Virtus, C9 to Crown's Invitational

The Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex has announced that it will host an invitational CS:GO tournament with 55,555 AUD (approximately 40,000 USD) up for grabs.

The Palms at Crown theater venue, located inside the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, in Melbourne, Australia, will play host on October 10 to an invitational CS:GO tournament.

Cloud9 and have been invited to compete in this tournament, where they will be taking on the best teams in Australia and New Zealand for a piece of the 55,555 AUD (approximately 40,000 USD) prize pool.

The Palms at Crown will stage a CS:GO tournament 

More information about Crown’s Counter-Strike Invitational, including format and local invites, is expected to be released soon by the Australian entertainment group.

Spectator tickets will go on sale next Monday, August 31, from 55 AUD (39 USD). 

2015-08-26 17:33
8 replies
For a moment i think the title is "C9 to CLOWN's invitational =)))
2015-08-26 18:20
7 replies
Same! Haha
2015-08-26 18:30
:DDD I lol'd pretty hard.
2015-08-26 18:31
Wtf hahah i just realized that it's not clowns haha
2015-08-26 22:11
2015-08-27 00:27
I still thought it said that until I read your comment... LOL
2015-08-27 00:49
i think it is isnt it? :D
2015-08-27 13:38
2015-08-28 00:34
ahh, nice! :))
2015-08-26 17:33
2015-08-26 17:33
2015-08-26 17:33
Spain azer1
2015-08-26 17:34
ez VP
2015-08-26 17:34
sponsored by csgl
2015-08-26 17:34
Niceeeee edit: c9 always with fucking VP lol
2015-08-26 17:44
1 reply
is like they get surprise buttsex and then c9 keep coming back for more
2015-08-26 21:55
Counter-Strike: Poker Edition Kappa
2015-08-26 17:35
1 reply
is already only gambling
2015-08-26 22:08
Italy 1nf3rn4L
ez for VP
2015-08-26 17:35
2015-08-26 17:36
2015-08-26 17:36
Vp <3 C9 <3 My 2 faves teams, for sure.
2015-08-26 17:36
Freya | 
Bulgaria Keepo
ez 40 bux
2015-08-26 17:39
Finally some huge jetlag for both EU/NA inc :D
2015-08-26 17:42
2 replies
And no adderall restrictions :D
2015-08-26 22:59
1 reply
Good luck getting Adderall through customs without a script in Australia.
2015-08-27 23:13
Japan enos
ez money for vp :d
2015-08-26 17:42
2015-08-26 17:43
2015-08-26 17:44
illuminati confirmed
2015-08-26 17:45
GL to VP. 24h flight. I hope they can book business, but I highly doubt it. It's horrible
2015-08-26 17:45
1 reply
by the looks of photos they posted on social media they most definitely got business class, they were in a 747 with the lay down seat/beds and were full in Qantas pyjamas! so i'm sure they should pull up ok.
2015-10-09 00:03
pretty cool
2015-08-26 17:46
Is there a special connection of the venue to 55? I know it's a casino so I'm obviously missing the context. Perhaps a slot machine combo or a card game?
2015-08-26 17:47
4 replies
nope nothing dont know what the 55 shit is
2015-08-26 18:07
Kat | 
Slovakia harek
55 aud for a ticket ?
2015-08-26 19:39
1 reply
Yeah but look at the total prize money too - AUD 55, can't be a coincidence?
2015-08-28 14:30
crown is for asians so they like 8's
2015-08-27 16:54
noice one :D
2015-08-26 17:48
vp and c9 smurfing
2015-08-26 17:48
finally a tourney c9 COULD win.
2015-08-26 17:50
17 replies
Latvia Ke]R[4u
no chance my friend, i'l just leave this here [ 16 : 8 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 1 ] Cloud 9 [ 16 : 10 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 0 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 0 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 0 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 1 ] Cloud 9 [ 16 : 11 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 1 ] Cloud 9 [ 2 : 0 ] Cloud 9
2015-08-26 17:55
16 replies
2015-08-26 18:11
2015-08-26 18:14
1 reply
2015-08-26 22:40
Don't be a dick about it... He said a tournament Cloud9 COULD win, and he's right... they're the second best team attending this tournament after
2015-08-26 18:27
12 replies
Your last 7 posts are responding to bait about c9 get off their dick rofl
2015-08-26 19:35
5 replies
It's just me responding to comments on this HLTV thread. Didn't know that was against the rules.
2015-08-26 21:31
4 replies
you're just getting baited super hard, feel bad for you
2015-08-26 22:11
1 reply
[*] stevevevevevvveveven
2015-08-27 04:57
Dont mind these Hltv retard kids, an post whatever u want man. they just jump on the bandwagon an spew shit. that being said. Renegades has improved alot over the last couple months it looks like, an they could take c9 down:) but overall alot of ppl including the writers at Hltv overrate c9. even putting them in the favorite group for getting top 4 at the major.
2015-08-27 11:01
1 reply
Thanks, man. Glad there's someone who isn't mentally handicapped in these forums. "Get baited, gr8 b8". Grow the fuck up guys.
2015-08-27 16:54
you are heavily over-rating C9 they are yet to face renegades they are yet to face immunity the ausie scene has not had much international exposure. we have some solid teams who are just waiting for the chance to play and get out there. It's not going to be a walk in the park for any team.
2015-08-27 01:31
5 replies
Cloud9 shrekt immunity at Gfinity ages ago.
2015-08-27 02:12
3 replies
Yeah but it's Immunity, they aren't really expected to play at RNG's level. They did well at Cologne though, some results to show their potential. Steveveveve is over-hyping cloud 9 a lot though, his NA tears are what helps me sleep at night.
2015-08-27 06:12
2 replies
Honestly i'm sure that cloud9 will rekt renegades, but with immunity i was just stating facts, c9 hasnt played renegades yet.
2015-08-27 08:09
1 reply
I think Renegades could beat C9 so long as Yam and JKS are on point. At Cologne their performance wasn't the best, but they still defeat Titan. Yeah they both played well, but I know they can and have done better.
2015-08-27 08:28
immunity got rekt at gfinity but lets see if the boys can change that
2015-08-27 13:11
First lan in aus with a decent prize pool get pumped b o I z
2015-08-26 17:51
4 replies
Dont know if this is enough to go to australia... If there is no travelsupport for c9, vp its not enough
2015-08-26 18:02
3 replies
Flight for team and coach can't be more than $10000 from either NA or Poland. How is it not worth it?
2015-08-26 23:05
2 replies
10000 for 6 or 7 people to fly from eu to aus? Let's figure it up here. 3 planes, average of 500 dollars a ticket, seeing as they don't do business. That's 1500 a person, x that by 6 or 7, that's 9000 to 10500 for the whole trip. If they get their tickets for cheaper, it still wouldn't be enough for 6 people to travel for a few days, and only be able to split 1000 to 2000 dollars for the whole trip. Not worth it.
2015-08-27 12:34
My apologies good sir, I didn't read about the 40000, I just saw the 10000, just forget my comment ;D
2015-08-27 12:35
Latvia Ke]R[4u
ez money for vp
2015-08-26 17:51
$55,000 AUD won't even the winner airfare home with how broken and dopey the OZ economy is.
2015-08-26 17:52
5 replies
Canadian with Englando problems
2015-08-26 17:59
1 reply
Teach me, then.
2015-08-26 18:03
they probably have travel support for clown9 and virtus plow.
2015-08-26 18:08
They obviously pay for Cloud9 and's travel expenses + hotel why else would they compete for 40k?
2015-08-26 19:37
the Australian dollar is beyond fucked atm, great for exporting but as a general consumer like me it's fucking trash for buying anything online. [*] for the Australian dollar ;-;
2015-10-09 00:06
flusha | 
Switzerland bufu
Oi Oi Oi!
2015-08-26 18:01
2 replies
2015-08-26 20:24
1 reply
nt XD
2015-10-08 23:51
i feel like they shouldnt invite them. a tournament with 55k prize pool ONLY for oceanic teams would boost their scene pretty good. now the aussie fans will just have to watch their favourite teams get shit on by a buncha euros.
2015-08-26 18:08
5 replies
Latvia Ke]R[4u
or could invite like hellraisers/ dignitas/ titan/ clg/ liquid/ so they would have a chance to win or show good games
2015-08-26 18:18
1 reply
honestly i think even those are too good for them. smth weaker like tier 2 NA teams.
2015-08-26 18:37
From an economic standing point nobody will watch the tournament without those teams in in, the big teams are the only reason why the prize pool is 55k. If it was only aussie teams it would be about 10k prize pool.
2015-08-27 02:16
2 replies
yeah but if it was only for aussie teams ( 55k) wouldnt that boost the scene massively ?
2015-08-27 02:29
1 reply
Large amounts of money don't do shit for the scene. Teams attending do. If there was a only oceanic tournament nobody could fork out 55k for em.
2015-08-27 02:33
c9 top 5? pls australia...
2015-08-26 18:10
2 replies
They are according to Thorin's rankings.
2015-08-26 18:44
1 reply
only time Ive agreed with Thorin
2015-08-26 21:08
2015-08-26 18:11
why not nV and fnatic?
2015-08-26 18:15
Great for the Australian scene! Time to show-off her Majesty's talent. Also, finally a tournament Cloud9 can win!
2015-08-26 18:17
North America Foxaika
This sounds like a fun event actually! Get to see teams I haven't before.
2015-08-26 18:18
not really that much price money. hardly worth it for either of them to fly to AUS for that.
2015-08-26 18:21
5 replies
usually tournament organisers pay for flights and hotels
2015-08-26 18:46
4 replies
thats not usually the case. just recently some big tourneys started to do that. still u gotta fly around the world. and theres other events aplenty.
2015-08-26 19:00
3 replies
you got to keep in mind that Crown's need some internationally known teams to gain some publicity and attract viewers.
2015-08-26 19:12
2 replies
it's not only just that, at $55 a ticket and the amount of people who play CS:GO in Australia they'll make massive profit, especially since it's an 18+ event where people are most certainly going to be drinking alcohol which will probably gain them more money than the tickets xD i for sure am because it's my 18th birthday on the day of the event so i'm gonna get hammered while watching some of my favourite teams play CS:GO FUCKING LIVE MATE :D
2015-08-27 04:06
1 reply
Not actually gonna be 18+ right?
2015-08-27 15:55
c9 hype!
2015-08-26 18:22
eBettle already won this. Don't even need to watch /s
2015-08-26 18:27
This is a cool event and I'm glad the invited teams are 2 teams that Renegades can fully compete against and also have a large fanbase to help support the event. The only other team they could have invited to fit those 2 criteria would have been NiP.
2015-08-26 19:01
Plz no tournaments under 100k for T1 teamsteams.
2015-08-26 19:04
1 reply
probably is a 100k AUD tournament when you factor in travel costs that they MUST be paying for C9 and VP otherwise they wouldn't bother showing up for such low prize tournament across the globe
2015-08-26 22:14
VP ez pz I'd say.
2015-08-26 19:06
what kind of shitty tournament is that?
2015-08-26 19:14
1 reply
It's just a chill tournament like APM. Nothing to be taken seriously.
2015-08-26 23:31
Who else will be attending
2015-08-26 19:22
4 replies
where they will be taking on the best teams in Australia and New Zealand
2015-08-26 19:38
3 replies
i didnt even know NZ had teams, will be pleasantly surprised if they do
2015-08-27 00:35
1 reply
Nope no good NZ teams. There are a couple of good NZ players on aussie teams though
2015-08-27 02:27
Just those countries?
2015-08-27 07:07
Kat | 
Slovakia harek
2015-08-26 19:53
Same time as the World Championship thing. Looks like Poland and USA will get rekt
2015-08-26 20:10
So C9 VP finals? Free money for them I guess.
2015-08-26 20:23
ez for VP bye burgers
2015-08-26 20:43
yes australia!!!!
2015-08-26 20:46
Sorry C9 fans, but: Ez for VP.
2015-08-26 20:47
1 reply
Nah mate renegades on the comeback train
2015-10-08 23:54
Free money for Poland or Merica. Thanks upside down people
2015-08-26 21:07
Crown9 inc
2015-08-26 21:17
Damn never thought I would get Esports in my town!
2015-08-26 21:51
Crown casino is awesome - gonna be a cool event.
2015-08-26 21:51
Best NZ team? We dont have any known of teams lmao
2015-08-26 21:54
2 replies
it will be interesting to nz teams
2015-08-26 23:13
lol i didn't even know NZ was on the CS map.
2015-08-27 03:10
nice good to see a australian tournament with international teams as well even though I think that it will be a vp gala show ;)
2015-08-26 22:05
Theres a few teams with Kiwis in them. Immunity with emagine Direwolves has kiwis i cant remember if exile 5 did too. 3 of rng's members are originally from NZ. Anyway i'm going to this event for sure.
2015-08-26 23:13
8 replies
2015-08-27 00:51
Emag isn't Kiwi and none of RNG's members are from NZ. Keep telling yourself whatever you want to hear LOL
2015-08-27 01:27
1 reply
Then why dont you go and stalk Ian Turner aka Snyper's profile and look at his post about where the big aussie players are from. Read the part where he says emag is from new zealand. and that most of vox are kiwis except for yam and azr
2015-08-27 08:56
topgun was kiwi but he's gone now, which players do you believe are from NZ?
2015-08-27 02:58
3 replies
Topgun was kiwi biggest lol, The only NZ players that have played in a top div1 team recently/currently are zewsy, sico, raz and blackout. may have one more player missing but from the top of my head are those 3 Do you people even know the players lol.
2015-08-27 03:20
2 replies
zewsy is very underrated, he is a brilliant player
2015-08-27 04:30
what XPL said, you guys are fucking retarded lmao Quite obvious you don't the know the players then...
2015-08-27 11:25
this has to be a troll... if not neck urself
2015-08-27 05:42
2015-08-26 23:15
I think you guys are missing the point. This is supposed to be a mostly Oceanic LAN, but they invited a popular NA team and a popular EU team to get some international interest. It will increase the number of viewers and the level of competition, as well as allowing Oceanic teams (other than Renegades and Immunity) to get some experience playing against such teams. Not every event has to be a major.
2015-08-26 23:43
2 replies
exactly what I thought +1
2015-08-27 03:20
2015-08-27 08:04
18+ only Light a candle for my dreams [*]
2015-08-27 00:09
3 replies
I'm pretty sure minors can go into the palms with adult supervision
2015-08-27 00:56
turning 18 on the day of the event, gonna get smasssssshhhheddddddd
2015-08-27 04:13
ez money for VP
2015-08-27 00:14
Fuck yeah!!! I'm so going to this, a CS tournament in the most Livable City in the world ;-)
2015-08-27 00:30
omg finally!!!!
2015-08-27 00:36
im gonna laugh at all you muppets when c9 get trashed by renegades
2015-08-27 00:48
1 reply
2015-08-27 02:28
I'm going to laugh when exile5 rek C9!
2015-08-27 03:06
5 replies
if dizzy goes back to x5 i could see that happening
2015-08-27 03:22
4 replies
dizzy quit.
2015-08-27 03:57
2 replies
rip x5
2015-08-27 04:31
vox dogged him pretty hard
2015-08-27 12:28
lol dizzy's a dud, just a pub player
2015-08-27 05:27
yes i have hosted this tournament
2015-08-27 03:08
Cloud 9 has plenty of time to prepare and only needs to prepare against 1 Top 10 team. They WILL win.
2015-08-27 03:43
1 reply
2015-08-27 03:52
OMG YESSSS =D finally a local event
2015-08-27 06:29
Renegades vs Cloud9 finals. Lets go!
2015-08-27 06:41
A CSGO tournament I can actually go to?
2015-08-27 07:34
1 reply
2015-09-04 12:35
Picked the worst date to hold the event.... This is Bathurst weekend!! And also Drifting at Winton!
2015-08-27 07:42
1 reply
Wow bathurst. My favorite circuit ever.
2015-08-27 08:06
Australia jLILe
me n da boiz wil be there
2015-08-27 07:42
Only a 1 day event???
2015-08-27 07:45
This looks so great. I think i just got a boner :D
2015-08-27 08:26
allow u18's or riot
2015-08-27 10:00
Gotta be Over 18! That's shit!
2015-08-27 10:30
wtf all these kids
2015-08-27 11:03
Clown9 going to Crown9
2015-08-27 11:19
There is something "wrong" with e-sport if "Spectator tickets will go on sale next Monday, August 31, from 55 AUD (39 USD)." Not sure that (minimal ?) tickets price like these (39$ is about 35€ or 25£) might really expand the number of people willing to come to theaters to see games. People willing to pay this price are already "huge" e-sport (or at least CS) fans, but not sure others persons enjoying videogames would pay that price (compared for exemple to the price of CSGO).
2015-08-27 12:39
4 replies
The price is fine wtf are u want
2015-08-27 17:06
The $55 tickets sold out within 8 minutes. I think the prices were just fine...
2015-08-31 10:42
2 replies
I read (on another thread on this site) that a fellow australian was paying 110 AUD a month for his internet, so it was only half the price. Considering that in France internet is about 30€ a month for most people, it would make the ticket costing 15€, and would make sense tickets getting sold quickly for that price. My bad, didn't know the average income of Australian people, just a bit shocking for EU people to ask to pay 40$ to see a e-sport.
2015-08-31 12:39
1 reply
you're lucky to get into a nightclub for under $15 these days in Australia, everything here is beyond expensive plus our dollar is horrid at the moment compared to most other currencies, especially USD. So $55 for a ticket to a live event at Crown is actually very cheap in comparison to a lot of things LOL. Plus yeah, my parents pay $125 a month for ADSL2+ internet, with speeds of a whopping 5.5Mb/s and 0.6Mb/s upload... welcome to the wonderful world of the Australian struggle.
2015-10-09 00:11
Sounds great. Especially the 18+ part.
2015-08-27 12:43
both team good - gl!
2015-08-27 12:46
damn, I turn 18 on the 17th of October :( can't go
2015-08-27 14:54
Is it true that boy band Renegades are not attending to this event?
2015-08-28 00:12
2015-08-28 00:37
2015-08-29 17:13
2015-08-31 20:36
Did anyone just see the ads for this on FoxSports? chills down my spine dudes... Also curious if they just filmed the promos or most likely they're re-used promo footage from ESL events?
2015-10-07 17:33
4 replies
Matches are being streamed today ( Tomorrow's matches are all on Fox Sports. Pretty interesting!
2015-10-08 23:55
3 replies
deleted from the owner? ???
2015-10-09 06:59
2 replies
For some reason the last bracket is picked up in the URL. The games are now being streamed at anyway!
2015-10-09 07:08
1 reply
2015-10-09 07:34
Clown* 9
2015-10-09 07:39
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