MYM ESWC 2008 champions

For the first time in ESWC history, a team win the ESWC two years in a row.

After a hard struggle to even get to the finals, MYM has if nothing else shown that they deserved to be here. The final ended up being decided on de_tuscan, with MYM up 15-6, and looking like they'd have an easy win, but e-STRO felt otherwise. In an amazing comeback e-STRO got back to 13-15 before finally giving up a round. This leaves MYM as the first team to ever win two consecutive ESWC titles, a feat that might stand for a long time.

ESWC 2008Best of 0
27th August 2008
Best of 3

This conclude the ESWC 2008 Grand Finals, the top8 was distributed as following:

1. Poland MYM – $40.000
2. Korea e-STRO – $25.000
3. Sweden fnatic – $14.000
4. Germany mousesports
5-8. Sweden SK Gaming
5-8. Germany Alternate

5-8. France emuLate
5-8. Denmark mTw

If you missed the action make sure to check out the demosection, the galleries, and the results.

Good Job :)
2008-08-27 09:30
2008-08-27 09:30
Poland StC 
2008-08-27 09:30
Brazil fzZ 
Congratulations Nice match :D 1. MYM – $40.000 2. e-STRO – $25.000 Nice
2008-08-27 09:31
GG mYm, eSTRO. nice final.
2008-08-27 09:31
Poland tsrx 
eSTRO nice match congratulations for all teams :)
2008-08-27 09:32
congratulations for both, nice match.
2008-08-27 09:33
nt by eSTRO :)
2008-08-27 09:33
2008-08-27 09:35
WOAH!!!! $40000 for MYM.... Keep up the gud work... Not really a fan of MYM bt i am really a hard core fan of nail-biting finals... Gl to E-Stro too...U R $25000 richer now... Go grab some new Jackets...
2008-08-27 09:35
Congratulations to mYm and the rest :)
2008-08-27 09:36
France klwN 
Awesome from hell final and well deserved win against an incredible opponent. GJ both teams.
2008-08-27 09:37
first french, whos not crying about mym winning FAIR with eml. thanks for that comment ; ). GJ MYM!
2008-08-28 11:51
World LeviathaNz 
lol, ur attitude talks much ;)
2008-09-04 22:21
Poland DUEL 
gg mym;)
2008-08-27 09:38
mYm Polish Style !!!!!!!!!
2008-08-27 09:39
congrats! gj
2008-08-27 09:39
Poland bkx 
Congratulations to mYm, really great job. Without kuben in the quarter and semi-final would be really hard to get to the final. GL in the future! Well deserved.
2008-08-27 09:42
Gratz mYm !!! Hail Poland !!!
2008-08-27 09:42
If SK was the 2nd instead of e-STRO, i would got the top 3 in that HLTV's competition. :P GJ e-STRO, congratulations MYM! :D
2008-08-27 09:43
good question from carmac@SK : to what organisation will go the title : PGS or MYM ?:D
2008-08-27 09:44
awesome, gj MYM.
2008-08-27 09:47
Poland dulu 
NAJS MYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-27 09:48
congrats !
2008-08-27 09:48
good news
2008-08-27 09:48
they deserved it.
2008-08-27 09:48
Rephrase Headline: For the first time in ESWC history, a team has won the ESWC for 2 years in a row... i guess this is proper..correct me if i'm wrong... i knw u guys r bz doin a lotta stuff...
2008-08-27 09:53
2008-08-27 09:53
gg mym
2008-08-27 09:55
Poland bkx 
Btw. TaZ after ESWC Masters: "And I'm sure, we'll come back stronger".
2008-08-27 09:59
Poland qater- 
2010-07-03 12:49
good job, you should be archaeologist or something..
2010-07-03 12:56
Congratulations !! MYM BIG POWER!!!!!! I BELIVE ON YOU! GOOD JOB!
2008-08-27 10:07
World b1b1 
2008-08-27 10:08
Poland tzb 
Congratulation MYM !!!! You are the BEST team :) POLISH POWER !!! GG for the E-STRO Neo - THE BEST PLAYER on THE TOURNAMENT !!
2008-08-27 10:13
Poland bkx 
Maan, kuben was awesome too in quarter and semi-final, scores like 22/2 etc.
2008-08-27 10:35
yes..neo has awesome deagle frags in final, gl
2008-08-27 10:37
Imo they dont deserve it.
2008-08-27 10:37
Poland StC 
tell my why ??
2008-08-27 10:56
Lithuania Rst 
and who deserve it ? ;/
2008-08-27 10:57
Poland bkx 
emulate hahah
2008-08-27 11:19
Poland fenn 
french guys are angry beacuse mym won with emulate in 1/8 :]
2008-08-27 11:12
how can you say "win" ? R!Go put a involuntary pause during a round that didn't disturb anybody but those fucking whiners of polishs got complained to steal the second map . It's stupid to see some kind of things like that during such a big tournament ... I absolutely with Seymoro : they really don't deserve it this time ...
2008-08-27 11:51
Poland fenn 
damn it! they did it beacuse emulate disturbed his action! and tournament rules sad that emulate cant paused during round! Your crazy skilled ' emulate ' showed us how to play nuke ^^ mym won 16-2? 16-3? i dont remember funny french guy ;)
2008-08-27 11:58
I didn't say that emL was so much better that MYM as you say on nuke . I just absolutely disagree with MYM's players behaviour when they saw the were losing . By the way the round didn't really disturb MYM coz they won that round . By the way 2 : emL 16-4 MYM on d2 . There isn't an awesome difference between those 2 teams . emL didn't believe anymore to the victory during the 3rd map ... But what am doing is useless coz it won't change anything . gg mym U good team but good whiners :s
2008-08-27 12:09
my God how wrong you are man! The difference is between those teams, and it's quite a difference! By the way now you're to complaining whimp, your team lost get over it!
2008-08-27 13:34
The pause was made when emuLate was rushing inner bombspot on de_train. When it was unpaused, emuLate shot all MYM players who were confused what was going on. emuLate cannot be unsatisfied with the decision the admin made. Any other case they should have had subtracted 3 rounds and not 2.
2008-08-27 23:28
Poland bkx 
Btw. what about bans (i mean racist issues, spam) in threads MYM vs. emL and MYM vs. mouz?
2008-08-27 23:41
What would you like to know?
2008-08-27 23:46
Poland bkx 
Are those ppl banned from this site now?
2008-08-27 23:46
No, not yet. We will take care of this matter when we get home from USA.
2008-08-28 03:08
the first pause was in a freezetime cause of mouse's problem of emL player -> wow one round for a pause during a freezetime. NICE for the second pause,it is an error for a player from emL and it's a mym player who unpaused the game. after the pause, emL say sorry and MYM unpause the game, not the eml player. -> So, stop say "they unpause, kill mym players". MYM and emL were ready at the unpause.
2008-08-28 12:07
Not what happend.
2008-08-29 11:00
:)) french are angry :))
2008-08-27 10:56
2008-08-27 11:00
MYM is my favorite team ! I am very happy
2008-08-27 11:02
Lithuania CnL 
mym is the best team in the world.. congratz
2008-08-27 11:16
Overall I am very proud of e-STRO - they beaten fnatic, they beaten SK Gamins, this is a great success. They really deserved the final match but couldnt beat MyM. To be honest I like both of teams and I am proud of MyM, well done guys! Happy to be winners of ESWC again. And e-STRO played really suprisingly well and I hope they will play as great as on this ESWC later on. GG e-STRO!
2008-08-27 11:17
India Fzr 
nice to see a player frm same country as mym praisin e-stro good 1 mate :D
2008-08-28 18:49
omg , there is no money for mouz !!!
2008-08-27 11:22
Congratulations MYM :)
2008-08-27 11:23
nice!! congr.!
2008-08-27 11:26
2008-08-27 11:31
what can I say.... Well played MYM and good job eSTRO too. Also fnatic and mouz played a good tournament.
2008-08-27 11:34
GG for both!! nice mYm & e-STRO...
2008-08-27 11:45
Poland bjs 
I knew that was coming :) GJ both
2008-08-27 11:46
who is the best?!?!?!? MYM of course 1.NEO 2.kuben 3.luq 4.taz 5.loord
2008-08-27 11:50
gratz guyz. you made, and proved MYM that you deserve to be part of the org. Now focus on the WCG!
2008-08-27 11:53
GG MYM and very good job for e-STRO^^ I think the best player of this ESWC was bail or ari ^__^ nEO played like a shit vs emuLate on dust2 =(
2008-08-27 11:54
Tunisia M.E 
GG gays and gg to e-STRO to lol MYM big gg
2008-08-27 11:56
Yeahh congratz MYM! kubenB just owns :)
2008-08-27 11:57
Tunisia M.E 
i very desipointed about SK but gg also
2008-08-27 11:58
w0w BIG GG solo ; but MYM are the Best ;)
2008-08-27 12:02
I have a question , am worried about their organisation , it will be mYm or PGS or MYM PGS ?
2008-08-27 12:11
99% sure it will be MYM.
2008-08-27 12:15
Poland bkx 
Rofl it's 3:50 in America (i think) and aren't you sleeping? Or are you in Europe now?
2008-08-27 12:54
he's drinking vodka with Polish guys!
2008-08-27 13:37
Poland bkx 
Hahaha, i doubt he likes MYM :)
2008-08-27 13:44
why wouldn't he? :)
2008-08-27 18:27
Poland bkx 
Hmm, really don't know, maybe, because he's from Denmark and likes mTw, though you are from Denmark too :) Well, N1 TwAizZ, you just "woke up" MYM :)
2008-08-27 18:38
Hello stranger!
2008-08-27 22:12
ggggggg mYm
2008-08-27 12:22
gg MYM. :)
2008-08-27 12:35
Nice picture may be they forget how they passed the quarter. Somebody says emL had to forget what happened and play the 3rd map like pros, but mYm doesn't play like pros and doesn't win with skill they just found another way not to be eliminated.
2008-08-27 12:43
Hardly. emuLate abused the pause and it gave them an advantage. MYM filed a complain and they are right to do so, as emuLate did something during the match, that they were not allowed to.
2008-08-27 23:30
Poland StC 
hihi french boys are crying so sad ;( explain what was the diffrent mYm won 2 map 16 : 14 and eml used a pause in the middle of round than all the way that mYm won 2 map than there is nothing you can do here
2008-08-27 12:54
MYM isn't fair play That's all.
2008-08-27 13:02
Poland StC 
fnatic did the same options with estro i dont know what was the problem but estro get 3 penalty rounds if you are doing something illegal than you must know that oponents will use this thats life everyone want to win
2008-08-27 13:06
U're right! SHIT! =( I'm so sad!!! e-STRO is at WCG 2008?
2008-08-27 13:09
MYM isn't fair ? the admins decided what happened, not MYM?
2008-08-28 17:37
haha; SK & fnatic - just suck! OHH YEAH,mYm is real the best team and they prove it!!!!!!!!!GJ LUq!!!!!
2008-08-27 12:56
Good job mym :)
2008-08-27 13:04
When you grow up you learn how to lose in dignity and what is fair play, they knew the pause didn't change anything but they used it like little boys who prefer to win without deserving it than to lose in dignity. Just remember a thing, not so long ago in a bo3 SK vs fnatic, fnatic made a flashbug but walle said they played better and the flashbug didn't change the match so they were no asking. That's a great team with a good spirit.
2008-08-27 13:19
It was during the 4th round, and MYM lost due to that pause. Afterwards they had to double eco.
2008-08-27 23:32
solo | 
Estonia FrispeN 
so do they have to play with MYM.PGS tag in next year?
2008-08-27 13:30
Poland bkx 
If they would qualify in Polish qualifier next year as a MYM, they will play under MYM tag.
2008-08-27 13:46
DAMN mym!!! didnt want them to win =( <3 SK
2008-08-27 13:36
GJ MYM !! :*
2008-08-27 13:41
Congratulation e-Stro^^
2008-08-27 13:41
I don't get what the french whine is all about, wasn't it your beloved emulate who violated the rules? That tournament was just too big to let that slide. Like Taz said - if you make a mistake you have to pay for it. Yes, sorry, that's life, nobody will let you win on purpose, you have to realize that. Now stop crying and take it like men, will you? And if you still wanna cry, blame emulate.
2008-08-27 13:43
Winning on a technicality is still lame. IMO. OnTopic: A shame eSTRO didn't win, they deserved it (/sad), however it's good to see that mYm/PGS is back! /cheer
2008-08-27 14:39
MYM ^_^ neo cool boy~~
2008-08-27 13:46
Good job MYM :)but e-STRO played good too.
2008-08-27 13:59
We were winning 15:14 so this 2 penalties round will nothing change...
2008-08-27 14:00
ahaha nice man. emL don't known that they have penalties. no one admins say to them that! at 6-6 (when emL ct), they learn that they loose the side terro 6-7.during all the side ct, they think they win the side tero 8-7
2008-08-28 12:12
Czech Republic acn 
cg to mYm I am sad ,cuz i think fnatic extenuate e-stro ..but 3rd place is still good , so gg fnatic :) You made me happy and mainly defeated mTw ! :)
2008-08-27 14:03
GG I was cheering for e-stro (after SK was out) but oke. Ow and Eidam gg to you to :)
2008-08-27 14:05
Belgium doxe 
damn masters why youre in america ? i had to get up till 4 am so my mam was pissed off as hell so i couldnt watch the finals
2008-08-27 14:08
nothing more to say than a victorious 'gg'
2008-08-27 14:19
Congratulations MYM
2008-08-27 15:07
waiting for the eswc 2008 movie ;)
2008-08-27 15:15
Well.. and who could guess the following top3? :S
2008-08-27 15:20
lucky victory :x
2008-08-27 15:22
I knew it. mYm <3
2008-08-27 15:23
Fnatic .. only loose in the phase final competition why ...!! GO FNATIC
2008-08-27 15:41
zzz wonted eSTRO to win and i miss virtus pro__::DD
2008-08-27 15:46
mYm are best, they improved it. GO GO GO GO GO MYM! You deserve it!
2008-08-27 15:52
2008-08-27 15:58
I'm proud of mYm like father of his son!
2008-08-27 16:05
You can be - Lithuania roxzzzzor! :P
2008-08-27 20:59
gg guys!
2008-08-27 16:48
NEO the best player of 2008
2008-08-27 17:37
GJ mym :D
2008-08-27 17:40
MYM !!!!
2008-08-27 17:46
Brazil rw 
good job mYm
2008-08-27 18:08
good job Guy's
2008-08-27 18:39
Poland qater- 
2008-08-27 18:54
Mexico Jessica Alba 
GG mym but i think they deserved it for 1 thing : not about emulate , but about the fact they lost 3 maps during the tournament. in my opinion , eswc champions musn't lose any map
2008-08-27 19:02
I presume then that you mean to say that they did not deserve it ::)
2008-08-27 19:04
Poland bkx 
So, there wasn't team, which didn't lose map. In your opinion any team deserved for ESWC title?
2008-08-27 19:17
Mexico Jessica Alba 
that's it :p
2008-08-27 19:37
Do you have that opinion regarding every tournament? If so, then fnatic, mtw, emL etc. wouldn't be deserved winners of their tournaments they won. :) in my opinion , WCG champions musn't lose any map
2008-08-27 19:52
Mexico Jessica Alba 
first : emL didn't lost any map during the WCG 2007 2nd : if the winner had lost some maps during the tournament , it means he is not the best and others teams can beat him.
2008-08-27 23:24
You're wrong. Emulate lost inferno in match versus Amazing Gaming (that was semi-final). :P
2008-08-28 00:24
weird idea... Losing a map is part of the thing, it just shows that the levels are really even and each team is on the top, some a little bit more, and one a little bit more than all the others... This time it was mYm, they totally deserve it, eSTRO was a hell of a hard opponent.
2008-08-27 23:24
Lol... that's the most stupid comment i've ever seen "Winners musn't lost any map" Dude... it doesn't matter how much u lost, or had to fight in the way to win the tournament. A victory is a victory, no matter how hard it was, it's a victory If MYM won this is because they were way better prepared than the other teams, they worked their ass off to win, and they deserve it. Stop complaining about if they deserve it or not... like if u were participating too...
2008-08-30 03:59
who is the sixth man on the picture ?
2008-08-27 19:12
Poland bkx 
Ronnie "TwAizZ" Jelsbak - MYM.cs manager :)
2008-08-27 19:14
CONGRATULATIONS FOR was a very hard as a hell way to win this tournament!!! NICE job mYm :D:D:D GL end and I hope u will keep that champions form for long time!
2008-08-27 21:20
congratz MYM, i liked that match. realy great comeback
2008-08-27 21:25
MYM rules :D
2008-08-27 21:47
gratz MYM,, nice played!
2008-08-27 22:07
gz mYm
2008-08-27 22:21
MYM-monster's :)
2008-08-27 22:31
Nice mYm, nice, congratulations :)
2008-08-27 22:40
MYM just OWNS !!! Poland rules.
2008-08-27 22:44
Congratulations MYM! :D
2008-08-27 23:01
Bulgaria cob 
what happen with the SS competition A?
2008-08-28 01:12
Nice MYM good job nice match
2008-08-28 05:50
mtw :(
2008-08-28 12:49
damn proud of u!!
2008-08-28 17:21
It was a fucking great match! e-STRO in the futur will be stronger than MYM =) (If the lineup doesn't change^^)
2008-08-28 18:40 :((((
2008-08-29 00:00
MYM The best !
2008-08-29 01:21
gg MYM
2008-08-29 02:04
gj mYm, gg eSTRO :), i hope ROCCAT start winning :F
2008-08-29 07:41
fnatic next time beter
2008-08-29 07:59
It is a pity to me that e-STRO very good command with strong players has not won eswc, this but I think it of still will show)))
2008-08-29 09:49
MyM very good and strong team I think it 1 place on eswc 2008:D deserves :))
2008-08-29 13:30
Now this nice discussion I have heard of that the next year's spot is for PGS and not for MYM, and that the latter will have to qualify for next year ::)
2008-08-29 15:07
Poland bkx 
Yes of course, next year's slot is for PGS. MYM has to qualify in Polish qualifier if they want to play under MYM tag ;)
2008-08-29 16:09
hehe xDDD gl PGS )))
2008-08-29 15:55
The french stop crying...
2008-08-29 17:34
Very Good Boys :) Dont spend it all :)
2008-08-29 17:54
SK and fnatic need change :P gogo zet need luck :D they are very good
2008-08-29 20:03
gg mYm !
2008-08-29 21:29
yes but its easy for them to qualify polish qualifiers i think mYm is the best with quite big marjin in poland so gg mYm and gl mYm :)
2008-08-30 10:04
mYm fire ! fire !
2008-08-30 14:11
mYm its not a fairplay , vs emuLate . . .
2008-08-30 22:59
breaking rules = taking consequences stop whining btw
2008-08-30 23:34
the best 4ever
2008-08-31 02:58
MYM < World it was amazing!
2008-08-31 13:47
nice mym bad SK ;(
2008-08-31 14:27
Romania C1pryaN 
nice !
2008-09-01 14:07
Why Noa changed name, it's so silly, NoA was a really good name.
2008-09-01 18:21
Team NoA (and I would even say NoA as organization) joined a new organization, mTw, that is the reason for the name change, as usual ;)
2008-09-01 19:30
Polish force. xD
2008-09-04 19:20
Thailand KE. 
Gj mym!
2010-10-04 10:46
2010-10-04 11:50
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