Video: Casters during VP vs. NiP

We caught Aleksi "allu" Jalli's big clutch against from another perspective, as we had our camera set on the casters, capturing their reaction to that and further rounds of this close map.

While we have the actual highlight on the way too, we captured casters' live reaction to the clutch by Aleksi "allu" Jalli during the second pistol round of NiP vs. on Train here at ESL One Cologne 2015.

Check out how Anders Blume, Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat & Jason "moses" O'Toole reacted to that round and some of the rounds after the big play:

You can find the rest of's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
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2015-08-22 20:10
best casting lineup right here
2015-08-22 20:11
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
skip to 0:41 thank me later
2015-08-22 20:14
2015-08-22 20:42
2015-08-22 20:46
0:51 Semmler jizzing his pants
2015-08-22 20:52
2015-08-22 23:26
Hahahhahaa! Well spotted man :P
2015-08-23 00:31
dat Anders reaction :D
2015-08-22 22:14
Sweden BBW 
2015-08-22 23:04
2015-08-22 22:31
thank mr global
2015-08-22 22:57
Poland irqize 
2015-08-22 23:09
2015-08-22 20:40
not for nip matches tho
2015-08-22 20:55
they said, professionals.
2015-08-22 22:06
Brazil Nobuga 
2015-08-23 00:12
World after_0 
at this point in time x10.000
2015-08-23 04:58
2015-08-25 04:31
United Kingdom PRZM 
2015-08-22 20:10
2015-08-22 20:10
great audio quality
2015-08-22 20:10
2015-08-22 20:45
Xyp9x | 
Denmark DFTBA 
2015-08-22 21:28
It's good to see the enthusiasm in the casters reactions. True fans!
2015-08-22 20:12
yeah say about them what u want, but u will never see this kind of genuine excitement from some of the casters that are always so hyped up by the community.
2015-08-22 20:25
Totally agree. Semmler and Anders ARE the howngrown casters who genuinely care about the game. Unlike some other drop out who came to cs go after Riot/sc2 kicked them out.
2015-08-22 21:11
absolutely agree, and this is also the reason I think thorin and rlewis should be cut some slack by the community as well.
2015-08-22 23:05
+1242141245234521342134213512643215342153 Anders+Semmler > all.
2015-08-22 23:36
2015-08-23 03:05
2015-08-23 02:58
you probably talking about joe miller and deman, which you have no clue about anything in that case, they left Riot to be full time casters for ESL.
2015-08-23 03:03
World TuaD 
2015-08-22 20:11
2015-08-22 20:11
2015-08-22 20:11
ahahhaha n1
2015-08-22 20:11
When NiP clutches the round they are having orgasms, when VP they threat it like it was nothing.
2015-08-22 20:11
We must be watching different streams.
2015-08-22 20:14
2015-08-22 20:43
2015-08-22 20:50
relevant name
2015-08-22 20:52
Poland cropyeee 
you're right edit: still Anders&Semmler best duo
2015-08-22 20:51
DDK and BlackDDK best duo ever
2015-08-22 20:56
both best
2015-08-22 23:11
inb4 ''but they had other ideas''
2015-08-22 23:47
Only because VP played extremely well on CT and it's more exciting when NIP finds an opening... That's all. When NIP was on CT, VP were plowing through forcebuys and ecorounds (which isn't as exciting)
2015-08-22 20:52
2015-08-22 20:11
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
anders was so sexy
2015-08-22 20:12
lmao they are rooting for nip so hard its not even funny
2015-08-22 20:12
Serbia whoa!! 
they always root for the team which will be on the verge of loosing
2015-08-23 08:26
2015-08-22 20:12
2015-08-22 20:12
2015-08-22 20:13
2015-08-22 20:14
semmler nip fanboy
2015-08-22 20:15
2015-08-22 20:17
2015-08-22 20:34
no semmler just got a blowjob under the desk :> u can see the exact moments when she starts nibbling :>
2015-08-22 20:35
She? That's Cadian under the desk m8
2015-08-22 22:48
*gaydian m9
2015-08-22 22:56
2015-08-22 20:16
that's new
2015-08-22 20:16
2015-08-22 20:17
Xyp9x | 
Denmark STATiC^ 
The passion is so great! :)
2015-08-22 20:18
those reactions ahahah n1 anders
2015-08-22 20:18
great trio
2015-08-22 20:19
someone make a gif
2015-08-22 20:20
Passion above professionalism. Respect. One of many reasons why I cant stand Richard or Thorin. Love that duo/
2015-08-22 20:20
richard and thorin never get to cast a big game on a big stage. i mean, right now ur not complaining about the lack of enthusiasm of fiffy or henryG either. u could make the point though about people like tosspot who are just in there for the money if they are in it at all (which he isnt this time thankfully).
2015-08-22 20:37
Laos 23^ 
tosspot isn't actually that bad, he's way better than deman and pansy in my opinion. he's insane at creating hype even though he doesn't know as much about the game as others do.
2015-08-22 20:47
no, tosspot is garbage bcs all the hype he is trying to create is 100% fake. u can hear that easily just listening to him but there are also other factors that show that. pansy and deman are not the best, but they are decent.
2015-08-22 22:15
They werent commentators on this one. I love Anders and semmler. I would throw HenryG in same basket with Richard and Thorin. But thats relative and matter of taste what you like to listen during match.
2015-08-22 20:52
thorin hasnt casted a match in forever. hes not a caster nor a color commentator. hes an analyst on desks, thats it. rlewis had this one off tournament at apm but usually he is best when he is just hosting an analyst desk.
2015-08-22 22:17
thorin also has passion where do you think he find his motivation to be so involved
2015-08-22 20:48
Agree, but he is trying to place professionalism above everything. Thats more for analytics desk. Which in this case is not so good if you ask me. But again I'm not too much into CS anymore, following tournaments and I enjoy what suits my ears.
2015-08-22 20:54
thats funny bcs most people call thorin unprofessional with all the sick bantz he does smashing baguettes on tables and shit like that but yeah he is good he should be at as many events as possible.
2015-08-22 22:18
Really ? Well I got impression that its other way around. Perhaps you are right.
2015-08-22 22:46
I honestly dont think you'll find many people with more passin for the game than Thorin...imo
2015-08-23 08:51
lol semmler
2015-08-22 20:22
I lol'd
2015-08-22 20:42
I cant refrain myself from thinking of semmler sucking anders' dick on this pick...
2015-08-22 23:25
2015-08-23 05:14
best casters <3
2015-08-22 20:27
fcking nip fancasters ...
2015-08-22 20:30
2015-08-22 20:33
Brazil godinh0 
Anders is a fucking boss
2015-08-22 20:33
Bosnia and Herzegovina lemE 
0:41 Anders hahahah
2015-08-22 20:36
Poland Roni445 
It's like he got shot there, not Neo
2015-08-22 23:22
first time to see the casters , real casters for sure right here . all 3 deserve the best
2015-08-22 20:36
Portugal dascouves 
wtf... biased as fuck ahahah
2015-08-22 20:37
moses makes me remember Corey Dunn, such a good caster <3
2015-08-22 20:38
Respect for such passion.
2015-08-22 20:38
2 vs 1 or ? ( didn't watch match ,and YouTube not loading atm on mobile dunno why )
2015-08-22 20:38
love the guys, but fuck it's awful how different they reacted to nip pulling a round or vp pulling a round.
2015-08-22 20:39
2015-08-22 20:39
For future reference, a small window showing exactly what's happening in game would be nice. Kinda hard to make out everything they're saying.
2015-08-22 20:41
We had no VOD available when i was editing the video and recording from demos is impossible on my laptop due to low performance..
2015-08-22 20:45
pls pls pls make the map2 cast pls
2015-08-22 21:06
Wasn't recording on map 2. This video is a test to see if people want more
2015-08-22 21:11
can i ask some question for future? will it be a fragmovie or a movie like dhw or eswc 2014 of cologne 2015? thank u.
2015-08-22 21:17
I don't think i'll be doing anything. We have some videos but they're not that good cause of limited stage-access (limited=none)
2015-08-22 21:21
oh, ok. thats bad for me because i am a big fan of ur fragmovies and movies (especially movies). thank u again for the answering.
2015-08-22 21:23
2015-08-22 21:21
this looks great, its cool to see how they physically react imo +1 for more
2015-08-22 21:49
ok we want 2nd map haha
2015-08-22 23:05
hahahaha n1
2015-08-22 20:42
nip casters, specially anders
2015-08-22 20:43
ahahahhah anders almost crying hahaha
2015-08-22 20:43
gotta love anders <3
2015-08-22 20:45
semmler so mad when nip lost ahahahaahahah
2015-08-22 20:46
hahaha so good <3 :D
2015-08-22 20:47
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
no wonder why they are so biased... because they're NiP fanboys. I hate caster bias...
2015-08-22 20:48
TaZ | 
Poland reap3r 
Anders and Semmler fans of nip ;o
2015-08-22 20:49
Estonia swag420weed 
lol, so much NiP fangayism from casters <3
2015-08-22 20:49
World ntgd 
dat news image :O
2015-08-22 20:50
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
+1 best thumbnail
2015-08-22 20:54
CIS sui~ 
based on Semmler reactions I can say he lost some skins right there lelelele
2015-08-22 20:50
2015-08-22 20:50
2015-08-22 20:51
pls make the 2nd map pls nip 5 rounds are deadly so pls make it HLTV
2015-08-22 20:53
2015-08-22 20:53
<3 moses
2015-08-22 20:54
Legendary xd
2015-08-22 20:56
semmler nice neutral and not-favoring caster ever. so much proffesionalism, gg
2015-08-22 20:57
+1000 the most biased caster ever
2015-08-22 21:14
Semmler and Anders top NiP fanboys :D
2015-08-22 20:58
its just normal that the casters are cheering for the underdog (nip in this case), calm your tits vp fanbois
2015-08-22 20:59
Semmler NiP fanboy? Just judging from his body language when VP got a kill or something.
2015-08-22 21:03
their passion is amazing but they should be less biased.
2015-08-22 21:06
+ 100 :)
2015-08-22 21:12
Semmler shot chill out of the energy drinks
2015-08-22 21:08
lol semmler nip fanboy nr1
2015-08-22 21:11
I love the fact that Moses is an oasis of calm whilst Anders and Semmler are so spontaneous :D
2015-08-22 21:15
Czech Republic baylife 
2015-08-22 21:17
hahaha nice video 1:32 - semmler, the rapper
2015-08-22 21:18
Skip to 1:53 and look at semmler :DD
2015-08-22 21:19
2015-08-22 21:21
When you bust but she keep on sucking
2015-08-22 23:11
biggest nip fanbois on the planet.
2015-08-22 21:20
Semmler NiP fanboy DansGame
2015-08-22 21:24
Everyone is a fan, their obv. is a fan of NIP, and i dont see the problem in that? I will rather listen to these guys than some other guy who doesn't have any passion, nor is a fan of a team or this game, and is just in it for the money! Great video i love the reaction and the passion for the game keep it up! :D
2015-08-22 21:25
2015-08-22 21:47
My english is shit so you may be right :D <3
2015-08-22 21:52
they're so biased lol, but they're the best, most exciting casters!
2015-08-22 21:25
2015-08-22 21:34
Anders is so far the best caster ever lol
2015-08-22 21:34
So professional....
2015-08-22 21:45
2015-08-22 21:51
semmler and anders nip fanboys.. watch their reactions after VP getting the rounds.. theyre upset
2015-08-22 22:06
Did he bet all in Nip? :o
2015-08-22 22:10
rip nip&my skins :(
2015-08-22 22:31
Belarus Starvoid 
the lvl of blowjob in studio is over 9000
2015-08-22 22:35
does moses say a thing?
2015-08-22 22:43
Moses is a true color commentator meaning he fills in the play by play with high level CS knowledge. The main hype casters are Semmler and Anders. Still, moses if giving some game insight sees a good play he himself can actually hype up nicely. Besides that, this is the best casting trio CS can have. Perfect blend of hype, delivery, and knowledge
2015-08-22 23:09
i appreciate moses as a commentator with great insight and knowledge. just wanted to point out that in this video it looks like anders and semmler don't let him speak that much
2015-08-23 01:56
Serbia R4ngO 
Yeah that's kinda true and i noticed that pretty well, but i like moses as a caster and would like to see him casting in other tournaments as well!
2015-08-23 02:28
Semmler suddenly fell asleep at 1:53.
2015-08-22 22:50
United States t1mb3r7and 
Adderall Withdrawal xD
2015-08-23 01:29
2015-08-22 23:08
ahahaha Anders sory bro but it looks like you had heartattack :D
2015-08-22 23:12
those guys doing a fantastic job.
2015-08-22 23:13
Someone should make a gif out of that.
2015-08-22 23:14
<3 SEMMLER <3 NIP <3 Kappa
2015-08-22 23:15
just gotta love the passion of the casters. they really care about the game. thumbs up!
2015-08-22 23:16 Hltv after allu vs neo
2015-08-22 23:16
Serbia R4ngO 
2015-08-23 02:29
So biased...
2015-08-22 23:18
Azerbaijan M1R4CL3 
0:51 Semmler jizzing his pants xDDD
2015-08-22 23:20
Semmler + Anders = Godlike Moses doesn't bring much but he ain't the fifth wheel.
2015-08-22 23:23
except that he knows more than these 2 silvers combined noob
2015-08-22 23:52
2015-08-22 23:28
this is honestly so great to see
2015-08-23 00:00
Where is the grill? She is great too.
2015-08-23 00:02
Wow semmler is fanboy NiP tho
2015-08-23 00:20
2015-08-23 00:20
Serbia R4ngO 
hahahahah expected :D
2015-08-23 02:24
f0rest | 
Algeria NS! 
2015-08-23 01:00
sick one)
2015-08-23 01:03
Anders the most biased nipfanboy it is not funny. Semmler has no clue and Moses is a mad fnatic and c9 fanboy. Shame on them. HenryG and Cadian are the only casters with brain and without childish fanboism.
2015-08-23 01:06
Except HenryG and Cadian are both awful casters in terms of enjoyability, whereas Anders Semmler and moses are all enjoyable, care about the game and know about it.
2015-08-23 02:33
thats why i hate nip cause of the casters overhyping nip in every clutch and dont even scream when the vs team is clutching or anything..
2015-08-23 01:20
2015-08-23 01:57
2015-08-23 02:08
Serbia R4ngO 
''fake hype'' my ass, dumb kiddos
2015-08-23 02:23
They need to ban Anders and Semmler casting NIP games. I'm sick of them jizzing their load over every tiny thing NIP do. EDIT: James and ddk to cast everything
2015-08-23 02:42
France Kairos1g 
It's not like they don't have the right to be excited by beautiful plays
2015-08-23 02:47
of course they're nip fans.. Remember NiPTV?? Nothing wrong with being fans though.
2015-08-23 02:45
It's like they're spitting the illest beats, and when the one is going, the other one is nodding of content
2015-08-23 03:49
Left-side dude is on coke. It's kind of obvious
2015-08-23 03:54
anders be like dafuq did i see X_O
2015-08-23 04:03
you know they lost all there skins BUAHAHAHA xD
2015-08-23 04:14
moses looks like he's having an orgasm
2015-08-23 05:46
Brazil RisenNTC 
de_passion <3
2015-08-23 05:53
NICE :DDD anders+semmler <3
2015-08-23 06:34
Dat passion
2015-08-23 07:50
So epic, no other eSports can produce such emotions.
2015-08-23 07:52
I think anders' heart stopped and he had a seizure for a second right there.
2015-08-23 09:11
only vp now time for second revenge today vs swedish fanboys ;]
2015-08-23 09:41
Anders+Semmler=Best Casting Line up
2015-08-23 09:49
World LeviathaNz 
These reactions show how passionnate they are for this game, they are living it, feeling it. I laughed hard at Semmler when he did his small jumps on his chair when byali does this round when he opens A site on train with 3 kills :D So much passion... These guys are the best, either it's moses or Joe in the middle of this casting duo, I'll be happy. JZFB & ddk are also a fucking great duo, with threat. Other than these, all other are just crap.
2015-08-23 11:00
What about Rahim "babam" ? Kappa No, seriously big up for Anders and Semmler, who has casted since CSGO's beginning
2015-08-23 11:24
best reaction trio ever LMAO
2015-08-23 11:04
It looks even harder when you see the energy they put into that :D
2015-08-23 11:29
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