fnatic: "Nothing is impossible for us"

For the wrap-up of ESL One Cologne, here is Viktor "vuggo" Jendeby and Robin "flusha" Rönnquist talking about the grand final, the event as a whole and more, including drug testing and booing.

fnatic secured their second consecutive major title, a third overall for Robin "flusha" Rönnquist, Jesper "JW" Wecksell and Markus "pronax" Wallsten, after coming back from 7-14 on de_dust2 and a comfortable de_cbble against EnVyUs.

We grabbed flusha and coach Viktor "vuggo" Jendeby to talk about the comeback, ESL One Cologne as a whole and also ESL's new drug testing policy, as well as the booing fnatic received from fans at the arena.

You can find the rest of HLTV.org's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

Sweden Viktor 'vuggo' Jendeby
Viktor 'vuggo' Jendeby
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Maps played:
Sweden Markus 'pronax' Wallsten
Markus 'pronax' Wallsten
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia e1em3nt 
2015-08-24 19:32
2015-08-24 19:35
Poland xynz 
Ye, Nothing's aim is impossible even for them
2015-08-24 19:39
n0thing wishes his aim was impossible for them :)
2015-08-24 19:59
Another tip to ESL major: Players entrance in the stadium while they go to the stage could have some kind of song chosen by them, just like in UFC. :D
2015-08-24 23:46
Peru unfaithful93 
Actually, I was expecting that the whole time lol, until I realized they were having the same song for every team :c
2015-08-25 05:50
Germany ayyy 
2015-08-24 19:32
Lithuania karkeris 
"Nothing is impossible for us" ok pls make 88-0
2015-08-24 19:32
World zonev5 
if they had this team in 2012 I assure you they would make a lot more than 88 lans in a row
2015-08-24 19:35
What he did was quoting "NOTHING is impossible". So according to Fnatic they wouldn't need to be in 2012 to do that right?
2015-08-24 19:51
United States r0seCS 
God, don't you just LOVE some good old figures of speech?
2015-08-25 20:15
Why do people still talk about a shitty irrelevant record? The fact that NiP went 87-0 with someone as bad as fifflaren just shows how crap teams were and how there was no competition in CS GO at the time. gyazo.com/7603b9d9beab9836802885c1f2b6f3..
2015-08-24 19:36
2015-08-24 19:39
China o_O 
+1 as a swede i can proudly say that i hate nip fanfags
2015-08-24 19:56
Sweden BBW 
swedish and proud, can't put both in same sentence man
2015-08-24 21:04
China o_O 
shut the fuck up you are using the undefined flag so people wont know that you are a fucking third world polak
2015-08-24 21:16
Sweden BBW 
You proved my point. Haha
2015-08-24 21:19
China o_O 
alright, atleast im getting paid to get educated. have fun fixing pipes under someones sink
2015-08-24 22:00
you need to get paid to go to school otherwise you would stay dumb.. what a stupid argument.
2015-08-25 01:10
Sweden BBW 
me too actually, but GOOD ARGUMENT!
2015-08-25 08:15
the fact the you act cocky then you dont even use a flag shows that you're obviously emberrasad of your country nt tho.
2015-08-26 14:43
Sweden BBW 
yet again my proven has been verified. Wowah I love when a couple of swedes get mad and start typing furiously
2015-08-26 14:45
you have proven yourself retard gz bro probably the only achievement in your life.
2015-08-26 20:08
Sweden BBW 
Hey, do IKEA deliver home? I'm out of salt and talking to you looks like i should have lifetime supply of it i just need someone to ship it Swedistan good, but not bestest, Jw best
2015-08-26 20:14
ikea do yes,we have a couple stores hiere in dk i got alot a shit from them but the driver's who deliver it wher just as mad an swedish as this guy hiere. u rlly gonna think about it twice
2015-08-29 19:23
ye look at yourself now kid
2015-08-24 21:50
Hail Swedistan
2015-08-24 23:26
Korea SKT T1 Faker 
2015-08-24 21:27
2015-08-24 23:23
this picture is truly the most amazing strawman I've ever seen edit: of course I don't disagree with it--I still chuckle every time I hear casters refer to Friberg as 'king of banana' in 2015
2015-08-25 06:40
I don't get the FKN RUSSIANS part
2015-08-25 07:01
well, the world hates russians.
2015-08-25 18:03
Brazil Nobuga 
2015-08-26 00:07
lol do you have brains? use them
2015-08-24 19:42
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Oh Fuck Off!
2015-08-24 19:43
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
working out is
2015-08-24 19:32
2015-08-24 19:54
Latvia V1ENS 
2015-08-24 19:32
Best team in the world. :D
2015-08-24 19:33
yea flusha can get away with historic hacking because he's too big to fall. nothing is impossible.
2015-08-24 19:33
2015-08-24 19:43
I like the taste of your tears.
2015-08-24 19:45
So he isn't cheating now? Then why did he cheat if he can still get top rating on a major final without cheats? And if you tell me he is still cheating you're a complete moron.
2015-08-25 00:10
what am i, a philosopher? why did ibp risk their careers to throw for a few measly skins? why do sportspeople seek a competitive edge?
2015-08-25 00:52
I wouldn't called the tens of thousands they got a few measly skins, but I can see where your going with this. Preach!
2015-08-25 01:49
United Kingdom paullll 
2015-08-25 00:12
I think its hilarious that people still think flusha cheats or used to cheat. I bet flisha feeds off your hate. YES SALTY TEARS! FEED THE FNATIC POWERHOUSE!
2015-08-25 05:19
Hahah Yes!
2015-08-25 09:54
flusha <3
2015-08-24 19:33
You were teammates in 2013 right ? Btw fan of you :)
2015-08-24 19:34
And i'm a fan of you <3
2015-08-25 08:40
Loooooooooool and im yours :>
2015-08-25 10:22
looooooooooool and i dont know you :/
2015-08-26 01:12
Loooool dont know you either
2015-08-26 11:48
but I'm fan of you
2015-08-26 18:14
Ty... I can sign ur profile if you want bro...
2015-08-26 18:22
France k_2F 
LOL if they loose they toggle ! No more reason 4 the comebacks
2015-08-24 19:33
2015-08-24 19:33
Shia Labeouf ©
2015-08-24 19:34
2015-08-24 19:34
Mad because NiP is bad?
2015-08-24 21:19
So immature.
2015-08-25 00:34
inb4 cheater coments
2015-08-24 19:34
cheating at lan not impossible for fnatic hltv confirmed
2015-08-24 19:35
Flusha is da real MVP. A great guy
2015-08-24 19:35
2015-08-24 19:36
as an aside, who even is "vuggo"?
2015-08-24 19:38
Fnatic coach, and the guy responsible for changing their approach mid-game when they take time outs. Really beasted this LAN.
2015-08-24 20:53
o i know, i meant as in where did he come from if he really makes those timeouts count he really is a valuable addition
2015-08-24 22:00
he worked for fragbite (biggest swedish counter-strike site) before he got hired by fnatic, as he said earlier he's always been a fnatic fan and he started helping them already at Katowice this year before he got the coach role
2015-08-24 22:30
Before Fnatic he was the coach for Team Property's male lineup as well as occasionally working together with swedish e-sport site Fragbite.
2015-08-24 23:14
He was a semi-pro level player back in 1.6 times. Well known in Sweden and played alongside some good players.
2015-08-25 00:36
Vuggo was originally just hired as a pure analyst for fnatic, giving them info about tendencies, map successrates, map bans and such. He was put in the full coach-role when devilwalk left.
2015-08-25 01:15
semi-pro in sweden, 1.6 played with players like dennis, olofm, manne etc
2015-08-25 08:45
nothing is impossible , JUST DO IT , DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS
2015-08-24 19:38
2015-08-24 20:56
gotta love flusha
2015-08-24 19:40
2015-08-24 19:40
Flusha > mad thirdies
2015-08-24 19:40
respect for flusha =D suck it haters
2015-08-24 19:41
They just show that cheat on major is not impossible
2015-08-24 19:41
Please reboot your brain. You'll be better after.
2015-08-25 10:02
The only cheat they could realistically use is a hardware cheat and they already check for those. :^)
2015-08-25 13:23
"we thrust eachother" -flusha 2015
2015-08-24 19:42
as said in their TS. #34 HLTV confirmed
2015-08-25 18:51
Australia partipanshO 
Beating TSM seems pretty impossible for fnatic
2015-08-24 19:42
Haha, ikr :D
2015-08-24 20:33
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Nothing except not being universally hated by mankind.
2015-08-24 19:45
Awww, NiP/VP kiddies are crying again, how fitting.
2015-08-24 19:46
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
I'm a Na`Vi fan, mate.
2015-08-24 20:29
Lies, you're VP fan.
2015-08-24 21:20
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Why would I lie about being a Na`Vi fan?:D It's terrible. They throw more than anyone else. Gives me an aneurysm every game.
2015-08-24 21:42
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
Robin "i don't give a fuck" Rönnquist
2015-08-24 19:45
2015-08-24 19:49
Flusha :DD <33 he really doesnt give fuck
2015-08-24 19:51
Greatest cheater of all times
2015-08-24 19:51
Flusha is man ho makes money, if i would be in his position i would do the same.
2015-08-24 19:52
Brazil CHEMyyy 
actually flusha seems a nice guy.
2015-08-24 19:52
what a bunch of assholes.
2015-08-24 19:59
2015-08-24 20:04
2015-08-24 20:02
I think flusha was drunk during that interview
2015-08-24 20:05
even cheating in lan
2015-08-24 20:15
2015-08-25 18:59
Hungary adzeii 
hltv.org you really should hire some professionals to do the interviews ur guys are so fucking horrible
2015-08-24 20:16
What's wrong with this interview? Could you please explain? And perhaps could you make better interview next time?
2015-08-24 21:21
Hungary adzeii 
No, I couldn't make a better interview. And you know why? Cause it's not my job. For god's shake, if you were a programmer do you really think you could just publish anything that doesn't even work, or would your employer accept such lazy work? First, find someone with native english and not some bushman accent.
2015-08-24 22:14
Finland Dragonpig 
Fnatic is literally unstoppable atm
2015-08-24 20:17
n0thing is impossible for us.. ffs fnatic
2015-08-24 20:25
Portugal dashh 
vuugo is flusha's bitch
2015-08-24 20:27
oh look the 2 cheaters together makes sense
2015-08-24 20:29
Spain Alser 
I'm glad they don't give a fak
2015-08-24 20:32
Being respected as players an individuals not impossible. Don't make me laugh kiddo.
2015-08-24 20:34
C9 n0thing is confirmed kryptonite for Fnatic
2015-08-24 20:34
I thought it's f0rest: "Nothing is impossible for us"
2015-08-24 20:42
c9 going to beat fnatic in next major, Fnatic confirmed on hltv
2015-08-24 20:50
getting laid?
2015-08-24 20:52
People always ask me why am I a flusha fan He is so fucking cool, he doens't give a fuck Like, seriously. FAKEN FLUSHA
2015-08-24 20:54
ofc whith cheat on :(
2015-08-24 20:55
hmm Your tears yummi! ehm #22 +1
2015-08-25 18:08
are u mad...?
2015-08-25 18:15
Never been happier seeing your team sucking since almost a year, and your hate towards fnatic. especially flusha. U had a big mouth in 2013/14 NiP era together with that brasilian ape guy when other teams were nowhere near as balanced as now. Where is your NiP now? ;)
2015-08-26 06:57
NiP > all 87-0 #neverforgetmyfriend
2015-08-26 11:49
Nothing? U guys forgot the ESWC 2015 Montreal
2015-08-24 20:59
Czech Republic J0s3e 
Slicker than the lord cheater Armstrong himself, I bow in awe.
2015-08-24 20:59
World -ATN 
Love the last part, this is a family show, keept it clean
2015-08-24 21:05
yes theyre great but i still can't like them
2015-08-24 21:09
flusha doesn't give a fak XD
2015-08-24 21:13
inb4 0-16 twice by Hunden Kappa
2015-08-24 21:23
Well, that's disrespectful. :) The only normal lads from fnatic are pronax and olof with krimz, jw and flusha are bunch of faggots.
2015-08-24 21:23
not when u have cheats ofc not
2015-08-24 21:39
cmon n0thing would be a great sub for krimz. pls..
2015-08-24 21:48
Fox | 
Iran ahmaden 
jw&flusha drug test = negative jw&flusha aim-lock = positive
2015-08-24 22:24
I felt sorry for Olof during his Interview. He didnt deserved to get so booed on stage. The polish crowd and the french crowd (and the rest of the visitors) Put their hate together and punched it in his face. In cheering for their Team i can only say good job, they were the only true supporters for VP and nV. Because there were nearly 1500-2000 people with a NiP-Shirt and they were quiet, they didnt support them in any Situation. They should shame themselves if they go to such an event put a team shirt on and just sit there and only say nothing. But hey they come to boo the best team in csgo at this moment. I am really not a Fnatic fanboy, but they really deserved to get respect for what they bring up on stage. I feel sad that it put such a bad light on a big event in germany, cause no one will ask whether it were german polish france british people or who ever the Most will think it were only germans. I hope the next major will be more respectfull and more noisy in a positive way.
2015-08-24 22:35
if esports want to be taken as a real sport the teams have to accept that booing and fan fanatism is part of the system espacially when ur such a polarizing team as fnatic.
2015-08-25 10:06
They disrespected schneider when they removed he a DW, the incident with moddii when they beat nip on lan, the way flusha cultivates his reputation as cheater and has vuggo do his interviews for him. Honestly many people didn't like them for their personality, way before the cheating accusations, and olof has little to nothing to do with that since he is one person this IS liked and respected in that team. This isn't biased hate against faith nationality or race it's based on actions and events and you simply can't ask people who have seen this team over the years to forget this game is played by people, some of whom they do not care for.
2015-08-25 21:22
2015-08-24 22:57
Even time travel is possible for fnatic.
2015-08-24 23:59
this team wouldnt even exist if JW get banned in the beginning of CS:GO, when he cheated. gg about booing - flusha already said on his official fanpage that he doesnt care about fans, doesnt even give a single fuck. so they shouldnt crying now about boo-ing, take it like a man if you wanted it.
2015-08-25 00:36
Well he actually said that he doesnt give a fuck about it , but maybe the other players does.
2015-08-25 02:19
Did you watch the video? He said he doesn't give a fuck. I have even more respect for Flusha after this vid.
2015-08-25 21:17
he doesnt care about your respect. kek
2015-08-25 21:28
FNatic fuking hacker
2015-08-25 00:49
Sweden fued 
how much nintendo?
2015-08-25 01:27
stfu noobnatic
2015-08-25 02:05
haha nice interview, fnatic too stronk
2015-08-25 02:32
i dont give a fak -flusha 2k15
2015-08-25 03:38
nothing is impossible for us? try winning the top 2-16 teams, simultaneously, blind-folded, without mouse, intoxicated, in a swamp while watching game of thrones
2015-08-25 04:10
Play without mouse, what an awesome thread. 1/10
2015-08-25 04:11
joystick ftw!
2015-08-25 04:47
but he wasn't even in final ??
2015-08-25 05:51
They almost got Rekt by Virtus.pro and now they telling 'Nothing is imposible for us'? Srsl m8, next time you wont be this lucky
2015-08-25 09:38
By your logic then, fnatic also rekt Virtus.pro. 16-7 is almost the same as 16-6.It was a close match and it was a good game but if you wanna get into matters about who rekts who, no chance my friend...no chance... VP only won one Bo3 this year against fnatic and that is ESEA. fnatic won at Katowice, ESEA ESL, Gfinity,....god knows how many...
2015-08-26 11:27
I just mean that it's kinda arrogant to talk like this. Nothing wrong with fnatic or other pro teams and yes it was a great game. But yeah maybe you got me wrong friend ;)
2015-08-26 11:43
Okay :) <3
2015-08-26 11:56
2015-08-25 09:52
Vuggo gay confirmed by interview
2015-08-25 10:24
flusha = shia
2015-08-25 10:25
2015-08-25 10:26
Flusha MVP fosho
2015-08-25 13:02
good interview and nice to see them still smile after being boooooed. I like that attitude by flusha. Haters gonna hate. Just ignore :)
2015-08-25 13:09
Sweden LspN 
flusha <3
2015-08-25 15:24
They can't beat C9 because of n0thing, confirmed.
2015-08-25 16:11
Fnatic: "Don't let UR dreamz be dreamz!
2015-08-25 18:16
2015-08-25 21:02
But Ye My comentary Was fucking Stupid! Really Nice guy FLusha! And Vuggo too! Sorry!
2015-08-26 06:19
Austria gex0r 
flusha dont give a foQQ
2015-08-26 11:20
I gotta agree, that comeback on d2 was insane. Not like CT side nuke 'comebacks'--a real comeback in a game and on a stage that mattered, in front of millions of people
2015-08-26 12:02
Actually, just 1 million.
2015-08-28 14:08
Lmao well said flusha =DD
2015-08-26 15:38
Nothing is impossible for Flusha... like cheating on LANs.
2015-08-27 21:34
Nothing is impossible for Flusha... like cheating on LANs.
2015-08-29 21:27
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