TACO: "We represent both Americas"

November 18th, 2015 02:53

Our first interview of day two of the RGN Pro Series features Games Academy's Tacio 'TACO' Filho along with team manager Wilton 'zews' Prado helping with translation.

Games Academy took down the sole European team attending the RGN Pro Series, CSGOLounge, and took second seed in Group C after losing to Liquid in a seeding match.

The team have a fruitful history of support from both Brazil and North America, as they currently live in Lancaster, California and are fighting their way up through various online leagues in a bid to seek more recognition for Brazilian Counter-Strike in addition to Luminosity.

We spoke to Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, who understands English fairly well but felt more comfortable with the help of team manager Wilton 'zews' Prado translating so that he could get his thoughts across in a more conducive manner.

You can find our other interviews from the RGN Pro Series as well as other clips on our Youtube channel here.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

Brazil Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
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2015-11-18 02:53
go ga
2015-11-18 02:53
a rare interview with a taco
2015-11-18 02:54
we need an interview with burger XD
2015-11-18 02:59
There are plenty of interviews with Hiko
2015-11-29 02:19
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
i prefer kebabs
2015-11-18 02:59
I prefer tapioca
2015-11-18 03:07
no, u prefer piroca
2015-11-18 03:12
Brazil lokodecrack 
u prefer pirocon
2015-11-18 03:28
2015-11-18 05:53
I prefer vodka
2015-11-18 07:27
You see comrade, when drunk, capitalist not understand what say!
2015-11-19 16:08
So what I like a big piroca and cabeçuda?
2015-11-18 19:44
Brazil anms 
2015-11-18 02:54
2015-11-18 02:55
no thank you, SA can have LG and GA
2015-11-18 02:55
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Tells to the fcking ESEA to stop putting USA flag on the LG games. There are no brazilians claimming to be part of this fcking piece of shit called NA. If it was EU at least, but NA... hmmm no, tnks! We rather keep playing sober and without throwing for skins.
2015-11-18 03:12
You are mad? Hahaha
2015-11-18 03:14
damn why so mad? us>br any day
2015-11-18 03:14
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
using two fakeflagger accs to reply me? haha what a nerd
2015-11-18 03:32
nice reply, but he didnt deserve for rekt :D leave the poor burger alone
2015-11-18 04:46
the Rekterino, my friend, is always deserved
2015-11-18 06:05
how do you even have internet in your garbage swamped favela?
2015-11-18 17:32
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
same way you got a delayed brain
2015-11-18 18:07
srry i offended ya fifa scam lol )))
2015-11-18 20:12
xD no one want's your ugly fat nigger black ass.
2015-11-21 15:35
2015-11-21 17:05
Yeah, very cool, back to the ghetto fgt.
2015-11-21 18:24
2015-11-21 23:21
2015-11-22 00:14
ok then, this champ will represent only SA lel
2015-11-28 23:38
they are a SA team so thats who they should represent, don't know why its so hard for people to understand
2015-11-29 09:17
stich, does that microphone extended even more? Kappa
2015-11-18 02:56
2015-11-18 02:57
#GOGA Argentina with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2015-11-18 02:57
2015-11-18 02:57
Zews > zeus
2015-11-18 02:57
Zues +Jews = Zews
2015-11-18 02:59
kkkkkkkkkkkk yes
2015-11-18 03:02
did they say that GA is only staying in america for 1 season? if so did they mean fall or a esea season, hope they dont leave, they are making the NA scene more competitive and sound like nice people.
2015-11-18 03:00
they're planing to stay.. taco said that they hope to close the year and come back 2016 even stronger so they're going to Brazil in end of the year and coming back 2016 jan/feb
2015-11-18 03:08
thank you for the info, they seem like nice guys and they are a good team, hopefully they can get up to pro league soon.
2015-11-18 03:10
taco is the most suportive guy i know he's aways nice with his fans etc zews aswell aways answering questions on stream etc.. for the other 3 idk, i mean they're not as much suportive as taco and zews is but they're nice guys too
2015-11-18 03:19
Brazil lokodecrack 
almost everyone on the team is cocky and full of them selves (zews and show are cool guys), they deserve to be retkered, i still remember taco saying in facebook that they went to US to be top1 (i kekd on this one) and fnx trashtalking his fans taking every troll comment seriously
2015-11-18 03:32
taco is cool, he's aways kidding so he probably said that kidding i agre that fnx is kinda cocky
2015-11-18 03:38
they will comeback in january to play next season, GA will provide 9 months more..
2015-11-18 03:09
Afaik there will be more golden chance tournaments
2015-11-18 03:20
They didnt find any ORG yet but they will be back next year under GA tag again.
2015-11-18 03:22
Brazil 1kuNg 
the 1 season is the minimum, it's like a trial, if they suck balls they get back to brazil, otherwise they stay till find a new ORG, just then fallen will bring another GA.
2015-11-18 04:00
With all the Mexicans in the US, TACO sure as fuck does represent the region.
2015-11-18 03:03
trk | 
Brazil rmarques 
That's funny
2015-11-18 03:04
taco is love taco is life
2015-11-18 03:05
loved the interview stich you did a great job!
2015-11-18 03:05
2015-11-18 03:06
like dead said in LG interview, they represent NA and SA
2015-11-18 03:07
Belgium Chefer 
It's good to see teams of different countries join on the cs go scene. Good luck GA.
2015-11-18 03:08
zews should just ask like "how many men u fucked" to taco
2015-11-18 03:09
UFC interview style lol
2015-11-18 03:10
Bangladesh ToRu 
nice stitch
2015-11-18 03:10
Good guy TACO
2015-11-18 03:13
GA brazilian fan here, thank you NA for being so kind with our guys, thank you so much for support their dreams im sure they love NA as much as i did when i expend my vacations there, theres a part of brazilians who's toxic but the biggest part of brazil just want to say thanks to you guys... BR<3NA
2015-11-18 03:16
They need to stay in NA. Still struggling against the top teams, but they have undeniably improved.
2015-11-18 03:17
Yeah when GA arrived they were losing a lot even to t3 na teams. Now they almost beat clg in bo3. With some more time they will get near top 5.
2015-11-18 03:24
It's good for both Americas to have these brazilians teams playing at NA. It raises the level of competitiveness, brings new tactics and makes both NA and SA better in game. I believe thats the way to fight EU teams.
2015-11-18 03:18
Brazil Raifen 
I am amazed how Zews's english is perfect
2015-11-18 03:19
He lived in US till hes 8 years old i guess, or more. He said it on GA stream.
2015-11-18 03:25
Zews english level = GOD
2015-11-18 03:24
Nice zelin
2015-11-18 03:27
No one wants to be represented by trash
2015-11-18 03:27
so why NA represent NA? LMAO
2015-11-18 03:32
Because they're actually FROM NA? LOL If all you have is trash then you can only pick the least shit to represent you but NA doesn't need any more trash from SA to represent them.
2015-11-18 04:33
Brazil otvcs 
our trash is better then yours ... sorry m8 dont get mad
2015-11-18 22:08
How many majors has your trash won again? LOL
2015-11-18 22:10
ESWC 2006 DH 2007, rip fnatic and SK also, the second best BR team in 1.6 won against fnatic too, in nuke also, keyd 16x7 fnatic
2015-11-21 15:44
LOL stfu favela boy. 1.6? really?
2015-11-21 15:52
nothing 2 say muslim?
2015-11-21 16:01
Nothing needed. If you want to talk about the past, we all know who the kings of 1.6 were. The favela teams back then were far better than they are now I'll give u that.
2015-11-21 17:47
n1 taco n zews
2015-11-18 03:31
Nice interview. Will keep the eye in GA!~:-)
2015-11-18 03:44
2015-11-18 03:46
Brazil rFM 
ooow nice english zews gg taco
2015-11-18 03:51
Amazing english by zews. Better than dead's tbh. Haha they were so nervous =D Gj stich and GA
2015-11-18 03:57
Outstanding english! Very clean and fluent! Sounds like a native speaking!
2015-11-18 12:51
Zews means zeus in brazil? cuz sound similar
2015-11-18 04:00
Iceland PrTz1 
2015-11-18 04:01
Other rez9 
same sound... but write Zeus too.
2015-11-18 04:03
swag | 
North America Ares872 
this makes me want a taco
2015-11-18 04:36
master chef Hen1 made 5 tacos in the 30th round!
2015-11-18 04:47
zews' voice is amazing
2015-11-18 04:48
Stitch has got so much swag
2015-11-18 05:46
World smash143 
These guys have the potential to become a mid invite team, maybe even top if they play like they did against c9. Lets hope they stay in NA because I want better competition in the NA scene.
2015-11-18 07:50
Australia weedloll 
I swear Taco said kennyS, but his translator never said it. This whole interview was fake.
2015-11-18 08:36
Brazil lokodecrack 
he didnt said anything about kennyS lmao, calm down, zews translated almost perfectly, just forgot something here and there
2015-11-18 11:24
I hope that guys from GA will learn english language asap.
2015-11-18 08:53
2015-11-18 11:22
nt hiko
2015-11-18 15:59
Every cs player/fan in South and North America need to view the Americas as one. It's hard enough to beat EU, don't bring each other down in the process.
2015-11-18 16:21
And you are?
2015-11-18 16:22
STOP IT RICKY!!!! ù.ù get your hands off me*
2015-11-21 15:39
I love TACOS
2015-11-18 16:28
2015-11-18 17:40
2015-11-18 18:00
The Brazil are Here, go #GA. go #LG!
2015-11-18 20:48
2015-11-18 21:58
2015-11-18 22:58
2015-11-19 03:37
stich man, are you a fake flagger?xD I swear I've seen your hltv account with a polish flag on it, but you sure as hell don't sound polish
2015-11-21 16:05
stich is polish, born in Poland, moved to US
2015-11-28 23:39
he sounds american af tho o_o
2015-11-29 02:08
2015-11-28 23:46
Taco what about Central America?
2015-11-29 02:16
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