HellRaisers and s1mple part ways

Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has been relieved of his stand-in duties in the HellRaisers squad following unsuccessful negotiations concerning his contract.

As Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is still contracted to FlipSid3 despite leaving the roster more than three months ago, HellRaisers merely fielded the Ukrainian in their past month's matches as a stand-in.

Even after grabbing Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný and Martin "STYKO" Styk following a short trial period, HellRaisers were unable to reach a deal with FlipSid3 and s1mple to buy him out of his contract.

s1mple no longer a HellRaisers stand-in

The player in question recently shared his disagreement with oskar's playstyle after being asked about the Czech on his stream, although whether that had any impact on the matter remains a speculation.

"I would like to thank HellRaisers for giving me the opportunity for play for them at the DreamHack Cluj qualifier," Kostyliev told HLTV.org.

"I hope they will soon achieve the best results!"

Thank you HellRaisers that gave the opportunity to play with them DH Clujqualification in the form of replacement,I hope they soon will achieve the best result

In the official news, HellRaisers stated that the team are currently on the search for a permanent replacement, and that they will be using stand-ins in official matches before then.

HellRaisers now have:

Ukraine Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow
Ukraine Emil "kUcheR" Akhundov
Czech Republic Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný
Slovakia Martin "STYKO" Styk

Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Slovakia Martin 'STYKO' Styk
Martin 'STYKO' Styk
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Emil 'kUcheR' Akhundov
Emil 'kUcheR' Akhundov
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Czech Republic Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný
Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Zephyr is the best, gl to s1mple btw
2015-10-22 19:20
lol that Picture HAHAHA perfect to situation
2015-10-22 19:20
nt brasil
2015-10-22 20:34
nt evil japan
2015-10-23 15:02
No monehh now for acne cream
2015-10-22 19:21
Same for Dosia haha
2015-10-23 20:20
Germany privatesx 
TAKE AdreN <3
2015-10-22 19:35
United States darkun 
AdreN and s1mple to be sponsered by Pro-active.. hltv confirmed
2015-10-22 22:58
S1mple might be toxic douchebag, but he is still the main and best player HR had. Quite an issue. Adding Dosia, Adren, Mou or Zero it doesn't matter. HR won't be on top level w/o s1mple.
2015-10-22 19:52
He wasn't kicked bcause toxic, but F3 asked too much money for his contract...
2015-10-22 21:25
United Kingdom Breezeeh 
2015-10-22 19:19
2015-10-22 19:30
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
nt old simple
2015-10-22 19:31
2015-10-22 19:20
United States mmotorcycle 
2015-10-22 21:47
Not really anymore.
2015-10-23 00:55
2015-10-22 19:20
World sauti 
2015-10-22 19:20
United States boots 
simply shocked
2015-10-22 19:20
Haha +1
2015-10-22 19:55
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2015-10-22 19:20
he will join navi after cluj
2015-10-22 19:20
s1mple | 
Bangladesh balti 
let's hope not
2015-10-22 23:31
THAT would be epic *.*
2015-10-23 08:36
if that happens, rip navi
2015-10-25 12:24
2015-10-22 19:20
2015-10-23 14:24
hahaha u will see kurwa mac
2015-10-23 17:51
2015-10-22 19:20
baby are you going down down down , dooooooown
2015-10-22 19:20
2015-10-22 19:20
2015-10-22 19:20
guys hello from engamer iam make a highlight u can send ur demo on my email and I will make video like this youtu.be/TXPOfe-CvI0?t=54s
2015-10-22 19:20
2015-10-22 19:20
France ykoE 
must say NOOO
2015-10-22 19:20
rip hr
2015-10-22 19:20
it sucks that hes under the niko curse... can't be bought out and his career at a stand stil
2015-10-22 19:21
He is still banned from ESL and they didn't qualify for the major. S1mple's career wouldn't have gone anywhere with HR either.
2015-10-22 20:58
not like his ban ends soon or anything...
2015-10-23 02:22
2months 10 days
2015-10-23 09:25
In time for Katowice but not for Pro League
2015-10-23 12:30
He could be picked mid-season.
2015-10-23 13:54
s1mple aint good enough, oscar better with both awp and ak/colt :D
2015-10-22 19:21
Man you're dumb
2015-10-22 23:36
Russia Drinkins 
nice photo :D
2015-10-22 19:21
Poland miiR 
HR should just disband
2015-10-22 19:22
toxic never change
2015-10-22 19:22
HellRaisers were unable to reach a deal with FlipSid3 and Kostyliev to buy him out of his contract.are you retarded? you must read the article first
2015-10-22 19:30
gtfo idiot
2015-10-23 05:49
stfu fangay
2015-10-23 07:11
nah you're next level idiot
2015-10-23 09:43
next level fangay
2015-10-23 12:02
typical 12y/o
2015-10-23 12:17
13 :D
2015-10-23 13:34
2015-10-22 19:22
styko is bad..
2015-10-22 19:23
Spain akproxx 
rip hr
2015-10-22 19:23
if there's one thing that s1mple is good at it's self-destructing what could be a decent career in professional CS. what a fucking tool
2015-10-22 19:24
'Even after grabbing Tomáš "oskar" Š&#357;astný and Martin "STYKO" Styk following a short trial period, HellRaisers were unable to reach a deal with FlipSid3 and Kostyliev to buy him out of his contract.'
2015-10-22 19:30
HR not buying out his contract has NOTHING to do with him, you moron.
2015-10-22 19:36
oh as if his attitude isn't playing into this do you think hr are gonna straight up admit "no we don't want him because he's toxic."
2015-10-22 19:57
Hellraisers wanted s1mple probably more than he wanted to be on Hellraisers.
2015-10-22 20:15
Just go back to Reddit already.
2015-10-22 20:59
i'm sorry ur so blind, but this situation is so obvious there's literally no other option for what it could be
2015-10-22 22:15
You disgrace this country
2015-10-22 23:37
You're American. You & your weird NFL agreements don't understand Europe. F3 management acting like arsene wenger...trying for the best price when the contract expires in a few months & goes for nothing
2015-10-22 21:05
2015-10-22 21:28
First off you have no inside info. Second all the players are contracted til next summer...they signed new contracts in June. Third the buyout price as stated by s1mple was for peanuts.
2015-10-23 18:04
check the news today, looks like I was right kekekekekekek
2015-10-24 14:26
old simple is back
2015-10-22 19:24
you didn't read the article right?
2015-10-22 19:28
"The player in question recently shared his disagreement with Š&#357;astný's playstyle after being asked about the Czech on his stream, although whether that had any impact on the matter remains a speculation." Did you read all the article?
2015-10-22 19:31
HellRaisers were unable to reach a deal with FlipSid3 and Kostyliev to buy him out of his contract.
2015-10-22 19:32
Bruty said it all. Thanks and have a nice day
2015-10-22 19:52
S1mple was just honest on stream, not toxic. Oskar had good score in previous match. Had like 20 kills, when hr was down 3-11. So s1mple just said that oskar had good score only because got exit frags as ct and T came hunting him. Said nothing bad about oskar but ecplained why he had good score
2015-10-22 21:31
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
s1mple to Dosia's new team
2015-10-22 19:24
Dosia fox s1mple Adren Mou
2015-10-22 19:43
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
-fox or -mou +hooch for sure
2015-10-22 21:15
Lithuania disesion 
no no no, he is talking about portuguese fox, foxj>world
2015-10-22 22:17
just disband ffs
2015-10-22 19:24
Who cares... they still have oskar+styko! :)
2015-10-22 19:25
2015-10-22 19:51
Wiyhout s1mple they would be better off in their last team...
2015-10-22 21:32
lol just lol
2015-10-22 19:27
Zero in !!!!!
2015-10-22 19:27
Russia AR4ER 
2015-10-22 19:29
2015-10-22 19:29
Latvia kjyy 
2015-10-22 19:30
Lol dude, HLTV isn't a browser it's a site.. wtf..
2015-10-22 19:32
You have no idea about analogy Holando
2015-10-22 20:05
So... they will play with Vladyslava as the fifth for the rest of EEPL and Faceit ?
2015-10-22 19:30
Netherlands KalterSins 
Vladyslava left HR some time ago :(
2015-10-23 00:00
didn't know that, thx for info, mate. :)
2015-10-23 07:02
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ? nooo
2015-10-23 12:21
Netherlands KalterSins 
Yeah :'(
2015-10-23 22:31
2015-10-22 19:30
Simple toxic confirmed.
2015-10-22 19:30
2015-10-22 19:31
Denmark b0ychild 
why dont navi just fucking -seized and +s1mple so they are tier0
2015-10-22 19:31
If you think siezed is dragging NaVi down, you have no fucking clue about the tactical side of CS...
2015-10-22 19:33
They will +s1mple after esl ban expires
2015-10-22 21:34
idk... simples is the good option.
2015-10-22 19:33
fucking toxic shit..
2015-10-22 19:33
Finland Smoonah 
^ hahahah get out of here p1mple you toxic fk
2015-10-22 19:35
nt joelz
2015-10-22 19:36
Finland Smoonah 
nt beans, rice, quacamole with a side of salsa
2015-10-22 19:40
nt joelz
2015-10-22 19:42
Finland Smoonah 
nt nympho
2015-10-22 20:05
nt joelz
2015-10-22 20:11
hellraisers is such a mess styko and kucher are not t1 material, no 5th player...
2015-10-22 19:34
styko> Israel any day :D and acutally he can carry and he can be beast but he was IGL for so long he needs time to wake up
2015-10-22 20:09
what did he say about oskar on his stream?
2015-10-22 19:34
nice...schneider>s1mple for HR
2015-10-22 19:35
I didn't know that schneider speaks russian/ukrainian
2015-10-22 19:44
they need to talk english anyways cuz of oskar he said he dont know russian so...
2015-10-22 20:10
oskar and styko dont speak russian/ukrainian too
2015-10-22 20:13
I'm curious, do you know what language did they spoke in Fraternitas?
2015-10-22 20:18
2015-10-22 20:30
Well use ur brain, they were all sk/cz in fraternitas so what language they used? I think portuguese
2015-10-23 15:21
2015-10-23 20:32
What does him being toxic got anything to do with this topic? He was a stanin , HR can't buy him from flipside i'm pretty sure if he wasn't under flipside contract he would be in HR.
2015-10-22 19:36
just sad at this point
2015-10-22 19:39
and you wonder why this kid will never play in top team because he is too toxic
2015-10-22 19:43
nice reading skillz
2015-10-22 19:48
he would left HR anyway because they won't achieve anything sorry m8 but s1mple is the ultimate toxic kid
2015-10-22 19:52
Brazil mth^ 
2015-10-22 19:44
Denmark eoNs! 
Main reason for that is he's lacking discipline IMO. for instance, s1mple always buys. No matter what, he has deagle on eco, and next round he plays shit rifle and no nades(or digl buy). I hate this type of players when I get them as teammates, I'm sure you too
2015-10-22 19:48
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
main reasin is buyout $$$ for sure, scream coast 150k rain 30k, HR would never pay this much money, its not a top tier org
2015-10-22 19:53
That much for ScreaM?!
2015-10-22 20:19
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
2015-10-22 20:40
I'm not saying he's not worth that much but that's a crazy amount.
2015-10-22 21:52
Brazil m4th 
2015-10-22 19:49
schneider inc
2015-10-22 19:49
the facepalm on the picture is perfect
2015-10-22 19:49
oskar | 
Czech Republic Skleepy 
Official statements: a) Not attending CEVO due to medical issues of one of the players b) Unable to reach a deal with FlipSid3 to buy s1mple out of his contract. Conspiracy theory: a) Not attending CEVO cause s1mple is sick in the head, HR don´t wanna play with him and they don´t have anybody else. b) -s1mple cause he is sick in the head and HR don´t wanna play with him.
2015-10-22 19:52
North America Foxaika 
Pic is great. I really hope simple finds a good team. Too talented to be slumming around with the lesser players still trying to establish themselves versus worse competition.
2015-10-22 19:52
I hope he doesn't, the guy is a fucking retard for not learning how to behave, how hard could it be? He's had to many chances, I hope he gets a real job and shapes his life up
2015-10-22 23:49
North America Foxaika 
Yes, he's made some mistakes, but quite frankly, he's enjoyable to watch play. I think in the long run, if he's gotten his act together it would be tragedy if he weren't competing at some level.
2015-10-22 23:51
he is crying becouse hes not a star :D and the star is oskar ... so he blame blame blame ... toxic 17yo kid no future!
2015-10-22 19:54
You are more anoying then fox fanboys jesus. Oskar didnt prove himself on LAN, and simple did. So dont came here with 1.6 clips. We will see how oskar is good on LAN.
2015-10-22 19:57
Netherlands KalterSins 
K1NG0R best. :')
2015-10-23 00:04
2015-10-22 19:58
How many times has simple been kicked out of a team?
2015-10-22 19:58
Australia BCP 
he hasnt been kicked here though, f3 arent letting him play im guessing.
2015-10-22 20:01
HR not buying out his contract has nothing to do with him , where its says s1mple has been kicked? read the fucking article first then post your braindead comments pls
2015-10-22 20:02
Where did I say he was kicked this time, though?
2015-10-22 21:14
then why do you ask how many times s1mple been kicked out from a team?
2015-10-23 01:24
Maybe he can go clean toilets since there is a lot of toxicity there too.
2015-10-22 20:06
navi inc
2015-10-22 20:07
The end of Hellraisers RIP [*]
2015-10-22 20:08
flipside slave :(
2015-10-22 20:10
toxic kid so who gaf
2015-10-22 20:12
who wants to play with a stat whore any way
2015-10-22 20:15
well he's a clown changing teams every 2 months keep playing with tier 4 teams and players
2015-10-22 20:15
wtf simple? seriously?
2015-10-22 20:42
s1mple | 
United States DiamTV 
What? He had nothing to do with, hellraisers just wouldn't buy him out from f.3
2015-10-22 20:46
ayyyyy lmao like always s1mple part aways
2015-10-22 20:51
- friberg + s1mple
2015-10-22 21:06
s1mple REASTEN LOLYOU 2 germans
2015-10-22 21:28
2015-10-22 21:11
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
I understand s1mple. a pugger (oskar) playing a puggy playstyle during matches. what would you expect tbh?
2015-10-22 21:33
:D 1/10
2015-10-22 21:37
CIS chlenixon 
If they dont get a player from F3 like bondik or someone from NaVi then it looks pretty grim
2015-10-22 22:04
they could get only a bondik's and Guardian's stickers and then asus will tell them whom to pick or whom to kick because of "bad behavior"
2015-10-22 22:52
Oh yeah!
2015-10-22 22:13
Germany SchaffeR37 
2015-10-22 22:18
Poland coincc 
toxic gonna toxic
2015-10-22 22:18
no s1mple, no party. Rip HR. s1mple trying to hide hax. Vacaroni. NoKappa
2015-10-22 22:31
The cancer is not #new :D
2015-10-22 22:36
Finland touni 
What the.. and majors going to start soon. Bad timing..
2015-10-22 22:47
thats normal move from f3 but cant hr talk about everything before s1mple left WPlayers? hr so proffesional. like always
2015-10-22 22:49
My time is now Been learning Russian
2015-10-22 22:50
ayy lmao
2015-10-23 22:36
YESSSSSSSSSSSS, at last fuck this retard, no team for this shit <3
2015-10-22 23:38
wow, I'm shocked. this dude is done. shame, too. quite a talent.
2015-10-23 00:39
he has a great talent for sure, but the toxicity ruins it
2015-10-24 12:39
2015-10-23 00:41
CIS skruxie 
pravilno nahyi s beznadejnoi team igrat`
2015-10-23 00:55
s1mple confirmed to be more toxic than nuclear waste
2015-10-23 01:39
-s1mple +zero ?
2015-10-23 03:17
sure....omg hope you dont beleive that for more than 0.1%?
2015-10-23 15:18
Rip hellraisers Simple gonna carry na vi next
2015-10-23 03:19
unexpected kappa
2015-10-23 04:24
s1mple is an amazing player. BoL.
2015-10-23 07:42
-Edward +s1mple
2015-10-23 08:38
are u fucking kidding me?
2015-10-23 09:11
eto ez major ti 4e
2015-10-23 13:23
- s1mple -styko -oskar + OverDrive +HEL1 +romjke
2015-10-23 09:12
2015-10-23 09:17
simple is on his way to NaVi... once his ban ends, he will replace seized, who has been underperforming for a while now. this move makes sense if NaVi really wanna fight for Top3 and to win at least few majors, imho
2015-10-23 10:58
Same thoughts. Sooner or later... Maby Zeus, not Seized.
2015-10-23 13:55
Maybe zeus? Then who will call in that team? He's the brain there.
2015-10-23 15:06
imo never...NaVi will never play w this toxic kid...i cant see how guardian let dictate from some salty kid...there would be same prob as w oskar BUT guardian is more experienced and already has BIIG name in NaVii so imo simple no chance.
2015-10-23 15:17
it is the only chance for simple to reach elite, so he might consider revising his behavior. Moreover, with all respect to Blade, he has not won anything, whilst Zeus & co has had some modest achievements... they were crushing everyone when simple played his first prac, so it should be completely different story
2015-10-23 17:15
obv everything in his career is based on "evising his behavior" :) he can reaach lot in that case
2015-10-23 18:55
s1mple could be dangerous with NA'VI.
2015-10-23 11:08
dosia 5
2015-10-23 11:53
Brazil mth^ 
s1mple was a perfect fit for HR
2015-10-23 13:08
HR wasn't a perfect fit for s1mple
2015-10-23 13:24
lol s1mple stay toxic af
2015-10-23 13:41
s1mple thinks he is Zlatan "I can't help but laugh at how perfect I am."
2015-10-23 14:14
2015-10-23 14:47
People only can see what's in-game, but you'll never understand and see how they behavior outside I mean s1mple basically rages a lot what makes a team moral quite bad and create bad environment between them. hltv.org/news/15497-s1mple-announces-cs-..
2015-10-23 15:14
gl s1mple , hope u finally find team 4 perm member
2015-10-23 16:09
2015-10-23 19:51
Mongolia k0ng0 
Why not play with 4? Just -S1mple and play with bot fred.
2015-10-24 08:16
simple is most problematic person ever in this esport scene
2015-10-24 13:50
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