ESL One Cologne teams finalised

All 16 teams for ESL One Cologne have been determined following the end of the North American qualifier.

Cloud9 and CLG booked the final two spots at the Cologne major after reaching the grand final of the North American qualifier, which took place inside ESL's esports arena, in Burbank, California.

The 16 participants will now be split into four groups, which will feature a best-of-one, double-elimination bracket format. At the end of day one of the major, all four group winners will advance to the quarter-finals, while the remaining teams will be paired against new opponents as the groups will be redrawn.

Who will win the next major title? 

ESL One Cologne, scheduled for August 20-23, will be played at two different locations: the group matches will be held inside ESL's Cologne arena, while the playoffs will take place at a 15,000-seater stadium to be built inside the Lanxess Arena.

In the next few days, Valve is expected to release the team stickers for the Cologne major and to unveil details about the Pick'Em Challenge, which allows players to win trophies by guessing the winners of the tournament's matches.

Below you can find the final list of participants for ESL One Cologne:

Sweden fnatic Sweden NiP
Poland France EnVyUs
Germany mousesports Brazil Luminosity Gaming
CIS Na`Vi Denmark Team SoloMid
Australia Renegades Australia Immunity
Europe Team Kinguin Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics
Poland Team eBettle France Titan
United States Cloud9 United States CLG
glhf in cologne :)
2015-08-03 01:33
NiP's group incoming Luminosity Immunity EBettle NiP
2015-08-03 02:25
Luminosity = KeyD so it's not like you can run over them as if they're lawn chairs. Plus eBettle had a good showing at the qualifier.
2015-08-03 02:27
Yeah I know but everyone else can't be run over either, Probably the only chance they'd have
2015-08-03 02:32
But it's not the same as TSM or NaVi, is it?
2015-08-03 02:34
that is still by far the weakest group possible
2015-08-03 03:21
Is that group even possible to happen?
2015-08-03 05:45
LG is shiieeet.
2015-08-03 07:27
thats actually a possible group
2015-08-03 02:41
meanwhile in another group fnatic tsm c9 titan [*]
2015-08-03 03:20
i hope so ez ebettle
2015-08-03 11:30
clg will win because best team you hear it here first you're welcome for your skins
2015-08-03 03:09
clg will finish 13-16
2015-08-03 03:22
eBettle will win cuz hyper and gruby bought new cheats by money from assembly and other teams will be not able to play on adderal no kapperino
2015-08-03 07:56
HR > FLIPsID3 Tatics without simpl3
2015-08-03 01:34
if they are playing like they did vs mouz its hr > fside with s1mple
2015-08-03 01:35
mou is a beast, fuck simple :D
2015-08-03 01:36
mou is so bad, like I hate this player. Playing always the same spot, and extremely defensive, always backing off. I am suprised mouz didn't take advantage of him like the teams from the ESL qualifers did.
2015-08-03 01:40
yeah, he's really bad, winning most of duels with lowJ and being top fragger.
2015-08-03 01:41
As I said I am suprised they didn't take advantage of him, he is so predictable. Unlike s1mple.
2015-08-03 01:44
Poland marco555
2015-08-03 01:47 He got rekt by tier 30 teams because hes extremely predictable
2015-08-03 01:51
Poland marco555
Whos tier3 there? I see only gamers2, they are tier 5675
2015-08-03 01:53
Read again.
2015-08-03 01:59
Poland marco555
Whos tier 30 ?
2015-08-03 02:03
The real question is: how much u lost that match?
2015-08-03 10:50
Mou is very good man? I've seen him get entry's with quite success once he goes for it.
2015-08-03 21:15
Yeah mou is great. Not better than s1mple but probably not anywhere near as toxic
2015-08-03 01:41
introduce horse archery to the game and mou top 1
2015-08-03 02:17
haha hilarious!
2015-08-03 02:21
actualy it is pretty good joke :D nohaterino
2015-08-03 11:49
eBettle > Everyone....together
2015-08-03 01:42
2015-08-03 01:33
ez Renegades
2015-08-03 01:34
United States mmotorcycle
2015-08-03 01:35
ebettle wins
2015-08-03 01:34
one of the best majors so far (talking about teams)
2015-08-03 01:34
Nope. -eBettle -F3 -Immunity +HR +Dignitas +E-frag I guess
2015-08-03 01:35
it cant be perfect.........
2015-08-03 01:36
It could have...Dig & Hr failed hard during the qualifiers...-_-
2015-08-03 01:37
Dig didnt qualify because of their stupidity and arogancy but seriously how you can say you are top5 in in the world when you lose to teams like Neophyte 2-1 no offense to neophyte by they didnt even try to qualify and they beat you 2-1 idk m8 but dig are overconfident and choke so much and thats their downfall
2015-08-03 11:52
Because they aren't Top 5 in the world...
2015-08-03 12:13
ebeetle getting out of group stage inc
2015-08-03 01:45
It's a shame HR didn't qualify, especially after their performance against Mouz today. I really wanted Dignitas there too. eBettle feel like a wasted spot even if they did deserve to qualify
2015-08-03 01:45
As i said before Dig are overconfident when they choke on every step they made their arogancy didnt qualify them
2015-08-03 11:53
2015-08-03 02:01
E-frag plays one of the ugliest pro cs there is. I don't wanna watch them regardless of them upsetting big names or not.
2015-08-03 10:57
too bad seeds are fucked up
2015-08-03 01:37
No, one of the worst. It's a solid step back from what used to have. Immunity, eBettle, flipsid3, do not belong and many teams are better.
2015-08-03 01:52
Davcost is a beast and marik stepping up. F3 can upset =)
2015-08-03 02:00
Then why did they qualify instead of these other better teams
2015-08-03 04:21
sif they won the spots neckoff fangay
2015-08-03 06:49
lmao why did ebettle and flipside qualify then ? ebettle beat HR while f3 beat dig
2015-08-03 11:29
ez money for ebettle hyper new csgo's Neo, ez.
2015-08-03 01:34
2015-08-03 08:18
2015-08-03 01:35
Go Kinguin!
2015-08-03 01:35
fnatic all the way
2015-08-03 01:35
EliGE | 
United States CiToX
Ebettle lmao
2015-08-03 01:35
The order of the universe is restored and c9 goes out in group stage. You read it here first
2015-08-03 01:35
2015-08-03 01:51
2015-08-03 02:45
ez C9, i mean NiP, i mean Kinguin, i mean pasha, i mean luminosity. The power of fanboism will elevate these teams to top 8.
2015-08-03 01:36
I aren't think that
2015-08-03 01:38
Ya but i are think that. wat do u think of that?
2015-08-03 01:40
Wish Hellraisers was there :(
2015-08-03 01:36
*Hands you tissue* Is ok my brother, i know ur pain my friend.
2015-08-03 01:42
You are not my friend, you are my brother, my friend.
2015-08-03 03:06
is ok my friend ,my brother my friend Kinguin powaaaaaa !! my friend
2015-08-03 03:14
When you get rekt by LGB you definitely don't deserve to be there, IMO.
2015-08-03 01:50
*cough* bo1 *cough*
2015-08-03 02:04
game before that they were down like 13-2 vs lgb also, then comeback because lgb suck. not good enough for major.
2015-08-03 02:06
actualy i was watching HR and if its BO1 they probably automaticly loose every best of 3 they lost first map and after that they comebacked and win 2:1 they also done this to mouz but it was 4:2(oficialy 3 but map advantage) you see first maps they fuckedup and then comeback
2015-08-03 11:57
i would like to see c9 again going home in groups :)
2015-08-03 01:36
Its ok they will fly home together with titan.
2015-08-03 01:41
Nice geography skills.
2015-08-03 03:06
Never said on the same plane.
2015-08-03 05:10
"together" Nice vocabulary skills
2015-08-03 05:59
Your a dumbass, and clearly dont fully grasp the english language well enough to know that "together" in the way i structured it does not literally mean in the same fucking plane with titan. Pay attention in school please.
2015-08-03 06:42
2015-08-03 08:28
:D Grammar plot twist
2015-08-03 11:58
My spelling isnt what the argument is about, thanks for the spell check. Its his poor interpretation of my first statement. He thinks the word "together" can only be used to describe something in a literal sense. Which is wrong.
2015-08-03 12:31
*it's Pay attention in school please.
2015-08-03 16:38
Are you seriously going to do this on hltv?
2015-08-03 19:24
watch out for this fuckin legend over here
2015-08-08 18:04
That's not very nice. :(
2015-08-03 01:42
C9 and TSM out in group stage
2015-08-03 01:36
You mispronounced nip
2015-08-03 01:53
NiP is already in the finals, don't you know, they pretty much spawn there
2015-08-03 02:11
Haha, I snorted my coffee out my nose at that XD
2015-08-03 07:19
2015-08-03 10:54
Dreamhack open 2015...
2015-08-03 11:59
I aren't think that, more likely Titanics going home early
2015-08-03 01:53
vp will win. #reservation#
2015-08-03 01:37
Too bad HR aren't there
2015-08-03 01:37
stickers wooooo
2015-08-03 01:38
1. fnatic 2. NiP 3-4. EnVyUs 3-4. TSM 5-8. Virtus.Pro 5-8. Team Kinguin 5-8. Cloud9 5-8. mousesports 9-16. Na`Vi, Titan and all the rest
2015-08-03 01:38
Russia r4jkkYNWA
ayyy lmao
2015-08-03 01:39
navi lel
2015-08-03 01:39
They suck REALLY hard lately, they're to fail - you will see. They're like an advanced version of old Titan.
2015-08-03 01:40
i guess top 2 finish in cevo and top 4 finish in faceit is not enough for you (oh and winning eswc)
2015-08-03 01:42
They're really shaky in their matches, they struggle, I see it. I do wanna be wrong, cuz I'm a fan of Na`Vi, but I'm afraid they're to fail. Zeus whines and trashtalks his teammates, it cost them pretty much, they lost 1 of their strongest maps to Kinguin because of that. Edward sucks, the rest of the team tend to underperform... You can save my post, and check it again after Cologne ends.
2015-08-03 01:45
"Zeus whines and trashtalks his teammates" stop making up shit, zeus may get angry when shit doesn't work, but im pretty sure he doesn't trash his mates, you can see that he is friendly with them on his vlogs too. btw, even if he does that, its not a big deal, dazed is a great igl and he trashed his teammates when they did stupid stuff. i do agree about edward though, he peeks way too often and aggresive for no reason. his aim is still good but no good enough to win most of the stupid battles he takes when he peeks.
2015-08-03 01:53
yep, Zeus doesn't trash his teammates. He just can be dissapointed sometimes when they didn't listen to him or did something stupid, but overall he's a nice guy. (POV stream watcher)
2015-08-03 04:01
You really dont know nothing about NaVi.
2015-08-03 02:22
don't forget the Starladder XIII top2 finish (if I'm correct)
2015-08-03 01:48
they won 3-1 over nv.
2015-08-03 01:54
get cancer u cancer
2015-08-03 01:42
you're to be Russian really soon, sorry
2015-08-03 01:46
we will see
2015-08-03 01:50
Crimea is Russia
2015-08-03 13:34
nip 2...just navi 9-16???
2015-08-03 02:01
he is so stupid
2015-08-03 02:04
2015-08-03 02:24
"2. NiP" This alone makes the rest of your post invalid.
2015-08-03 02:29
Yea just like they didn't get to finals at all the other majors... oh wait.
2015-08-03 12:11
NiP have not been able to beat any of the current top5 teams in a best of 3/best of 5 for a very long time (fnatic, TSM, VP, Na'Vi, even nV). So you're telling me that results from the first half and last year should apply when we're talking about a CURRENT WORLD RANKING? Do you seriously think that that 2013-early 2015 NiP is the same as the current NiP? CS is an ever-changing game. The 87-0 NiP is dead. The NiP team that made 5 major finals is dead. They are not the same. They have only ever changed 1 player, and the other 4 members have been together since the beginning of GO. You can't blame Maikel. You can't even blame Allu. They're just a small part of the problem. THE PROBLEM IS THE CORE. Friberg, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, and Xizt are OUT OF IT. They are the problem. They are all underperforming as of recent, especially friberg... holy shit.
2015-08-08 09:19
Wait, i thought his post was about nip getting 2nd place at cologne.
2015-08-08 10:03
nt Sweden
2015-08-03 19:37
Btw, why not to create such stickers as we had at Katowice-2014? They were PERFECT!!! Nothing but team logos!
2015-08-03 01:39
In that case, the Katowice 2014 stickers will be worthless.
2015-08-03 01:42
To be fair, it had a line below saying "Katowice 2014" :P
2015-08-03 09:21
-ebettle -immunity + E-Frag + HR PLEASE
2015-08-03 01:40
nice geography vodka
2015-08-03 01:44
- ebettle,why? Why? they have qualified for the tournament and won with HR and titan.
2015-08-03 01:45
ebettle > efrag m8
2015-08-03 01:45
cause of two bo1?
2015-08-03 04:02
Hr played like shit so they don't deserve spot here. If you can't play under pressure = out
2015-08-03 03:04
Ebettle will choke as fuck beacause HR is one of the strongest team on lan now you are wondering i i am troll or not but srsly take their performance on online matches and on lan the improvement on lan is Huge and i never saw anybody from ebettle on lan so if it was on lan and bo3 ebettle will not be on cologne but thats IF id didnt happend unlucky for HR lucky for Eb
2015-08-03 12:04
C9 to finals. NO KAPPA
2015-08-03 01:42
Gl Kinguin :D
2015-08-03 01:46
Russia AR4ER
HR ;(
2015-08-03 01:46
Australia with the same amount of teams in a major as sweden and france lmao
2015-08-03 01:46
golden age boys
2015-08-03 06:42
I come from the future. 1. fnatic - $100,000 2. NiP - $50,000 3-4. Na`Vi - $22,000 3-4. Team SoloMid - $22,000 5-8. Cloud9 - $10,000 5-8. mousesports - $10,000 5-8. - $10,000 5-8. EnVyUs - $10,000 9-12. Luminosity Gaming - $2,000 9-12. Team Kinguin - $2,000 9-12. CLG - $2,000 9-12. Titan - $2,000 13-16. Renegades - $2,000 13-16. Immunity - $2,000 13-16. Team eBettle - $2,000 13-16. FlipSid3 Tactics - $2,000
2015-08-03 01:48
NiP second ok
2015-08-03 10:05
statistically true
2015-08-03 13:21
actually everybody in this list (except t2 & qualifed teams) much stronger than NiP.
2015-08-03 13:36
nip constantly make major finals though.
2015-08-03 13:44
1. TSM 2. Team Kinguin 3-4. Na`Vi 3-4. Fnatic 5-8. Virtus.Pro 5-8. CLG 5-8. EnVyUs 5-8. Luminosity Gaming 9-16. FlipSid3 Tactics
2015-08-03 01:50
Fnatic below navi ? in your dreams and kinguin 2nd [*]
2015-08-03 08:20
rofl,are u stupid ? What is mean "below" if both of them place at 3-4 ?????
2015-08-03 10:12
2015-08-03 01:51
No HR and Dignitas :( Can someone explain me WHY THE FUCK they had bo3's for the asian and american qualifiers but only bo1's for EU?
2015-08-03 01:51
Would also like to know the answer.
2015-08-03 04:35
Australia forkus
To make sure the Aussie teams got in obviously..
2015-08-03 07:00
true, bo1 might had brought random not so deserving other asian teams , australian teams are way better.
2015-08-03 08:23
1.VP 2.TSM 3/4.Fnatic 3/4.Navi
2015-08-03 01:52
Spot the Pole.
2015-08-03 01:53
What is wrong about him saying VP no. 1? Like what is wrong about swede writing 1. fnatic or 1. NiP, french guy 1. NV or 1. titan? All of these teams got a chance.
2015-08-03 01:59
2015-08-03 04:47
Poland Astoner55
Still better than kinguin, just no focus :>
2015-08-03 07:56
16-0 does it hurt you? nope? same for me
2015-08-03 15:08
Lol mad because 16-0
2015-08-03 15:32
Lol mad because 16-0
2015-08-03 16:13
So mad lol
2015-08-03 23:06
So mad lol
2015-08-03 23:55
1.Na'Vi 2.Na'Vi 3.Na'Vi 4.Na'Vi 5.Na'Vi 6.Na'Vi 7.Na'Vi 8.Na'Vi 9.Na'Vi 10.Na'Vi 11.Na'Vi 12.Na'Vi 13.Na'Vi 14.Na'Vi 15.Na'Vi 16.Na'Vi
2015-08-03 01:59
Chile Cristoff
GL LG & c9
2015-08-03 01:53
Sweden MasturB
Easy for maniac Maniac > Scream
2015-08-03 01:55
1. Virtus.Pro 2. eBettle 3-4. Na`Vi 3-4. Fnatic 5-8. Titan 5-8. CLG 5-8. EnVyUs 5-8. Luminosity Gaming 9-16. FlipSid3 Tactics
2015-08-03 01:56
polish final? no chance my friend
2015-08-03 02:06
Poland tentego
fnatic, tsm, envy or vp.
2015-08-03 01:56
2015-08-03 04:35
Spain raes
RIP LGB and HR stickers.
2015-08-03 02:04
2 spots for the asians is just too much. All of us want to see a strong asian team in csgo but sadly that it is just impossible for now. Valve should give chance to the Balkan region and make regional quals for the teams there - Efrag, Spacesoldiers, all the hungarians. Yes, they are too far away from the top but atleast this is ten times better than Asia.
2015-08-03 02:05
look, i don't disagree with you, teams like efrag should be there, but Asian teams will only grow through competition, your dream will come true one day, just like NA getting back up to scratch
2015-08-03 02:09
10 times better? RNG have proven they can compete against tier 2 EU teams and put up a fight against top teams, and Immunity are not that far behind. It's certainly not impossible.
2015-08-03 03:25
vp have big chance to win this one, i consider them the favorite against tsm, navi, envy, nip, c9, etc. the only chanllenge is fnatic. virtus plow will show up :]
2015-08-03 02:17
Poland Astoner55
I agree, grand final VP vs. Fnatic
2015-08-03 07:54
i can even bet that fnatic is not gonna win this time
2015-08-03 02:29
how the hell is everyone dismissing envyus? They have a nutty line up...
2015-08-03 02:35
Really? KennyS is almost bad these days (sorry love) Same with Apex Rest of them are pretty good but as we've seen, they have been unable to win anything since they became EnvyUs. It seems like they were only hungry enough to win big tournaments when they had little to no salaries in LDLC.
2015-08-03 02:48
KennyS and Apex play bad because they got tired of carrying and lost motivation... Hopefully in Envyus they can get back to their old selves.
2015-08-03 07:55
I'm with you man. Nobody gives them a thought after the trades. But I still think they'll be very competitive
2015-08-03 02:54
rip eBettle in groups
2015-08-03 02:39
ez first place in group They take semi-finals ;)
2015-08-03 11:47
ez kinguin or titan
2015-08-03 02:42
2015-08-03 02:47
i will add him and ask him for tips on fooling tards like u kek
2015-08-03 06:46
Can e-bettle pls be picked up by an org with a better logo
2015-08-03 02:50
omg this roccat sign ebettle pls
2015-08-03 08:23
messi Mvp
2015-08-03 02:58
2015-08-03 03:03
Grand Final New EnVyUs? Fnatic TSM
2015-08-03 03:05
Remove Immunity, Clg and Ebettle and i'm happy.. Damn i wanted HR and Dignitas to go to Cologne so bad, ffs.
2015-08-03 03:06
nip in grand final already
2015-08-03 03:08
Am I the only one excited to see how envyus will face this tournament?
2015-08-03 03:17
Me too kennys deserve a spot in the grand final
2015-08-03 12:25
Grand finals winner will play vs NIP
2015-08-03 03:28
2015-08-03 03:28
gonna be awesome!
2015-08-03 03:33
Should be the best major since Katowice/Cologne last year. Sick rosters on all of these teams, let's hope everyone puts up a good fight.
2015-08-03 03:36
1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP 1 VP
2015-08-03 04:01
2015-08-03 04:07
2015-08-03 04:22
I really hope valve increase the scale of things for the next major. Be nice to have a 32 team 500k major! For the sake of developing the smaller scenes I'd keep 2 Aussy spots and just give Asia it's own qualifier with 2 places available, 2 spots for SA also, increase NA to 4 and have the the last 12 for Europeans.
2015-08-03 04:28
32 spots is pointless for a Major. 500k though, that would be nice :)
2015-08-03 05:00
Mouz stickers <3
2015-08-03 05:08
eBettle Stickers... WutFace
2015-08-03 05:10
nV and Titan top 4
2015-08-03 05:34
anyone notice it says "In the next few days, Valve is expected to release the team stickers for the Cologne major" STICKER HYYYPE
2015-08-03 05:36
When the groups will be draw? I'm excited for this major..
2015-08-03 05:45
Russia refrain
TSM will win these
2015-08-03 05:54
Renegades alredy won it. HIPER MEGA BLASTER FUCKING JUMBO Kappa
2015-08-03 05:58
Nip will have easiest group and Titan will be stacked with nV Na'Vi and cloud9 you heard it here first
2015-08-03 06:11
2015-08-03 06:27
2015-08-03 07:52
Poland Astoner55
Group incoming: NIP Fnatic Envyus TSM ( &#865;° &#860;&#662; &#865;°) ( &#865;° &#860;&#662; &#865;°) ( &#865;° &#860;&#662; &#865;°)
2015-08-03 07:52
Russia r4jkkYNWA
polak without brain :c
2015-08-03 11:07
fnatic will win it.
2015-08-03 07:59
Turkey powergs
VP TSM Titan and God B lets fucking go
2015-08-03 08:03
NiP either out in first group stage or 50/50 between 1st and 2nd.
2015-08-03 08:10
immunity and f3 wasted spots.... hellraisers and some other team please
2015-08-03 08:13
Hope navi goes to semis at least ;)
2015-08-03 08:20
[*] for our asian scene :) wait, do we have a scene ? :P
2015-08-03 08:25
Haha...that qualifier was a good chance tho but none of our teams even did decent,renegades won from nb ,immunity from other team ..these 2 were expected from Start. Would have been cool if there were no Oceania teams ..but doesn't matter ,would be 16-0d by everyone in groups .
2015-08-03 08:58
haha true, just shameful for us :P
2015-08-03 19:32
I think NiP is in finals against tsm :)
2015-08-03 08:35
- immunity + hr -f3 + e-frag and you had the best and most stacked line up
2015-08-03 08:42
NiP hype is low AF. What happened? Haha. I think EnVyUs will show some good cs and NiP if their aim is on point. Fnatic is so overated when TSM and C9 are there.
2015-08-03 09:00
Russia Reph
ez kinguin stickers
2015-08-03 09:20
I always like to see the US teams do well, but I just think the European power houses will come on top. Saying that C9 are the best chance the US have of getting a top 3 finish.
2015-08-03 09:22
NaVi will be in Finals
2015-08-03 09:22
The top 10 teams all in attendance. This is gonna be great.
2015-08-03 09:23
Ez for NiP. Final - NiP vs ebettle
2015-08-03 09:43
na'vi top 3
2015-08-03 10:07
Russia monte:)
After ACER LAN I want to see HR there :*(
2015-08-03 10:31
No HR rip ((
2015-08-03 10:46
c9 and titan lose in groups like always, expected
2015-08-03 10:51
NiP wins and thorin goes bald :}
2015-08-03 10:53
Fnatic vs Kinguin in Final Incoming! <3
2015-08-03 10:53
That would be great
2015-08-03 10:56
NiP will get in a group with eBettle,Immunity and CLG 100%
2015-08-03 10:58
Wondering what TSM and Envy can do... Hoping Fnatic win agian :D
2015-08-03 11:01
ez for nip
2015-08-03 11:15
Finland Dragonpig
Gl :)
2015-08-03 11:17
hopefully tsm will win it kamon
2015-08-03 11:29
Nip ez
2015-08-03 11:32
easy for Hellraisers... oh wait
2015-08-03 11:50
throw5 in coming
2015-08-03 11:50
Ez EnVyUs.
2015-08-03 12:17
No UK teams? Why? We have so many UK casters after all.
2015-08-03 12:47
Nip is going to surprise ;)
2015-08-03 12:56
nip top ofc
2015-08-03 13:00
gl hf
2015-08-03 13:02
NiP magic inc.
2015-08-03 13:28
Brazil AL1en
2015-08-03 16:41
EU qualifiers bo1 but NA and Oceania bo3? Makes no sense. Also TSM vs. EnVyUs in final, you heard it here first.
2015-08-03 17:53
gl all
2015-08-03 19:35
who will step for s1mple for F3?
2015-08-03 20:51
2015-08-04 10:58
Next year -eBettle +Fraternitas i hope.. but i think it will be like that ;)
2015-08-04 19:54
you sure?
2015-08-09 10:52
wonder who will beat nip in the final
2015-08-04 23:06
Fnatic and EnVyUs new top2
2015-08-08 19:58
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