FlipSid3 release s1mple

FlipSid3 Tactics have announced that they have terminated the contract of Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

The 18-year-old signed for FlipSid3 Tactics in February following his departure from HellRaisers and further enhanced his credentials as one of the game's hottest prospects with a series of impressive displays, both online and offline.

However, he fell out of favour after ESWC, in July, as he publicly criticised his teammates in the aftermath of the event, leading to his immediate removal from the active roster, even though he remained bound to the organisation by contract.

After a short stint in Worst Players, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev stepped in for HellRaisers in time for DreamHack Open Stockholm, where the team finished outside of the qualification places for the Cluj major.

s1mple has been freed from his contract 

Many believed that it was just a matter of time before s1mple signed for HellRaisers, but the Ukrainian organisation claimed on Thursday that a deal to buy the player out of his FlipSid3 Tactics contract had fallen through.

But in yet another surprising turn of events, s1mple has been told he is free to find another team, though it remains to be seen whether he still plans to commit to HellRaisers, who remain in the market for a new fifth player.

Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
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World tmvg 
s1mple <3
2015-10-23 23:23
World cafala 
2015-10-23 23:24
more like simple release flipsid3
2015-10-24 00:41
Australia kTw0 
2015-10-24 04:04
2015-10-24 05:25
lol na cares about simple more than cis
2015-10-24 10:49
2015-10-24 13:29
the original is better.
2015-10-24 19:37
2015-10-25 04:15
Australia Kyoni 
2015-10-25 08:29
2015-10-25 17:11
2015-10-25 14:31
2015-10-25 12:55
2015-10-23 23:26
Poor Kostyliev, being sacked by everyone =((
2015-10-23 23:29
eh? not rlly, he left hr and flipside.
2015-10-24 00:51
and he was a toxic shithead
2015-10-24 01:55
sure, but thats not what we were talking about
2015-10-24 02:37
I was being ironic xD
2015-10-24 03:26
didnt seem like it :P
2015-10-24 14:34
Who were to understand did it. Apparently you weren't.
2015-10-25 02:14
dis english o.o
2015-10-26 00:09
Stop being toxic man, i just did a comment, accept the fact that you didn't understood i what i meant.
2015-10-26 01:35
How am i being toxic? Your last comment was literally impossible to understand, try reading it yourself... Kids and the word "toxic" these days..
2015-10-26 02:49
how hard is it to find a tooth paste in Venezuela these days? I heard that it is pretty hard xD. BTW, im not a kid, and as i said, who were to understand my comment understood, as you weren't you didnt/couldnt.
2015-10-26 12:01
"Who were to understand did it. Apparently you weren't." this comment makes no sense, please write it in english. or is the education too poor in finland to offer english classes? why are we talking about toothpaste all the sudden. i get the feeling youre autistic :D
2015-10-26 12:24
"who were to understand my comment understood, as you weren't you didnt/couldnt." I was talking about my first comment, which i did to a friend of mine. He understood. You didnt because it wasnt meant for you. Youre talking about my english... Why dont you add me on skype to chat with me in english? I can speak Finnish, English, French and Portuguese.
2015-10-26 13:00
""Who were to understand did it. Apparently you weren't." is still an autistic comment. i dont give a fuck about grammar, but atleast write so people can understand
2015-10-26 14:10
OMG man, i was talking about my first comment in which i made to a friend of mine. Please, stop with this... I know that the sentence ""Who were to understand did it. Apparently you weren't." makes no sense and if you want i can apologise for you. Just stop with this. Also, if you knew how serious is this "austistic" thing you keep on talking... People suffer so much with this that if you had any notion you wouldn't be playing with such a sad thing.
2015-10-26 14:43
oh jesus youre one of those.. im not gonna stop using a word just because its a serious illness. no one gives a fuck and neither should you..
2015-10-26 14:45
Cant you understand that I dont want you to stop using the world? You can say whatever you want, i just dont want you to keep on with this argue about my comment.
2015-10-26 14:52
"Also, if you knew how serious is this "austistic" thing you keep on talking... People suffer so much with this that if you had any notion you wouldn't be playing with such a sad thing. " forgot that you typed this? rofl
2015-10-26 14:58
If you had any notion you wouldn't. Im not replying to you anymore, bye!
2015-10-26 15:21
well finns are known be to autistic, so im not surprised you are
2015-10-26 16:10
Actually, why dont we stop with this?
2015-10-26 13:05
Ironic is when you say "poor Kostyliev" even though you're worthless yourself I think you mean that what you said was said in a sarcastic manner.
2015-10-24 18:18
Ofc it was man.
2015-10-25 02:13
2015-10-24 22:55
He is not poor. He is toxic brainwashed Ukraine kid. He flames everyone, started a fighr with oskar without a reason, blames his team in front of everyone. You can clearly see that this kid may be good at the game, but he is a total kid, 18 y/o says it all
2015-10-25 06:48
Yes, you definitely know, that they fought without reason, like, you were there, all praise our lord from Slovakia.
2015-10-25 19:45
Fanboism real in this one. Even markeloff and b1ad3 said in interviews that s1mple is immature and starts fights without reason
2015-10-25 20:13
Ukraine TRANEdAK1nG 
Effective today, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is a free agent. We thank him for his services, and wish him all the best in his career!
2015-10-24 00:21
The dude has more rage clips than steel. toxic = bad. s1mple = shit.
2015-10-25 17:14
2015-10-25 19:56
Latvia gr0wupz 
2015-10-23 23:23
United States mmotorcycle 
he was on f3 again???
2015-10-24 00:09
his contract didn't expire...
2015-10-24 00:23
United States mmotorcycle 
oh thanks i didn't know that
2015-10-24 05:33
Spain pi0 
didnt expire??? he broke the contract when left,... Now new contract
2015-10-24 13:19
nope, he just said all the shit to his teamm8s and left
2015-10-24 16:43
Spain pi0 
2015-10-24 17:45
no he got kicked from team but his contract didn't expire
2015-10-24 00:23
No he stepped down
2015-10-24 03:02
World Noldi_alb 
No he cant step down when he is under contract. Flipside org could have not allowed him but both parts didnt like each other.
2015-10-24 08:46
Well he did bcecause they didnt want him on the roster
2015-10-24 16:08
World Noldi_alb 
2015-10-24 16:36
Spain pi0 
edit. ok i dont read enought. :P
2015-10-24 17:45
Germany 1criT 
2015-10-23 23:23
2015-10-24 00:00
2015-10-24 02:39
Indonesia rareguy 
2015-10-24 03:58
allu | 
Finland Fherrera 
2015-10-23 23:24
2015-10-23 23:24
#newSimple kek
2015-10-23 23:24
Welp, HR he comes?
2015-10-23 23:24
France Lelib 
G2 s1mple inc
2015-10-23 23:24
lal, tha'd be funny to see. especially with his broken English.
2015-10-24 12:54
2015-10-23 23:24
he is too toxic for HR
2015-10-23 23:24
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
TOP kek
2015-10-23 23:24
Ukraine gungrave 
1 day after hr kick him coz of f3 contract? ;D
2015-10-23 23:24
f3 just rekt him
2015-10-24 00:23
He left F3 months ago but he was still under contract so that's not a bad news for him for sure
2015-10-24 11:14
2015-10-23 23:24
2015-10-23 23:24
2015-10-23 23:25
Spain Deryko 
2015-10-23 23:25
s1mple = the most wasted talent of CS:GO
2015-10-23 23:25
s1mple | 
Bangladesh balti 
just because he's fucked in the head
2015-10-23 23:47
Yeah he's good at the game but his personality is turbobydlo.
2015-10-23 23:52
+1 m8. turbobydlo he is.
2015-10-24 12:56
no, this is xantares. replying to the guy above sorry.
2015-10-24 00:21
Slovenia Badm0n 
xantares the vac myster
2015-10-24 09:41
yeah, hes godlike player with personality of cyka blyat mm russian
2015-10-24 02:05
El Salvador EzLife 
Lord Bendter of CSGO
2015-10-24 13:30
2015-10-23 23:25
2015-10-23 23:25
2015-10-23 23:26
2015-10-23 23:26
#news1mple to C9. HLTVConfirmed.
2015-10-23 23:26
-n0thing -freak +s1mple ez 4v5 major win
2015-10-24 03:08
2015-10-23 23:26
S1mple signs with HR EZ
2015-10-23 23:27
then after one month when he gets kicked from HR...he will sign with F3 again...ez
2015-10-23 23:30
2015-10-23 23:27
lolll rip hhahahaah
2015-10-23 23:27
2015-10-23 23:28
2015-10-23 23:29
Double rekt
2015-10-23 23:29
Nobody wants simple on the lineup. LMAO!
2015-10-23 23:29
however few 3 months ago he said "f3 are nubs , they dont know how to do headshot" :D
2015-10-23 23:30
hes going to NA
2015-10-23 23:30
2015-10-23 23:30
2015-10-23 23:31
s1mple wasted talent, s1mple pls go to t1 team :)
2015-10-23 23:31
simple to HR but still HR need someone in place of botkucher
2015-10-23 23:31
Finland Jyubei 
-kuchshit +godpimple
2015-10-23 23:34
If s1mple joined HR, Kucher & ange1 would have to stay and Oskar would have to go.
2015-10-24 18:19
please go to hellraisers, simple+oscar=top 10 team
2015-10-23 23:32
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
he don't like how oskar play
2015-10-23 23:35
Oskar is good in matchmaking. He had like 9 kills vs SK. Usually in CS that would be acceptable, but in this case SK is a bunch of underaged NN danes that have been playing together for 1 week and most of them are horrible.
2015-10-24 18:21
2015-10-23 23:33
Ukraine KYRT1993 
bondik HIT HIM again xD
2015-10-23 23:34
does this mean HR s1mple?
2015-10-23 23:34
this kid is so annoying
2015-10-23 23:34
2015-10-24 11:42
rip kid
2015-10-23 23:35
not expected lol
2015-10-23 23:35
Europe GytiZ 
2015-10-23 23:36
Czech Republic NR.Kobra 
2015-10-23 23:47
-nkl +s1mple ez
2015-10-23 23:37
2015-10-23 23:37
now its cler af...simple is toxic as fuck...kicked from HR
2015-10-23 23:39
this fucking kid doesnt deserve what he has, hes a cocky little bastard that shit talks his team and friends, He shouldnt be pro.
2015-10-23 23:40
who the fuck cares, no one cares about his attitude if he is doing amazing plays
2015-10-23 23:43
Europe GytiZ 
Do you understand that he won nothing? He's one of the best players in the world, but he played in 1 major ever... And it was in 2014.
2015-10-23 23:46
ofc they do, no one wants that kind of player in a long term team.
2015-10-23 23:47
yeah we can see how teams are fighting for him :)
2015-10-23 23:48
obviously teams care, lmao, if they keep releasing him.
2015-10-23 23:49
im not talking about teams, im talking about the general watcher of Counter Strike. And also, Flipsid3 has been the only org to kick him, get your fact straight
2015-10-23 23:58
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
well technically he rage quit then they removed him
2015-10-24 00:17
whether he leaves, or they release him, why does it matter? he obviously has issues he hasn't hammered out. what's the point of talking about how skilled a player is if he cant stay on a team long enough to be worth it?
2015-10-24 00:44
he just needs to find the right team Kappa Keepo
2015-10-24 01:15
HR kicked him before he went to f3 aswell.
2015-10-24 01:52
hr kicked him, he left flipsid3 because he refused to play with bondik
2015-10-24 02:13
United States 7hai 
yeah. i hope you know this game is about being a team, because you dont seem to know the importance of backing your teammates when they make mistakes. if you know anything, you will also know that people will rather take the nicer lesser skilled than the toxic better skilled.
2015-10-23 23:49
overexaggurating little fuckface think you know shit. He is fucking 17 or 18 and his skill is off the roof. You saying he SHOULDNT be pro at all is so dumb
2015-10-23 23:56
United States 7hai 
rofl. there you go.
2015-10-23 23:58
wow someone didn't take their medication today!
2015-10-24 00:49
United Kingdom Dird 
sometimes the world is unbalanced....just look at cristiano ronaldo
2015-10-23 23:48
United States 7hai 
nt messi.
2015-10-23 23:50
United Kingdom Dird 
why would I be messi in this case? nt american logic although I may have been more clearer if I said unfair instead of unbalanced
2015-10-23 23:54
United States 7hai 
what exactly is unfair? christiano is a brilliant player.
2015-10-23 23:58
with an upper body more ripped than many bodybuilders and the looks of a model I can't even get 25% accuracy in cs =/
2015-10-24 00:17
United States 7hai 
i dont see it as unfair, i see it as an inspiration.
2015-10-24 00:29
He is but he's crying too much, thats bad for everyone in team.
2015-10-24 11:25
United States 7hai 
nah, i don't think he is half as toxic as s1mple, but sure he is a bit of a diva.
2015-10-24 12:27
You know nothing about how he's acting, it's more important to look good beeing good footballer than being good cs player xd. Different money, i remember that Ronaldo gave 5m or something for Nepal earthquake victims, and later they denied it. Ronaldo can afford people for good image, simple cant do it and he doesnt give a fuck xd.
2015-10-25 09:52
United States 7hai 
yeah, but isnt that where he is hurting himself? you dont need big money for people to see you in a good light. alone his twitterfeed is a disaster. look at pasha for example. he doesnt spend big money on publicity, he is just a genuinley nice guy, thats why many people including me, love him. its that s1mple actuall (see what i did there? ;))
2015-10-25 13:55
Sweden godname 
lol rly bad
2015-10-23 23:44
Sweden MasturB 
Simple dosia AdreN?
2015-10-23 23:48
+s1mple +Mir or +jR -kUcher
2015-10-23 23:53
HR Oskar s1mple STYKO ANGE1 Mir Fantastic Lineup.
2015-10-23 23:54
this guy...
2015-10-23 23:54
wtf is this shit
2015-10-23 23:55
-allu +s1mple NiP top1 again
2015-10-23 23:56
NT broken Poland flag
2015-10-24 03:15
Nt uk flag in space
2015-10-24 10:11
NT Crumpets n tea
2015-10-24 11:24
welp, n1 f3
2015-10-23 23:57
who cares about toxic kid, this guy wasted his chance to play maybe in Navi in the future. I am sure that Simple destroys every team. Simple you are done.
2015-10-23 23:58
well this is hilarious
2015-10-23 23:59
it shows that hr didn't get him because they didn't want to, therefore the buyout was an excuse to not get him.
2015-10-23 23:59
Na'Vi s1mple incoming
2015-10-24 00:01
omg eblan ebanuu
2015-10-24 00:01
Does this kid have aids or wtf is wrong with him? doesn't seem to be able to stay in a team for more then 2 weeks at a time
2015-10-24 00:02
he dont need team only thing that hr need is skins
2015-10-24 00:04
Why are these so late on hltv now?
2015-10-24 00:09
This was announced when F3 announced. What are you talking about?
2015-10-24 02:16
I arent think that but i are think that he say this is the obvious
2015-10-24 12:38
United States ferdog 
who cares
2015-10-24 00:10
skinny jackpot should hire him, where he will scam people live. Even Phantomlord's 100k views will suck with this popular show.
2015-10-24 00:15
2015-10-24 00:16
released who
2015-10-24 00:16
s1mple | 
Norway eved 
Exkekdead Tomorrow on hltv: s1mple steps in for HellRaisers. For the 4th time.
2015-10-24 00:31
lol both these teams will be no nonames while NaVi will suck up all that pride and just pick him for the obvious talent he is. you should be able to endure some abuse when he is a player that can win any round for you at any given time, vs any opponent
2015-10-24 00:37
y so toxic?
2015-10-24 00:43
Czech Republic baylife 
-kucher +simple! oskar styko schnaider angel s1mple
2015-10-24 00:45
+1 kucher is shit
2015-10-24 02:55
Only I just dont give a shiet about this crater face ugly schoolboy?
2015-10-24 00:46
I want to see him @ WP again, dont know why xD
2015-10-24 00:53
2015-10-24 01:01
Does anybody even want this guy on their team?
2015-10-24 01:47
YouPorn in..coming...
2015-10-24 01:51
YouPorn in..cumming... *
2015-10-24 03:17
Ukraine fallenaxe 
just F3 trolling S1mple & HR =)
2015-10-24 02:35
would say just simple
2015-10-24 02:36
Portugal tnyk1ng 
someday he will find 4 s1mple and create a s1mple team. maybe he can change and be a new s1mple :)
2015-10-24 02:40
2015-10-24 03:26
Mongolia k0ng0 
I dont understand why no team play only 4? Like wtf why have so much ez?
2015-10-24 03:36
Simple is such a toxic bastard, no one likes him.
2015-10-24 04:13
Dammmnnnn, they just now kicked him??? Lol. Yes, I loled. Withdrawl will arise.
2015-10-24 04:55
United States snack- 
lmao Flipside trolled hr so hard
2015-10-24 05:54
g2 -fox +simple top 5 team Earth
2015-10-24 07:09
2015-10-24 07:24
nt Kebab
2015-10-24 11:27
nt Blue Country
2015-10-24 14:58
loh eto sud'ba ayy lmao
2015-10-24 09:19
2015-10-24 09:35
Because s1mple fucked over f3 after eswc and raged and left after he joined hr f3 fucked him over by not letting hr buy contract it was payback
2015-10-24 09:34
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
dude it doesn't add up, he can just join hr now, how did they fuck him over? more like hr didn't say the full story
2015-10-24 11:26
HR lied...blamed it on F3...F3 now shows everyone that they lied because if HR doesn't sign him... then the buyout wasn't the problem.
2015-10-24 18:42
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
yeh s1mple even tweeted now that he doesnt want to play for hr, not sure how true that is, but still shows that HR statement was bullshit twitter.com/MEs1mple/status/657884577520..
2015-10-24 19:39
omg all these simple news
2015-10-24 09:46
I'm curious in which team he will end up
2015-10-24 09:50
Estonia jossd 
Most probably Na'Vi. He will get unbanned by ESL in February.
2015-10-24 10:17
Totally unexpected.
2015-10-24 10:15
Poor toxic kid ;(
2015-10-24 10:46
UNEXPECTED, i'm searching for Kappa.
2015-10-24 11:22
2015-10-24 11:32
2015-10-24 11:25
2015-10-24 11:33
Russia RomJkeH 
1 month ago - HR release s1mple
2015-10-24 12:03
GIGAROFLMAO, HR parts way with s1mple and few days after F3 release him (for sulk)? Just RUS/UKR things =DD
2015-10-24 12:53
2015-10-24 12:57
noob simple
2015-10-24 13:06
Imho simple has to be taught a lesson in order him to understand - if such thing if possible at all - that he needs to improve his discipline when playing in a top team as I strongly doubt that he is able to change his character - too old for that. That's why HR should take schneider instead of pseudo god.
2015-10-24 13:08
What is it good for to have a player that cant play esl?!
2015-10-24 13:27
joke cs scene, back in days this wasnt possible.
2015-10-24 13:29
simple to hr
2015-10-24 13:34
2015-10-24 15:56
who cares toxic kid?
2015-10-24 14:17
2015-10-24 15:57
Toxic scum with esl ban...
2015-10-24 14:59
Will replace pyth on Winterfox.
2015-10-24 15:12
fall like a glove to nip -XIZT +s1mple
2015-10-24 15:38
s1mple :(
2015-10-24 15:46
Why are you guys so late on the news? s1mple left F3 like, 3 days ago.
2015-10-24 16:21
s1mple just quit the game. no pro teams will play with you cuz you're braindead selfish toxic lieing scum you wont be missed
2015-10-24 17:39
s1mple :(
2015-10-24 18:21
Toxic behavior > skill nuff said
2015-10-24 18:46
s1mple Dosia AdreN Hoochr Fox ?
2015-10-24 19:50
you tier 459 retard :D
2015-10-24 23:01
They kicked him cuz he had too many P1mples
2015-10-24 22:57
Am I the only one thinking the reason HR kicked s1mple has nothing to do with the contract? And the fact that F3 release him 1 day after proves that?
2015-10-24 22:59
S1mple..that guy is juste like never ending tv drama
2015-10-24 23:04
lmao HR: we can't get simple he is contracted to F3 F3: We are letting simple go translation: no one wants him
2015-10-25 02:35
haha exactly :D
2015-10-25 02:04
CIS savagery
2015-10-25 02:06
2015-10-25 02:38
Fuck off 1.6 cheater, typical CS:GO kids, needing cheats in 1.6 to compete against the oldskoolers. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He is mentally fucked up and it'll never change.
2015-10-25 16:52
Poland fuma_csgo 
Nobody wants simple.
2015-10-26 19:44
Russia Reph 
2015-12-30 08:11
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