TSM through to PGL S1 finals

Team SoloMid have qualified for the PGL Season 1 offline finals following a 2-1 victory over Team Kinguin (7-16 on de_train, 21-15 on de_dust2 and 21-18 on de_mirage).

After both groups were played out, the losing teams were placed in a double-elimination bracket to determine the last European team to secure a spot at the season finals, in Bucharest.

The grand final pitted Team SoloMid, who beat Natus Vincere 16-10 in the Upper Bracket final, against Team Kinguin, who were able to move past Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko's side despite fielding a stand-in, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, due to Ricardo "fox" Pacheco facing DDoS issues.

GeT_RiGhT shone as a stand-in for Kinguin 

With the NiP star still on the roster, Kinguin came out strongly in the final and took a 1-0 lead after picking up a 16-7 win on de_train thanks to a flawless display on the CT side. The following two maps, de_dust2 and de_mirage, went down to the wire, but on both occasions TSM were the stronger side, which allowed them to overcome the deficit and book a spot at the PGL offine finals.

PGL Season 1Best of 3
4th September 2015

 TSM K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark René 'cajunb' Borgcajunb 71 - 63 +8 - 1.09
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersenkarrigan 71 - 67 +4 - 1.08
Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' HøjslethXyp9x 63 - 59 +4 - 0.99
Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussendupreeh 67 - 69 -2 - 0.99
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtzdevice 67 - 75 -8 - 0.90
 Kinguin K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 83 - 68 +15 - 1.21
Sweden Dennis 'dennis' Edmandennis 80 - 64 +16 - 1.15
Norway Håvard 'rain' Nygaardrain 60 - 74 -14 - 0.89
Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' BenrlitomScreaM 56 - 65 -9 - 0.88
Sweden Mikail 'Maikelele' BillMaikelele 54 - 68 -14 - 0.86

The fourth and last spot at the PGL Season 1 finals will go to the winner of the North American division, which will kick off on Tuesday, featuring Luminosity, CLG, Team Liquid and Method.

Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Portugal Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco
Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Korea saddummy 
dennis was on fire
2015-09-05 02:24
" due to Ricardo "fox" Pacheco facing DDoS issues." we all know it was staged pretty obvious tbh
2015-09-05 02:36
2015-09-05 02:58
yep this qualifier was huge for them so they had to get get right in but it didn't work out
2015-09-05 02:59
Wasn't staged...
2015-09-05 09:40
Denmark Almoe 
2015-09-05 10:43
if it was staged, why not kick fox? xP no logic dude.
2015-09-05 10:54
-Scream -Fox +Get_right + Forest.
2015-09-05 11:21
fox > f0rest
2015-09-06 01:59
Czech Republic baylife 
2015-09-05 02:25
NIP need changes: -friberg +dennis -allu +delpan -xzist +olofm
2015-09-05 11:25
sure olof wants that (no)
2015-09-05 12:27
This is just too retarded to even be allowed to be posted on this web site.
2015-09-05 13:14
India Godz. 
2015-09-05 14:29
Denñis / GETTINHO!
2015-09-05 02:25
2015-09-05 02:25
2015-09-05 02:28
2015-09-05 09:50
GTR godmode in Kinguin, think he just needs a change for himself, NiP iznogud for GeT_RiGhT
2015-09-05 02:27
Sweden Stag 
exactly. he's a lurker and a passive player, always will be, but that means he needs a much more aggressive team around him. kinguin has 4 aggressive players. if he was in this team he would have so much better stats because of the overall balance of passive and aggressive players here compared to nip.
2015-09-05 02:30
i actually like that GTR to Kinguin, make it happen!
2015-09-05 11:16
Man i'm dying to see that happen <3
2015-09-05 14:06
2015-09-05 02:28
now this gonna be an interesting lan final. except for that na team wasting 1 spot
2015-09-05 02:28
Sweden Stag 
you take fanboying device to whole new levels dude
2015-09-05 02:31
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
WOw, a proffesional player from another team should not be able to join another pro team as stepin really...
2015-09-05 02:34
Sweden Trojka03 
Who should then? Should they bring in some random guy from the street? Or should they force Fox's mom to play since Fox couldn't?
2015-09-05 02:38
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
They could bring in any of the semi proffesional players that are roaming the endless void of skil.
2015-09-05 02:41
Estonia swag420weed 
The point of sand-in is to get a guy who is @ the same level..
2015-09-05 02:54
yes...kingu is not on gtrs level... he carried their asses all maps...
2015-09-05 02:57
you make alot of sense, players should not be allowed to change team either once you are in a team youre stuck because otherwise get right could have joined kinguin and the left after the games
2015-09-05 03:14
ironic or serious?
2015-09-05 03:33
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
u dont see ronaldo stepping in for messi do you? They bring in some other player from the second roster. Team swaps should not be a thing,..
2015-09-05 02:59
oh shut up you idiot... A sport like football is completely different, your analogies are utterly stupid in comparison. It's esports, we do things differently, get over it
2015-09-05 03:04
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
Get out of here with you ad hominem. I can look into almost any sport and this will be the case. I can talk in your 'language' if you want? If Joe Thornton wanted to play for Avalanche or something, they still need to pay him and borrow him for atleast 6 months... Its a reason esports will never be taken seriously with your timorous mentality.
2015-09-05 10:07
I agree with you and it's odd that players don't have a contract stipulating, "you may not play for any other team, as long as you are a member of this organization". Esport is still quite a way from being a serious sport. Also, if you are sick then you are sick. Just like in any other sport, where it also applies that if you are injured then you are injured. It's a tragic thing, but plenty of teams have failed to qualify for whatever, because their star players were sick or injured.
2015-09-05 11:05
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
I agree on all your points. But if Esport is going to be a serious sport at any point, we need to act serious about it.
2015-09-05 11:26
There are tournaments which allow teams to add anybody they want as stand-ins and there are tournaments that require to make a paper in which you write your main roster and you can also write some substitutes if you want. The football examples make no sense in CS:GO pro scene. Nobody wants to be a substitute in a pro team. And I don't think that anybody wants to be an eternal free agent who's hoping that some guy gets DDosed during a pro match so he can be taken as a stand-in. The system is fine for the teams and fun for the viewers as it is. Yesterday's match actually made a lot of things clear: Get Right is still a beast and Kinguin with Get Right would be a dream team. He seemed very comfortable playing with them. I think that he should really consider moving to Kinguin.
2015-09-05 13:48
And? Esports doesn't have to follow the same path as other sports, we're already different and teams don't have substitutes. It's called players helping out friends, which their organisations are fine with. Not all about being a money grabber. My language? I'm not even Canadian you tit. Esports is taken seriously all over the world, what are you on about... More people are following esports than actual sports you deluded mongrel. Your idiotic analogies just make you look absolutely stupid, yet you think you're right when you're not at all. Nice try though bud
2015-09-05 12:21
Estonia swag420weed 
You see shitload of tier1 players loaned out to tier 2 teams, because their own team has got even better player and has no room for them. Only difference is that if a football player is loaned out he has to play for 6 months-1 year for that team and can't swap teams :D I bet that Ronaldo would be sent to help Real Madrid 2nd squad if they could do that... But i wonder, if GTR got any money for playing for Kinguin?
2015-09-05 03:17
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
Key difference ; Loaned out. Exactly. Ronaldo would play for the second squad if he needed, because its the same goddamn team! If NiP had a second roster, GT could play for them. I wouldnt bet on it, and if thats the case, just another reason for this players union to rise. Its unfair against the sport that teams with money can loan the best players in the world for a short period of time.
2015-09-05 10:11
Omg typical childish logic gtfo
2015-09-05 04:08
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem Oh wait...I forgot this was HLTV. I think this will be the article for you no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide
2015-09-05 10:09
You are so ignorant with childish logic.
2015-09-05 14:37
You don't see football players not being able to play due ddos either, the football comparison is alright at times, but in this context, it's pure stupidity. Football also extends to enormous sums of money, over billions whereas as the number one here you'd barely make half a million a year, hence the incapability of a second, third team on a same organisation(an example for this would be rain, who had to be brought out for a pretty big sum of money for CS:GO's current state, imagine that you had to do that 10x times, with maybe even more money for a single player, and got what, just to have a second team? your post is just full of non-sense).
2015-09-05 11:16
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
You are blinding yourself or you are simply ignorant about how much money is in esports. It might not be the best comparison, but a comparison needed to be made. If we ever want esport to be serious, we need to take serious precautions against an unfair playing field.
2015-09-05 11:29
United Kingdom Dird 
mouz has a sub, the rest should too
2015-09-05 12:33
United Kingdom Dird 
So why are they using a GE like get_right rather than some GN3?
2015-09-05 12:32
The point here is to bring a much better player so that it disncourages the ddosers.
2015-09-05 10:50
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
Ddosing is the individuals fault. Its been a fixable option for years now.
2015-09-05 11:27
"hey ronaldo, can you sub for barcelona? messi just got ddos'd and can't connect" your logic is just wrong for a simple reason. a team has 6 players with each role (yeah I'm counting the coach). If one of them has problems it is just normal to try getting the best stand-in possible. We've seen olofmeister f0rest GeT_RiGhT etc playing for multiple teams, why is it such a problem in Kinguin's match this time? It has been a normal thing to bring in stand-ins when this happens.
2015-09-05 16:03
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
I think its wrong at all times to bring in a player under contract at another team to step.
2015-09-05 16:31
but the thing is that there's no other way to go around it, or would you get a 6th player just to sub-in when someone gets DDoS'd? cuz that isn't gonna be ever viable.
2015-09-05 22:37
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
The problem isn't who is going to substitute. The problem is Ddos. And right now Kinguin are one of the few teams that are still getting Ddosed
2015-09-05 22:38
Na'Vi and LDLC had problems for ages too. shit happens
2015-09-06 01:58
imo legija should have played
2015-09-05 11:12
I don't think ive seen gtr play that good against a tier1 team in long time
2015-09-05 02:44
yes drop fox for GTR!!
2015-09-05 02:48
without gtr it would have been 2-0tsm
2015-09-05 02:59
yep it would of been awful if gtr carried them to a victory because at the lan they would of played with fox and it would be an obvious fnatic win again
2015-09-05 03:00
Its always a obvious fnatic win
2015-09-05 04:16
gtr came in on inferno so i arent think that
2015-09-05 10:36
2015-09-05 10:47
despite fielding a
2015-09-05 03:08
GTR was/is probably the perfect stand-in :D He's playing lurker role(best in the world? STILL) anyway so 4 guys are executing strats and Chris is roaming as usual being pain in the ass for the other team
2015-09-05 03:11
i think that friberg, GTR, f0rest and xizt had fun of playing as stand-in for both tsm and kinguin and gained more self-confidence for the next ESL Dubai.
2015-09-05 03:52
-friberg +dennis
2015-09-05 04:00
tsm +/- [-8, 8] kinguin +/- [-16, 16] tsm hs average 30% kinguin hs average 50% teamplay rekt skill
2015-09-05 04:08
Considering one of the teams shuffled between 3 awpers throughout the series, I wouldn't depend on HS rating. Although everyone would agree that CS is as much a team game as it is people hitting their shots.
2015-09-05 04:48
still only 1 guys using awp at a time?! kinguins hs rating will always be higher than tsm because rain, dennis, scream aim and dupreeh, xyp9x, karrigan only spray
2015-09-05 11:21
Please delete this comment
2015-09-05 08:58
Teamplay didn't rekt skill because are you saying TSM doesn't have skilled individuals? I would say it's the opposite, a team like TSM who has been a top team for a very long time almost get beaten by a team like kinguin who has struggled with comms in the past and who even played with a stand in.
2015-09-05 10:20
World Kobs 
tsm have reached their full potential since long time..they will never dominate the scene, you need the skill for it
2015-09-05 17:22
u have no clue about whos skilled or not it seems, but thx for going full retard. was fun to read.
2015-09-07 13:44
GTR played great... love to see him that way... dennis also was on fire... NiP has to do some changes to get back on the track, what changes tho i dont know exactly but the team as a whole doesnt function anymore on top level cs tsm on the other way is way underperforming since about 1-2 month now... sadly, cause i like them and their playstyle and i wanna see an fnatic kryptonite but with this form i think we all gonna see a long time fnatic taking crown after crown like NiP/SK in 1.3-1.5
2015-09-05 09:36
Dosia | 
Norway Skagos 
bot fox
2015-09-05 10:42
-fox and they almost beat TSM lol.
2015-09-05 11:41
Kinguin -fox +Get_Right Get Right He can not play in the Nip, he needed something new.
2015-09-05 11:47
Austria gex0r 
dennis maikelele GTR f0rest twist plox
2015-09-05 12:04
2015-09-05 12:05
United Kingdom Dird 
Is dust or mirage worth watching? I closed midway through train ddos over-exaggeration, just shitty .pt internet connection
2015-09-05 12:35
Train was by far Kinguin's best map it was just total domination. Then on mirage and dust they started to choke some 3v5 a lot by not trading frags. Insane series anyways ^^
2015-09-05 14:10
Russia n4ny 
2015-09-05 13:47
Dennis has really been stepping up his game. He was amazing at entry fragging in that series. He is good with an AWP and he is a great clutcher. He is starting to remind me of olofm in how all-round good and consistent he plays.
2015-09-05 14:54
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