IEM Taipei with $50,000 purse

December 10th, 2015 19:51

ESL has announced that it will host a $50,000 tournament in Taipei, which will serve as the Asian regional minor competition.

On Wednesday, Valve announced that it will sponsor four regional CS:GO tournaments, called "minors", to give lesser known teams the chance to compete for big prizes and secure spots at the offline qualifier for the MLG Columbus major.

Following up PGL's announcement of the European minor, to be held in Bucharest from January 29-31, ESL has revealed that the Asian regional tournament will take place from January 29th to February 2 as part of the Taipei Game Show.

Asian regional minor to be held in Taipei 

The tournament will feature eight teams from Southeast Asia and Australia, none of whom can feature members who attended the previous major championship , DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca.

"With Intel Extreme Masters, we've taken Counter-Strike competition to Chengdu, Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai and Guangzhou," said ESL Pro Gaming vice-president Michal Blicharz.

"We're no stranger to Asian and South Pacific teams and with Season 10 marking the comeback of Counter-Strike, there's no better way to honour where we came from than with a return to our Intel Extreme Masters Counter-Strike roots

"This is the kind of competition we started out with back in seasons two and three. Now, there's a lot of North American and European Counter-Strike available, but I'd like to see what these regional teams bring to the table in Taipei."

The event will mark the return of top-flight Counter-Strike to Taipei, which hosted a 1.6 tournament in 2010 during the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship. WeMade FOX won the title at the event after beating local side UMX 2-0 in the grand final.

*UPDATE* Contacted by, ESL's Michal Blicharz explained that only players who attended DreamHack Open-Cluj Napoca are ineligible for IEM Taipei and not players who competed at any of the majors, as stated in ESL's announcement.

2015-12-10 19:51
is this an invite only event? if so which teams do you guys think will be selected? i believe each country will be limited to two teams. i reckon it will be: Secret nxl MVP Renegades Immunity xqR Insidious Mith
2015-12-11 05:41
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
I think it probably will be qualifier, EU minor has and we Kuala lumpur cologne pre-qualifier was online too
2015-12-11 06:52
secret Now is Skyred with strongest line up ever Renegades and immunity are not allow to join this event, becuz they joined main event of last major (DH Cluj) i think legacy and chief will join this event
2015-12-11 07:44
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
immunity and renegades went to ESL Cologne, neither qualified to cluj
2015-12-11 10:55
ahh yes, i forgot
2015-12-11 11:01
Ez for renegades
2015-12-12 10:52
This is a fraud ran by ESL how can this be a major qualifying system when you exclude the best Asian country currently in CS (China)? An absolute fraud that is totally ignored by this xenophobic community who just wants Australians at majors Just call it ESL Oceania, calling it the Asian minors is a disgrace. I want to see CS GO grow in Asia not have some fake Asians in these Australians sucking at majors again and again and again
2015-12-11 08:03
fake Asians??? what lol?? skyred was Vietnamese how is that fake??
2015-12-11 11:12
If you can't beat a couple aussie teams you don't deserve to go to a major.
2015-12-12 02:25
Aussie teams have the chance to practice with top EU teams , but the Asian didn't , so how can Asia teams improve their skill if they only play with other teams in Asia ? Just imagine if Australia is in SEA or near China , they will have no chance to practice w/ top EU teams , and ofc no chance against Vietnamese or Chinese
2015-12-12 02:53
Only three aussie teams have ever versed a team of another country. Legacy had two matches, immunity 4, and rng a fair bit more.
2015-12-12 12:20
best Asian country currently in CS (China)? hahahahahaha Chinese only good at Moba games , not this FPS game . Tyloo is not that strong
2015-12-12 02:50
Myb because between taiwan and china still hate each other
2015-12-12 10:54
2015-12-10 19:51
there isnt a SA minor bro
2015-12-10 19:54
after the 7-1 in WC they decided to never host a tournament in brazil... LG would get destroyed there 16-1... :(
2015-12-10 20:04
Brazil will be able to participate in the Americas Minor
2015-12-10 20:05
i know
2015-12-10 20:06
2015-12-10 20:10
Slovakia crushyou 
2015-12-10 19:51
CRAZYGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 oneoneoneone111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2015-12-10 19:52
thats my nick, dont steal.
2015-12-10 19:55
2015-12-10 19:51
Poland Kukuryq 
Wiat, what?
2015-12-10 19:51
#CSGO2ASIA oh wait it'll take years for them to get even near t2 EU
2015-12-10 19:52
I aren't think this
2015-12-10 19:55
2015-12-10 20:07
when the asians get serious.. you have no idea what kind of dumplings they're gonna shove up your ass because they are dedicated enough to practice 20 hours a day every day of the week.
2015-12-10 20:25
damn man...dumplings eh
2015-12-11 04:55
Then with 4 hours sleep per day for the whole week they're pretty much fucked.
2015-12-11 05:42
I mean they do that pretty much every day when they're studying anyways, it'll make no difference.
2015-12-11 06:41
2015-12-10 19:52
taipei wtf
2015-12-10 19:53
Wat iz dat flag yo
2015-12-10 19:53
republic of china
2015-12-10 20:03
Taipei is the capital of taiwan , an asian country
2015-12-10 20:12
taiwan is republic of china, and it is a debate whether is an indepedent country
2015-12-10 20:13
It's as much a country as Greenland, Faroe Islands, Macau, Hong Kong, and so on. A shame it isn't, to be honest. On-topic: this is pretty amazing though. It's cool to see the scene is expanding to places you'd never think they would go to.
2015-12-10 20:56
Taiwan is a de facto sovereign country though, unlike Hong Kong or Greenland. Bad comparison tbh.
2015-12-12 10:50
I don't think it matters
2015-12-12 12:21
Taiwan is not China & Taiwan is NO.1
2015-12-10 22:07
no politics thanks
2015-12-11 01:41
2015-12-10 19:54
2015-12-10 19:55
mainland china only china men))))))))
2015-12-10 19:56
2015-12-10 19:56
mixwell | 
Spain Alser 
2015-12-10 19:57
i liek
2015-12-10 20:00
2015-12-10 20:01
Hello Deleter. I think TyLoo is dominant in Asia (China, Taiwan...) Do you think the same? What about Taiwan scene? Dou you have a team that can beat TyLoo? And congratz to Taiwan!!!
2015-12-10 21:14
I think TyLoo is the best team in asia, not many chances for proving it yet though. Taiwan has no good teams, I wish it though xD There is one team that played last MixBot season, Penguin, but did not do so well
2015-12-10 21:17
Tyloo is even not the best team in China. Again, Taiwan NO.1, China NO.4 !!
2015-12-10 22:17
easy for impression? :D
2015-12-10 20:04
gl hF!
2015-12-10 20:04
csgo2asia hypee
2015-12-10 20:04
2015-12-10 20:04
gl crazyguyyy :-D
2015-12-10 20:06
50k for gold novas, awesome
2015-12-10 20:07
Bad b8
2015-12-10 20:09
Skyred line up is much better than you
2015-12-12 11:02
nice gl
2015-12-10 20:09
Crazy asians getting towards high level of play? Maybe some day again
2015-12-10 20:11
ez for CrazyGUy
2015-12-10 20:12
-sea/australia + korea/china please
2015-12-10 20:16
just saying, the r8 costs only 700 $ :D
2015-12-10 20:23
Sweden Trojka03 
Why only South East Asia? I would love to see the guys that played for Kyrgyzstan in TWC, they played great there and they could be a major contender for this title. Also having SEA and Australia only would leave out Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indians teams, also the whole middle east. Such a weird move to exclude China and Korea from this imho.
2015-12-10 20:30
I hope There will be a China Qualifier including teams from Japan, Korea, Mongolia etc..
2015-12-10 21:28
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
since they are regional minors it would probably make more sense for -AUS +FAR EAST ASIA but kyrgyzstan, are probably more CIS, not really consider to be ASIA region when I never seen these people on MM and such
2015-12-11 06:55
only 50k? pfffffffff
2015-12-10 20:47
Brazil AfKW 
I miss the Korean teams, bring back Solo
2015-12-10 20:48
crazy for ezguy
2015-12-10 20:58
Love it!
2015-12-10 21:08
2015-12-10 21:16
niiice let's go skyred
2015-12-10 21:17
Argentina YH!one 
Make the South American regional minor please.
2015-12-10 21:28
France ketokilvo 
$50,000 purse wow
2015-12-10 21:37
fer | 
Brazil m4th 
Money is most important SA>>>ASIA
2015-12-10 21:40
and we got no server In Taiwan New honkong got a poor net with TW 120 PING SERIOUSLY?
2015-12-10 21:44
It's funny, I'm in Japan with fiber connection, I get 85 ping to Hong Kong and 7-10% consistent loss. Great servers. 8/8.
2015-12-11 01:39
doenst japan have its own server?
2015-12-11 03:23
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
ye, I get lower ping to JP than HK, he just talking about HK server
2015-12-11 06:45
organize more tournaments there its good :) as 1.6 times :) they havent got a servers guys, and you call this global game? money
2015-12-10 22:10
GL asia
2015-12-10 22:11
GL boyz more events
2015-12-10 22:39
2015-12-10 23:07
Germany SchaffeR37 
2015-12-10 23:18
Canada Lizzie 
lol all aussies can go since they didn't qual last major
2015-12-11 00:44
ez for Skyred
2015-12-11 01:22
hmm the report writes teams from south east asia and australia. is that a typo? if its not. it means china and korea wont be included?
2015-12-11 01:22
Taiwan SCVready 
Finally at Taiwan!!!! I will go there for sho!!!
2015-12-11 02:00
Daite slot!
2015-12-11 02:14
Hong Kong eldoodaks 
Y U NO HK!!??
2015-12-11 04:15
glhf next time shanghai or shenzhen plz
2015-12-11 04:43
This is a fraud ran by ESL how can this be a major qualifying system when you exclude the best Asian country currently in CS (China)? An absolute fraud that is totally ignored by this xenophobic community who just wants Australians at majors Just call it ESL Oceania, calling it the Asian minors is a disgrace. I want to see CS GO grow in Asia not have some fake Asians in these Australians sucking at majors again and again and again
2015-12-11 08:01
What a minute only South East Asia? So no China, Korea , Japan?
2015-12-11 14:45
2015-12-11 21:53
nt solo
2015-12-12 11:03
Ez for The Mongolz
2015-12-12 18:07
Taiwan No.1
2015-12-14 08:55
Brazil chococaine 
toyz god no kappa
2015-12-20 08:31
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