TSM qualify for fb Masters finals

Team SoloMid narrowly grind out a victory against the Swedes of DenDD to be the final team qualifying for this weekend's Fragbite Masters Season 5 finals (16-9 on de_cache, 11-16 on de_inferno, and 19-16 on de_overpass).

Following the qualifications of NiP and SK via the Blue and Orange brackets of the online portions of Fragbite Masters Season 5, the runner-ups of each bracket met in a final best-of-three to determine the final team to attend the 500,000 SEK (~$57,400) event.

de_cache made the series appear as it would be an easy sweep for TSM, as most had at first predicted, with the Danes taking the map 16-9 and advancing to de_inferno.

TSM were sorely tested by DenDD

However, following a 11-4 CT half on inferno, Finn "karrigan" Andersen & co. failed to get a single round on their own T-side as DenDD used conservative, standardised, and defensive play to rack up twelve rounds and win the map 16-11.

de_overpass saw both teams giving it their all as it was DenDD who ran away with a 11-4 T half only to see TSM finally wake up with Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen making crucial plays including a second half pistolround ace, which forced the game to overtime. In overtime, the Danes finally showed their experience by taking most of the rounds and winning 19-16.

The four teams attending the Frabite Masters Season 5 finals in Stockholm this weekend will be:

Sweden fnatic Sweden NiP
Denmark SK Denmark TSM

The offline finals will take place from December 4-6th and we should have a viewer's guide available for you closer to the event's kick-off.

2nd December 2015

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Malta WATSKy 
2015-12-02 23:16
rofl tsm so bad
2015-12-02 23:16
Not even TSM anymore
2015-12-03 22:31
Sweden erqqi 
2015-12-02 23:16
lucky tsm, dendd not experienced enough on last map to close out also bendji nice throw round 30 5-4 advantage CT he pushing alone to give tsm free kill 4-4
2015-12-02 23:16
He didn't think anyone was long because twist was peeking there before with awp. twist probably thought he had cleared long but there was one T behind the corner towards bathroom :p Wasn't a throw. twist probably said: long clear, after killing first and not spotting anyone more.. And then bendji did a great move IF there would have been none long like twist said.
2015-12-02 23:24
as CT you want to push to get information so you can get information, its 5 vs 4 for the CTs, you got first pick and big advantage, there was 0 reason for him to push even if he though no one was there. But the cheats bendji uses ofc cant get him common sense or experience cuz hes retarded
2015-12-02 23:32
Nope, the only retarded one are you. I wanna see you playing without a single mistake which is probably based on miscommunication.
2015-12-02 23:41
2015-12-03 16:07
2015-12-02 23:16
really good English cast
2015-12-02 23:17
for the finals?
2015-12-02 23:23
Sweden elan108 
He casted the match :)
2015-12-02 23:25
oh lmao
2015-12-02 23:26
2015-12-02 23:29
Germany P3tR 
10/10 classic stich
2015-12-03 08:37
2015-12-03 14:42
Norway kakkopp 
in 2 days not strange G2 trowed vs SK when rain in US
2015-12-02 23:19
Fnatic, Nip & SK at a lan again! :D
2015-12-02 23:19
luckers, should have been dendd
2015-12-02 23:19
Xyp9x | 
Denmark STATiC^ 
Luck? they just played better. DenDD had every single chance to close it out and the same vs SK yesterday they had the chance twice.
2015-12-02 23:37
AnJ | 
Denmark devonBFD 
Yh exactly, they had a huge advantage against both SK and TSM, maybe 11-4 first half on last map is cursed for them? :D
2015-12-03 09:58
how much?
2015-12-02 23:38
your house x10
2015-12-02 23:43
that is expensive
2015-12-03 01:25
swedes vs danes
2015-12-02 23:29
Brazil hugoooo 
You guys shouldn't care abour how bad TSM is online
2015-12-02 23:42
denmark vs sweden inc
2015-12-02 23:43
Hong Kong bufu 
lmao ez fnatic
2015-12-03 00:36
as an old fuck This lineups/clantags looks sexy as fuck! as if I jumped back in time (no disrespect to old people, but I feel there are several younger people with at least the same intelligence quotient as mine even on the forum sections of this site)
2015-12-03 02:12
Well.. Old fuck here too.. It pleases me to see these name too :D But SK is kind of bad, no longer the legendary team it once was. And never will be with guys like them.
2015-12-03 16:11
Stich worst caster NA. If you weren't a mod on channel I would have banned you.
2015-12-03 03:00
2015-12-03 20:52
<3 My mum will ask Lucas about getting that mic.
2015-12-03 22:29
United States snack- 
TSM is still the 2nd best team in the world (maybe third) but cajunB and device are slumping big time. Once they're back TSM is again a dominator
2015-12-03 05:59
1.fnatic 2.TSM/SK 3.SK/TSM 4.NiP
2015-12-03 06:10
(fnatic > NiP > TSM > fnatic) > SK
2015-12-03 06:15
Luxembourg alex24 
cuz tsm chokerino masters on lans thats why :D
2015-12-03 07:55
Greenland dksh 
Omg choke
2015-12-03 07:56
sk waste of spot final tsm vs fnatic 2-1 tsm
2015-12-03 09:41
Spain rezpekfull 
it will be an easy event for NiP
2015-12-03 09:49
Serbia R4ngO 
Facebook masters
2015-12-03 11:30
TSM #_#
2015-12-03 11:32
Nice. looking forward seeing it this weekend!
2015-12-03 14:14
lets hope tsm can strike back at this tournament. their slump is going on for too long now
2015-12-03 14:47
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