Gaming Paradise day 2 photos

Delays! Our images are finally up from day two of Gaming Paradise.

Day two started with Na'Vi and Virtus.Pro overcoming MIA and CSGO-Saloon without issues. In a very solid showing, Titan knocked both mousesports and Virtus.Pro down to the lower bracket.

Kinguin proceeded to do the same with Na'Vi. The first team to be sent packing were CSGO-Saloon, in a 4AM backstage match against mousesports.

You can view the rest of the images from Day 2 here.

Nice photos. btw. VP top 1 monaco, lets f*cking go!
2015-09-08 11:56
so many facepalm here =))
2015-09-08 13:38
2015-09-08 11:52
Worst tourney ever? Just heard the guys running it stole all the prize money and bailed.
2015-09-08 15:58
2015-09-08 11:52
mooie fotos
2015-09-08 11:53
They all look very happy to be in the Gaming Paradise
2015-09-08 11:53
2015-09-08 11:53
Croatia synzi 
2015-09-08 11:53
2015-09-08 11:54
Hope they manage to stabilize today and overcome issues that CEO put them into. Big kudos for organizers and players who are biggest victims of slacking CEO.
2015-09-08 11:56
United States darkun 
these are pictures of the hungover.. not those who lost a round.
2015-09-08 11:57
You can see how everyone is frustrated with delays even in pictures xd
2015-09-08 11:58
Happy faces Kappa
2015-09-08 12:02
Turkey Zazzop 
seized :D:D:D:D:D
2015-09-08 12:10
Look at that tiny amount of room between each player.
2015-09-08 12:16
gas | 
Montenegro Teslaa 
you can see the delay in their eyes
2015-09-08 12:17
All I can see is frustration on people faces, if that's how gaming paradise looks like then I'm actually scared to ask about gaming hell. Anybody have seen it?
2015-09-08 12:18
how come the pictures not delayed?
2015-09-08 12:19
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
last photo sumps up gaming paradise pretty well, everyone asleep and gamers tired af from waiting
2015-09-08 12:22
People , what is this tournament , late pretty much unwatchable
2015-09-08 12:38
noob event
2015-09-08 13:08
Nice photos. Maikelele <3
2015-09-08 13:54
these photos just shows the shame of gaming paradise
2015-09-08 14:07
Finland Geeberg 
worst shit ever
2015-09-08 15:54
*last day fotos
2015-09-08 15:55
First the computers are stolen now the prize money? wtf
2015-09-08 15:55
Serbian organisation man. No wonder.
2015-09-08 16:16
day 2? seems like its the last day of this tournament
2015-09-08 15:56
LMFAO all of them so depressed
2015-09-08 16:13
2015-09-08 16:17
Serbian organisers... First they steal PCs and then run away with cash... lmao
2015-09-08 16:16
2015-09-09 01:19
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