PGL release European Minor details *

December 10th, 2015 00:42

PGL have released information on the European qualifiers for the Regional CS:GO Minor Championship, which will hand out $50,000 in prizemoney and a spot at the MLG Columbus 2016 offline qualifier.

Earlier today Valve have announced four $50,000 regional Minors, the winners of which will go on to fight for a MLG Columbus 2016 Valve major spot at the offline qualifier.

PGL have been chosen as the organizer for the European region. There will be a total of two stages for the European Minor, the first of which being an online phase of four cups, starting on January 4.

Each of those will have 512 slots, with most of it played in best-of-ones, barring the quarter-finals and onwards. The online qualifiers will be played on FACEIT's platform.

January 4-6 - Open Qualifier #1
January 5-7 - Open Qualifier #2
January 6-8 - Open Qualifier #3
January 7-9 - Open Qualifier #4

The finalists of each cup will then advance to the offline playoffs, taking place in Bucharest, Romania from January 29-31, which means a total of eight teams will battle for $50,000 and a single spot at the offline qualifier.

Keep in mind that neither Challengers or Legends from DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca are eligible to play in this tournament, as they have either secured a place at the major or at the offline qualifier itself.

* Update: Number of slots at each open qualifier has been increased to 512.

2015-12-10 00:43
Sweden pyth 
"Keep in mind that neither Challengers or Legends from DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca are eligible to play in this tournament, as they have either secured a place at the major or at the offline qualifier itself." What about players that attended DH Cluj but got kicked from their teams like Pimp & Boltz? not fair for them :P
2015-12-10 00:45
team not player?
2015-12-10 00:47
"Teams are eligible to participate provided the majority of their players are citizens of a country in their respective region, and none of their players were Legends or Challengers in the previous CS:GO Major Championship." via
2015-12-10 00:49
ty my friend gl on ban
2015-12-10 00:56
I'll assume that there will be an exception made for those type of players - obviously this is mostly meant for stuff like GuardiaN stepping in as a standin for some Slovak team, carrying them to a minor etc... ...if they didn't, it would fall in line nicely with the rest of the CS fuckups recently :|
2015-12-10 00:57
Denmark Pimp 
Pronax for that matter as well ;) Not only would it not be fair, but it would activly also working against what the whole purpose with this Minor thing is. Me joing SK who never have been to a major might be what could bring them the next level and come closer to do so. Not only is that rule individually unfair to us as players, but it also rubs the teams that we respectively represent the chance of qualifying trough this Minor tournament. Hopefully they will re-work that rule, or the last 4 spots will be somekind of closed/open qualifier, so at least we get the chance to work hard and qualify cause we deserve it. Not even being able to try would be so sad for everyone, most of all, us as players that works on a daily basics to get to majors and big tournaments in generel.
2015-12-10 01:34
Damn that sucks I'll talk with Gaben over a big Mac meal 4 u.
2015-12-10 03:32
thanks fam
2015-12-10 17:05
so sk aren't allowed to try to qualify to the major? or are you saying that they should get a spot automatically because you join? because that's not fair...
2016-01-04 18:27
128 slots its a joke make 2 quals for everyone registered teams
2015-12-10 00:50
All of them are already full, really? How are we supposed to play it now... lol
2015-12-10 00:52
its probably cuz everyone registered their old mix teams with inactive players
2015-12-10 01:00
It should probably be fixed..GL, hope we wont meet you early in the bracket ;)
2015-12-10 01:03
+1 just away 14-12 houra from PC like a normal person with a normal life and you miss everything.
2015-12-10 01:13
who cares your team is shit.
2016-01-04 18:25
fer | 
Argentina MyMatkhev 
Go mTw!
2015-12-10 00:58
yea 128 slots is a joke. make it 512
2015-12-10 01:00
Argentina ECSBOX 
Winners: NA- Cloud9 SA- (If LG plays on NA) Gex/Pvore/My.revenge EU-Fnatic/Envy Asia- idk
2015-12-10 01:03
2015-12-10 01:47
c9 fnatic envy cannot be in this tournament! can't u read? XD
2015-12-10 15:48
xeta | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
Who the hell do we try to talk to to get the amount of slots for this quali changed, I tried to sign up an hour after it was announced and no space,..
2015-12-10 02:26
+1 a shame, instantly full and i bet they could get over a 1000 teams signed up for this.
2015-12-10 03:00
xeta | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
They increased it after Gbots complained on twitter it's 512 teams now
2015-12-10 12:09
2015-12-10 04:37
add more slots idiots
2015-12-10 05:18
nice, pgl good choice they make quality shit for a long time!
2015-12-10 06:03
LC gogo
2015-12-10 06:42
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
i signe dmyself up 128 times, time to ffw my way to lan
2015-12-10 07:14
It even starts at 5PM on a weekday Is this for kids and jobless people or ?
2015-12-10 09:57
xeta | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
Increased to 512 teams now, at least someone listens to fans :))))))))))))
2015-12-10 12:10
Every quali starts at 5pm on weekdays, is this a joke? So you have to be jobless or young enough to not work to attend the qualifier?
2015-12-10 13:02
512 slots should be enough lol
2015-12-10 13:19
2015-12-10 16:11
CSGL c'mon boys lets do this!!!!!! <3
2015-12-10 16:47
2015-12-10 18:11
Flarich | 
Latvia Zvede 
Why is latvia not allowed to join, Lithuania and Estonia is...
2015-12-10 18:29
For shits and giggles.
2015-12-10 21:37
All Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) will be able to take part in CIS-qualifiers.
2015-12-11 01:09
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