koosta: "Play better as mobile AWPer"

We interviewed Enemy's AWPer Kenneth 'koosta' Suen in his first video interview ever and asked him questions regarding his previous history and playstyle.

Kenneth "koosta" Suen has been on the radar for many fans of North American Counter-Strike for some months now, using his AWP with precision and fast pacing to become an impact player for Enemy.

We managed to convince koosta to do his first video interview to try and get some background information for the player as well as tease out some news about how he plays.

More interviews, photos, and coverage is on its way from the RGN Pro Series. You can find our other interviews from the RGN Pro Series as well as other clips on our Youtube channel here.

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United States Kenneth 'koosta' Suen
Kenneth 'koosta' Suen
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Koosta is bad.
2015-11-17 05:50
North America ewo 
2015-11-17 05:51
2015-11-17 05:53
Nifty | 
Moldova towerzz 
my god that intro, about to slit my wrists koosta is a fucking god soon -adren +koosta liquid top 1 world
2015-11-17 05:57
Damn Koosta, you can hit some nutty awpshots but you one awkard motherfucker.
2015-11-17 05:58
it's his first interview, god knows I spilled spaghetti all over the floor in my first ESWC interviews
2015-11-17 05:59
Any vid about it?
2015-11-17 07:56
I mean it's not terrible...but it's way worse than how I do it now youtube.com/watch?v=sJr5suSpjec
2015-11-17 08:03
To be fair.. Friis is a horrible interview partner
2015-11-17 10:52
shroud | 
Sweden Jootex 
was it moms spaghetti ?
2015-11-17 08:02
You're just making it awkward. He seemed really chill compared to get right's interviews with his one word answers.
2015-11-17 08:37
nice hair stitch
2015-11-17 05:59
still online
2015-11-17 06:01
god has spoken
2015-11-17 06:02
He seems like such a nice and calm guy to be on a team with
2015-11-17 06:06
the whole team are very nice...fun guys to pug with
2015-11-17 06:18
this is like watching two people fuck for the first time...
2015-11-17 06:07
koosta to CLG and jdm to Liquid
2015-11-17 06:07
nukkye | 
Australia riotbz 
actually maybe could work
2015-11-17 06:52
-FNS +koosta
2015-11-17 06:13
2015-11-17 06:18
koosta is on his way. nutty awper
2015-11-17 06:25
This interview was so awkward i could not watch all of it..... but anyways koosta is fucking sick
2015-11-17 06:32
koosta on LAN? i are think that
2015-11-17 06:52
literally Kenny S
2015-11-17 06:58
such a nice guy
2015-11-17 07:42
Cool interview, seems like a nice dude :) the minor Awkwardness doesn't hurt at all, it's only natural to be a bit insecure if you're new to the spotlight.
2015-11-17 07:51
Is this Koosta guy famous cause 1.6 or source? Or just random interviewing
2015-11-17 09:06
new and upcoming NA player on team enemy, hes shown good gameplay so far
2015-11-17 09:10
Why all the tease? He did very good, I don't see any "cringe" or however you call it.
2015-11-17 09:19
big talent
2015-11-17 09:20
Australia weedloll 
notice me stich-pai
2015-11-17 09:35
Remember when everyone was saying he's cheating? Top kek
2015-11-17 10:32
mobile because he moves when he shoots and misses.
2015-11-17 10:37
mobile awp? What the actual fuck is that.......
2015-11-17 11:43
That's when you don't play stationary watching a spot, like setting up a crossfire on a bombsite. You're allowed to risk it, rotate, peek as part of the strategy. But then again you will never understand this as a silver, I shouldn't have to explain
2015-11-17 13:01
2015-11-18 04:00
stich so hot omfg. #nohomo #yeshomo
2015-11-17 13:13
Koosta = 6 letters kennyS = 6 letters Koosta is from America KennyS is from France The ketter A comes before F Koosta>kennyS confirmed
2015-11-17 13:29
or you could've just said they are both literally kenny S's
2015-11-17 22:23
2015-11-18 03:44
stich still rocking that metrosexuality
2015-11-17 13:42
-cutler -jdm +Koosta +swag CLG top 100 world confirmed
2015-11-17 14:08
-fns +swag Cutler is igl and > FNS
2015-11-17 23:19
koosta seems chill. hopefully he gets noticed by other teams.
2015-11-19 05:35
adreN to coaching role on liquid koosta to liquid
2015-11-19 16:39
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