Valve rules out upcoming TI for CS

Developer Valve briefly spoke on the topic of CS:GO in a recent interview, and expressed irresolution about an International-like event for the game, as well as confirming an eventual port to the Source 2 engine.

Valve have proven to be a company which applies a multi-faceted, holistic approach to its various products and how to grow them. Judging by the success which Dota 2's The International has on that game's competitive scene, the developer has previously hinted at a similar event for CS:GO.

However, in a recent interview with IGN, Valve chief Erik Johnson used fairly neutral language to dispel any notions of an upcoming "International-like" tournament being in the pipeline for CS:GO.

"I don’t know that it [a CS:GO International] has to be coming...We’re pretty comfortable with different projects taking different approaches to solve similar problems.

As a company we actually learn more when we do that. If we all point everything in the same direction, we’d have a real blind spot for when we’re screwing up. In some ways, you want to diversify a bunch of decisions across different projects because you zero in on the right answer quickly, as opposed to 'we have this thing that’s working, everybody do that right now," Johnson told IGN.

Although the language is somewhat ambiguous and political, it does hint at a current continuation of the majors system while a more ambitious tournament structure is yet to be developed by the company.

Johnson also confirmed the eventual porting of CS:GO to Valve's Source 2 engine, which has seen its beta release in Dota 2.

The engine is hailed as simplifying content creation (particularly in regards to Valve's notoriously unstable Hammer editor), and it may fix longer-standing core game issues as well.

Valve's involvement in the game will see its next appearance at ESL One Cologne on August 20-23, which will have the company's support in terms of stickers, souvenir drops, and even possibly player signatures.

not n1
2015-08-10 21:44
my hero <3 #nohomo
2015-08-10 21:47
In which aspects could be affected the game porting him to source 2? Would that affect people with low fps pc's and stuff like that? :D
2015-08-10 21:52
Well, people are saying that Dota 2 on Source 2 runs better than on Source, so it might affect player with low fps in positive way.
2015-08-10 21:53
it will run smoother.. and in GO i hope they do something about the movement. and in dota it changed alot of things like : more responsive input , it runs better on older laptops and desktops , and they havedone something about the ddos shit : "If an attack or other network disruption obstructs or degrades the route through one relay, clients will now be capable of quickly switching to another relay. Eventually we can completely remove game servers from the public IP address space, where they will be much safer from Denial of Service and other security hazards. "
2015-08-10 23:45
A bit more heavy in requirements but barely noticable and perhaps lower needs for 300fps.
2015-08-11 13:16
It is a nice one. I dont want 1 tournament a year that really matters. But I think this means more money will be put on our majors
2015-08-10 21:57
Dota has TI and 250k majors aswell
2015-08-10 23:04
if you totalize all csgo prizes, they wont reach the ti15's $18,416,970 amount. its sad af.
2015-08-10 23:14
Lol wtf? Csgo would barely reach 1 mill even and dota has lover 20 mill in a year
2015-08-10 23:17
*if you totalize all csgo prizes since the beginning
2015-08-10 23:21
Okay that would make it like 2 million, a weird thing to say that 2 mill is not 18 mill because ita almost 10 times as much
2015-08-10 23:25
youre a dick
2015-08-10 23:41
thats not very nice :(
2015-08-10 23:43
i have to agree with the flagless gentleman
2015-08-11 00:30
I just thought it was a weird thing to say because of the huge difference. Like saying "even if i stood on ur shoulders we would not even reach to outer space".. like yeah, no shit, better use a parable that is a bit closer... but idk, if expressing this is being a dick, then I guess I am one :(
2015-08-11 00:32
if all black people would move to sörmland, the education level would increase 250%
2015-08-11 00:35
On topic 10/10
2015-08-11 02:48
Csgo is not that popular compared to LOL or Dota2 all over the world.
2015-08-12 00:17
It makes sense that TI would have a higher reward just because of number of players, but we should be offered a compendium type offer and have at least 250k+ offered for a major winner alone (remember when we thought ESL would merge the 250k with a valve given 250?). Idk why valve hasn't done that since it's 50-100 hours of artist time at MOST to make whatever you offer for different tiers and is a couple million in profit but w/e.
2015-08-11 08:51
Yes I agree
2015-08-11 12:51
thats bullshit. the amount of sticker money teams get per major is about 2 millions. and thats ONLY for sticker. its hard to say how much a well done compendium would reach, but its safe to assume 5 millions or even (way) more is not out of reach.
2015-08-10 23:59
Not from valve. They only support ti.
2015-08-10 23:15
I'm pretty sure valve announced they're doing regular majors too now
2015-08-10 23:50
Yeah but there have not been any of those yet. But dota has still had 2.5 million prize pools in tournaments not supported by valve
2015-08-10 23:52
Somehow we have to convince the asians to play csgo. Theres so many of them although 3 asians = 1 any other race they still each count as an individual viewer. #asian lives dont matter
2015-08-11 03:44
The Asian scene is steadily growing, it's just we get little to none experience playing with other people from other regions. The only guys we play against were Oceanic teams ( RNG and Immunity ). It's growing aight, but we need more experience.
2015-08-11 14:42
wasn't this the last sole big TI ? next year dota gets 4 TIs, 3 smaller and 1 summer with BIG prize pool?
2015-08-11 00:00
but summer will be called TI as well. btw 18m is 'couse players supported prizepool through crowd funding
2015-08-11 18:09
This. For example if they had one 3m tournament, I would say they won't give a shit about 40k tournaments after/before that one.
2015-08-11 00:13
Yeah, like in dota. People would be saving strats for like 8 months lol
2015-08-11 00:18
Exactly. Only upside is that we would get more teams to the pro scene since those 40k's would interest lower/unknown teams for sure.
2015-08-11 00:20
True, but I think the top teams would still attend all of them and have those as practicing pretty much so the competitive integrity would disappear in all games except the major almost
2015-08-11 00:29
expected, gaben only cares about skinz
2015-08-10 22:01
lol styko attention whore? :D jk
2015-08-10 22:23
2015-08-10 21:46
you guys have to learn london
2015-08-10 21:46
2015-08-10 21:53
2015-08-10 21:44
2015-08-10 21:44
Good. We dont need that shit. People only cares about dota once a year. Fuck that.
2015-08-10 21:46
You must hide under a rock for most of the year...
2015-08-10 21:49
I care about dota once a year only. I don't care about the game but I enjoy the show.
2015-08-10 21:51
2015-08-10 23:31
Ok, I guess it's confirmed. People only care about it once a year. Wormi confirmed it! /s
2015-08-11 14:34
Having a big event that makes others look nothing sadly makes it so.
2015-08-11 15:39
I was poking fun at the fact that you think somehow everyone is of the same opinion as you. JoinDota has more than double the daily visitors than HLTV. DotaCinema uploads highlight clips daily and gets hundreds of thousands of views. I think it's safe to say that not everyone shares your opinion.
2015-08-12 00:20
What about twitch numbers? dota is most of the time on 3rd/4th place and with a little luck 2nd. The only time its first is when TI runs...
2015-08-12 01:27
Remove all the "gamer grills" that rarely actually play the game(and when they do it's valve casual for 10 min), people that play on various gambling sites and not actual CSGO, people that open boxes and do give aways and I bet you Dota would be ahead of CSGO or tied with it. It's completely off topic anyway. We are not talking overall popularity but pro-game viewership. Interest during meaningful tournaments(ESL, Starladder, DAC, G-League etc.) is usually high. Dota is usually No1 or second to LoL in those cases. Also a lot more people utilize the in-game spec for Dota when it comes to tournaments and it's not synced to twitch viewer numbers like GOTV. Also JoinDota streams a lot of tournaments on Dailymotion for some reason.
2015-08-12 02:06
Chinsese / Russian communities have own streams.
2015-08-12 05:56
Nah, Dota is largely irrelevant for 350 days of the year. Look at the stats of how irrelevant it is in the west. Not only as a spectating esport but as a game played on steam. It's all CIS and the Chinese. And you probably know... That's not where the money is.
2015-08-10 21:57
Erm actually that is where the money is Chinese Championship 4 million dollarerinos m8. No one cares about amerikana - europana bois. The share of chinese players in all the winnings in dota2 combined is a rather huge percentage + they also host loadz of biggah events with much dosh boi. Dis aint no cheveux en boid OF TROY hajoooooooooo
2015-08-10 22:52
2015-08-11 15:20
u dont wanna know
2015-08-11 15:26
he's right, I only care about dota once a year as well. It's entertaining for me watching TI, even though I dont play the game.
2015-08-10 22:00
2015-08-10 21:52
Doesn't matter when people don't care about them.
2015-08-10 21:59
most gamer don't care about CSGO either #burn
2015-08-11 04:16
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
The problem with dota2 is that there is so many big tournaments with huge prizepools, that they become a bit repetitive. The true main ones that people care about are TI, DAC, ESL One, and The Summit (imo)
2015-08-11 13:21
So are you saying you wouldnt want to see a 18 million dollar tournament for CSGO instead of pathetic 250k prize pool tournaments. Even Halo and CoD have 1 million dollar tournaments. Microsoft cares more about their scene than Valve does. What a fucking joke
2015-08-10 22:54
Microsoft caring about their custoners? Kappa
2015-08-10 23:06
Microsoft? Customers? This post gave me Kappa
2015-08-10 23:32
cmon n*gga... few years ago with 1.6 all majors was 5 times less then it's in CSGO now. And suddenly you forgot that... In few years, you want FROM zero - TO hero? From 40k, to 1mil?
2015-08-11 21:32
I once drank an entire bottle of soy sauce on a dare, which I thought was all well and good... until I developed extreme dehydration and Hypernatremia ( They had to put an iv directly into my veins to rehydrate me. It was the closest I've ever been to dying. What I'm getting at is, even that was not nearly as salty as you are right now.
2015-08-11 00:01
yea and prize for next international is 16milions
2015-08-11 00:30
Sweden SLITZ
n1 volvo
2015-08-10 21:46
Russia e1em3nt
2015-08-10 21:44
2015-08-10 21:44
keep calm and tuck frump
2015-08-10 22:02
2015-08-10 21:44
2015-08-10 21:45
Ukraine gungrave
finally what?
2015-08-10 21:49
i dont think he read the post
2015-08-10 21:53
Ukraine petruska
xd ++
2015-08-10 22:40
i did. Finally they are thinking about IT for csgo + source2 engine nt
2015-08-10 23:32
Who said they are thinking abt TI? They said there will be NO TI for csgo
2015-08-11 01:04
valve is talking about TI for csgo since 2k14 m8
2015-08-11 01:13
Yeah and in this post they say that it wont happen. "Finally" kek
2015-08-11 08:25
2015-08-10 21:45
Russia stat1c
2015-08-10 21:45
HYPEEEEEE IS not rly....
2015-08-10 21:55
Russia Reph
2015-08-10 21:45
No 18 million rip
2015-08-10 21:45
2015-08-10 22:05
Poland HajperCSGO
lmao some ppl here didnt read it looks like... ''good n1 nice''
2015-08-10 21:45
I think they are saying that about " Johnson also confirmed the eventual porting of CS:GO to Valve's Source 2 engine, which has seen its beta release in Dota 2. "
2015-08-10 21:46
2015-08-10 21:45
2015-08-10 21:45
2015-08-10 21:46
u guys have to learn london
2015-08-10 21:46
lamp | 
Russia lamp`
i agre
2015-08-10 21:47
Faceit took their cash and turned into ever bigger events straight away. So did FBM. It isn't that hard. Step it up, nublos.
2015-08-10 21:46
2015-08-10 21:46
Chile Cristoff
2015-08-10 21:46
Spain Alser
LEARN TO READ "rules out" = not happening
2015-08-10 21:46
i think they just have bad london
2015-08-10 21:47
Ty for using your brain unlike everyone else in this thread
2015-08-10 21:47
some peole write good n1 because of source2 engine
2015-08-10 22:08
Well, phrasal verbs are annoying, that's for sure .. Honestly I didn't know what "rule out" means but, that "out" on the sentence didn't sound like a good news ..
2015-08-10 22:43
2015-08-10 21:46
2015-08-10 21:47
lord gaben never disappoint me
2015-08-10 21:47
shit time to uninstall boys
2015-08-10 21:47
"Valve rules out upcoming TI for CS" are you guys retarded?
2015-08-10 21:47
"rules out" = not happening
2015-08-11 13:58
yes, hence why i ask people if they're retarded because everyone above me is spamming "yes!" or "nice!"
2015-08-11 23:06
Thoe it could be because of the Source 2 engine. it is unclear =)
2015-08-12 17:18
This was the valve surprise , bad news. Valve just bullies csgo community
2015-08-10 21:47
port it to goldsource
2015-08-10 21:48
"Johnson also confirmed the eventual porting of CS:GO to Valve's Source 2 engine, which has seen its beta release in Dota 2. The engine is hailed as simplifying content creation (particularly in regards to Valve's notoriously unstable Hammer editor), and it may fix longer-standing core game issues as well." Awesome
2015-08-10 21:48
"I’m sure it’ll end up on Source 2 at some point," Valve's Erik Johnson said. "Counter-Strike is growing." Behind Dota 2, CS:GO is the most actively played game on Steam. Johnson declined to discuss any additional Valve games coming to Source 2. "Dota 2 is all we're talking about right now." Not exactly confirming.
2015-08-10 21:51
ok then
2015-08-10 21:48
They just said that designing a new engine is more important than actually making a huge tournament (which would be completely useless and wouldn't build the scene in way, just artificially make the scene seem more alive.)
2015-08-10 21:49
2015-08-10 21:49
TI is shit They Just need to raise the cashprize of majors to 1M ^$$$$$$$$
2015-08-10 21:49
Q: Valve chief Erik Johnson, how about 128-tick servers then??? A:NO , it still gonna be the same shit as when it started.............. tyty
2015-08-10 21:50
128 tick confirmed 2022 128tick is being used on LAN´s and any other online turnaments. Have hard time seeing why they do not upgrade for the whole community.
2015-08-11 14:03
Fine don't make a TI, but at least make something similar VALVE! At least make something for CS;GO VALVE! How much u care about CS;GO the 2nd most played game on your Steam platform VALVE?!?!
2015-08-10 21:50
World mackzim
Darkness-: How much u care about CS;GO the 2nd most played game on your Steam platform VALVE?!?! Valve: 0 fucks given edit: englando
2015-08-10 22:05
Imagine the cs;go steam numbers if it was free to play like doto 2...But VALVE DOESNT CARE...
2015-08-10 22:05
World mackzim
valve knows how to captivate csgo community kappa
2015-08-10 22:08
f0rest | 
Algeria NS!
2015-08-10 22:23
If anything the maximum prize pool for csgo should be 500k, no more, csgo isnt big.enough for a TI.
2015-08-11 11:29
Bullshit, cs as one of the biggest games has one of the smallest prize pools, even some 3rd world games have bigger prize pools
2015-08-10 21:50
Click-bait headline. They have not ruled it out, they do not just see it as something they will focus on for now.
2015-08-10 21:50
hence "upcoming"
2015-08-10 21:52
Fairly sure that was not in the headline from the start. You are going to tell me otherwise, so I will just leave it at that.
2015-08-10 21:59
it was in the headline actually, since I spent some time thinking about the most effective headline without copying the IGN article. but you don't have to believe me it's okay!
2015-08-11 01:06
So the title is suppose to mean: Valve denies any TI for cs;go in the near future?
2015-08-10 22:04
Yes, it seems like they will not consider it till Source 2 comes out. So it will likely be far ahead in the future, if ever.
2015-08-10 22:26
Italy 1nf3rn4L
CS will get source2 update soon or later, TI seems not
2015-08-10 21:58
"Developer Valve" wat
2015-08-10 21:50
2015-08-10 21:50
2015-08-10 21:51
Ruled out=Not happening
2015-08-10 21:54
stupid pole
2015-08-10 21:54
hype for source 2 maybe
2015-08-11 05:30
lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2015-08-10 21:51
2015-08-10 21:51
2015-08-10 21:51
Fine, but stop with the stupid bo1.
2015-08-10 21:52
God damn it, Valve obv doesn't give a shit about the CS:GO community.
2015-08-10 21:52
Turkey Ilairon
yes yes
2015-08-10 21:52
2015-08-10 21:54
I think he said somethink similer maybe year ago... But it would be great to let players to make the price pool bigger, i wonder how big could it be
2015-08-10 21:54
No, he said the opposite then. That he doesn't see why it wouldn't also work for CS:GO.
2015-08-10 22:00
what does source engine 2 mean ? if someone has bad pc then that guy will have alot less fps or it wont effect fps?
2015-08-10 21:54
Performance improvements. Don't expect it to come, though. It isn't confirmed even though the article says it is. "I’m sure it’ll end up on Source 2 at some point," Valve's Erik Johnson said. "Counter-Strike is growing." Behind Dota 2, CS:GO is the most actively played game on Steam.
2015-08-10 21:59
Portugal dracø
The opposite. I my game runs a lot smoother on the ported version of dota 2(already ported to source 2) than the regular version. If the same happens with cs we'll have more fps than before. #Dream
2015-08-10 22:05
Russia Reph
rip csgo, gaben idiot
2015-08-10 21:55
Current state of the game, well...It's pointless, imo!
2015-08-10 21:56
BABAM on lan i aren't think that
2015-08-10 21:58
World mackzim
how to read like a normal hltv user: "TI for CS" in any sentence = OMFG WE GONNA HAVE TI FOR CS good fucking lord...
2015-08-10 22:00
Said this before and it totally makes sense. They have the biggest pricepool in esport. For CS:GO they'll come up with something different what they can be "the best at".
2015-08-10 22:04
2015-08-11 04:35
I read what he said 4 times, yet I still don't understand why CS can't have an international.
2015-08-10 22:05
France cedd
2015-08-10 22:17
f0rest | 
Algeria NS!
Yeah Yeah they are just fooling us..... They give 0 fuck to this game (y)
2015-08-10 22:26
Cause csgo's competitive scene is too small compared to dota
2015-08-11 11:35
expected from volvo shitty company
2015-08-10 22:01
I just saw the post on reddit about the hitboxes,if its true vavlve did nothing for many years than,since that was possible to do in 1.6 i mean quickswitch
2015-08-10 22:01
In other words, Valve still collecting that Key money to buy new lambo's for the dev team.
2015-08-10 22:02
Germany 1criT
Can someone explain me what the source2 engine is about?
2015-08-10 22:03
2015-08-10 22:03
Argentina EnvyJ
Good news and bad news
2015-08-10 22:05
So i guess there keep kinda confirming they might port csgo to source 2 one day... Also Major System + ESL ESEA pro league + IEM stops+ Sticker Money> one international. Not even close to Dota 2 prize pool but its at least on par with league of losers.
2015-08-10 22:06
Dota has other tournaments that have just as much money as the majors tho as well as having the massive ti
2015-08-10 22:10
CS has no competition on competitive FPS PC shooters and are making plenty of money without a $1M+ tourney. They don't need to advertise it like they do with DOTA that competes with LoL/HotS/Smite. Until another PC FPS has an established eSport community I don't think Valve will ever do a CS TI.
2015-08-10 22:06
Spoken like a true business man! :P But unfortunately I think you're right...
2015-08-10 23:02
You linked me 2 Times to reddit stich, 2 TIMES.
2015-08-10 22:06
Wow what an ambiguous answer that said absolutely nothing
2015-08-10 22:07
How will the port to source 2 affect the gameplay and skins? inb4 i cant aim and my 300$ knife is useless.
2015-08-10 22:07
"I don’t know that it has to be coming" What the fuck does he even mean. His answers are so vague.
2015-08-10 22:08
I just hope the port won't change the physics even tho the physics engine will be a different one.
2015-08-10 22:09
Yup. Valve has proven once again that they can't really listen to community and are a bunch of retards.
2015-08-10 22:09
2015-08-10 22:11
We don't need a TI from Valve. Any company like FaceIT, ESEA, ESL, CEVO etc. could host their own huge tournament which has a crowdfunded pricepool. The only problem is that people usually want at least something in return when donating so dunno if we'll see it happening. I'd hand in a few bucks though. Or well, doesn't even have to be a company, anyone could set up a kickstarter project for it lol.
2015-08-10 22:10
2015-08-10 22:14
2015-08-10 22:15
France cedd
valve why u no create crowdfunding esports case for majors ???
2015-08-10 22:18
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC
3 majors > 1 TI
2015-08-10 22:19
3 majors + TI > 3 majors
2015-08-10 22:24
was about to write that +1
2015-08-10 22:26
2015-08-10 22:19
Why they would they? They will still profit on retarded kids who will buy skins. They have big profit here, and they know that players will stay here, since rest of FPS games are pure trash.
2015-08-10 22:20
That's the right thing.Dota 2 will have 4 majors instead of ti only.
2015-08-10 22:20
-rep valve
2015-08-10 22:23
We don't need a TI, just stop being so fucking cheap Valve, spend more money on cs:go.
2015-08-10 22:24
2015-08-10 22:26
Valve is taking a piss on the CSGO community, fucking sickens me... Get more money into the sport.. that will resolve in a lot of throwing for skins (Ex IBP) Gaben... U dissapoint me :(
2015-08-10 22:27
f0rest | 
Algeria NS!
As allways the same shit all over again and again and again,nothing is gonna happen nothing is gonna change....
2015-08-10 22:28
hltv posts reddit links oh noo the end is soon
2015-08-10 22:35
I don't get why people can't see their point of view , look at Dota 2 and their teams are pretty much on almost all parts of the world while csgo is currently has nothing going for it in entire ASIA. I would love to see such a big tournament for CSGO but i also would love to such a big event get strong representation from each part of the world.
2015-08-10 22:36
f0rest | 
Algeria NS!
Yeah well you can start by watching the African Qualification.
2015-08-10 23:05
African Union ArisA
Obviously valve doesnt care about us, they are all moba fanboys... we need the original creator of counter strike, Minh "gooseman" Le!!! not rich people that bought a good brand and doesnt care about the community! fuck you gaben fuck fuck fuck.
2015-08-10 22:38
i think what u said are true bro. plus, cs go is like a cashcow for them. people buying keys and opening cases in cs go are a lot more compared to dota 2. business doing good, why mess it up.
2015-08-10 22:45
Brazil Nobuga
Nice clickbait title.
2015-08-10 22:39
inb4 CS:GO Compendium.
2015-08-10 22:46
There should be no TI atm for CSGO, they have to fix the major problems in the game first
2015-08-10 22:46
TI is cool and all but when one tournament is worth 5x everything else in the year combined it makes LANs run by ESL or MLG or any not Valve seem like potatoes.
2015-08-10 22:47
-current dev team +original one
2015-08-10 22:48
CSGO is safe as there is no other popular competitive FPS, if there was something else stealing away players I'm sure they'd invest more into it but right now there's no need. If anything I'd expect to see some TF2 shenanigans as Overwatch comes to scoops up precious hat money.
2015-08-10 22:48
well fuck you then.
2015-08-10 22:49
I'm glad, TI kinda sucks compared to having great tournaments all year.
2015-08-10 22:51
i don't understand whats the source engine 2...ect , ca nsomeone explain to me please?!
2015-08-10 22:56
No CSGO Pin on Cologne?(
2015-08-10 22:56
guys can you please tell me what is wrong in this thread? I dunno , Help me! XD
2015-08-10 23:00
Make sure the Hitboxes are done correctly this time. And take out the retarded jumping scout.
2015-08-10 23:02
+1 +2
2015-08-10 23:07
Csgo isnt a global enough game for a ti system to work. To be honest I dislike the ti system anyway because its just giving money away to teams. Cmon, i mean $50k for coming last at a tournament.
2015-08-10 23:02
well, in dota, there are A LOT of very good teams, so even getting an invitation to TI is an achievement.
2015-08-11 01:20
Newbe got $50k just for winning last year. Also what you said isnt true. In csgo there are far more top teams than there are in dota. Its always been a problem because organisations want to have a team but cant because there arent enough top teams.
2015-08-11 07:30
You know noting
2015-08-11 11:09
we need 200-300k for 1st place tournaments not this...
2015-08-10 23:08
gaben pl0x
2015-08-10 23:15
Could that language be anymore vague and 'business' like :S Just answer the questions directly for god sake
2015-08-10 23:17
We don't care about a TI, just upgrade the prize purse already! These pros must feel robbed when they see other esports practitioners getting millions for a freaking top3 placing. At least give them 3x500K tournaments, don't make us believe that the players didn't buy enough keys because you would be ridiculous. And fix the hitboxes. And give us more control over our character, BJ should be more consistent and doable for a long time. And fix the weapons. And give us better servers. I'm tired of Valve putting so few efforts in this game.
2015-08-10 23:26
VALVE killing counter strike intentionally, phegits
2015-08-10 23:25
Russia goodjob
so valve suddenly not interested in making more money.. strange..
2015-08-10 23:28
I don't fucking care about a TI .... Do these guys even learn ? We just want you to DO STUFF, stop sitting on the boatload of money you're making .... Update your fucking game, they are a lot of people rioting against the current state of weapons (see new mods) and you're not even improving the pro scene anymore
2015-08-10 23:43
Dota is moving away from that format as well. Majors will bring more attention to dota year-round. Especially with the fixed transfer season which is itself interesting for fans. An International-like format is terrible and not something CS needs or should want to have.
2015-08-10 23:43
If they do it right, csgo can get 10years future top 1 competitive game. If they screw it up, csgo will be recovering some time and mby it will not at all. Nevertheless source engine suck balls for csgo.
2015-08-10 23:47
Perhaps it's just me, but I got the feeling they haven't even began planning porting CS:GO to Source2 (let alone made any progress). We'll do it 'sometime' pretty much means we'll start working on it in a few years because we absolutely must, or it simply won't happen at all. I wasn't expecting a port anytime soon, but it seems that yet again Valve show they have no interest in the state of CS:GO. As long as it makes them money them seem content, sadly.
2015-08-10 23:51
This is great.
2015-08-10 23:51
fuck off Valve.. Valve is pure sh!t...
2015-08-10 23:53
salty kid, why would CSGO get a TI when it only has 5-6 good EU teams and 1 NA team, look at dota, it has atleast 12 top teams from all around the world.
2015-08-11 01:18
dumbest comment so far, 1/10
2015-08-11 04:42
I rate his -1/10
2015-08-11 10:38
CSGO fanboy can't accept the truth
2015-08-11 10:59
yea TI not coming it will be The Global with 36 million
2015-08-11 00:01
Sensible, except I'd like to see larger prize pools.
2015-08-11 00:03
2015-08-11 00:19
2015-08-11 00:26
yeah valve jus keep taking our money u fuckboiz
2015-08-11 00:32
that's actually a very good thing to hear. this means valve isn't going to copy/paste the dota formula. I want to see an international adaptation instead. sort of like how TF2 adapted the arms deal update into something that fit. what I don't want is the quarterly majors replaced. expanded? yes. improved? yes? replaced? absolutely not. if any sort of "international" style tournament was to take place, it needs to be in supplement to the current setup. in fact, while watching TI this year I heard the casters say that DoTA is getting quarterly majors. there is no reason we can't also have our cake and eat it too in CS. things are only going to get bigger and better from here on out, boys. don't take this as a slight, but instead see it as a nod for the good things to come.
2015-08-11 00:46
finally source 2 <3
2015-08-11 00:52
all these salty kids are mad there wont be a TI for CSGO, keep being mad, cause CSGO doesnt deserve a TI. dont come at me saying it has more viewers, 70% of viewers are betters and you know it.
2015-08-11 01:14
Lol you retarded bro? Do you think they give a fuck if a viewer is there just because he betted? A viewer is a viewer.
2015-08-11 05:20
Still doesn't mean shit, csgo's popularity is mostly by skins and betting, and valve knows this too.
2015-08-11 10:58
Stfu already.
2015-08-11 12:42
But I'm telling the truth
2015-08-11 13:11
Wtf? And I ask again, why do you think they care if a viewer is betting or not? Of course everyone knows most of them have betted on the match, who cares? You say Valve knows this too like it's something bad or like they are a special kind of viewer that doesn't matter somehow. You're just dumb.
2015-08-11 15:20
Then why do fuck do you even reply attention whore
2015-08-11 15:39
Damn, you're pretty pathetic aren't you?
2015-08-11 17:27
lol, you come out of nowhere replying to me you dont care about my comment, people who want attention do this, you're the pathetic one here.
2015-08-11 18:02
This isn't even a CS:GO developer. He works on dota 2, thats why his answers are so vague.
2015-08-11 01:27
lol wrong? erik johnson isn't even a game developer rofl...he is in business development.
2015-08-11 01:32
Going to have Hundens signature on my ak. HYPE IS REAL
2015-08-11 02:05
Denmark Baitvice
valve has always hated cs, fuck you
2015-08-11 02:06
Latvia SEHUN
Better add tuscan ,then think about these million dollarz tournaments. ;)
2015-08-11 02:57
Then what about fps?
2015-08-11 03:16
What do you mean about fps? – If CS:GO gets ported to Source 2 Engine you should be able to see an increase in FPS if that's what you're asking.
2015-08-11 03:38
"We earn 20 million a year, but we will not make more tournaments or increase prize pools. Because f*** you. Sincerely, Valve"
2015-08-11 03:45
FUCK eventual port, DO IT NOW!...
2015-08-11 04:18
As someone already said.. I'm pretty sure the whole "The International" type of player-funded tournament system was devised for DotA just to get them a lot of publicity about the game in order to compete with LoL; due to league being a direct threat to dota profitability. Since CS really has no direct competition in its niche as the #1 PC FPS game in eSports, I can't really see valve ambitiously doing anything like they did with Dota and the international with CS. There isn't some like huge/big FPS computer title from any competition being played at esport events outside of CSGO, so valve isn't pressured to make a move really.. Valve isn't a company that will try and make big changes and do something big unless they absolutely have to.. And with LoL crushing dota early on, they had to do something big with dota, and they did. The only way I could see a "TI" type event happening with CSGO in the next 5 years is if some other company comes out with an FPS title that gathers a lot of popularity and starts to look like it may dominate the esports fps scene and casual scene. Valve is sitting in a comfortable "monopoly" type of spot with CSGO and the FPS genre, making money off skins/keys/cases from cs, and they have their publicity cashcow that is Dota2.. AKA they don't really need to make any big moves. Valve has always been a company to make decisions regarding their games purely from a "business first" standpoint.. They aren't the type of business to go "Okay, the CS community wants a big event like TI for CS also, maybe we should do this". They don't give two shits about what the community that plays their game wants.. They aren't going to take any financial risks in financing that for CS unless they absolutely have to. That's just the nature of the business, valve is a smart company. Don't like it? Well don't buy anymore keys/skins etc, and don't use the marketplace and feed them money.
2015-08-11 04:29
Oh and another reason why it is highly unlikely that you'll see a CSGO TI is because the game doesn't have much of a playerbase outside of NA/EU/CIS. It's virtually non-existent in china and korea. You would have to see a really competitive playerbase/fanbase from at least China for them to even consider a TI for cs.
2015-08-11 04:33
Czech Republic THE_WILLY
Yeah they don't give a shit about community, they can't even balance the game properly, what a bunch of ******.
2015-08-11 10:09
+11 fuck jewlve
2015-08-11 12:28
csgo dont need TI
2015-08-11 04:35
I agree. We do not need one tournament which is basically the only real one that anybody gives a fuck about and ranks teams off for a full year.
2015-08-11 04:37
who cares rofl
2015-08-11 04:43
valve is a joke and always has been. the amount of community work is rarely existing in csgo (same in 1.6 for that matter). they get big $$$ for skins from csgo every day and are not willing to put that money back to the community aka teams like they do it at TI. thats pathetic. these 250k majors they do twice a year now (cologne is by esl itself, isnt it?), they prolly get that money back in a week of skins. not to go into detail, but they never really cared for shooters, csgo is now around 3 years and still there are so many flaws and little thinks the community wants and they dont care (128 tick f.e.) </3 volvo
2015-08-11 04:46
We dont need a TI cuz it would kill our game. All the majors supported by valve have a prizepool of +/- 2million dollar. If we get a TI littarly nobody would care about any tournament throughout the year and we would have even bigger problems with cheaters, its not like we have cheatfree events already ;) think about it
2015-08-11 09:47
the prizepool for csgo majors is 250k the fuck are you talkin about 2 million lmao
2015-08-11 11:14
Well there we go... You have no clue ;) All in all with sticker money its around 2 million dollars which are getting payed out
2015-08-11 11:16
yes because those number have most certainly been released...
2015-08-11 16:13
Brazil hugoooo
Finally they will get rid of this crap engine!! I will finally install CS once again, can't wait!!!
2015-08-11 05:58
Half-Life 3 confirmed
2015-08-11 06:24
rip cs go TI
2015-08-11 07:15
If they manage to sign a big TV contract with scandinavian,north american,russian,chinese TV channels-cs go will blow up big time!
2015-08-11 08:02
DotA and LoL are for losers
2015-08-11 08:20
whoever thinks international system would work for csgo is delusional, how the flying F are they gonna slove all the cheating that can occour at online qualifer? just take an look lets do an EU pre qual for the qualifier for ti cs, online gl with that, will never happen. and if u wanted offline well gl they gonna have an event for 300+ eu teams offline in eu us and asia? another problem. and that would just be the pre qualifer for the qualifer to limit teams out. a TI for csgo will NEVER happen you can dream but it will never happen trust me.
2015-08-11 08:44
csgo fans are jealous of ti lel probably they don't want to give millions to cheaters
2015-08-11 08:57
Russia rsvt
csgo still dont deserve TI, not worth it
2015-08-11 09:38
I was jealous about a TI aswell untill i took some time to think about it. It affects the atractivity of counter strike in a really bad way. The other tournaments will just get ignored and we would be bored through out the whole year just untill TI which would give us a hype for lets say 1 week. And its also a matter of cheating issues.. If csgo would have a TI even more people would try to get propper cheats which also work on offline events. Its not like we dont have cheaters at offline events right now ;) im still pretty sure that we have cheaters in the pro scene. And to be honest, with all the sticker money and prizemoney we still have a major which has a prizepool around 2 million dollars. dont let a TI ruin the game even more. We already have cheaters and a TI would get us even more cheaters on- and offline
2015-08-11 09:40
it mean - go 1.6 or cs:go nonsteam dont know about community. i am hate this sh#t skins and ticket. valve go las vegas plz and open your cases
2015-08-11 09:47
I dunno, it's true there will be more problems with cheaters if prizes gonna be millions of dollars, also I think the problem is still viewership, in China for TI5 there were like 3 streams with 1kk people each
2015-08-11 09:52
fuck you volvo!
2015-08-11 10:09
FUCK YOU VALVE. You took a perfect game and made it all about skins and money, and it will die eventually now. FUCK YOU GABEN
2015-08-11 10:10
What is source 2?
2015-08-11 11:23
lol source 2 is a new engine
2015-08-11 13:00
They can't even protect MM from obvious spinning ragehackers, so why would they care to give TI to cs. I think they don't care about anything but skins money. FUCK VALVE
2015-08-11 11:36
k den, we'll see.
2015-08-11 12:06
Two biggest reasons for not getting more focus on the game from Valve, both in terms of development and prize pool: No competition from other games and no Asian scene.
2015-08-11 12:12
Fuck cheap free to play asians!
2015-08-11 12:34
not all asians..
2015-08-11 12:51
Ok only one billion cheap asians.
2015-08-11 12:56
2015-08-11 12:58
BECAUSE VALVE DONT WANNA GROW THE SCENE they can make a good enough anti cheat for it (csgo) to be f2p
2015-08-11 13:17
Volvo said that there won't be such events as TI but they didn't say price pools in their major lans won't be growing :) I'm sure that next major or ESL event will have more than 250k$
2015-08-11 12:17
source2 engine? Can't wait for new bugs that will take 2 years or never to be fixed
2015-08-11 12:23
What are they doing? ... It is stupid from my opinion. Most of employeers are working over dota2, not csgo. It takes much times. Nice - "rules out upcoming TI for CS". Okay, no problem. We have ESL.
2015-08-11 12:50
iam waiting to septembre input source 2 in csgo
2015-08-11 13:00
that wont happen for a long time m8
2015-08-11 13:16
2015-08-11 13:19
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
CS:GO is too casual for The International. Let's save TI for competitive, high skill capped games only! :)
2015-08-11 13:24
2015-08-13 19:09
2015-08-11 14:13
source 2 is gonna be amazing
2015-08-11 15:04
Whats good and bad with this? I dont know what this source2 is
2015-08-11 15:15
The sophistics are real. TL;DR: "Fuck CS." - Valve, 2015
2015-08-11 15:16
they've said that since about 2006 tbh
2015-08-11 16:17
Other danyboy69
with all the money csgo gives them on the market and they don't give us an international! instead 18 million dollar international for f2p stupid dota and cheap ass market bullshit damn son, a 1 million first place price is all what i ask for ="(
2015-08-11 15:27
Hopefully Source 2 supports VULKAN (improved OpenGL).
2015-08-11 16:01
i dont see what's so hard about making a decent case where some of the money from keys goes to support the tournament. the esports cases have all been pretty much shit. also there hasn't been one since the summer 2014 case. wtf valve whats up with this shit
2015-08-11 16:16
Make all majors 1 million prize pool then. I'm sure skins and stickers earn way more than that.
2015-08-11 16:30
i dont ask for a 18 millions tournament (1 per year) i mean at least one around 1 Million in prize pool
2015-08-11 17:14
i wouldnt say they ruled it out, misleading title. But they arent really considering it as of now.
2015-08-11 17:55
sAucer 2 incomming...
2015-08-11 19:30
Good. I hope csgo doesn't get an TI. Im sure it would be the end of csgo.
2015-08-11 22:52
Johnson also confirmed the eventual porting of CS:GO to Valve's Source 2 engine, which has seen its beta release in Dota 2. Could you please not misinform your readers? Johnson didn't say at all that CS:GO will be ported to Source2 for sure. "I'm sure it will get it at some point" from a Dota 2 dev team member doesn't mean "YES IT WILL GET IT FOR 100%"
2015-08-14 00:47
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