3 without him now he will drop 40bomb every match very ez against t4 teams.
2015-07-21 04:04
top1 ukr lol s1mple ur the best man!
2015-07-21 04:03
Inb4 S1mple to Kinguin and Scream on a corner laughing about french scene with a major on his hands. Kappa (...?)
2015-07-21 04:15
simple + who x 4
2015-07-21 04:21
Argentina atriX^ 
"We will try very hard to become one of the best teams out there. We know it will take some time" 2.bp.blogspot.com/-0YpsPe4Hf3I/UwjyBNbtz..
2015-07-21 04:21
Bulgaria alelisande 
2015-07-21 18:14
Break untill early 2016 confirmed, that team is garbage ..
2015-07-21 04:22
that retarded, will carry another time...
2015-07-21 04:30
2015-07-21 04:36
2015-07-21 04:39
I'm liking the idea that he's not taking a break. Taking a break from competitive would just mean that if he would've taken that 6month break, he would've been fucked probably later on. Atleast this will keep him in form.
2015-07-21 04:47
2015-07-21 06:12
for what is he gonna stay in the form... no top team wants s1mple its s1mple as that after all shit that has come from that kids mouth there will never be any serious team that will play with him. infamous shady motherfucker thats what that guy is. s1mples career is gonna start with : "gief me syumting good 50$+" and end with same old begging for skins
2015-07-21 11:36
I don't give a fuck about your opinion so never reply me again, fix your issues in life and only then you may speak to me. That guy will be picked up instantly after the ESL ban expires.
2015-07-21 14:55
-spaz +troubley
2015-07-21 05:00
Welcome back! Nice to see him playing again.
2015-07-21 05:07
I don't think half a week is considered a break.
2015-07-21 05:17
... Teenagers.
2015-07-21 05:23
That was fast
2015-07-21 05:32
So basically all the standing-ins the CIS region made a team? Yeah no they will be top 4 in no time. Kappa
2015-07-21 05:33
I miss evolution from 1.6, he was like the best player in NA..
2015-07-21 05:52
lol so random, but yeah he was a great awper. Not quite as good as frod, but close.
2015-07-21 05:56
2015-07-21 06:01
2015-07-21 06:10
It's like when your girlfriend says she wants to take a break then she's suckin someone else's cock even though they're not even as good as you.
2015-07-21 06:11
haha did you catch her doing the sucking?
2015-07-21 09:09
my condolences to your cock.
2015-07-21 11:55
s1mple just lookin to smurf
2015-07-21 06:23
gl arch
2015-07-21 06:24
-fox +niko -maikelele +s1mple Kinguin Line-up. s1mple rain ScreaM dennis niko we talking about a top 5 team within 3 months
2015-07-21 06:30
No. S1mple would ragequit after third loss.
2015-07-21 07:43
They wouldn't lose with this lineup, lol.
2015-07-21 16:29
Who will be the one get destroyed? s1mple or F3?
2015-07-21 06:30
What ?
2015-07-21 06:55
I don't understand that , the money on flipside was so much better....
2015-07-21 07:07
That fcking movement though on those 2 clips..Annoying to watch.
2015-07-21 07:19
guys you will never have s1mple skill and t be honest i would like more an teammate who s playing good and make you stupid when you make big mistake than one like markelof who is doing under 10 kills every match
2015-07-21 07:22
amazing how there are people here complaining just because s1mple didn't take a break when he said he would. what retards...
2015-07-21 07:47
" best team title " with simple in it ? I aren't think that
2015-07-21 07:50
Uzbekistan Malodobra 
s1mple will cry and will leave after 1month.
2015-07-21 07:54
2015-07-21 07:55
inb4 he rage retires after losing pistol round
2015-07-21 07:57
Are they all as salty as simple?
2015-07-21 07:59
lol n1 such break, great team :DDD
2015-07-21 08:11
Belarus ALBiNh0 
s1mple #csBREAK
2015-07-21 08:20
Belarus ALBiNh0 
gl arch, my favourite player <333
2015-07-21 08:26
arch | 
Ukraine arch 
<3 :D
2015-07-21 18:24
Ukraine TRANEdAK1nG 
lmao :DDDD
2015-07-21 08:27
oh shit son, S1mple and Cyberfocus in one team.
2015-07-21 08:28
Just LOL. Talented player. Real kiddo.
2015-07-21 08:33
hypn | 
Serbia hypn` 
2015-07-21 08:35
Poland Mannix 
2015-07-21 08:43
2015-07-21 08:43
Why he go from tier 1 team to tier 3 team :( wasted talent
2015-07-21 08:43
2015-07-21 08:45
Well, seems like he wants to be the superstar everyone depends on in his team.
2015-07-21 08:49
Expected from someone as immature as him...
2015-07-21 09:09
this kid is affected so hard by a thing called puberty
2015-07-21 08:52
this kid is really retarded
2015-07-21 09:00
disband and retirement inc.
2015-07-21 09:05
Longest break in cs history :D
2015-07-21 09:09
i started to think he quit cs fo real
2015-07-21 09:12
Austria gex0r 
and he thinks that ppl as "arch" do less basic mistakes than b1ad3 & co ? roflz
2015-07-21 09:13
pls tell me: THAT WAS A WAY TO SHORT BREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unbelivable
2015-07-21 09:15
s1mple will leave this team as soon as the first offer comes from any other team, but yeah, sure you will work hard hahah
2015-07-21 09:30
this guy has skill but doesn't have brain. he is ruining his career.
2015-07-21 09:36
2015-07-21 09:36
return of the king... lol
2015-07-21 09:37
haha, noone wants this toxic kid, career done
2015-07-21 09:38
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
Dat joke, leaving PRO team and going to join mix of russian/belarus noobs, which will lose 16:0 to any PRO team. so sad, toxic kids always will be done like that
2015-07-21 09:48
they r good players u fucking stupid cunt but s1mple idiot anyway
2015-07-21 12:11
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
they are good, but not enough to win pro clans. You are russian and im idiot? autist detected.
2015-07-21 13:24
I'm not saying that you're an idiot autist u dooood
2015-07-21 15:12
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
thanks for new English. get a life now russian :S
2015-07-21 16:55
oh gosh thanks for old English. hope u'll get your silver elite
2015-07-21 17:09
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
:D :D :D :D :D :D im global retarded russki suka bleat :D haters gonna hate
2015-07-21 18:00
Georgian global hmmmm seems legit Ohh I forgot on hltv everyone ge
2015-07-21 18:27
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
OHh stop.. Are you hating me because im 1000x better than you in csgo+life or?? oh sorry, ur russians its typical for you REKT Balalaika
2015-07-21 18:50
ahahahah wuuuuuts first of all I'm not hate u secondly u not better me in any variations if u don't know what to say just stop talking bullshit to me and stop blaming me you replies like typical guy who sees russian flag I won /closed
2015-07-21 18:59
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
u won? :D nice :D Gz your life's aim is done, you can die with pleasure now
2015-07-21 19:44
Lunatic kid
2015-07-21 09:54
Am i the only one who thought when he said 'taking a break so i can learn to communicate better' that it would just be better to keep playing, and try and stop being a toxic cunt? You don't just learn not to be a cunt in a month or two.. The logic seems flawed
2015-07-21 09:59
without chance to life.
2015-07-21 10:01
2015-07-21 10:04
i think he realized that he has nothing to do except for cs, gl anyways
2015-07-21 10:05
[*] simple
2015-07-21 10:11
he is destroying his own carrier, 1st the ban for cheats, 2nd his toxic behavior, 3rd his disrespect for team and sponsors moving like that. Good luck lunatic kid.
2015-07-21 10:14
zonixx | 
Serbia vraca 
I give it week, week and a half max :D
2015-07-21 10:16
fuck this toxic kiddo
2015-07-21 10:20
well that escalated quickly
2015-07-21 10:20
France rsi_rise 
2015-07-21 10:21
2015-07-21 10:27
Finland Jiksu 
Well, he said he was going for a break from competitive gaming... I guess this counts. [*] rip toxic cyka blyat kid
2015-07-21 10:29
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
so work & evoluate on your toxicity & rage kiddo or you'll never be able to do well in a big team
2015-07-21 10:31
f0rest | 
Lithuania TaigoN 
"We will try very hard to become one of the best teams out there". Sorry, but ain't gonna happen, forever tier 3/4.
2015-07-21 10:33
salary, paid and guaranteed international travels, whole career flushed down the toilet. nice move on his side :))))
2015-07-21 10:38
Hobbit | 
Ukraine N0123 
hahahhahahahaha xD rip p1mple
2015-07-21 10:39
Azerbaijan M1R4CL3 
gg s1mple died
2015-07-21 10:42
Looking forward to seeing them at the Majors
2015-07-21 10:43
2015-07-21 10:43
it's official, that kid is retarded
2015-07-21 10:53
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
Yeah, that was a long break. He just realized no money = no fun?
2015-07-21 10:55
OMG s1mple is so stupid OMG
2015-07-21 11:00
lol expected. Taking a break he said
2015-07-21 11:02
retarded kiddo..
2015-07-21 11:10
I'd say he will take another break in 1-2 months
2015-07-21 11:11
Are you guys here on hltv even fans of high level counter strike? S1mple is a hard carry if ive ever seen one... the kid is just absolutely nuts and im just glad he is continuing to compete. Players who play/have played cs at a godlike level are an absolute joy to watch. (KennyS, GTR, Shox, Krimz, olofm, and im sure there are a few im missing). It would be neat and also very possible to see simple carry on this team in the same vein as Shox in epsilon, or KennyS in titan. Also, whats the deal with completely writing off lower tier teams and players? Just because a player isnt in the top 20/30 doesnt mean they cant string together some terrific cs. You lot act like there are only 30 good cs players in the world. Some of these talents may surprise you.
2015-07-21 11:14
top level cs as any team sport is more about management than pure talent. players are expected to be disciplined and consistent. of course you need a star to win something but to be in topX and make profit you don't. there are players even in mm that won't spoil the game in average "pro" team. but noone gives an f. people have better things to do than play cs and team management want manageable players. simple basically had 3 options: navi, hr, f3. he have already failed two of them. and I don't ever see him playing for navi as long as zeus is there. there are no other organizations in this region that can find him teammates, sponsor and motivate them better than those three. his proficiency in English and behaviour makes it hard to believe he would ever be signed by international organization. and tolerance to such behaviour is much lower abroad. so now he can play with whoever he wants and he can even make it to hltv video highlight but that is all in forseeable future.
2015-07-21 13:03
how many " I " in his massage ... he love to speak about his self a lot isn't he ?
2015-07-21 11:15
top 100
2015-07-21 11:16
Be serious, I have never seen a more desperate kid for attention. I'm leaving/taking a break/found a new team in 36 hours. Pathetic low skiller.
2015-07-21 11:21
such a break
2015-07-21 11:22
gl hf my bro
2015-07-21 11:26
good luck Evolution
2015-07-21 11:30
2015-07-21 11:39
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
gl arch, hope you have good resistance to toxic chemicals
2015-07-21 11:40
most retarded move from the most retarded kid of that scene
2015-07-21 11:41
He wanted a break for wise evolution, so he found Evolution, but where is wisdom?
2015-07-21 11:42
Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr 
This guy should change his nickname to "compl1cated"
2015-07-21 11:45
s1mple are u kidding me?!
2015-07-21 11:48
long break lol
2015-07-21 11:50
fAst > fix
2015-07-21 11:57
s1mple = lmao ayy
2015-07-21 11:58
didnt see that coming
2015-07-21 12:00
Bosnia and Herzegovina HAD1$hA 
ayyy lmao , downgradeee
2015-07-21 12:08
s1mple smurfing competitively
2015-07-21 12:13
Norway Breivik 
this team it's his really level
2015-07-21 12:19
What a shame for such a good player. I hope s1mple could carry Evolution to being a t2 team to the very least because he says he's comfortable with them.
2015-07-21 12:21
If only deranking would beso easy in current MM 0.o
2015-07-21 12:24
hahahahah wb, such a long time without him.
2015-07-21 12:25
he wanna own tier3 teams
2015-07-21 12:28
this kid is a joke
2015-07-21 12:32
arrogant, toxic kid with cheat history. cu in hell germans
2015-07-21 12:35
this is the lineup he is playing cashtours all the time.. he was calling everyone shit and idiots on that lineup every round lol
2015-07-21 12:35
Evolution>fnatic s1mple>olofmeister
2015-07-21 12:43
What a long break that was.
2015-07-21 12:45
Simple logic: Complain about shit teammates transfer to a team with even worse teammates
2015-07-21 12:47
atleast he's having fun cause he has no expectations with them , with the others , where he was surrounded by other "serious professional gamers" , he was in a bad mood cause they were shit/below the demands. here there are no problems like that.
2015-07-21 19:41
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
Is he really trying to become a top team with these guys?
2015-07-21 12:49
GG WP S1mple how somone can accept that noob player?
2015-07-21 12:50
fix and arch are noobs
2015-07-21 12:54
Brazil markkrj 
Waste of talent on such an immature person.
2015-07-21 13:12
wb s1mple ;D
2015-07-21 13:12
sv_brain 0 sv_toxic 1
2015-07-21 13:13
cl_poland 2
2015-07-21 14:24
gl hf S1mple
2015-07-21 13:44
This guy is a joke.
2015-07-21 14:06
7 fridays on the week
2015-07-21 14:14
The duo cyberfocus and Simple will be interesting in my opinion.
2015-07-21 14:18
is this kid the single most retarded fourteen year old to walk the planet?
2015-07-21 14:39
Haha the first line of the song in the first video, perfectly fits s1mple :D
2015-07-21 14:44
3 players under 0.90 rating? GL u will need it
2015-07-21 15:10
top1 tier3
2015-07-21 15:20
veri gud logik simple
2015-07-21 15:38
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
that's what a "competitive break from cs" means: going from a decent team to a not so good team of friends.
2015-07-21 16:08
s1mple XANTARES jOELZ villiG +1
2015-07-21 16:09
s1mple smurfing lol
2015-07-21 16:09
Slovakia EvErisT 
2015-07-21 16:23
NEO | 
Poland koperek 
one-week gaming
2015-07-21 16:34
This made no sens to me, if anything it makes s1mple look childish. You should have used the break constructive, instead of reacting just as you left another team. 2 easy steps: 1: think 2: act it's s1mple
2015-07-21 17:26
constructive for what? it was kinda obvious he was gonna keep playing to be in shape for a big team move in the next 6 months. why would you EVEN THINK a kid with this potential would stop playing even 3 days ? are you stupid?
2015-07-21 19:43
I could be stupid, been called worse :) But you don't think he overreacted, and are acting more on emotions than looking at it as also what would give him the best chances. He has been in severel situations where he showed he couldn't handle it and that's what i see as childish behavior. Also his ban that will be lifted soon as i hear. I have nothing against him keep playing, i never said he had to stop. But joining another team right now eventhough it's with some good friends still doesn't make sens.
2015-07-21 20:19
nice break Kappa
2015-07-21 17:58
go s1mple, share your hax with ur new mates! :3
2015-07-21 18:21
Sweden cRUNCHiBOY 
s1mple logics "ooooh i hate my teammates they are bad, I better join a tier 29 team again."
2015-07-21 19:03
Guys, cmon. Let him do what he wants. No, I'm not his fan, neither I think he has done right leaving F3. But, maybe, this is his way to stay competitive to be able to join some higher tier team in Jan 2016, once his ban expires. Both Edward and Zeus are not getting younger, so... everything might happen
2015-07-21 19:17
but the best part is that he will have no team to join because of his temper. next rattlesnk :/ such a waste of talent.
2015-07-21 20:58
Russia KygecHukx 
one month, no more
2015-07-21 19:18
2015-07-21 19:30
He left T1-2 team.. for mix? .. or he was raging too much so they kicked him and told him to say that crap? .. :D
2015-07-21 19:55
Hungary Bonkheads 
This simple is a retarded csgo talented kid. Just dont post anymore from this kid. You cant be serious with this kid. I say so much kid. He's just a kid. Kids.
2015-07-21 19:59
It's good for his skill <3
2015-07-21 20:21
2015-07-21 20:35
2015-07-21 21:27
>be angry at your teamates for playing bad >leave them >choose new team with worse teamates than previous ones nice logic
2015-07-21 21:38
he will be able to yell at them as much as he wants now :)
2015-07-21 23:54
poor teammates ;(
2015-07-21 23:56
s1mple => CyberFocus
2015-07-21 22:04
who is this
2015-07-22 00:16
Niiice now f3 they lose every match ez money :D
2015-07-22 08:52
2015-07-22 14:36
rip team evolution [*]
2015-07-22 14:58
noice vacation fag
2015-07-22 16:05
omg spaz is with s1mple, RIP. spaz too og
2015-07-22 16:54
wouldnt be surprised if he still cheats.. looking at all his strange actions.
2015-07-22 17:00
naxyu simpla
2015-07-22 22:52
2015-07-23 08:50
We will try very hard to become one of the best teams out there. We know it will take some time, but we will work very hard." gl with that s1mple u cant 1v5 tier 1 teams.
2015-07-25 03:13
2015-10-08 17:09
2015-10-08 17:10
another bump
2015-10-08 17:12
Russia telosll 
2015-10-08 17:12
Australia BCP 
thread locked rip
2015-10-08 17:14
Russia Drinkins 
this team could actually be better than f3
2015-10-08 17:15
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