TSM to DH London final over dignitas

TSM are through to the DreamHack Open London grand final after moving past Danish rivals dignitas 2-0 (16-6 on de_mirage and 16-14 on de_overpass).

The play-off stage of DreamHack Open London kicked off with a Danish showdown between Team SoloMid and dignitas. Finn "karrigan" Andersen's side came into this best-of-three series as strong favourites and they managed to living up to that billing, moving past their fellow countrymen on just two maps.

The opening map of the series was de_mirage, where dignitas came out the livelier of the two teams, storming to a 3-0 lead. TSM then picked up their first round of the game after locking down the A site and followed it up with two more rounds thanks to successful retakes.

Jacob "Pimp" Winneche put his team back in the lead after winning a 1vs1 situation in the A site with a flick AWP shot, but dignitas' economy was ruined right after as they were caught off-guard by TSM's CZs. That ended up being the turning point of the half as TSM took control of proceedings to finish the half up 10-5.

TSM, who were now playing on the Terrorist side, picked up where they had left off and continued in the driving seat, conceding just one round before sealing a 16-6 triumph.

TSM move on to the grand final 

Next up was de_overpass, which followed the trend of the first map during the early stages as TSM stormed to an impressive 7-2 lead. dignitas then finally managed to find their feet, which, coupled with some questionable force buys from TSM, put the scoreline at 8-7 in favour of karrigan's men at the end of the half.

TSM won the pistol round and the following anti-eco, but dignitas struck back in the third round to keep themselves in the race. dignitas then brought the scoreline to 14-11, but then TSM woke up and started their finaly push to seal a 16-14 victory that takes them through to the grand final.

20th September 2015

 TSM K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark René 'cajunb' Borgcajunb 41 - 32 +9 - 1.20
Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' HøjslethXyp9x 45 - 35 +10 - 1.17
Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussendupreeh 41 - 34 +7 - 1.04
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtzdevice 35 - 30 +5 - 1.01
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersenkarrigan 36 - 38 -2 - 0.99
 Dignitas K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark Mathias 'MSL' LauridsenMSL 43 - 45 -2 - 1.05
Denmark Philip 'aizy' Aistrupaizy 38 - 42 -4 - 0.96
Denmark Markus 'Kjaerbye' KjærbyeKjaerbye 34 - 38 -4 - 0.92
Denmark Jacob 'Pimp' WinnechePimp 29 - 34 -5 - 0.87
Sweden Andreas 'znajder' Lindbergznajder 24 - 39 -15 - 0.67

Denmark Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche
Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom lliW 
schneider > nico?
2015-09-20 15:46
Denmark OIJM8 
yes, nico is shit
2015-09-20 15:46
Finland 2no2qr 
Nico the best. nico>olof and kenny.
2015-09-20 18:12
yes evrything is better then nico that guy is so so baddddd in the game.
2015-09-20 15:47
yeah pretty much, Nico shouldnt play csgo
2015-09-20 16:01
Europe selbi 
2015-09-20 15:45
schneider :^)
2015-09-20 15:46
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
schneider :v)
2015-09-20 15:51
2015-09-20 15:46
2015-09-20 17:49
2015-09-20 15:46
chokenitas vs Team choking mid
2015-09-20 15:46
what an originality! what a great name
2015-09-20 17:49
MSL got some really nice skill, to bad for Dignitas they didnt take Overpass.
2015-09-20 15:46
ezzzzzzzzz gfameeeeee
2015-09-20 15:46
NiKo | 
France motion:  
schneider playing so bad..
2015-09-20 15:46
2015-09-20 15:47
2015-09-20 15:49
2015-09-20 15:50
gj tsm
2015-09-20 15:51
-kjareabraebrbaery +someone decent and dignitas may have a chance to beat tsm.
2015-09-20 15:55
2015-09-20 16:04
i'm pretty sure he is the problem, he freaks out/panics and starts spraying randomly in any situation...nomatter what/where/when and so on, you can't win with a guy that it's on full panic mode. Watch him playing from home and watch him at lan, it's like you get eye cancer when you see him on lan...you just can't win with a guy that has no idea what's going on around him and a guy that doesn't get easy frags. yesterday he killed only from behind, lost every duel face to face.
2015-09-20 16:09
and he still was above schneider and pimp, if he is that bad, what are schneider and pimp?
2015-09-20 16:28
What games have you been watching? schneider and pimp are doing great work, while kjeabreby is getting behind kills and eco kills. So if he was above them that makes him better in that game ?rofl i though germans had a clue about how this game works when it comes up to teams. Go back to your cheats =)
2015-09-20 16:54
yes he was above them and yes i have watched them yesterday and today but since you have to spread typical sentences and talking about things which have nothing to do with this, its not worth discussing with you. srsly i just have written down one simple sentence and you come up with this, what is the reason and logic behind that? no normal people here anymore? and i even never said that he was better in the game, just pointed out the fact considering the stats
2015-09-20 17:13
"he still was above schneider and pimp" what? above on scoreboard as far as i can see, but above on important kills - never my german friend. he had no impact on game
2015-09-20 17:40
yeah and where did i said above them considering important kills? right never
2015-09-20 18:44
Why are you so focused on stereotypes about the country rather than focusing on the topic you are discussing about? He gives you Arguments, you give him insults, wow. Please stop hating certain players, Yes Kjaerby isnt the best player, but he is about as good as everyone else on Dignitas.
2015-09-20 17:45
The only insult there is go back to your cheats, rest of the 10 colums it's full of explanation why he is not good for dignitas. tl;dr kjbaeby = bot
2015-09-20 18:35
ESL One Cologne 2014: dignitas vs Cloud9 14-10 -> 14-16 Dreamhack Open London 2015: dignitas vs TSM 14-10 -> 14-16 lel
2015-09-20 16:20
Different Dignitas lineup though
2015-09-20 16:26
Dignitas' curse
2015-09-20 16:30
LOL that anchor
2015-09-20 16:27
-Xizt +schneider /Every 14 yo HLTV kid lolz
2015-09-20 16:31
Would be an improvement. Robban would be even better. Dennis best.
2015-09-20 17:52
-friberg +schneider Kappa
2015-09-20 16:47
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