flusha: "Frustrated with our play"

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist talked to HLTV.org following fnatic's victory over Liquid in the lower bracket final.

After falling down to the lower bracket at the hands of TSM, fnatic redeemed themselves on day two despite dropping de_cobblestone to Liquid in their clash.

HLTV.org got a hold of Robin "flusha" Rönnquist for a video interview after fnatic's first win in Bucharest, which revolves around the two matches the team has played so far. The Swede also elaborated on the switch-up in in-game leaders during the event and shared a little prediction on Virtus.pro-TSM.

You can find the rest of HLTV.org's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
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2015-10-03 18:39
f0rest | 
Brazil flytwNiP 
cry more
2015-10-03 18:40
he still won? how's he crying? loosing a map to Liquid is more than enough reason to be frustrated if you are Fnatic...
2015-10-03 18:54
2015-10-03 18:39
dont kill flusha's children cuz you're sad pls pls pls
2015-10-03 18:53
He's jewish not muslim
2015-10-03 19:38
2015-10-03 19:57
2015-10-05 00:09
nice try ISIS.
2015-10-03 19:49
ISIS created by israel and united states.
2015-10-03 20:10
LOL, the most stupid thing I read so far in my life.
2015-10-03 20:43
nt terrorist nation
2015-10-03 22:45
'Stupid' cuz that is the reality, hope u burn in hell inshAllah.
2015-10-05 00:10
LOL dude how can you say israel created isis when ISIS was created by fnatic muslims while israel is a jewish country that also faces the danger of isis. Please Switzerland calm down, you know nothing, really, please check your sources, real sources not all the racist news that change the truth.
2015-10-05 01:26
2015-10-03 18:39
2015-10-03 18:39
Russia nedev 
Flusha best but JW bestest #fnatictop1!!!!
2015-10-03 18:39
Finland terquie 
nt evil finland
2015-10-03 19:32
nt evil sweden
2015-10-03 19:53
nt good france
2015-10-04 02:01
United States YANGGANG2020 
nt normal estonia :(
2015-10-04 04:57
Vietnam NaMNaMNaM 
nt evil liberia
2015-10-04 07:38
2015-10-03 18:39
VAC Kappa
2015-10-03 18:39
VACerino this hackerino
2015-10-03 21:07
World 1663 
dw ur still the best
2015-10-03 18:40
2015-10-03 18:40
2015-10-03 18:42
United States snack- 
Just make your trigger more blatant then you'll be the fnatic everyone knows and HATES
2015-10-03 18:44
Norway norskeN 
bla bla bla random gn4 being salty. how much?
2015-10-03 18:59
United States snack- 
69$ for ge account add me
2015-10-03 19:07
Jame | 
Bangladesh NyAn_NeKo 
SS with your hltv name or no deal
2015-10-03 19:24
for boosted acc? :D
2015-10-03 20:25
United States snack- 
2015-10-03 21:01
not enough mouselifting :////
2015-10-03 18:45
mad because cheats not updated
2015-10-03 18:47
There's a reason why his calls are more simple.
2015-10-03 18:48
should have updated your cheats sooner eh
2015-10-03 18:48
flusha <3
2015-10-03 18:49
you always pick the most retarded tabloidesque segment of the interview as a title
2015-10-03 18:53
Fat slop digging in his ear during an interview what the feck
2015-10-03 18:54
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
"frustrated with our coder" sry sry for insultes
2015-10-03 18:54
flusha igl = flusha in decent form/cant carry fnatic, pronax is shit pronax igl = flusha beast/carry hard, pronax is killing in the back atleast/decent player iz
2015-10-03 18:55
how much?
2015-10-03 19:12
Cyprus leoreoseo 
ever since vuggo joined they have played crap.
2015-10-03 19:27
2015-10-03 19:33
you're clearly not even following CS:GO nice shit post
2015-10-04 04:59
sometimes I feel 80% of hltv isn't.
2015-10-05 10:34
Cyprus leoreoseo 
i am. i probably know more about cs than u and im better then you. i know flusha called, since vuggo joined they have failed in more tournaments then they have won. he causes frustration in the team, this is comming from sonmeone close in the team. Nice try
2015-10-05 12:42
lmao you're delusional, firstly, I can assure you that you're not better at cs than me and secondly nice try with that "this is coming from someone close in the team" bs
2015-10-05 12:56
Finland siloquez 
Jesus omfg can't really take this seriously.. "Play other teams mistakes" (not playing with aimbot?) And your strength is quite obvious lmao
2015-10-03 19:28
Flusha looks like a fatboy school bully in american movies :D
2015-10-03 19:47
2015-10-03 20:01
I like how people are so salty that they're calling cheats even after the whole witchhunt and hes still the best rated (KDA) player in fnatic, just shows that hes the best player in the world and not olofmeister inb4 salty DMG's
2015-10-03 19:55
why should people stop crying about cheats?
2015-10-03 23:00
do u not understand, im saying that he kept hes good rating after the witch hunt, which indicated that he problaby didnt cheat at all or he kept cheating, obviously with so many eyes on him the first one is most logical
2015-10-03 23:58
KRIMZ is also using don't worry
2015-10-05 19:45
Typical 70 IQ no brainer who can't come up with a arguement to save hes life and starts to troll instead
2015-10-05 23:37
2015-10-04 00:51
as much as i respect and like striker, i really prefer pala/mountrousse as an interviewer.
2015-10-03 19:56
2015-10-03 20:12
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Whether or not flusha cheated in the past, which he probably did, he's proved basically all the haters wrong by being the top performing player in majors and doing so under more scrutiny than any single player in CSGO history. Give credit where credit is due, flusha can do it all.
2015-10-03 21:10
So you tell me if someone did something wrong in the past (cheated a lot of people, for example), but after this he was very sorry about that, became a good and lovely person and so on, respected by his community—so it all means he did nothing wrong in the past? It changes the fact? Nice logic.
2015-10-03 21:25
method | 
United States f0xes` 
English must not be your first language because never anywhere in my post did I even suggest the things you said, lol. I said give respect where respect is due. Flusha has been even better recently without the suspicious play. I don't forgive him for what he did in the past but I'm over it. He's not my girlfriend.
2015-10-03 21:33
Flusha>olof for months now tbh
2015-10-03 22:12
you are not lifting your mouse enough flusha
2015-10-03 22:15
wow, what a handsome guy! xD
2015-10-04 00:50
he should start lifting his mouse again
2015-10-04 00:52
Argentina EnvyJ 
Just sto buying shotguns and you'll be aight
2015-10-04 04:04
#69 true.
2015-10-04 18:09
Don't forget to update your cheats,flusha...
2015-10-05 09:37
shut up 3rd world, you don't know shit about csgo
2015-10-05 09:42
Call me when Norway gets good team.
2015-10-05 23:42
nt ahmed, you're not even swedish
2015-10-06 00:17
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