Two kings out, two in

Gaming Royalty of 4Kings was pleased to announce the arrival of a new Counter-Strike 1.6 team including former roccat and Excello players. Today the team announce two changes in their roster.

The team should have its debut at the Finnish WCG qualification. The goal of facing roccat in the overall final crashed and burned when the team lost to Soltec. Furthermore the team would participate in the Finnish qualification for Extreme Masters III. A series of mixed results ended up with ESL expelling 4Kings from the qualification, due to what should be use of an illegal player. The protest is however still running and we will be taking notes on the final decision.

This brings us to the roster changes. Leaving the team will be natu and toomi, who will be leaving under different circumstances. The team decided that natu was not compatible with the current team makeup, what goes for toomi; he simply did not have enough spare time to put into gaming at this level.

The two new faces will be brought in from the Finnish team named Elukkaveljekset (EGC), who finished 4th at the WCG qualification. Coming from EGC will be danzer and jigetus. This brings 4Kings to stand with following five:

Finland Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen
Finland Janne "Kuppi" Kuparinen
Finland Matti "SPIKEONE" Järvinen
Finland Otto "danzer" Dimitrow
Finland Jirka "jigetus" Ryhti

As mentioned, the protest in the Finnish Extreme Masters III qualification is still running, apart from that, there’s no confirmed events coming up for this team just yet.
2008-08-17 21:12
good luck guys <3 spikeone
2008-08-17 21:12
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim
gl sixpounder & ryssä :)
2008-08-17 21:15
Natu was the best in this team in my opinion. Well, good luck jigitus and danzer!
2008-08-17 21:17
4 replies
natu best??? he hasn't been best since he got back from source
2008-08-17 21:44
3 replies
Maybe, but he won all 1 vs. 1 or 1 vs. 2 situations.
2008-08-17 21:45
2 replies
that's possible but he still wasn't so important to team i think
2008-08-17 21:49
1 reply
natu was the best lead in game in Finland by far...
2008-08-18 12:41
:-) Welcome and good luck chaps.
2008-08-17 21:32
gl boys :] btw its jigetus
2008-08-17 21:34
yea bkx i love natu`s game style. This new is very bad for natu and his fans :(
2008-08-17 21:36
2 replies
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him ;)
2008-08-17 21:50
1 reply
2008-08-18 15:48
gl !
2008-08-17 21:50
Brazil fzZ
2008-08-17 22:02
gl guys
2008-08-17 22:04
I don't think that they will achieve anything with this line up
2008-08-17 22:05
That was quite quick :(
2008-08-17 22:17
lol,now they will win nothing -.- they need stay with natu and kick kuppi...
2008-08-17 22:17
8 replies
Totally agree. They should have kicked kuppi.
2008-08-17 22:20
Denmark Danny D3
Kuppi is a big talent, and has been playing with spikeone for a long time now. Why kick him out?
2008-08-17 22:43
6 replies
Because natu > Kuppi in our opinion.
2008-08-17 22:49
5 replies
Denmark Danny D3
But natu doesen't fit in the team as stated above, skill doesen't say everything, and Kuppi has some really great skills, he has been in the Logitech team for a long time together with spikeone. I can't find out why you think natu fits better, imo. Yes he is a great player, but as stated by the team, he doesen't fit in the team.
2008-08-18 01:42
4 replies
Yep, you might be right. I don't know what exactly happened in the team. It's only their decision. But as i said, in my opinion natu was the best in the team (skill), but i don't know how did he work (as teamwork, comunication etc.).
2008-08-18 10:41
3 replies
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim
kidding, right? :)
2008-08-18 14:54
2 replies
No, why?
2008-08-18 15:57
1 reply
goddamit stop xD
2008-08-20 08:07
danzer gsu!
2008-08-17 22:37
gl =D
2008-08-17 22:43
Pff bring back kookas...
2008-08-17 22:47
They could be top3 finland with their old lineup.. changing lineup every months won't allow them to be as strong as many top teams..
2008-08-17 22:57
i saw danzer in some games he have an awsome aim :D:D:d hope he can help them out :D:D
2008-08-17 23:05
natu is better then jigetus & danzer !
2008-08-17 23:32
Sad, I liked natu. Let's hope the new guys can fresh'n up a bit.
2008-08-17 23:33
I liked natu too :(
2008-08-17 23:52
Goood luck.
2008-08-18 01:11
should of picked up Twista!!! =[
2008-08-18 03:37
spikeone, lurppis, nasu, barrack and natu its a nice line-up former 4k :D
2008-08-18 05:09
fly to the sky .go
2008-08-18 07:09
2008-08-18 07:48
I liked Natu, he is the kind of player that get rounds in almost any situation! I also liked toomi who played well lately for 4K. I was instantly an 4K fan when they become a team but this days it is really hard to like a new team when they change line-up so often!
2008-08-18 10:38
gl jigetus
2008-08-18 10:58
jigatus ? everyday combat ? jerks ?
2008-08-18 13:10
yes jugga gl
2008-08-18 14:30
Damn, last time I watched natu he was like a brickwall against those terrorists, but if the chemistry ain't right there ain't much you can do..:( Hope these new players will bring some heat to the team! :) gl
2008-08-18 15:01
Natu was the best player from 4k. Bad choice to kick him out. :)
2008-08-18 15:01
I think nasu was the worst player
2008-08-18 15:12
1 reply
Yep but he aint no playing for 4kings.
2008-08-18 15:19
Down hill since 4K started in Finland :(
2008-08-18 15:24
2008-08-18 15:29
Where are Shiri and Twista? Are they quit cs?
2008-08-18 15:48
1 reply
They are backup
2008-08-18 15:58
mistake from 4kings to recruit them in the first place should have gone for Oslo Lions Team
2008-08-18 15:55
Toomi should have been replaced, but natu? I really think thats a big mistake. Oh well, GL
2008-08-18 16:00
those 2 kids are worth nothing!
2008-08-18 16:43
4K^lurppis 4K^SPIKEONE 4K^Kuppi 4K^KOOKAS 4K^Shiri best team
2008-08-18 16:56
toomi showed great skills in a few matches during wcg qualifications. He should stay in the lineup. natu as very experienced player could be useful.
2008-08-18 17:34
lurrpis,natu,spike,natu and drimm or twista the organization should do it!
2008-08-18 17:54
2 replies
So you think the organisation should clone natu? :P
2008-08-18 17:57
1 reply
i think so natu, natu, natu, natu, natu but they will fight all the time
2008-08-18 18:11
jigetus - GOOD PLAYER.
2008-08-18 18:08
jigetus ? or jigatus
2008-08-18 18:11
1 reply
2008-08-18 18:55
too bad for toomi he is good Good Luck guys 4kings ftw
2008-08-18 19:54
GL jigetus and danzer i think they will do good just that the team needs some time to get good team play and they will be one of the top teams in fin again :) i hope shaker gets the chans to som e big clan 2 he is a talent in FIN cs :) like danzer and jigetus well any way gl boys
2008-08-19 08:37
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