Video: Xyp9x vs. G2

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Player: Denmark Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth
Match: Denmark TSM vs. Europe G2
Final result: 16:8 (11:4; 5:4)
Match date: 19.09.2015
Map: de_dust2
Event: DreamHack Open London 2015
Weapon: AK-47 Redline
Action situation: Score tied at 4-4

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Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth
Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth
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2015-09-20 01:03
clutch9x the god
2015-09-20 01:04
Xyp is awesome
2015-09-20 01:04
he's underrated just because he's a support player
2015-09-20 01:06
Same as markeloff
2015-09-20 11:52
2015-09-20 14:57
Markeloff is support and he can clutch he can do some good shit so what is funny, BTW you writed P in binnary
2015-09-20 17:33
2015-09-20 01:05
well if you're playing properly and he just kill you through smoke like that.. there's nothing you can do XD
2015-09-20 01:05
Maikelele was not playing properly, he was jumping and jumping to make noise and anyone with sound could have killed him there...
2015-09-20 01:12
not really. even without sound you will always automatically assume there's someone in the door in 1v3 situation xypex was making a gamble by spraying through that smoke. It puts him in the disadvantage but it works out for him in the end. If he failed to kill him and the window guy pushed or the guy behind the smoke spray him back correctly, he'd be dead and you wouldn't think the same.
2015-09-20 01:19
Maik jumped on a box and xyp9x heard him, thats why he didnt spray the normal door position and instead sprayed up onto the box.
2015-09-23 15:15
either way it was risky play by xyp9x, not maik's mistake.
2015-09-23 16:55
Very much maiks mistake, maik is not at all an intelligent player. Anyone xyp9x did in that situation would be risky, what he did there was one of the least risky things he could do.
2015-09-23 16:57
Kinguin played that perfectly. They are trying to get information of where Xyp9x was. basically maik was trying to peek over the smoke to find his general location and waited for the smoke to fade off. In that situation, know where the enemy situation as CT is an advantage, whereas Xyp9x know that all CT will come from all choke point. the safest way to win that round is to pick an angle and get one kill from one choke point and hope that the enemy won't rush you in from multiple angle. but he threw his chances on spraying that door smoke, whilst giving them his position and being vulnerable from other two choke point (window and tunnel) which turn out to be in his favor.
2015-09-23 17:01
They knew he was in B, what more information do they need? they played it terribly. When you are 3v1 you need to make sure your in positions to get trades and if the opposition does go for frags, he needs to expose himself as much as possible. They did neither, he never really exposed himself and their position was crap, worst being maik. There was no trade, they did not cover the angles and they did not make him expose himself. In xyp9xs position he could never plant that bomb, all 3 would come in and he prolly wouldnt even kill 1 of them. G2 is a dumb team, they lose to teams like tsm because they are leagues behind in cs understanding.
2015-09-23 17:16
They knew he was in B, what more information do they need? they played it terribly. When you are 3v1 you need to make sure your in positions to get trades and if the opposition does go for frags, he needs to expose himself as much as possible. >"B" could be anymore, they need to peek at the right angle. He could be in corner plat, side, car, anywhere. That is true that you need to get into position to get trade. maikelele wasn't exposing himself, he had smoke that covers him. It's just that Xyp9x wasn't playing safe, he gambled his position for a frag and he took it. If they lose that round, per say, xyp9x misses his first 15 bullet and the window guy/tunnel guy rushed in because he heard xyp9x was shooting some other guy, you wouldn't comment the same thing and say "pros to kinguin for playing safe there, xyp9x gave his position just to try to spray through smoke which he might or might not get the kill", won't you?
2015-09-23 17:28
Firstly they do not need to be peaking any angle at all, they need to wait the time out. Why are you doing anything but that I do not know, they should be ready to rush him if he tried to plant and simply watching door, tunnel and window. If maik wanted to gain info he should of waited for his teammates to get into position, dennis was getting into tunnels and rain(i think rain) was getting near window, then the trade could of happened even if maik died through the smoke. Standing behind smoke is exposing yourself, theres no protecting from the smoke. Of course xyp9x gambled its all he can do. Was really bad by maik.
2015-09-23 20:13
sigh. would you say the same thing if they won the round?
2015-09-24 05:43
2015-09-24 11:10
2015-09-24 11:12
it's a very common spot for CT's to jump into when they're trying to get into B.
2015-09-20 11:28
2015-09-20 13:43
underratd player
2015-09-20 01:05
2015-09-20 01:05
Xyp9x gets half of his kills through smokes. His eyes just ignores smokes lelel
2015-09-20 01:07
sick player as allways
2015-09-20 01:07
game sense 2 stronk on this guy
2015-09-20 01:08
first no
2015-09-20 01:10
The clutch which broke the 1st half for g2.
2015-09-20 01:11
the robot scores again.
2015-09-20 01:12
yeah to be honest you dont see players like olofm or dupreeh making these cutches, they are 100% yolo braindead playstyle which is super impactful but players like xyp3x and flusha are the true #csgods cuz they have smarts as well as insane talent
2015-09-20 01:13
That's because dupreeh is an attacker, not a clutcher m8
2015-09-20 01:20
olof and dupreeh not making clutches? wtf? they can make clutches, it's just that they're not playing the role to do exit rounds. flusha is lurker, lurker will more often become the last man standing hence playing 1vsX situation. same goes for happy and get_right.
2015-09-20 01:21
Underrated player
2015-09-20 01:14
trace | 
Denmark esAq 
Xyp is getting better and better
2015-09-20 01:15
The best clutcher with flusha
2015-09-20 01:50
2015-09-20 10:55
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