nEophyte win LanCraft 2015

July 29th, 2015 12:50

nEophyte have won LanCraft 2015 in a convincing fashion over eSuba 3-0 (de_mirage 16-2, de_dust2 16-6) for the main prize of 30,000 CZK (~$1,200).

This last wekeend a total of 32 teams gathered in Černá Louka expo in Ostrava, Czech Republic, to take part in the biggest local BYOC tournament, which handed out 60,000 CZK (~$2,400) for the top three.

The teams were first seeded into eight groups of four, top two of which went directly to the upper bracket, while the bottom two secured a place in the lower bracket.

Both main favourites, eSuba and nEophyte, had little to no problems getting through from first place, and continued to dominate in the upper bracket, not losing a map until the upper final.

barb1's nEophyte take double revenge after losing to eSuba at ASUS FINALS 

There eSuba started off the better with a convincing de_inferno, but ended up losing both following after close de_dust2 and de_cache, giving nEophyte a one-map advantage in the best-of-five grand final.

eSuba, who fielded David "KAPARZO" Lacina as a stand-in for Radoslav "rdO" Tóth, disposed of Cyborg Factory in the consolidation final and got a second chance at nEophyte. That time around, nEophyte rolled over their rivals in two quick maps despite KAPARZO's heroics.

1. Slovakia nEophyte - 30,000 CZK (~$1,200)
2. Slovakia eSuba - 20,000 CZK (~$800)
3. Czech Republic Cyborg Factory - 10,000 CZK (~$400)
4. Czech Republic NecroRaisers
5-6. Czech Republic VISION
5-6. Czech Republic GUNRUNNERS
7-8. Czech Republic Monads 
7-8. Slovakia uM

nEophyte also got important points in the run for the Czech Championship, which will take place November 6-8, as they haven't participated in other affiliated tournaments.

Czech Republic David 'KAPARZO' Lacina
David 'KAPARZO' Lacina
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Firez 
2015-07-29 12:50
Australia tehN 
GJ oskar and co
2015-07-29 12:50
2015-07-29 12:51
2015-07-29 12:51
flusha | 
Czech Republic Standa_ 
Team wich beat LGB 16-1 unknown nEophyte.. Actually after this match they r known.And btw. they beat mouz too so dont write comment who? because people just think that u r idiot.
2015-07-29 15:12
W H O ? H O ?
2015-07-29 16:18
2015-07-29 16:43
go shoot some more heroin
2015-07-29 16:45
Damn soN!
2015-07-29 17:21
Finland Viskitissi 
hahhahhah +1 for everyone who makes any slavic person mad xd
2015-07-29 22:20
Yeah they are actually unknown. They bet 1x lgb and that match was a complete comedy. The lgb players were just bunny hoping around the map lol
2015-07-29 17:49
FAke flager spotted...
2015-07-29 19:28
2015-07-29 20:09
I dont know them too and im from czech, i agree with you my friend
2015-07-29 17:50
Czech Republic Jacksson 
so U propadly had ur head in some1' ass for a 5-7years if You don't know them
2015-07-30 00:03
someone aced envyus
2015-07-30 08:07
Czech Republic baylife 
2015-07-29 12:51
Denmark SestY 
Minecraft lan?
2015-07-29 12:51
2015-07-29 12:52
2015-07-29 22:53
Yeah 700 BYOC PC minecraft party with a lot of drunk kids sleeping under tables .. .thats minecraft true story
2015-07-29 16:45
ez ca$h
2015-07-29 12:52
2015-07-29 12:52
Saidonz | 
Norway Axious 
32^ *
2015-07-29 12:52
2015-07-29 12:57
nt 5. world Kappa
2015-07-29 15:42
Finland allu b 
nt fakeflagger
2015-07-29 15:43
ggwp neph ;)
2015-07-29 12:58
eSuba LU?
2015-07-29 12:59
benq1, fredi, HenkkyG, MonttY, KAPARZO
2015-07-29 13:03
ty xoxo
2015-07-29 13:04
Sweden kka96 
Would be nice if you could write out the line-up for at least the top 4 so we know who the players are etc :D
2015-07-29 14:08
ez for 0/11
2015-07-29 13:01
Israel BingoBango 
I'd rather work in a fast food company for a month
2015-07-29 13:08
who? what lan ?
2015-07-29 13:11
fury | 
Europe urv1 
funny :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
2015-07-29 13:17
don't pretend you don't know neohpyte,fag
2015-07-29 13:19
Czech Republic MindLimp 
Way to go boys! Expected however. Damn 32 teams really? Only for $1.2k??? Seems kinda low...
2015-07-29 13:18
Finland merkkis 
its better than nothing (finnish byoc lan winners get under 1k usually)
2015-07-29 13:59
Czech Republic Jacksson 
czech economy is kinda shite so what do u expect. I thing 30k is more then enough.
2015-07-30 00:06
CIS straNzie 
-fredi -HenkkyG -MonttY +uno +sneix +kap1 KAPARZO uno sneix kap1 benq1 > oskar barb1 STYKO Zero queztone
2015-07-29 13:33
2015-07-29 14:02
huh, i remember necroraisers and neophyte names from 1.5 times. so long and they are still here. nice!
2015-07-29 13:58
As someone said it sounds like Minecraft lan :D
2015-07-29 14:07
Slovakia j0fa 
DelayCraft is better name my friend.. :D trust me xD
2015-07-29 16:29
Why does this article deserve a hltv post? There's benelux lans with a bigger pricepool :)
2015-07-29 14:15
Because news writer - Striker is from Czech Republic.
2015-07-29 14:21
why keeps posting things about local lans with low cash prize that no one cares ?
2015-07-29 15:41
Slovakia j0fa 
Why? It's simple :) Because of sponsors... It's good that here are posts from cz/sk actions, because it can help these scene for the future like.. Ooh, okay CZ/SK, there are doing here something, but the prizemoney is low.. maybe we can help them :P Anyway, it's not just local action, it's one of the biggest LANPARTY in Czech Republic and middle Europe as well, and not only for home teams. It's true that the prizemoney is not very good in compare with other tournaments in the world, but I am pretty sure that you don't know what's the average monthly salary in Czech rep. or in Slovakia, so yep it is low, but quite enough for us. And please, don't tell that no one cares, because there are many people who cares about cz/sk scene. We have good organizations, good players but people just don't hear often about these teams or actions like this one. And it's the way how it can be much better if not now, maybe in the future :)
2015-07-29 16:51
2015-07-29 16:59
Czech Republic Jacksson 
man montly salary in Czech adn Slovakia is about 10-15CZK so 60k is more then enough. Still better then nothing
2015-07-30 00:08
to see them frenchies and swedes trashtalking around
2015-07-29 16:47
GUNRUNNERS = onliners
2015-07-29 17:22
$2400 LMAO, next time ask me and i will double pool prize
2015-07-29 17:53
lol in exchange you get to name the tournament on yourself XD
2015-07-29 19:22
gl with your 30,000 cyka blyats.
2015-07-29 19:08
Poland Banan_IDK 
They are not talking in russian ;_;
2015-07-29 19:15
I was just joking about the Czech currency. And Czechs speak Russian as well.
2015-07-29 19:21
Czech Republic baylife 
You are wrong
2015-07-29 19:26
You are saying some Czechs don't speak russian? Are you retarded m8? I have friends from Czech Republic who grew up speaking Russian you know. Some also speak Polish.
2015-07-29 19:27
M8 only the old generations speak some russian, we are not learning russian at schools since like 1990.... Even if they had sume russian they dont remember it to speak fluently.
2015-07-29 21:53
Czech Republic Jacksson 
yeah because we had to speak russian because u stupid soldiers were here for a while and couldnt leave us. And everyone in czech who lived in that years would tell u how much we hate soviets.
2015-07-30 00:10
Portugal Cyborgy 
wheres styko and oskar?
2015-07-29 19:24
Slovakia > Czech Republic, HLTV confirmed
2015-07-29 19:26
United States AGIAM 
2015-07-29 19:54
Czech Republic baylife 
2015-07-29 19:55
Czech Republic Jacksson 
dont be silly :D
2015-07-30 00:10
Europe loonek4 
2015-07-29 19:56
non-steam 1.6 jailbreak mod vip free
2015-07-29 19:57
Czech Republic DEV7L 
Good game ?
2015-07-30 15:50
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
What happened to the CZ/SK community? We had a pretty active community, leagues, tournaments not only for mix teams, like WTF?
2015-07-29 20:28
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