btt replace ton in mibr

Earlier this month we reported that Made in Brazil would be swapping three players and bring back cogu, nak and fnx. Today it’s confirmed that Thiago "btt" Monteiro will be taking over as Wellington "ton" Caruso part ways with the team.

The never ending story of Made in Brazil roster changes continues. The team recently brought back the Rio Sinistro players when swapping three players. Not long has pasted and today we see yet another change in the roster.

Made in Brazil will be bringing back Thiago "btt" Monteiro who recently got removed to space up for the three Rio Sinistro players. He will fill the open space that Wellington "ton" Caruso left behind him.

"He just said that he was not motivated to play cs anymore." – States Bruno "bit" Lima to

With current roster rotation, Made in Brazil stand with following five:

Brazil Bruno "bit" Lima
Brazil Raphael "cogu" Camargo
Brazil Lincoln "fnx" Lau
Brazil Renato "nak" Nakano
Brazil Thiago "btt" Monteiro

The team will be playing the finals at WCG Brazil this weekend. The team will after the event, be looking at possible events to attend in the future, DreamHack Skellefteå and Global Challenge are among the candidates
Brazil fzZ
go btt , go mibr !
2008-09-11 18:54
The Never ending story
2008-09-11 19:02
btt > ton, really nice line-up. Good luck mibr!
2008-09-11 19:14
4 replies
what?is that a kind of a joke? and why mibr dont call bruno?, would be the most fantastic lineup of counter-strike ever, i mean it, ever...they have a fantastic team, btt is good, but not better than bruno, i thought...
2008-09-12 00:18
3 replies
ever, ever, ever, in the whole history of the UNIVERSE, and beyond!
2008-09-12 00:33
I didn't say, that btt is better than bruno my friend.
2008-09-12 11:14
Bruno will not play CS anymore. :S
2008-09-12 18:39
Estonia FrispeN
cogu is leaving also.. he got 4 alphabet in his name.. 3 is random for mibr
2008-09-11 19:17
Any mixture of these samba boys works for me.
2008-09-11 19:21
2 replies
same here...such nice luck neva favoured them..SO FAR!!
2008-09-11 20:24
1 reply
They don't need luck, they have money...Why d'you think they're still standing?
2008-09-12 21:19
-_- mibr ... changes changes changes.
2008-09-11 19:32
1 reply
up! + changes :/
2008-09-11 20:07
Brazil rw
sad :/ btt is good but mibr with 2 awp is better :P at last is more funny lol
2008-09-11 19:32
WoW God heard me I tought he was leavin forever btt can't go... he rules, that so simple to understand... GL HF MIBR ! make our country happy \o/
2008-09-11 19:41
ton the best in mibr :((
2008-09-11 19:58
ton was a nice awp player, but i don't understand why he has no motivation for playing cs anymore. he just won the gamegune :S
2008-09-11 20:08
1 reply
may be it is not enough for him! (:
2008-09-11 20:48
i think it's just a explanation. Ton has been removed because he isn't good enough
2008-09-11 20:17
1 reply
don't say that...
2008-09-12 21:21
not good enough? must be mibr
2008-09-11 20:33
ton > btt 2 awp combo ftw
2008-09-11 20:54
2008-09-11 20:58
Hasn't fnx any hidden skill with the awp ? He is at such a level... A bit like Sunde who was only known as an amazingly rifler and now has revealed his insane awp skillz. Anyway, nice line-up but now they should really start thinking about keeping the same one for more than 1 month :D
2008-09-11 21:27
To stop neither more nor less must be something about womans. Womans, womans, womans... Would be nice to see cogu and ton playing together at train. Sad, he was one of my fave players. :| GL on life.
2008-09-11 21:29
2 replies
you mean women
2008-09-12 00:35
1 reply
Ya, when i seen the mistake was too late to edit. :)
2008-09-12 05:43
NEO | 
Germany BackY
smells like mibr wcg something :P I hope they take WCG, they deserve smth like that... Good Luck
2008-09-11 21:34
wow! changes in mibr ... thats a new one , mibr has always had a "very" stable squad.
2008-09-11 21:55
1 reply
wow! sarcasm... thats a new one, not "very" common around these days...
2008-09-12 00:36
so sad :/ ton was carrying the old line-up..
2008-09-11 22:43
but BTT already play with TBA the qualifier can he play in another team?
2008-09-11 22:44
good for mibr, they already had an awp (cogu) dont need 2 :)
2008-09-11 23:47
nice ... but i liked more ton... it was really fun to see him on nuke... t side jeJE
2008-09-12 05:03
Mibr changes again! My God :( I think fnx and ton are the best players in Mibr, but now ton has left, what a pity! However BTT is also a good player
2008-09-12 06:30
back to the old sqd ^^ gl
2008-09-12 07:04
there's no space for ton's awp, cause of cogu... i think this lineup right now can do some damage at wcg... but then again, i hate them for changes and swiches :X
2008-09-12 07:04
just how many times is they gonna change there lineup? -.-
2008-09-12 07:13
wait few more weeks and then will be another change
2008-09-12 09:32
gl ton
2008-09-12 11:03
btt > ton for sure .. btt is better than ton imo. if im not mistake ton is gr8 aweper .. but cogu is now there, and there is no place for ton in their game in mibr for now .. gl m8s
2008-09-12 12:53
bye ton.. go to source..^^
2008-09-12 12:58
ton should be in place of nak... i think he`s way better..
2008-09-12 13:11
1 reply
Maan, no, nak is crazy, watch some demos :)
2008-09-12 16:46
bruno comeback!:) gl mibr
2008-09-12 16:44
thats really bad
2008-09-12 18:20
lol they just take the worst player of the ''old''team
2008-09-12 21:01
lol This brazilians are using google translation.
2008-09-12 21:14
3 replies
"this brazilians" --> maybe you should too..
2008-09-12 22:02
Those mate, those.
2008-09-13 05:32
1 reply
hmm, i think he meant "these" , not "those"
2008-09-14 22:44
2008-09-17 11:01
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