NTC win Golden Chance

August 4th, 2015 02:09

Não Tem Como (NTC) won the Golden Chance tournament after seeing off Rampage Killers 3-2 (14-16 on de_cobblestone, 16-12 on de_train, 16-14 on de_mirage, 12-16 on de_cache and 16-5 on de_inferno).

The X5 Arena, in São Paulo, hosted the offline finals of the GA Razer League, which were rebranded as Golden Chance to reflect the ambition of the project that Games Academy put together.

Four Brazilian teams duked it out for the chance to move to North America for a period of four months, with all expenses paid, to compete and practice against the region's top teams.

NTC set to move to North America (Photo by Games Academy)

The grand final pitted NTC, formerly known as Dexterity, against Rampage Killers, with Lincoln "fnx" Lau's side taking home the victory in a hard-fought game that went back and forth and was decided only on the fifth map.

Golden ChanceBest of 5

Contacted by HLTV.org, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, one of the mentors of the Golden Chance project, stated that NTC will stay in North America until the end of the year and will play under the name Games Academy. 

It is possible that the players sign for another organisation at the end of the season, when the Golden Chance will be relaunched to give another team the chance to improve by playing in North America.

Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Heyza 
2015-08-04 02:09
GL in murica
2015-08-04 02:09
Finland ronnyb 
2015-08-04 02:09
don't cry fnx ;-;
2015-08-04 02:10
why would he cry? he won and he's going to america..
2015-08-04 03:42
he cried on after game interview, because this is his dream. Very emotional ;-;
2015-08-04 03:45
+ he has been going through though situations, fighting against drugs etc and he is proud that he cameback to the fnx that he was in the 1.6
2015-08-04 03:49
was he addicted to maconha?
2015-08-04 03:58
prolly ether and maybe ecstasy
2015-08-04 15:16
Argentina ivanpb 
maconha isn't addictive u fag
2015-08-06 07:06
wtf are u talking about ? shut up ,he is not fighting against drugs .
2015-08-04 03:59
oh ok. se he's dealing drugs? damn
2015-08-04 22:25
2015-08-11 05:04
2015-08-04 07:23
2015-08-04 14:52
Brazil seltinn1 
I think no.. He cried because when he was on Kabum.TD and after kabum, he was so much criticized and he is now giving back on top. I guess that's it fnx is back!
2015-08-04 18:08
so close
2015-08-04 02:10
Acre news
2015-08-04 02:11
Brazil PHOntivero 
2015-08-04 05:08
Brazilians invading NA watch out muricans
2015-08-04 02:12
hide their wallets hu3hu3
2015-08-04 02:14
hide your kids, hide your wife
2015-08-04 02:16
We're a land of immigrants, Brazilians are less foreign than 70% of the other european and asian immigrants here. At least they're 'Americans'....
2015-08-04 08:54
what is this
2015-08-04 02:12
2015-08-04 02:12
2015-08-04 02:13
Chile Cristoff 
nice GL TACO & fnx
2015-08-04 02:13
gg, cry time at the end: youtube.com/watch?v=6oUAKR1Gu4M
2015-08-04 02:14
Chile Cristoff 
:O so deep m8 BibleThump
2015-08-04 02:19
Brazil Luca0 
2015-08-04 02:23
feel free to translate or tell us what is going on
2015-08-04 02:38
Canada pokz 
whats going on is that this is a 1.6 players that struggle alot during their whole carrer, the brothers hen and lucas that played together in every single team, and for them to become one of the best players in BR is huge, TACO who is from the north side of the country being far away from every lan competition spending alot of money just to pratice and compete with his teamates, most of the time is more expensive to travel to camps than the first prize itself, showtime is a upcoming talent and i dont know much about him, FNX being top 10 rifler in the world back in 1.6 from now on that he has to work hard to be at the same level as young players in BR, also being a guy who played many international lan event crying once again at a local lan event, its pretty amazing sry for bad english
2015-08-04 03:07
*cries in portuguese*
2015-08-04 03:08
He was saying that just who follow him and his career knows how he fighted...(can't continue to talk due his emotional). Just to remember he went very criticized due his lack of commitment when he were in KaBuM(fallen's and fer's team), and since then he changed himself..
2015-08-04 04:03
Inhuman reactions HLTV.org
2015-08-04 02:15
\_/ care cup full jk
2015-08-04 02:16
Still don't know what leagues, if any, they'll be participating in.
2015-08-04 02:16
Cevo Main, RGN, Esea Premier maybe, WinOut 20k, IBP invite
2015-08-04 02:18
esea, rgn cup
2015-08-04 02:20
CEVO, RGN, I believe they will be playing ESEA (not sure if the Pro League or the Premier), WinOut tournament and iBP Invitational.
2015-08-04 02:25
hen1 and hen2
2015-08-04 02:17
Sweden ald; 
fnx KING
2015-08-04 02:18
Sweden ald; 
2015-08-04 02:19
fnx back to the action
2015-08-04 02:24
The next step is to take over the world, boys. SOUTH AMERICAN PRIDE.
2015-08-04 02:24
fnx king
2015-08-04 02:25
Europe _jUNGLE 
It was best of 5, not 3,MIRAA ;)
2015-08-04 02:26
2015-08-04 02:35
n1 good luck
2015-08-04 02:27
Good luck boys!
2015-08-04 02:27
2015-08-04 02:28
Was cheering for RK but gl NTC
2015-08-04 02:30
Brazil hugoooo 
They should replace America with Europe... Diamond Chance.
2015-08-04 02:31
Brazil RisenNTC 
late but ok, gl guys
2015-08-04 02:33
2015-08-04 02:33
gl fnx!
2015-08-04 02:33
ez 4 main team
2015-08-04 02:38
Brazil ftxJ 
2015-08-04 02:41
GL fnx and cia
2015-08-04 02:43
Brazil skfanboyhue 
gratz NTC
2015-08-04 02:48
they wont do shit, probably wont even make an impact in na, gg
2015-08-04 03:03
we will see ;)
2015-08-04 03:13
2015-08-04 03:25
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
they are going to NA to practice and get better, not to win everything.
2015-08-04 03:49
duz | 
Australia ResqLAD 
Probably because you can't make an impact in NA considering half the teams are trash No Kappa
2015-08-04 04:59
World mackzim 
maybe they wont make an impact in NA, but they would be top1 Australia for sure should they move to kangarooland?
2015-08-04 13:22
duz | 
Australia ResqLAD 
Na we want them to grow not be counted as a lower tier team. Kappa
2015-08-05 00:07
2015-08-04 03:07
fnx is a fucking beast. even now he is the best player in Brazil when he wants to. no chance my friends
2015-08-04 03:26
kioShiMa | 
Brazil hoovR 
Geez this was so bad HEAUHEAUHUEAU Do you know fer? Ok if don't I don't know for how much time you was stick to fnx.
2015-08-04 03:52
comparing the championships and the history of fer not even get closer to fnx awards, he was a legend in cs 1.6.
2015-08-04 04:31
kioShiMa | 
Brazil hoovR 
History doesn't make results, at least this is what I think when the CS:GO results are on the table.
2015-08-04 04:34
yes fer is better in cs go but fnx have so much history in cs 1.6 with MiBR and still playing.
2015-08-04 04:51
Markeloff have so much history in cs 1.6 and still playing, is he the best Ukrainian player in CS:GO because of that ? Anyway, best of luck to Fnx and co. Hope they make it to a big org.
2015-08-06 07:55
Argentina sebaxinho 
yea markeloff so much history in 1.6!!!11 (only 2010 navi) rofl
2015-08-06 23:50
Brazil seltinn1 
If fnx continue focusing on CS:GO, i'm sorry but he will become the best player br.. Fer is better than fnx now, but fnx can improve and leave fer behind
2015-08-04 18:13
I know fer, he is a great player, but in his last national event he struggled against Dexterity. fnx dominated all 5 games against rK.
2015-08-04 13:12
FNX the best, NTC
2015-08-04 03:28
FNX is fucking back !!! NãoTemComo
2015-08-04 03:40
best of luck
2015-08-04 03:43
good luck
2015-08-04 03:51
this good for br and na scene
2015-08-04 04:05
GL!! go NTC!
2015-08-04 04:20
BR taking over USA, save us Trump plz huehuehuehue
2015-08-04 05:08
I really like this even the fact that they are going to give another team an opportunity after they're done.
2015-08-04 06:54
Still handsome than ex key stars Nokappa
2015-08-04 07:14
"Não tem como" means "there's no way" this br's, so much hu3hu3hu3
2015-08-04 07:31
Brazil Kohzito 
Fnx have a brand called "Não Tem como"
2015-08-04 16:01
gl guys!
2015-08-04 08:27
lineups and stats anyone?
2015-08-04 09:00
Brazil 1kuNg 
Lineup: hen1, SHOOWTiME, TACO, Lucas and FNX (pic left to right) They are almost good as keyd. hen1, Lucas and fnx were in the KaBuM lineup, they have the skill but they lack of teamplay, communication and tactics, that's why move to america to practice against proper teams will be awesome for them.
2015-08-04 09:51
ty :)
2015-08-04 16:11
Lithuania disesion 
Where are kNg and Vital? These guys were impressive.
2015-08-04 18:21
Kng used to play in the beginning of the csgo, last time we heard of him he was a rapper... No kappa
2015-08-04 20:02
2015-08-04 09:03
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
ocelote hahahahahaha nt spain
2015-08-04 16:07
Brazil woody77 
paiN had hugs for you Ocelote , horrible in LoL, must be equal in cs
2015-08-04 19:09
oh.. kami is really good... but who's the rest? idc about favela
2015-08-04 21:44
Soon Games Academy top 5 NA :P
2015-08-04 10:01
Look at all of these Mexicans in here lololololol
2015-08-04 11:16
Brazil AL1en 
ggwp GL in murica
2015-08-04 11:16
Bulgaria alelisande 
GJ FalleN...the father of Brazilian cs
2015-08-04 11:54
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
nice joke lol
2015-08-04 16:04
Bulgaria alelisande 
why joke??? do you know who is behind GA org??? get your facts straight m8
2015-08-04 18:27
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
I know, but calling FalleN the father of br cs is too much. There are many great players and orgs before fallen's age. Fallen today is the reason why the CSGO in brazil is getting huge, without him we should be baby steping at csgo, but dont exagerate. Our past before fallen was glorious.
2015-08-04 18:31
Congratulations. All of them deserved this, especially brothers and fnx. Good luck!
2015-08-04 12:25
Fnx was a beast from second map till the end. He pretty much carried them.
2015-08-04 12:37
I hope they show their best and do well!
2015-08-04 12:52
Brazil woody77 
NA today: Cloud9>Luminosity>CLG>Mythic>NTC(gamesacademy)>Liquid>Tempo>eLevate
2015-08-04 19:10
muricans prepare your poopers
2015-08-04 22:50
Fnx best player BR
2015-08-05 07:03
2015-08-05 14:07
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