Video: pashaBiceps vs. Natus Vincere

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Player: Poland Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski
Match: Poland vs. CIS Natus Vincere
Final result: 19:15 (5:10; 10:5) (4:0)
Match date: 26.07.2015
Map: de_mirage
Event: CEVO Professional Season 7 Finals
Weapon: M4A1-S
Action situation: Score tied at 14-14

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Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' Jarząbkowski
Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' Jarząbkowski
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-07-27 14:00
+1 more like epic fails by navi. the round sponsored by guardian and sized but pasha is a nice guy so he sponsored another one for navi to make 15-15 tie. big props to pasha for that! a true gentleman!
2015-07-27 14:15
every single multikill clutch round highlight like that in the history of 1.6 and csgo has only occured bcs the opposing team has made huge mistakes to allow them.
2015-07-27 14:16
neo's ace 14 rounds before? it was godly neo's movement, aim and mind games. navi did not fail specially, it was just godly neo.
2015-07-27 14:17
i dunno didnt watch this map i just watched overpass. but again, if ur team fails any 3v1, 4v1 or 5v1, evn most 2v1s, u did quite a few things very wrong. doesnt mean that the other guy didnt play it phenomenally, like pasza did right here.
2015-07-27 14:24
Rofl. Two first guys emptying their clip at the same time and not managing to kill neo, that if anything can be considered a huge fail.
2015-07-27 14:29
2015-07-27 14:35
neo was moving all the time and on stairs so also vertically, it was smart movement by neo, next two were godly preaims cuz of game sense and 1v1 vs. flamie was smart play.
2015-07-27 14:35
it's not 1.6 you can't exactly 'dodge' bullets by moving around. it's a fail by navi
2015-07-27 17:49
Israel nukero 
u can
2015-07-27 18:45
can't. movement in csgo is slippery so its more random
2015-07-27 19:23
Israel nukero 
ah ofc, u can't because u are silverinho, but neo can
2015-07-27 20:11
and u are wood nova 1
2015-07-27 20:42
stfu lol bad arguments
2015-07-29 12:14
If anything csgo is about dodging bullets more than any other cs
2015-08-01 05:12
rain | 
Norway Rudra2 
was a nice round sure, but the first duel where he ends up 1vs2 jungle he should have died, because neo and both navi players missed pretty much all their shots. Rest great ace
2015-07-27 15:24
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
cs is a mistake game; the one with the less mistakes wins.
2015-07-27 15:44
Wow you just went full retard... first 2 frags, 2 people failing to kill him from the jungle (they missed like 20 bullets from point blank range), then seized chasing him from connector to underpass like some random dmg russian on matchmaking. They failed even harder than on 14-14 when pasha sneaked through the smoke
2015-07-27 17:08
just ignore him he is on every pasha highlight saying "nothing special" "bad movement" or some shit like that, he is just an ignorant gold nova, that thinks he is a CSGO pro....
2015-07-27 15:51
You are the biggest pasha hater. You are in every pasha thread hsting him with that stupid bold text.
2015-07-27 14:17
lol? i give him props and i bash navi! how the hell am i a pasha hater?
2015-07-27 14:18
Your other comments beg to differ.
2015-07-27 14:19
analyzing someones game doesnt mean you hate him, lol. get social skills my friend.
2015-07-27 14:32
"get social skills" saying this on hltv... yeah
2015-07-27 14:35
get social skills for pointing out your biased opinion, lol. 3rd world go back to school, get off hltv mate, you need the education.
2015-07-27 14:45
Again i see you on a pasha higlight talking more shit, why are you analyzing WHO the fuck are you? You are just here to point out what pasha did wrong when the fact is he did 1v4 vs navi and the mistake was on navi's side, you are no one special and your "analyze" is useless and a joke. Stop being ignorant.
2015-07-27 15:55
i dont like seeing how real fathers of success i VP lose credits to bots like pasha. by giving pasha false credit you take it away from snax, taz, neo and kuben who work hard while pasha just fucks around failing more than doing a proper job. everyone who puts pasha above other 4 VP members is ignorant.
2015-07-27 16:01
This is not the reason to write on every fucking post about pasha and about how bad he is. It's irrational obsession.
2015-07-27 17:45
Who said i put him above all other 4 VP players, are you delusional, fact is he was the one with the greatest impact this game, overall i think neo is the best of them all, but he isnt consistent sometimes he is top fragging and doing amazing stuff other times he is on the bottom. Stop putting words in my mouth imbecile swede
2015-07-29 00:09
+1 He is on every single thread hating and saying shit about him. Maybe he is the one that made that donation to pasha
2015-07-27 14:37
2015-07-27 14:29
How much? o w m u c h ?
2015-07-27 14:24
African Union BoyBetterKnow! 
GJ Jaro
2015-07-27 14:01
mixwell | 
Spain Alser 
Na'Vi failed a lot in that round :(
2015-07-27 14:01
Well all mirage-game was about fails, Na'Vi failed more and thats why they lost mirage. Both did mistakes, but Na'Vi damn never seen a team do that much mistakes.
2015-07-27 14:19
Hope he's back to that peak of form of the first 6 months of 2014
2015-07-27 14:01
Korea saddummy 
Na`Vi played really bad in this situation
2015-07-27 14:01
Finland LTNyo 
2015-07-27 14:01
Poland matblo 
papaBiceps stronk :)
2015-07-27 14:02
pashaaa <3
2015-07-27 14:02
no mercy for the weak
2015-07-27 14:02
WP pasza
2015-07-27 14:03
nex ace???
2015-07-27 14:04
Germany Dok1 
demo isn't available on CEVO yet...
2015-07-27 15:26
fuck that the nex ace was the highlight of the fucking year so far! I demand to see it immediately cmon MAKKU
2015-07-28 02:25
MAKKU can't do anything as CEVO's website is bugging and doesen't let you download the replay demo...
2015-07-28 11:29
United Kingdom levymonsta 
Is he using mouseaccel? Because his crosshairmovement looks so weird.
2015-07-27 14:05
just pashas things, he has the worst movement and game sense from top10 teams
2015-07-27 14:12
thats exaggerating it. on the other hand he has one of the best rifle and pistol aims from top10 teams.
2015-07-27 14:15
yes but aim with rifle and pistol is only a part of being good in cs.
2015-07-27 14:47
well its a pretty important part, and theres few people id rate above him there. maybe his movement isnt the best and maybe he sometimes makes way too aggro decisions, but its not like hes never touched the game before in that sense. that means overall u can bash him all u want, but hes still gonna be a top15 player.
2015-07-27 14:51
name someone who is worse in those aspects (game sense+movement) then
2015-07-27 14:51
movement is tuff, bcs its quite hard to measure this and compare people to each other. game sense is tuff as well bcs its hard to compare people to each other, yet there are a lot of people that often make terrible decisions or just lack game sense in the sense that they are unable to 'playmake' if u want. off the top of my head: freakazoid, nothing, shroud, flamie, rpk, 98% of the NA players i havent mentioned yet, friberg,...
2015-07-27 14:56
they are not worse but rather as bad in those aspects as pasha.
2015-07-27 15:13
nah, freakazoid and nothing are terrible. flamie has starix standing behind him actively telling him what to do at times. shroud is good, but hes literally only good if sgars says: u sit on this site in this spot and kill anyone who comes ur way. or freakazoid who tells him ok i ran in and died but theres 2 guys exactly there and there and one of them is low. pasza is a legit player who doesnt need a babysitter (although u sometimes wish he did have one) and can playmake. and he wont sit on forklift cache and then out of nowhere in a 5v4 throw a flash off the frame of the main gate, run into main and just die, like we've seen it be done by nothing 100 times.
2015-07-27 15:30
His gamesense is insane really, but his movement is twitchy.
2015-07-27 14:18
how the hell am i a pasha hater?
2015-07-27 14:48
nope, it's just pasha
2015-07-27 14:13
well in 1.6 he used to play with kinzu v1 which had built-in accel, not sure what mouse he uses now but aim movement looks the same as then.
2015-07-27 17:15
Ukraine KYRT1993 
hyesos biceps
2015-07-27 14:06
2015-07-27 14:14
Sweden 1up' 
Cant believe he has highlight tbh.
2015-07-27 14:14
Because you think he's a bad player? Think again.
2015-07-27 14:17
Sweden 1up' 
exactly,he's bad "pro" player :-)
2015-07-27 15:15
it is more like epic fail by navi that pashas highlight
2015-07-27 15:07
I like guardian, I don't think he's a stupid player... Yet I will never understand why did he peek in that situation.
2015-07-27 14:15
he is not a native russian so probably his brain got the info too late
2015-07-27 15:08
maybe he didn't get info from teammates. i'd blame seized more, he had the time to set up the kill by hiding somewhere in connector or something and wait until pasha defused the c4, instead he just peeked like that and gave pasha the kill..
2015-07-27 17:57
Yeah, probably that was miscommunication, guardian though he's still at ct ramp or something. But I must say navi is really overaggresive too many times... I know it can catch enemies off guard, and if you're a bunch of good aimers, you can get "fair" 1on1 duels that way and just outaim the opponent. Though in a clutch situation like that, it's 100% confirmed that the correct move was to hide, wait for the defuse, eventually peeking together from 2 sides. And about seized - he was trying to do what I mentioned above... Suddenly 4on2 went into 1on1, so he tried to peek before pasha starts defusing to catch him with smoke in hand / looking the other way / something like that. It was extremely risky, so most people in pasha's feet wouldn't anticipate that, yet pasha was still running around with m4 checking spots and then just won the aim duel. ^^ IMO the blame can't go on seized, cause he was the last and he actually got a kill just before that (in 4on2). When your teammates suddenly do such an epic fail, you're pretty much clueless wtf is going on and probably will fail too. :D I'd blame guardian if he did that on his own, if not - blame the guy who shouted fake info or convinced him to peek.
2015-07-27 18:28
that roaring crowd in the end. sweet
2015-07-27 14:16
Papito niceeeeeeeee!
2015-07-27 14:33
Romania fluxz0r 
2015-07-27 14:42
how is he overrated when everybody says he's shit LOL
2015-07-27 14:48
not really that skilled as neo highlights , never the less he pulled some clutches so vp could win :) gj!
2015-07-27 14:51
yeah in the whole day, 7 maps he won this clutch + 2x 1v1 postplant vs. zeus because zeus was the worst navi player and his position was terrible. Beside it pasha failed 10 other 1v1 clutches.
2015-07-27 15:10
how much kid
2015-07-27 15:47
3 kills when enemy didnt even looked to him
2015-07-27 15:09
and 4th because enemy whiffed, just pashas things
2015-07-27 15:11
and? hater pasha... it was very important his round on 15-14. Excellent flair and mastering
2015-07-27 16:48
suNny | 
Czech Republic flappy_b 
2015-07-27 15:11
oh my gosh! this action is just incredible by Pasha i must watch this once again
2015-07-27 15:12
2015-07-27 15:20
even if he won 1vs4 (14-14) he is bad? nt kids
2015-07-27 15:22
the moment I lost 51 euro
2015-07-27 15:31
I even had a dream about that tonight in which he failed to clutch it and NaVi won :(
2015-07-27 15:45
I don't fully understand why it is featured. It's "just" 1 vs 3.
2015-07-27 15:55
where is video of nex?
2015-07-27 16:02
ez biceps
2015-07-27 16:40
Pasha has moments of glory, but and very fail moments. But, I like this madman :D I hope that he will return to the form of 2014 years
2015-07-27 16:46
so this gets an edit, but nex' sick action doesnt? ggwp
2015-07-27 17:56
Israel BingoBango 
Iol mad germans everywhere
2015-07-28 10:43
lol comments psh is too hot
2015-07-27 18:01
Pretty nice round thrown by navi rofl
2015-07-27 18:32
India h8or 
2015-07-27 18:34
no coz no skins for kids
2015-07-27 21:12
India h8or 
Pasha will find you
2015-07-27 23:56
Brazil bandicoot 
godmode ON
2015-07-27 20:20
2015-07-27 20:41
pasha is back !!
2015-07-27 20:51
god never leaves pasha's side
2015-07-28 00:37
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