Na`Vi vs. VP in showmatch will run a best-of-five showmatch for $15,000 between Natus Vincere and on October 16th.

Following a spate of offline tournaments in the preceding weeks, the CS:GO scene will now cool off slightly in anticipation of the upcoming major at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca in two weeks time.

There will still be time for online tournament fireworks however, as have announced a new best-of-five showmatch that will run on October 16th.

This showmatch will pair two titans from beyond the former Iron Curtain up against each other: the Polish and the Ukrainian-Russian-Slovak composition that is Natus Vincere. in particular are no strangers to best-of-five showmatch brawls, as Filip "NEO" Kubski's men played one in June against the Frenchmen of EnVyUs (which nV won 3-0).

The prize-pool distribution for the best-of-five match will be:

1. - $10,000
2. - $5,000 

The showmatch wil be streamed over Azubu's main channel here.

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Poland Filip 'NEO' Kubski
Filip 'NEO' Kubski
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
African Union BoyBetterKnow! 
ez 4 taz
2015-10-13 08:26
Snax | 
Poland Mval 
+1 TaZ god
2015-10-13 11:39
Ez GuardiaN, ez flaime, ez Zeus, ez Seized, ez Edward. Na'Vi won. I think 3:1 or 3:2
2015-10-13 18:09
Accurate predictions
2015-10-18 22:55
Trash site But ayy, atleast its better then dingit
2015-10-13 08:27
2015-10-13 12:43
1) No. 2) Do better. 3) Azubu have their own Android application.
2015-10-13 13:43
Poland KiiK 
android sux
2015-10-13 16:24
2015-10-13 16:53
Dafuq is dis
2015-10-13 08:26
Serbia whoa!! 
ez 5k for navi
2015-10-13 08:27
Brazil RisenNTC 
2015-10-13 08:27
RIP skins
2015-10-13 08:29
Na'Vi no chance, but offline...
2015-10-13 08:35
2015-10-13 08:40
Norway Bakudi 
15000 for a bo5? cs is going big
2015-10-13 08:41
awesome isn't it
2015-10-13 09:04
Azubu tv Hope there is gonna be live scoreboard
2015-10-13 08:44
2015-10-13 08:52
Russia Drinkins 
El cykakurwassiko
2015-10-13 08:54
Bracket? Kuppi
2015-10-13 08:55
15000$ for one online match, holy cow
2015-10-13 08:56
according to this new team union, these teams would never get this easy money again
2015-10-13 09:21
+1 thats the biggest bullshit they should make player unions not team unions
2015-10-13 09:39
2015-10-13 10:20
Peru dbie 
be it azubu, or hitbox, somebody needs to step up and stop twitch from having the monopoly on gaming streaming. Think about it guys, what is better for gaming, only one strong platform or a lot of them so they can compete constantly and keep improving things?
2015-10-13 09:28
i agree, we need competition for twitch..
2015-10-13 10:21
World Vidua 
I don't mind competition at all but I need app on my phone, tablet and app on Xbox One or Playstation 4. I'm not going to be tied to my PC. This is not how you watch sports.
2015-10-13 11:22
If that's the problem, what's holding you back to stream from your PC to your TV?
2015-10-13 12:08
Possibly a certain cable
2015-10-13 16:20
World Vidua 
Nothing. I do it but it's not comfortable. On Twitch on Xbox One I can do stuff like mute sound, or increase volume only with my voice via Kinect. To do anything regarding stream from PC I need to get to my laptop, unlock it and then use painful mouse / trackpad controls. It doesn't prevent me from watching on TV but it is far from ideal experience. That's it.
2015-10-13 21:50
That's a good point. I just use wireless devices, so it's not as awful for me but I can see how Kinect works better.
2015-10-14 01:54
only hitbox is a challange, mlg and azubu are shit
2015-10-13 15:41
The performance you get from each site is very personal. I get a good stream from MLG and horrible fps and a bad stream when watching azubu or hitbox.
2015-10-13 17:56
United States iwnl 
It's not twitch's fault people are using it lol... Maybe it's because twitch is better?
2015-10-13 17:35
There's also YouTube, they have apps for all platforms but they're not sponsoring tournaments so only Gfinity has used them.
2015-10-13 21:39
Russia VanniBoy 
Why da fak there's so many indonesians in dis thread
2015-10-13 09:31
Evil polaks* Oh and cyka blyat
2015-10-13 09:48
Russia VanniBoy 
Oh and get yourself a flag Or you're homeless? Or you're gypsy? Or ashamed of your country?
2015-10-13 11:31
No it's because I'm too lazy to change it idi nahui blyat
2015-10-14 01:46
2015-10-13 10:36
United Kingdom Dird 
It would be better if they did $3k per map then you're guaranteed all 5 maps
2015-10-13 09:47
+1, they should start doing this more often when its a "showmatch" and its sole purpose is to advertise something.
2015-10-13 10:50
4th world showmatch who gives a fuck lol
2015-10-13 09:59
NA CS EleGiggle
2015-10-13 10:13
4Head EleGiggle
2015-10-13 10:15
yes Azubu! who is casting? availer and 2face?
2015-10-13 10:22
navi wonnerino
2015-10-13 10:28
Ez $5k
2015-10-13 10:40
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
what happened to the "CS Forever" showmatches? those were the best.
2015-10-13 10:47
ez when VP throw so fucking ez to predict.
2015-10-13 11:33
50-50 should be fun, wouldnt bet on this one
2015-10-13 11:58
Poland InuT 
Better dont bet on vp,last showmatch vs nv pasha was igl on train,snax and taz on 2 other maps xD
2015-10-13 12:08
lol ty for skins vp fanboys
2015-10-13 12:31
Poland tentego 
easy money for vp.
2015-10-13 13:10
ez 4 azubu
2015-10-13 14:11
The Polish and the Ukrainian-Russian-Slovak composition that is Natus Vincere. lol
2015-10-13 15:04
Made me giggle as well.
2015-10-13 17:23
gl hf to both teams. Let's add some sugar to this site Kappa
2015-10-13 15:38
Basically free 10$k for VP
2015-10-13 16:27
lol both teams suck online
2015-10-13 17:28
ez 5k for navi 0-3
2015-10-13 18:02
Brazil PHOntivero 
Prize bigger than what Brazil CS:GO tournaments give all together. lol
2015-10-13 18:07
WHAT ??? 15000 for a showmatch ???
2015-10-15 20:10
Ukraine gungrave 
mb add match?
2015-10-16 05:50
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