ELEAGUE with $2.4 million*

It has been oficially announced that Turner and WME | IMG's venture into esports will be called the "ELEAGUE" and will offer a $1.2 million prize-pot per season ($2.4 million total).

While original reports of Turner (officially called Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.) teaming up with WME | IMG to televise a CS:GO league in the United States had a tone of hearsay to them, news continued to accrue and solidify comfirming the existence of such a league.

During the slate of CS:GO events in the US in November, Turner crews were spotted filming B-roll and shooting exclusive interviews with various players, which added to the confirmations of players who would be participating.

The Renegades have already been contributing "streamed content" for ELEAGUE

The company have released a press statement reiterating many of the already known facts: the CS:GO league will take place twice a year with ten-week intervals as well as Friday night games from the station's Atlanta studio being televised on the TBS public cable channel. Teams will also provide a plethora of digital content ("30 hours") each week.

Of more pertinent interest is the promotional video included in the announcement (which can be seen here), which mentions a $1.2 million prize-pot (this amount has been confirmed as per season, thus $2.4 million total for the year) for the league, which is now known as the "ELEAGUE."

The video also specifies that fifteen teams will take part, many of which can be guessed at due to their appearance in the video. More information about the ELEAGUE, which is to debut in the summer, is to be announced later this year.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

*Update: The original text now reflects the fact that ELEAGUE will offer $1.2 million per season, thus $2.4 million for the year.

2015-12-04 04:07
no re.
2015-12-04 06:57
1st: 1 000 000e 2nd: 50 000 3rd: 30 000 WHO LIKES THIS IDEA ? Winner Millionares ?
2015-12-04 10:03
200.000 isn't 1 million.
2015-12-04 11:15
it is if you give all to one player you know, winner team gample it with: Rock Paper Scissors YOLO millionare
2015-12-04 11:20
Its not one tournament. Its for two seasons in a league all over 2016. Still goos though
2015-12-04 12:35
that is reason why I moved to Dota more money than in CS
2015-12-04 13:21
Worst fucking logic. Thats like changing from cs to any real sport
2015-12-04 15:41
dont expect any logic from this guy hes 16
2015-12-05 02:30
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
Probably you aint going to be pro in any of them,so does it really matter?
2015-12-04 21:54
CS is too easy game, I go for Dota Also money better, it will make me rich bitch
2015-12-04 22:12
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
Its not going to make you money,because the chance u will go pro is really low... If u go to a game just because u want to be rich,u will never reach anything in it...First you has to enyoj it really really,have talent and really really hard practice,but sometimes even this isnt enough
2015-12-04 22:58
"If u go to a game just because u want to be rich,u will never reach anything in it" And what makes you expert in this ? I made a lot of money with Internet Poker, never reached very top, but got enough money for rest of my life. There is always chance get rich, if you are willing to do enough work
2015-12-04 23:47
omfg you did not just say poker.... why the fuck would anyone play poker if it wasn't for money
2015-12-05 02:51
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
Okay,pls write here when you will play on a csgo or a dota major (or the olympics,but a lot of people there,sadly,dont even get enough money for living there
2015-12-05 09:59
Why I would want to waste my time to get to "Major" of Dota or CS ? I got already more money than people on those events can win
2015-12-05 16:09
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
First you wrote you will play DOTA stead of CS because there is more money in it and it will make you rich Now you say you have over 2million dollars I smell bullshit,and feel like ur a 15-yr old kid who tries to feel rich,succesful etc
2015-12-05 17:28
I said it will make me rich bitch which is different thing than _rich_ if you didn't know :)
2015-12-05 17:47
You're contradicting yourself quite clearly. First you say, you switched to dota2 because its money will make you rich. Then you say you are already rich enough from poker to live for the rest of your life. Why would you bring in money as an argument if it didn't matter to you in the first place. You're either as retarded as possible, a child going wannabe on the web or simply can't express yourself in English properly.
2015-12-05 19:11
or maybe you got baited big time HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2015-12-05 19:23
Oh no, it's Autistic!
2015-12-06 07:10
Oh no, it's Autistic!
2015-12-06 11:29
Lamest excuse for being dumb. Seems like my first guess was right.
2015-12-06 13:36
"U got baited" That's not how baiting works..
2015-12-15 23:29
nice b8 but I am too smart for you
2015-12-16 00:04
E-League with $1.2 million per season are you sure you are not an murican ?
2015-12-04 22:28
It got updated, retard
2015-12-04 23:57
from E-League with $1.2 million per season to E-League with $2.4 million And nowhere in the original article it said that the money will be split per seasons. Please stop fake flagging muricano. My door have higher iq than you, but a lot of doors have higher iq than you so you shouldnt be ashmed, is ok.
2015-12-05 00:51
I dont remember the original article, but theres a reason why they updated it. It could be interperated in more than one way. My IQ is higher than 93% of the population last I checked
2015-12-05 07:31
1st place will like this ;3
2015-12-04 13:51
kill yourself communist bitch
2015-12-04 14:02
Did you enjoy Paris ;)))))
2015-12-04 16:07
I blew myself up
2015-12-04 16:33
Do world favor and do that :)
2015-12-04 16:35
You do world favor and shut up :D
2015-12-04 16:37
hltv comfirmed
2015-12-04 08:03
hahaha or they start fuckin inviting EU teams or it's gonna be a shitty league from the start. I mean all the remaining spots have to be for EU teams only for this to be considered a great project/league.
2015-12-04 12:06
2015-12-04 13:09
+9001 Also few Asian teams?
2015-12-04 13:22
2015-12-04 04:07
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
2015-12-04 04:07
2015-12-04 04:07
Afghanistan HSM- 
2015-12-04 04:07
CLG, C9, dignitas, Renegades, SK Gaming, coL, mouz, LG and ex-TSM... Well doesnt look that great outside of the prizepool
2015-12-04 04:07
might be temporary for now. later this year im sure they'll try to get t1 eu teams to join. im just praying they will
2015-12-04 04:09
There would be a huge uproar if best teams weren't invited.
2015-12-04 04:42
Definitely, remember when TSM wasn't initially invited to Dubai?
2015-12-04 04:45
And now ESL says they wont be top because new org.
2015-12-04 05:58
2015-12-04 13:07
To be fair to ESL, they realized their ranking was shit and I'm pretty sure they never updated it. But yeah, that ranking system was a complete and utter pile of shit.
2015-12-04 18:24
Well you have to think about it this way: What teams are 100% intact and together at the time of this? Not NiP, maybe not VP, not HR, some questions about NaVi and Fnatic is up in the air too.
2015-12-04 05:44
World Vidua 
Define intact. How can VP not be intact if they have unchanged lineup for 2 years?
2015-12-04 07:11
Players are getting older, someone could retire. I don't know their contracts, but they probably have to renew those too.
2015-12-04 08:05
Virtus.pro has prolonged the contracts with polish guys right until the end of 2016 in the end of 2014.
2015-12-04 15:35
United States snack- 
hey man TSM is there that's all I are about
2015-12-04 04:24
That's nine teams... the article says there will be fifteen so there are six more. So we could still see Fnatic, EnvyUs, NiP, VP, Na'Vi and G2 added to that list.
2015-12-04 04:51
Rip nip tho...
2015-12-04 05:01
Are eu teams actually move to Na for 10 weeks for this?
2015-12-04 10:28
lol I forgot about that... maybe?
2015-12-04 10:52
liquid ez bc NA...Conquest maybe...teams you listed are the teams confirmed for the firs season only let's not forget...two seasons per year.
2015-12-04 04:58
conquest is in the video.
2015-12-04 05:28
United States GeT_ReiCh 
No liquid no party, and no crying brazilians
2015-12-04 05:07
and Navi, seized is in the video
2015-12-04 11:58
Where did see coL?
2015-12-04 13:05
Bulgaria BroN 
vp definitely will join ;)
2015-12-04 15:21
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Hopefully they pick the right teams now
2015-12-04 04:08
Brazil SUVACO 
right teams to earn money or right teams to have good matches?
2015-12-04 04:19
2015-12-04 04:08
2015-12-04 04:08
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
2015-12-04 04:09
1.2 Prize Pool... WTF Video Sounds?
2015-12-04 04:09
The AWP and AK sounds are probably too jarring for a TV ad. I'm sure the sounds they used were intentional.
2015-12-04 05:17
this. The AK in particular sounds... abrasive
2015-12-04 07:05
in 1.6 it was so smooth T_T
2015-12-04 07:20
agreed. AK sound is one of the few things that still bothers me about GO
2015-12-04 07:53
hi mom we made it
2015-12-04 04:09
Insane, I wonder with the games casted live on national TV, will the viewership rise up above 1 mil?
2015-12-04 04:10
2015-12-04 04:11
So, we discover for which org that random guy that turn off fer pc come from. lol 1.2M HOLLY MOLLY
2015-12-04 04:11
what a piece of shit name.
2015-12-04 04:11
holy shit
2015-12-04 04:11
2015-12-04 04:12
North America ewo 
2015-12-04 04:13
TBS to Exclusively Televise eSports Competitive Gaming Events Beginning in 2016. So how do we (everyone outside the US) watch this?
2015-12-04 04:16
We have to find cracked streams online like for all other sports now :(
2015-12-04 04:16
It just seems stupid to me when in the same article they use global numbers, if they want to get their brand across you'd think they'd at least have a stream service for everyone outside the states -.-
2015-12-04 04:17
like.. broadcast it on twitch like normal people!
2015-12-04 11:57
Worst case illegal re-streams. I'm afraid that if they don't stream it on Twitch, get CSGL and everything involved the viewership will be pretty low. Gamers do not watch TV. They are on Twitch and the internet. TV is a dying medium in itself. At least in certain niches.
2015-12-04 04:20
+1 The last time I watched TV was for the Rugby World Cup.
2015-12-04 04:21
one of the rare good comments. the games created the new media, they belong to them. there is no way without both combined
2015-12-04 04:34
I use my TV all the time... to watch Twitch and downloaded shows/movies.
2015-12-04 04:53
So basically you are using it as a screen for your computer. Really bright comment there m8
2015-12-04 05:01
Yours is even brighter
2015-12-04 05:15
the ellipsis was a place holder for a Kappa m8.
2015-12-04 05:17
2015-12-04 06:07
Pudge confirmed
2015-12-04 16:35
If they know the audience they should be aware that they have to stream it online somehow. Unfortunately it will probably only be available to channel subscribers. Many of us in the US (like myself) don't even own cable as we have no reason to watch tv, so if they understand the business they will know that tv streaming will result in tiny viewership.
2015-12-04 05:29
I think if a company wants to put out millions for a league, they would do their research on how to get viewers.
2015-12-04 09:21
2015-12-04 11:00
It says right in the video "Over 30 hours of streamed content per week", that should answer your question.
2015-12-04 07:48
2015-12-04 04:14
No not realy
2015-12-04 07:24
gimme 1.2 million dollars then mr milionaire
2015-12-04 09:30
I dont feed Favelas
2015-12-04 11:47
2015-12-04 04:14
2015-12-04 04:14
So teams fly over for a friday night match? I wish it would be like that instead of seperated EU/NA.
2015-12-04 04:16
I'd guess so, would it be every Friday night though? I mean, are TSM gonna fly to the US every Friday? I doubt it.
2015-12-04 04:18
They probably wouldn't play every week. At least not those friday night games.
2015-12-04 04:19
Yeah the logistics of this whole thing will be a nightmare for EU teams.
2015-12-04 04:19
Well, I guess they have the idea that teams build their job around their league. So pretty much ends up as EU teams spending more time in the US unless Eu organisers keep up the competiton which they will for sure. $1.2 million over a year isn't even that much.
2015-12-04 04:24
uh they obviously play online in a server from each other's home, and the server is televised? just like they play esea faceit cevo leagues.
2015-12-04 05:04
Norwegian league has done this 2 years already
2015-12-04 07:25
there's a difference between flying from bergen to Oslo, and flying from Europe to the u.s if you haven't noticed
2015-12-04 07:52
Look at the map, some players lives far north and change flights aswel u don't know shit u talk bout, Clearly it's different but it can be done no prOblem
2015-12-04 11:26
there's no difference in timezone's = no jetlag A flight to the U.S is atleast like 8+ hours, while it's most likely not over 2.
2015-12-04 15:26
CIS qv 
now were talkin'
2015-12-04 04:17
United States netsirt 
holy moly
2015-12-04 04:17
OMFG I can finally watch what's on a stream but on my TV. But still in my Boxers
2015-12-04 04:18
You could do that easily anyway, just connect your computer to TV, get a wireless mouse and there you have it. If you're not up to moving your pc around, buy a cheap tiny computer for 200$ and have it hooked to your tv all the time.
2015-12-04 10:54
United Kingdom jMz86 
Or from your phone with airplay like the majority of people all ready do?
2015-12-04 15:20
lol true story.Idk maybe he hates small screens or something, it is not very enjoyable watching CSGO streams on my small 4.3" inch screen, my eyes are so tired after I do it. A bigger tablet however would probably be ideal.
2015-12-04 15:23
United Kingdom jMz86 
...... What I'm saying is you can use airplay to mirror the content from your phone to your smart TV :D
2015-12-04 15:24
What a low value money gipsy! We need 10$ million
2015-12-04 04:18
2015-12-04 04:18
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
2015-12-04 04:20
Brazil spaark1 
hoooly jesus
2015-12-04 04:21
United States Free_Swag 
NA>EU no more poor third world EU leagues for 10k prizes lmaooo
2015-12-04 04:21
CGS all over again. Hope it won't kill CS:GO.
2015-12-04 04:22
Boomser told me at a LAN that the CGS paid people to fill the seats in the arena. Hopefully the hype is more real this time.
2015-12-04 04:25
this is what we talk about, this can be good.
2015-12-04 04:24
250K Online > 1.2 Million TV
2015-12-04 04:25
2015-12-04 04:27
EZ LG ez Money
2015-12-04 04:25
2015-12-04 04:26
United States snack- 
This is definitely TSM's first major tourney they're gonna win. Mark my words mother fuckers
2015-12-04 04:25
you mean ?
2015-12-04 04:48
Holy Shit EZ LG
2015-12-04 04:27
TSM probably didn't want to pay for the team's move to US, so that's why they dropped org. I'm sure an American org will pick them up within the week.
2015-12-04 04:28
TSM is an american org dummy
2015-12-04 07:27
TSM has a big gaming house, im sure they would've fit there, but im sure its not worth it.
2015-12-04 16:03
bloodR | 
Finland bIoodR 
2015-12-04 21:14
this is because gtr go to c9
2015-12-04 04:28
2015-12-04 04:29
Haha when NA finally has a league going it just started and its going to be 1.2 million prize pool XD
2015-12-04 04:31
United States koth 
Esea has the same pool. If this is over 2 seasons as well.
2015-12-04 04:50
Yea i know i should have added that. But thats also an american sponsored league
2015-12-04 04:59
It still is 25% of what the majors pay out for about the same amount of teams. Not saying it's bad for a non-major. The thing is it might be hard to view outside of US with shitty match times and possibly a shitty streaming platform, and without international viewing Turner will drop the league.
2015-12-04 06:06
Brazil fzl 
2015-12-04 04:31
IBP won't be banned! USA! USA! USA!
2015-12-04 04:37
It would be cool if torqued were in this, somehow I doubt it tho
2015-12-04 05:04
2015-12-04 04:43
clown9 , noobg , retardegades, onlinesports , LG wow such great teams promising event.
2015-12-04 04:41
it will be almost all the top15 of hltv there , maybe dig instead of Flipsid3
2015-12-04 04:45
we're saved
2015-12-04 04:51
Dude it's not retadegades... it's renegays.
2015-12-04 04:54
or retardedgays?
2015-12-04 05:00
can be , fit the image.
2015-12-04 05:02
kangaroo didnt deserve for rekt
2015-12-05 02:34
Oh ye baby
2015-12-04 04:46
Most of the teams shown in the preview all work w/ the same organization that Turner is working with. Many of the teams, except for Renegades, all have the DraftKings sponsorship (which was brokered through that org, I think...)
2015-12-04 04:54
Get jealous volvo please and make 5 million prizepool twice or 3 times a year
2015-12-04 04:48
United States koth 
So what 1.2 over 2 seasons is the same as what esea does...
2015-12-04 04:49
But on TV...oh wait no one watches TV.
2015-12-04 04:54
United States koth 
Pretty much...
2015-12-04 04:56
2015-12-04 04:50
2015-12-04 04:52
Amazing news.
2015-12-04 05:00
Everyone seems excited. I seem to be the only one realizing it'll be hard to view from outside NA - where most viewers are. It's very cool, though.
2015-12-04 05:03
omg no streams
2015-12-04 05:24
but why only shit teams :/
2015-12-04 05:04
money <3
2015-12-04 05:09
they'll probably fuck this up worse than CGS. this trailer should have included some easy to understand clutches with commentary from anders to showcase the intensity. probs gonna cake
2015-12-04 05:14
2015-12-04 05:19
Considering it's a turner broadcasting service you guys are being lead on to believe that this is it. These guys will drop the league faster than WCW going out of business if this does not get them the revenue from advertisements good bye esports.
2015-12-04 05:23
lan cheats comeback
2015-12-04 05:27
2015-12-04 05:35
Hello fucking games at 5AM with underground unofficial DingiT stream? jeez
2015-12-04 05:40
1 199 999$ for the winner and 1$ for second place
2015-12-04 05:48
Yay for the US
2015-12-04 05:55
Italy AlCapone1925 
and... $100k for the 1st place, and $800k for the organization of the tournament...
2015-12-04 05:57
Omg just give some more money to fnatic and envyus why don't you
2015-12-04 05:58
They need to get the tier one there, and stream on times good enough for EU via Twitch, otherwise it's bound to fail. Shit teams on the video and US TV broadcast (=US time matches possibly and maybe their own crappy streaming platform, or MLG etc shit) don't seem very promising. Prize pot looks good, otherwise some very problematic points. Hope it turns out well.
2015-12-04 06:02
Argentina thankzz 
"(although the distribution across the two seasons is unclear)" bah
2015-12-04 06:04
People are saying it will be uproar if the top teams didn't get invited but if they don't want to go to America :D ?
2015-12-04 06:08
money money money $$$
2015-12-04 06:09
Sweden mmF 
ayy roflmao
2015-12-04 06:22
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
gogo LG!!!
2015-12-04 06:28
Lel I think they are going to connect a thick optic fiber cable from the US to EU cuz there is no way teams can constantly play with each other every Friday.
2015-12-04 06:38
2015-12-04 06:44
"we aim to up the experience for both the players and fans alike and provide a cutting-edge live experience on both linear and digital TBS platforms." This is going to be a disaster if their idea of streaming it is making you watch it on their site lmao Also think this is going to put a stranglehold on participating teams' schedules (especially EU), cause logistics issues for their participation in other leagues, and ultimately cause a split in the scene. Have to wait and see, of course, but I really don't think this is going to work out, at least not in a way that has the very best teams.
2015-12-04 06:47
wow more money $$$$$$ dota wait for we :D
2015-12-04 06:47
Canada Lizzie 
2015-12-04 06:51
This confirm EX TSM to optic even more.
2015-12-04 06:55
thanks god
2015-12-04 06:56
ez money for fnatic
2015-12-04 07:02
This looks fucking AWESOME
2015-12-04 07:09
ez money for navi
2015-12-04 07:09
Trailer looked like utter bullshit showing trash teams and cod/battlefield sounds. When it comes to hype from murica I am always skeptical look at CGS and how it turned out.
2015-12-04 07:30
Seems like dog shit And money is low
2015-12-04 07:28
1.2 WHAT
2015-12-04 07:45
2015-12-04 08:09
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
volvo is like but but 250k majors
2015-12-04 08:19
finally some money in instead of another 250k
2015-12-04 08:52
Finally, not a minute too early
2015-12-04 09:03
I hope they will get Valve sponsored! I want my pick em challenge coins / dream league!! Also stickers is very najs!! :D
2015-12-04 09:15
oooh the euros get to come live in ATL for a few weeks youtube.com/watch?v=21RCdtJvv6g
2015-12-04 09:34
this sounds like pure shit, especially if they are locking teams down
2015-12-04 09:44
hahahahahahaha biggest upset inc again 1.2 million over 2-3 years(5-6 tournaments) :D
2015-12-04 10:10
its over 1 year moron ruski learn to read
2015-12-04 10:19
oki, 6 tournamets across 1 year nice hype dumb :D
2015-12-04 10:37
it is saying 2 seasons drunk russki
2015-12-04 11:03
mark my words, its gonna be 250k tournament at best
2015-12-04 12:01
ZywOo | 
Latvia `DinGo 
sounds sick :D niiiiiiice
2015-12-04 10:23
2015-12-04 10:38
Brazil subconsious 
2015-12-04 10:41
ez for Cloud9 no kappa
2015-12-04 11:10
Guys.. IBP could actually attend this.
2015-12-04 11:12
Sweden freddyyyw 
This is huge !
2015-12-04 11:29
Holy Fucking Shit
2015-12-04 11:30
Denmark b0ychild 
Its huge but, its so sad that a team as Renegades get any money from these events, they are not even top5 in NA
2015-12-04 11:36
they are from Australia i think they must invite a team from Asia too i really like the expansion of cs in the whole world
2015-12-04 12:21
But they are competing in NA leagues, since they moved to USA, Las Vegas to be specific.
2015-12-04 12:27
renegades isn't NA retard.
2015-12-04 12:28
Denmark b0ychild 
You are the retard, they are playing vs NA team, they live in fucking LA you moron
2015-12-04 12:52
nice =) CSGO and esports in particular gets bigger and bigger... i like it :)
2015-12-04 11:40
Poland Redrumowy 
I feel like it doesn't mean anything good for us, Europeans. Matches will be obviously played in american prime time, so we will have to stay up at night or don't watch it. If it will be streamed in TV exclusively it's even worse. Prize pool isn't rly that big if you compare it to ESL events. I'm not even sure that top european teams will want to participate in this as they require much and competition in Europe will suffer as everything is set up to happen in US. And these COD or whatever sounds in promo video are a joke. I hope it's not teaser who bad this league will be.
2015-12-04 11:48
2015-12-04 11:52
arent you guys sick&tired of the same teams and same players over and over again.. sure, the results end up different sometimes caus of clanswappin or mappicks, but still, that doesnt mean fresh blood into the scene, they should invite like nation top 10 teams worldwide, everythin paid etc since they dont have the support, that would be awesome and HELPING the csgo community instead of feading the rich, as fkn usual.
2015-12-04 11:52
I could watch only old fnatic vs TSM for the rest of my life and I would be happy.
2015-12-04 15:53
Fresh bloods should start from the bottom If they start out their career from getting fed shit tons of money without doing anything great then it would be bad for the scene and for the viewership too
2015-12-05 03:27
I said top10 teams from different nations. Via an online cup first or whatever, so they can prove themselves they're top material.. And then lan finals with like 20/30 teams that'd be so fkn awesome to see. Imagine casters and viewers goin wild of clutches and aces.. Now its like ok scream hs %, n1 guardian/kennys flicks. Etcetcccc. Cba of watchin anymore rly :/
2015-12-05 09:36
Now that I see your point of having top teams and bunch of challenger teams I think it should be good However it is most likely that they will only invite bunch of Australian and American amateur teams to compete with only some of the top teams (which I hope it won't happen,ffs it is the first time CSGO got out of the 250k volvo shithole)
2015-12-05 18:01
yeah true :/
2015-12-05 18:16
Wow! I love it, good luck to all.
2015-12-04 11:59
Too bad the viewer numbers will be awful if there won't be a free online stream. These guys think that the target audience still watches TV? These are exactly the kind of people we don't want to get more power over esports.
2015-12-04 11:59
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
my sixth sense tells me this whole league and television stuff is complete bullshit.
2015-12-04 12:04
hahaha or they start fuckin inviting EU teams or it's gonna be a shitty league from the start. I mean all the remaining spots have to be for EU teams only for this to be considered a great project/league.
2015-12-04 12:08
if MLG,PGL, faceit and others do as they said and drop 5m league then turner may have problem with having all best teams. but maybe they don't really care that much what teams they get 1.2 milion is really low when you look at some tv shows where one episode of game of thrones is 800k and average episode of almost anything is 400k in big tv stations
2015-12-04 12:15
Sweden Kasidro 
A got episode costs around 6 million $ not 600k
2015-12-05 03:02
Some shitty NA teams pugging for 1.2 mil
2015-12-04 12:18
2015-12-04 12:21
ez for LG
2015-12-04 12:51
2015-12-04 16:11
let's hope it's not divided over like 4 seasons like ESL ESEA league.
2015-12-04 12:19
Sweden Trojka03 
I'll bet my left nut that the next major (after mlg) will still have a 250k$ prize pool.
2015-12-04 12:28
c9, clg, renagdes and other shit NA teams to compete for 1 million dollars when they are all shit living the american dream lol. I dont know how renegades keep getting invited to tournaments/lans and shit like this when they are so bad and all they can do is talk shit and never performe
2015-12-04 12:39
only NA teams , really? :o
2015-12-04 12:39
Still not a major, because no drops and thus no millions of fake viewers.
2015-12-04 12:39
Teams confirmed so far: SK Gaming Dignitas CLG Cloud 9 Renegades Conquest Complexity TSM Luminosity Mousesports Nice that so many really shit teams gets to compete for 1,2 million dollar prize pool when 80% of the team cant even qualify for a major. Gratz NA you keep living the american dream where they throw money at you even when you perform like shit.
2015-12-04 12:46
i agreed, but TBS is a European TVORG? i arent think that why an European TV not make they league ? no money ? YEAH NA TEAMS ARE SHIT but you are so salty.
2015-12-04 12:49
6 out of 10 qualified for the last major Are you sure about 80%?
2015-12-04 12:50
ye qualify maybe but never getting out of groups, TSM btw is not the danish lineup but the org that will get a new NA tier 3 team. This league is just filled with tier 2-3 teams.
2015-12-04 12:54
How would you know that they don't mean the danish ex-TSM lineup? There been rumors but it was just confirmed yesterday, you think they made the trailer within a few hours? i arent think that And if you want to say by 80% wont pass group 1. Say it right away 2. Obviously only 8 teams can get out of group anyway and how would you know that SK won't pass next group stage of the major? noob
2015-12-04 12:58
Brazil RisenNTC 
LG is tier 1 but nt
2015-12-04 14:13
2015-12-04 12:46
OMG... Finally!!!
2015-12-04 12:50
"It has been oficially announced that Turner and WME | IMG's venture into esports will be called the "E-League" and will offer a $1.2 million prize-pot." Stitch!!! FIX IT!
2015-12-04 13:00
Is this just a Turner vs. MTG dick measuring contest? I couldn't care less though because we get to see more CSGO regardless.
2015-12-04 13:02
yeah... say hello to payTV(streams). say goodbye to csgo and esports as we knew it.. this is already a joke with these teams participating.. i mean... at least run some qualifiers... -.- + eu league.. na trash nobody wants to watch...
2015-12-04 13:02
well even if its pay2watch we dont need to care because its only tier 2-3 teams anyways. I will keep watching the real tournaments with the best teams even if its way less money in the pots. This league is just something they make so NA can finally win some big tournament in csgo with huge prize pool
2015-12-04 13:05
yeah... i hope your right.. but i feel that they are luring other teams into NA / other eu players into NA because they are so bad at this game... just like they are bad at everything and need to get foreigners for everything to work... :/
2015-12-04 13:20
Americas > EU confirmed
2015-12-04 13:29
n1 gl everyone
2015-12-04 13:31
600,000$ for the winner hmm good :=)
2015-12-04 14:02
Sick $$$$$$
2015-12-04 14:06
Zeus | 
Russia quzzeN 
2015-12-04 14:12
valve, take note faggots !!
2015-12-04 14:29
That's just awesome,even tho we don't have a clue of how these 1.2m dollars are going to be distributed by both seasons and the teams positions,this is going to be a better prizepool than our current majors.Also,that trailer is just fantastic. player.vimeo.com/video/147780898
2015-12-04 14:31
This is how you get good (or better): you throw money at it. More north americans teams will be formed and existing ones will fight for this. Overall, competitiveness will increase there and we will get more CS:GO. Hopefully, quality CS:GO. TBS rocks. Maybe we will get a Conan segment in "Clueless Gamer". Conan O'Brien analyzing the game in his own way. Granted, there is no storyline, but I bet he can manage to crack a few jokes. Overall, this is good. Some childish butthurt here, but this is exactly how we got top european teams: a ton shit of tournaments/leagues/wtv with big money prizes.
2015-12-04 14:47
Ukraine TheUnity 
"It has been oficially announced" Officially maybe?
2015-12-04 15:16
going to be interesting to see how this effects our current leagues and tournaments as this develops
2015-12-04 15:24
NA Only ? Ez 4 LG
2015-12-04 15:32
2015-12-04 16:43
Now let's wait to hear how they will fuck this up.
2015-12-04 16:46
says the brit.. LOL
2015-12-04 23:59
What the fuck has that got to do with anything? Do us all a favor, take a walk outside and get yourself shot... if you can make it there before the heart attack kicks in.
2015-12-05 18:46
2015-12-04 22:12
That upgrade tho :o
2015-12-04 23:48
2,4 million what?
2015-12-04 23:49
2015-12-04 23:58
2015-12-05 00:03
2015-12-04 23:50
2015-12-04 23:52
Oh shit 2,4 million :OOOOO
2015-12-05 00:01
HOLY shi..
2015-12-05 00:03
ez money for LG!! thx murica
2015-12-05 00:04
allu | 
Finland Fherrera 
2015-12-05 00:05
Holy mother I was waiting for that moment since 2005 when I started following the scene. I hope top EU teams will be there too though. It won't be as interesting if not. <3 cs
2015-12-05 00:08
Poland Marcines 
2.4mln$ for me ez
2015-12-05 00:09
omg x2 hype
2015-12-05 00:10
Ayyay $2.4M who said CSGO is going backward?
2015-12-05 00:16
Majors will be so boring now xdd.
2015-12-05 00:17
Russia e1em3nt 
2015-12-05 01:14
HOLY SHIT 2.4 Millions.. WOOW!!!
2015-12-05 01:49
Can all of the EU fags please stop posting? If EU CS is so amazing then you guys can create your own league for more money. Oh what's that? NA runs the world? Eat my nuts, EU fags.
2015-12-05 01:59
major is irrelevant now hahahaha valve will keep they word about 250k only bla bla bla ?
2015-12-05 02:25
I wonder if this will be the death of TV
2015-12-05 02:42
2015-12-05 02:53
2 seasons 2.8 mil dayum
2015-12-05 03:49
EU tournaments: $100k at max NA tournaments: $2.4 millon big money in USA, as always.
2015-12-05 04:27
they do get money for working whit isis then killing them for oil
2015-12-05 08:42
Denmark Arize 
It doesnt matter, it will still be EU teams, who is running with most of the money
2015-12-05 10:28
Argentina thankzz 
oh my god, now yes!!
2015-12-05 05:15
Like who gives a shit about where this tourny is held. Its a large chunk of $2.4million going to one of our current favorite teams. Maybe this larger sum will reinvigorate nip,or vp? That would be sick.
2015-12-05 21:08
Volvo pls see this
2015-12-06 08:02
With 2.4 million dullars in the prizepool, you can be certain that there will be cheaters...
2015-12-07 16:43
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