Liquid exit StarSeries League

Team Liquid have announced that they have withdrawn from SL i-League StarSeries XIV with immediate effect.

According to a statement issued by Liquid, the decision was made by the team while participating at the CEVO Season 8 Finals, where they finished in last place following back-to-back 0-2 defeats against dignitas and Conquest.

Liquid, who had defeated Enemy 2-0 in their opening StarSeries match, plan to cut down on the number of leagues in which they are involved and could soon pull out of other tournaments, the organisation said.

Team Liquid sit out StarSeries XIV 

Eric "adreN" Hoag's men currently sit at the top of the North American ESL ESEA Pro League division with 12 victories from 16 matches, while in the FACEIT League they currently sit second on a 4-1 record.

"Our team came to conclusion that we had been playing over, so we need to start declining and dropping some leagues," Liquid said in a statement to Starladder.

"We also came to the conclusion that your League (SL-I Starseries) will be one of the leagues that we will be dropping right now.

I am sorry that this happened with such short notice but we consider it is better for us, as a team.

"We were approached by some leagues that haven't been announced yet, and we had to turn them down."

Liquid will be seen in action this weekend at the iBUYPOWER CS:GO Invitational, which will give away $100,000 and a spot at IEM San Jose.

United States Eric 'adreN' Hoag
Eric 'adreN' Hoag
No team
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2015-11-11 01:44
Not really.
2015-11-11 01:45
it was a joke m9
2015-11-11 02:07
2015-11-11 02:13
CIS Ume 
lineup changes inc
2015-11-11 01:44
2015-11-11 01:45
2015-11-11 01:46
Brazil sidde^ 
Finally. Stupid online matches are killing some teams
2015-11-11 01:46
Brazil Nobuga 
+1 pls
2015-11-11 01:57
I remember 1.6 gold times when every single LAN got a fuckin hype cuz we saw some match ups that we didn't see very often. It was gold
2015-11-11 02:02
today matches more hyped, tnx to skins
2015-11-11 02:52
2015-11-11 02:55
this scene is joke :)
2015-11-11 03:39
Hong Kong bufu 
2015-11-11 01:47
"We were approached by some leagues that haven't been announced yet, and we had to turn them down." Guessing that's the Turner league?
2015-11-11 01:47
they will 100% play turner league
2015-11-11 01:50
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
why would they turn down turner league??
2015-11-11 01:50
idk maybe because two of their players are still in university and can not give up their scholarships.
2015-11-11 02:58
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
Just seems silly they would give up one of the biggest/most hyped leagues instead of something else
2015-11-11 03:00
Its not that silly if you just think about it. Some pros may not have the same amount of faith and expectations for the new Turner league, because of CGS' failure. Its a huge sacrifice to move to a city and bootcamp and stay there for like, what, half a year or so, for little reward in the long term. It's an even bigger sacrifice if you have a scholarship that can be destroyed if you give up school. This x2 for Liquid, its too big a sacrifice.
2015-11-11 03:11
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
Sorry what? I thought it was just your average online league (like EE)
2015-11-11 03:12
Pretty sure its a LAN setting, which is why Renegades moved here in the first place. Watching a TV screen of players playing online wouldn't be as exciting as an actual LAN wouldnt it? :P
2015-11-11 03:20
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
I mean, Renegades wouldn't be able to play since they are in AU due to internet. Will look this up though. And of course, online isn't as exciting, thats why you have a LAN final :>
2015-11-11 03:26
Australia forkus 
Renegades could have played from AU but they would all be 200+ ping. Not so much to do with speed of internet, just the distance the data has to travel and that silly thing called light speed.
2015-11-11 04:58
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
Not sure if you are trolling or not but That's what I meant, yes.
2015-11-11 05:07
Australia forkus 
Not trolling. Sounded like you were referring to the speed of our Internet as the issue when its the physical distance. Then when you mentioned that you would "look this up though", thought I would save you the trouble and confirm. Your welcome!
2015-11-11 05:53
Just wait till ocean cables are replaced by quantum teleportation :D
2015-11-11 09:49
Austria db42 
from what ive heard both nitro and elige are really fucking good at uni ( 1.1 avg, or however you grade that in the us) - if they really are going to play turner league (wasnt a list of the teams playing allready leaked?)
2015-11-11 08:28
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
No I'm aware of that, but Nitro and Elige are already playing in what, like 5 online leagues? Drop some of those pointless ones and just main on the turner then, IMO.
2015-11-11 22:18
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
Someone care to explain what is the turner league? :O
2015-11-11 01:53
United States GeT_ReiCh 
Turner(The company that owns ComCast and a bunch of other media outlets) is going to start an esports league with CSGO
2015-11-11 01:58
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
Hmm, i didn't know that. Ty. Going to be huge as ESL/ESEA?
2015-11-11 02:04
2015-11-11 02:08
it is going to be better hopefully...fuck LPKANE
2015-11-11 22:23
Turner doesn't own comcast, they are owned by Time Warner
2015-11-11 06:34
United States GeT_ReiCh 
lol confused the two, but I do believe then Turner owns some news channels and stuff
2015-11-11 14:11
Hm.... IEM...
2015-11-11 01:48
Sweden godname 
2015-11-11 01:49
fear of lan
2015-11-11 01:51
they have a lan this weekend?
2015-11-11 02:09
they will go out last place again. mark my words
2015-11-11 02:27
2015-11-11 08:23
2015-11-11 21:51
ye rather take the ez prizemoney against tier 5 na teams instead of getting experience from playing against eu teams... expected from lazy usa
2015-11-11 01:50
United States GeT_ReiCh 
Or they realized if they do well in all those leagues they're gonna end up like c9 and get burnt out from so many LANs in a short period of time.
2015-11-11 01:59
this "burn out" was just the end of their surprise-factor. they havent ever been able to rly compete with eu tbh + they havent ever shown a good lan performance against eu teams, there is no way to burn out if u go out in groups every time lol
2015-11-11 02:04
United States GeT_ReiCh 
They showed promising results getting more than 6 rounds against EU teams at their recent LANs. Getting close to taking a map off of VP twice and taking a map from Fnatic shows they're improving.
2015-11-11 02:30
yeah those 3 finals appearances weren't against EU teams...
2015-11-11 22:24
we are talking about liquid fucking brainless wannabe german.. -.- i hate it if such shitheads like u think they are that smart and are too lazy to read the whole discussion...
2015-11-11 22:26
United States snack- 
That's actually a good move that's really smart. Now for a few roster changes to really make them great
2015-11-11 01:53
"make them great" will never happen, heard so many times - na team will be good - didnt happen, doesnt happen, wont ever happen
2015-11-11 01:55
United States snack- 
Great was definitely an overstatement but if any team has the mix of talent, coaching, and experience I think it's liquid. I think they can definitely break top8 and become a contender to win smaller lans. Many people thought that and I believe that they can and will
2015-11-11 02:03
well, this move makes no sence then, to throw away the chance to play against the best is never good
2015-11-11 02:05
United States snack- 
Not really. Not many good t1 teams beside navi play at starladder. And even if they did this allows them to fix their issues with their coach and actually practice and improve their flaws instead of playing against t1 teams and having the same mistakes
2015-11-11 02:10
what? this iteration of starladder has $200k LAN finals and every T1 team besides NiP (and that's arguable) is participating.
2015-11-11 02:31
United States snack- 
you're right actually but previous starladders have been like that. Mostly 1-2 good teams and the rest t2s. Thanks for correcting me I was not informed of the newer iteration
2015-11-11 02:32
2015-11-11 02:33
Austria db42 
on paper they are great individual playerrs -i deffo see C9 on par with the current top4, but only if all of their 5 players have the game of their life, which doesnt seem to happen at all as their supposed star players are always either playing alone because the rest of the team is way below average or are invisble. Being overconfident is also something NA needs to work on. outaiming 9rws kids in pugs is easy, outaming some of the best players in the world isnt really an option, need to start to outsmart them too. edit, didnt realize we're atalking TL - same things apply, but they arent as individually skilled as C9 at their peak - howewver they are way more consistent in terms of overall fragging
2015-11-11 08:33
smart would be to reduce the streams not the official matches.Liqud are not playing even 50% of the official matches,which most top EU teams do.
2015-11-11 01:59
United States snack- 
What does that even mean
2015-11-11 02:01
That means they should instead fuck around less. Streaming on twitch, playing shitty pugs...
2015-11-11 12:11
you mean make more money? why would they not want that?
2015-11-11 22:26
After reading my sentence i realised that it does not make a lot of sense,but well... it was 2am.Anyway the guy under me summed up my opinion.
2015-11-11 17:45
United States snack- 
haha yeah I gotcha. Liquid players don't even stream much. Hiko has a schedule but it's pretty infrequent
2015-11-12 02:20
team online liquid
2015-11-11 02:02
First of all, Liquid aren't even all like "full time" pro gamers like CLG and c9, so you can't put the same expectations on them as c9 or EU teams for example.. Pretty sure a few of them are in school or working.. So this isn't really surprising.
2015-11-11 02:10
They must have updated their anti cheat client
2015-11-11 02:08
Canada ryxze 
Liquid drops for MacDonals?
2015-11-11 02:11
Expected from liquid. They are now going out even BEFORE THE GROUP STAGE [*]
2015-11-11 02:13
2015-11-11 02:39
lol playing more 10mans and streaming pugs is going to make them better? Let's be real, the liquid organization told the players they fucking suck and that they won't be getting funding to travel to more events because it's a waste of money until they can prove they are a half-decent NA team.
2015-11-11 02:14
but why :(
2015-11-11 02:15
onliners who cares
2015-11-11 02:38
2015-11-11 02:42
We keep losing so we need to play less. NA logic.
2015-11-11 02:43
Probably stressed, playing too much would put anyone on tilt. They just need a breather I guess.
2015-11-11 02:50
We have no teams so we should keep playing like shit. UK logic.
2015-11-11 03:02
Funny thing is the NA teams always get the big opportunities to play internationally and then complain about travelling around after... The EU teams travel almost every weekend and they just get on with it.
2015-11-13 00:55
I would imagine that's because most of their tournaments are held in their respective continent...
2015-11-13 01:01
250k prize pot and they decide to not attend it :( whyyyyyyyyyyyy
2015-11-11 02:51
Ya you kids are a joke. Only a NA organization like Liquid or C9 would support this crap. A Chinese org. would immediately void your contracts and tell you to play elsewhere. What would happen if I told my boss I wasn't going to do a project because I am already involved in a bunch of projects? This is online leagues that you can treat as scrims or practice. No wonder NA is so bad, VP doesn't turn down anything and these NA baddies won't even do a 250k league, roflmao, GET GOOD NA.
2015-11-11 02:58
nt, gregfromjersey. You're muff cabbage.
2015-11-11 03:03
I'm not surprise. There way too many leagues. Someone need to get a control on this
2015-11-11 03:05
Elige and Nitro being in school has a lot to do with these decisions I'm sure.
2015-11-11 03:17
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
2016 gonna be epic, hopefully
2015-11-11 04:20
Sweden Trojka03 
2014 "NA is not as competitive as EU cuz there are not enough NA tournaments and events" 2015 The number of tournaments in NA increase. "There are too many tournaments for us to attend and too much prize money to win, which we don't need anymore cuz we are salaried now". -NA Logic
2015-11-11 05:25
He didn't say there's too many tournaments, retard. He's saying that there's too many online leagues. These orgs want teams to play online matches for 3 months to qualify for a weekend LAN.
2015-11-11 05:33
Sweden Trojka03 
Online leagues often lead to LAN finals, and also I don't see other teams bitchin about it.
2015-11-11 05:50
Other teams drop out of LANs to focus on other LANs all the time. I don't see how liquid is bitching, they're giving an explanation.
2015-11-11 07:31
russian tournament is shit
2015-11-11 05:29
Ukraine bia 
It's not russian, it's ukrainian. And btw, it always very successful, how can u say that it's shit?
2015-11-11 16:10
nt Vietnam
2015-11-11 16:54
"The team liquid gave up to play in any lan league and decide to force in online tournaments, where ever obtained promising results. " Reliable information .
2015-11-11 05:56
disband incoming I'd quit too if I got 1v5d by shazam
2015-11-11 05:56
2015-11-11 06:06
In the USA, teams are dropping leagues, in brazil dont have one league to play unless games academy, sad scene "/
2015-11-11 07:13
Team LiQUIT.
2015-11-11 12:16
I know whats wrong: Hiko - jirnyi Coach - ebanutyi Enjoy!
2015-11-11 14:55
Rip onlindren and hikonline
2015-11-11 16:49
HF boys
2015-11-11 19:06
2015-11-11 22:25
good, now hiko can stream with timthefatman and get $$$ who cares about making NA better at cs when you can do Sub Sundays right?
2015-11-13 01:08
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