Road to MLG Columbus 2016 overview *

With MLG releasing most of the important information on the entire qualifying process for the next major, here's an overview of the road to MLG Columbus 2016.

We have already seen bits of the information released by individual parties who will be organizing the Minor Championships, which will play a big part in the qualifying process for MLG Columbus 2016.

There will be four Minor Championships, one for each of Europe, CIS, Asia and the Americas, all of which will be available only to players and teams that didn't take part in the last major, DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca.

While Minors for the Americas, CIS and Europe will only hand out a single spot at the LAN qualifier, the Asian Minor at IEM Taipei will actually have two spots up for grabs.

Cloud9 have already secured a place at the LAN qualifier 

MLG have also released information on the remainder of the spots for the 16-team LAN qualifier, as there are three left (with eight going to previous Challengers and five for Minors teams), which will be decided via Last Chance Qualifiers.

There will be one Last Chance Qualifier for the Americas and one for CIS and Europe combined, with one spot going to the former and two to the latter.

Both Last Chance Qualifiers will feature 2nd-4th placed teams from the respective regions' Minor Championships. Teams that weren't eligible to play in the Minors due to the rules will also get a chance to take part, and are to submit their rosters to by January 11 (for Americas) or January 18 (for Europe/CIS).

These teams have already secured a place at the LAN qualifier, taking place in the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio on February 26-28, by placing in the bottom eight at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca:

United States Cloud9 United States CLG Ukraine FlipSid3  Germany mousesports
Denmark dignitas  United States Liquid  France Titan Poland Vexed

To clarify, the remaining eight spots will be distributed as follows:

Other Americas Minor winner Other Asia Minor winner
Other Asia Minor runner-up CIS CIS Minor winner
Europe Europe Minor winner Other Americas Last Chance winner
Europe CIS/EU Last Chance winner  Europe CIS/EU Last Chance runner-up

And of course, the eight teams who will come out on top of the LAN qualifier will join eight Legends at the major, that are:

France EnVyUs   CIS Na`Vi Europe G2 Sweden NiP
Denmark ? Brazil Luminosity   Sweden fnatic   Poland 

Here's a timeline of the whole qualifying process, except for parts of the Asian and CIS qualifiers, as we're waiting for more information on those:

Minor Qualifiers
Dec 17-18 CIS Open Qualifier #1
Dec 19-20 CIS Open Qualifier #2
Dec 19-20 North America Open Qualifier
Dec 19-20 South America Open Qualifier
Dec 21-27 CIS Closed Qualifier
January 4-6
Jan 4-6
Europe Open Qualifier #1
Jan 5-7 Europe Open Qualifier #2
Jan 6-8 Europe Open Qualifier #3
Jan 7-9 Europe Open Qualifier #4
Minor Championships
Jan 15-17 Americas Minor Championship
Jan 22-24 CIS Minor Championship
Jan 29-31 Europe Minor Championship
Jan 29-Feb 2 Asia Minor Championship at IEM Taipei
Last Chance Qualifiers
Jan 23-24 Americas Last Chance Qualifier
Feb 2-7 CIS/Europe Last Chance Qualifier
Feb 26-28 Major LAN Qualifier
March 29-April 3 MLG Columbus 2016 Major

For even more details on the process, such as tournament formats for each of the stages, head over to MLG's announcement.

Sweden Ain0k 
yeah boi
2015-12-11 23:38
Looking good!
2015-12-11 23:38
No C9, CLG and Liquid in Columbus 4Head
2015-12-11 23:39
World ydj 
not sure if youre dumb or stupid... c9,clg,TL are already qualified for Major Lan Qualifier.. They are now all waiting for the minor champions to play in the Major Lan Qualifier.
2015-12-12 04:41
Germany P3tR 
2015-12-12 09:06
That is a big fucking qualifiers
2015-12-11 23:40
shox | 
Sweden moonman33 
its the same as the last 2 lan qualifiers
2015-12-11 23:41
Bangladesh Qubex 
2015-12-11 23:43
G2 better be there
2015-12-11 23:43
United Kingdom MansNotHot 
they already got an invite
2015-12-11 23:49
Halton | 
Spain akproxx 
g2 are legends not challengers
2015-12-11 23:51
Argentina ECSBOX 
wait, 2 spot for the whole America?
2015-12-11 23:54
well they already have 3 teams on the main qualifier(CLG, c9, Liquid) and 1 on the major (LG). So I guess more two teams is enought, we all know that there arent many other teams that can compete on the qualifier level. I would say: GA, other 2 or 3 NA teams, some other teams from Brazil, and the top team from Argentina. Other than that the rest is pure shit.
2015-12-12 00:01
Argentina ECSBOX 
weren't GA in EU?
2015-12-12 01:46
Keyd was on EU, GA is NA (they live near LG)
2015-12-12 01:53
Conquest will probably win one of those to get into the qualifier
2015-12-12 04:36
RIP Pimp, Davcost, Boltz, Steel, and any other free Cluj Challenger/Legend players. They're not allowed to play in the Minors which means their teams will have limited chance to qualify for the Major Qualifier.
2015-12-11 23:54
"Teams that weren't eligible to play in the Minors due to the rules will also get a chance to take part, and are to submit their rosters to" I guess is not all over.
2015-12-12 00:02
AdreN | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
So now Immunity can't qualify at all as they have been to a major before so can't join the minors and they have no last chance qauli! GG VALVE YOU FUCKING RETARDS
2015-12-11 23:56
Can you not read..? It was from the last major, immunity weren't at the last major.
2015-12-12 00:06
AdreN | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
sorry i speek bad london am lithuanian potato farmer who move to bongistan pls no h8
2015-12-12 00:08
gl c9
2015-12-11 23:56
So they are basically saying that there will be an open qualifier for a qualifier,winner of which will qualify to a major qualifier,so after all of that there will be 8 teams qualified for a major through the qualifiers. mind=blown.
2015-12-11 23:56
that is the price we pay for not having an official league. the level of the game may fall a little, but in other hand we can see more games during the year.
2015-12-12 00:00
that's hella lot of games
2015-12-12 00:16
Sweden godname 
finaly titan on a lan xd
2015-12-12 00:02
Major in US..
2015-12-12 00:07
2015-12-12 00:17
''americas'' well, i think that means all americas, right?
2015-12-12 00:18
stupids rules so SK and othes teams with new players cant play quialifier
2015-12-12 00:28
World ydj 
not sure if youre stupid or dumb.. SK wasnt even in last major smfh..
2015-12-12 04:38
pimp yes
2015-12-12 10:20
they can participate in the last chance qualifier, but not the minors
2015-12-12 14:07
>NiP >2016 >?
2015-12-12 00:38
Vagina<Penis Penis>Vagina Keepo
2015-12-12 10:41
Ukraine PeR4uk 
gl F3
2015-12-12 01:00
The Old Mlg Tourny was rigged i made 10000+ on the first day coz every team got 1 win and 1 lost so i knew who and and lost
2015-12-12 02:57
Argentina EnvyJ 
Same, the only game I didn't bet was the first one, where CLG won against LDLC
2015-12-12 07:17
japierdole DROP! tutututu or dudududu
2015-12-12 10:40
I don't understand, why are Dignitas in the qualifier for the qualifier if they're already in the qualifier? That's a funny sentence.
2015-12-18 21:24
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