Video: allu vs. #2

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Player: Finland Aleksi "allu" Jalli
Match: Sweden NiP vs. Poland
Final result: 5:16 (4:11; 1:5)
Match date: 22.08.2015
Map: de_inferno
Event: ESL One Cologne 2015
Weapon: AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge
Action situation: NiP down 2-8

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Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-08-23 01:51
2015-08-23 01:55
2015-08-23 02:23
Andorra _TMP 
god allu
2015-08-23 01:51
2015-08-23 01:52
HeatoN | 
World Shaktar 
2015-08-23 04:40
great play
2015-08-23 01:51
Greenland razyN 
lol anders going juicy
2015-08-23 01:53
anders goin big
2015-08-23 01:58
Finland kappaboi 
2015-08-23 01:54
bot kallu
2015-08-23 01:55
hi when do you lan
2015-08-23 01:59
2015-08-23 03:47
Portugal tnyk1ng 
it's not raining outside, go take some sunlight
2015-08-23 04:46
where is snax 4k in one of the last rounds of inferno?
2015-08-23 01:57
They just upload NiP highlights, guess why
2015-08-23 02:47
ALLU <33
2015-08-23 01:58
Where is neo's video?
2015-08-23 02:02
Neo was great, but his kills was easy they feeded him. They were low and walked right into him.
2015-08-23 02:18
he is not saying about neo's kills in this round ;o
2015-08-23 03:01
yeah no, neo got VP so many rounds it's insane, the match was a lot closer than the score would suggest
2015-08-23 09:53
neo was 1v2 most of the cases 1 nip player high hp and low hp, neo came from short and always killed the high hp player first in the back as he was still short than the other kill was easy The kills with the awp were beautiful but only 2 kills
2015-08-23 11:05
Finland Wozzw 
God alluu
2015-08-23 02:06
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
Delpan > allu nip give one chance for delpan... and see ;)
2015-08-23 02:14
they already did, he sucked hard
2015-08-23 02:16
this ^_^
2015-08-23 13:34
hahaha you lie allu is great. Delpan MIGHT be better than friberg in his current form, but definitely not Allu.
2015-08-23 02:44
best nip player by far
2015-08-23 02:25
2015-08-23 03:29
This is about allu, not GTR.
2015-08-23 11:51
welcome to 2015
2015-08-23 15:55
And 2013. And 2014. GTR > allu
2015-08-23 17:07
GTR was better than allu in 2013 and 2014 if u want that closure for that argument. Wont help u for 2015 tho.
2015-08-23 20:15
Ok, then don't have an heart attack when you see the statistics for both of them in 2015. I don't have them at hand, but I am certain that GTR's are superior.
2015-08-23 20:28
if u check all the playoffs game with stats, im pretty sure allu is leading nip in most of them, by far. gtr should be 2nd for sure. it could even be possible that gtr got overall better frag stats bcuz allu is not that ecofragger with his awp f.e. and there are plenty of online games and groupstage matches who dont matter us much, but allu got 100% the better stats in playoffs matches overall in 2015.
2015-08-23 20:43
Ok, this is actually easy to see, according to new filters from GTR (LAN/2015): Rating: 1.12 allu (LAN/2015): Rating: 1.04 GTR has also better stats "online" and in "majors", for the year 2015. Check it. :)
2015-08-23 21:04
read again, i said allu in important quarter, semi or grandfinals matches since he basically joined nip. not LAN overall or major overall bcuz there is always groupstage matches and other stuff.
2015-08-23 22:42
Well, that' all very relative. I handed you some hard data. I am not seeing GTR underperforming (in relation to any other member of the team) in those key moments that you speak of. In fact, NiP had the the most success when GTR really stepped it up. And with allu, they won very little, far less than with fifflaren. allu seems to be a very complete player, better than fiff, but something is missing and the team is largely underperforming.
2015-08-24 00:01
i didnt say nip was successful with allu, but the problem isnt allu and wasnt maikelele aswell. the better times with fiff are long time ago, there were literally no opponents besides vp on a good day or verygames. these times were 2 years ago. they tried to fix their issues with another 5th player (maik,delpan,allu), but that wont fix their mainproblem with friberg. he is pure garbage for over a year now. totally hyped, but he is done obviously. xizt was right behind him in terms of performance, even tho he seems to be on a positive trend lately skillwise. but u play 4on5 in almost every game. this event again, allu played great and f0rest really stepped it up, but they were still miles away from beating teams like vp, fnatic, tsm or envy. there is way 2 less firepower in nip nowadays with the risen competition. nip wont win anythin aslong as friberg stays in the team and they do some "major" shuffle and not always swap the 5th player. said this for a long time and it keeps on proving
2015-08-24 00:09
BOT allu didn't appear 2much
2015-08-23 02:30
good play
2015-08-23 02:33
nice one :D
2015-08-23 02:34
Castergasm, always so professional.
2015-08-23 02:44
-friberg +igl and make xizt be rifler
2015-08-23 03:48
rip nip :(
2015-08-23 03:57
so allu makes 2 good plays all year gets vids put up on hltv, olof makes 10,000 and never gets any put up, hltv admins = nipfankids.
2015-08-23 07:39
olofmuister is overated as fuck , allu is underated as fuck , so no videos for the uverhyped shit .
2015-08-23 07:54
Olofmeister is overrated? For how long have you been watching games? Since fucking yesterday?
2015-08-23 09:36
how can you be overrated when you're the best player in this game? wot the fuk i'll agree with you on the allu underrated tho
2015-08-23 11:21
-friburg so bad
2015-08-23 08:00
taz kinda threw it xd
2015-08-23 08:49
nt allu another good major from u
2015-08-23 08:52
-bot allu 3-15 never forget
2015-08-23 08:55
Aleksib | 
New Zealand gaxen 
omg... Where are the videos entitled: neo vs NiP #1, neo vs NiP #2, neo vs NiP #3 and neo vs NiP #4?
2015-08-23 09:42
+1 And its annoying to see screaming commentator only if NIP is winning. GL next time NiP.
2015-08-23 09:53
Not NiPs fault they're THE team ))
2015-08-23 13:36
but i think NiP need Kick ALLU!
2015-08-23 10:25
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
2015-08-23 10:37
Finland NUCL3AR 
god allu
2015-08-23 11:08
flashy highlights when he has a good "moment" (most people can have this) BUT apart from this and his glock win on train (when VP failed) he lost alot of important key duels this match (like every match against top tier opponents) making NiP fall apart. They need a roster change if they ever wanna be top1 again, hope they can finally start to see it.
2015-08-23 11:24
Typical swedis retarded kid that want allu to get kicked because he not sweden , ALLU topfraging , you say the scoreboard doesnt matter , but when is a the bottom you say it matters then ? ALLU fucking insane player , what about friberg who didnt won a shit , he barely killed taz 1 vs 1 and taz was 25 HP , all carrying nip on TRAIN and still balming him , swedish kid tards .
2015-08-23 11:38
2015-08-23 12:26
2015-08-23 11:35
pff obv -allu no impact kills top kek
2015-08-23 12:35
I'd like to see neo's clutch video from inferno
2015-08-23 13:02
very well played
2015-08-23 13:42
bot allu
2015-08-23 15:32
not bot coz hot
2015-08-23 17:48
allu so sick!! -friberg +anyone
2015-08-24 04:09
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