ex-TSM through to StarSeries finals

questionmark have secured a spot at the offline finals of SL i-League StarSeries XIV after beating EnVyUs 2-0 in the last-chance stage.

With the European online group stage #2 in the rearview mirror, the final continental spot at the StarSeries finals was contested in a last-chance stage featuring the bottom two sides from both groups.

Among the teams competing in this stage were questionmark and EnVyUs, two heavyweights who are enduring a slump in form. Despite that, the duo were able to advance from the first round, with EnVyUs edging out dignitas 2-1 after a hard-fought game, while questionmark comfortably beat E-frag.net.

questionmark win flights to Minsk

Last weekend, these two teams finished 3rd-4th at the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 finals but the match was not as keenly contested as many expected as questionmark were one step ahead of their opponents from the get-go and claimed a 2-0 win following 16-10 and 16-13 victories on de_inferno and de_train, respectively.

17th December 2015

The list of participants for the StarSeries offline finals, which will be held at the Minsk Arena from January 13-17, currently consists of the following teams:

Sweden fnatic Europe G2
CIS Na`Vi France Titan
Denmark questionmark Brazil Luminosity
wp, was a good match
2015-12-18 00:29
United Kingdom lliW 
ez nv
2015-12-18 00:29
well done boys
2015-12-18 00:30
2015-12-18 00:30
Japan kitzune 
nice. gl :D
2015-12-18 00:31
This even will be a good chance for Titan to show if they are able to compete at the best level
2015-12-18 00:31
United States HiddeNK 
I don't believe they can.
2015-12-18 00:32
Me neither
2015-12-18 00:56
I don't even think they can tbh
2015-12-18 01:00
Me neither.
2015-12-18 01:08
They dont
2015-12-18 08:49
im taking a screenshot of this , and come back with a LOLOL later
2015-12-18 13:23
The fact that ex-tsm beat envyus means that titan are pretty much screwed. Envyus are the only elite team that Titan may have a genuine edge over due to Titan's players having first hand knowledge of the styles and tactics of their opponent. They might be able to beat Navi if they get on tilt.
2015-12-18 21:52
ez fnatic
2015-12-18 00:32
how did titan get in there?
2015-12-18 00:32
ez titan m8 but seriously..imagine if they won LOL
2015-12-18 00:40
they beat envyus
2015-12-18 01:19
2015-12-18 01:20
with out happy tho :D
2015-12-18 14:24
ez titan lulz
2015-12-18 00:36
wp wp
2015-12-18 00:38
Lets hope ex-TSM can win this.
2015-12-18 00:40
no VP, no nV, no NiP but somehow Titan gets through.. what is this witchcraft?
2015-12-18 00:44
vp suck bro
2015-12-18 00:46
VP lost to frikkin E-frag (Or was it "orgless"?) and G2. That's why they didn't even make it to the 2nd stage. NiP didn't participate.
2015-12-18 01:22
>no NiP
2015-12-18 01:24
TSM/fnatic eliminated VP, and Titan eliminated nV
2015-12-18 01:30
Two words: Online Qualifiers
2015-12-18 03:25
titan to win this event titan era begins in 2016
2015-12-18 01:04
Denmark FeNoM_XD 
Hope so
2015-12-18 01:28
Brazil hugoooo 
Nice tr... oh wait!
2015-12-18 01:29
Luxembourg alex24 
whos titan ?
2015-12-18 07:03
nice one onlinerS thru 2 lan again
2015-12-18 01:24
Envy is in a massive slump.
2015-12-18 01:26
Yea that break after the major killed them, hopefully they can work things out over the next month
2015-12-18 03:26
Luxembourg alex24 
neah, envy disband confirmed in 2016, they will never win anything else mark my words the planets had aligned in 2015 so that they could win DH Cluj, and other small tournaments but not in 2016... RIP VP RIP NIP RIP ENVY
2015-12-18 07:05
World Vidua 
NiP - sure, because they are disbanding. Players individually will still find success, at least some of them. EnVyUs - maybe, maybe not. It's hard to say what's going on internally but they certainly don't deserver top #2 spot right now. VP - meh, Golden 5 has been playing like that since literally 2005. They'll be just fine. Polish teams are never strongly consistent.
2015-12-18 10:34
They are gona replace kio or apex or maybe both to shox and some other french player? anyway french shuffle coming next year mark my words
2015-12-18 11:40
why would titan want to down grade to kio or apex (assuming theyd trade scream, shox, or rpk)? The only people titan would want to get rid of are smithz and ex6...in which case I'd say pls make that trade.
2015-12-18 14:15
kennys and apex to shox and smithzzwas downgrade too.. i just thinked this becoz always when the best team of france has been on a slump and they can't do shit anymore they have made a shuffle :P
2015-12-18 15:17
I would say maybe they did get a little lucky during the major, it was the end of their "honeymoon" phase. Beating fnatic 2-1 was really good for them and the comeback against g2 was great. But they need to actually make it so they can play without being influenced bu anything, like they were influenced by their new roster. I don't know if you want to call this an NBKry moment but on twitter he said they were burned out all year and that probably goes for every team. More breaks in 2016 would be good for the teams.
2015-12-18 22:42
same happened with LDLC so, its happening -kio +shox mark my words
2015-12-18 14:24
I could easily see that happen. kio has been playing pretty bad, especially at DH he was among the worst performing players out of all of the teams.
2015-12-18 14:33
yup, nbk is a true beast, same with happy, kennys is doing ok, apex is a really good entry fragger for envyus, I think shox would be a great mid-round caller instead of apex.
2015-12-18 14:39
g2 and titan are in but no envy or vp kek you might as well invite hellraisers
2015-12-18 01:56
g2 and titan earned it,, titan won vs Nv and g2 won VS VP I believe,, they weren't invited
2015-12-18 03:04
Russia Drinkins 
Good team list. Nice LAN. For fanboys and fangays who will move to Minsk, belarusian food is superb and cheap. Prepare ur stomachs.
2015-12-18 03:02
Lg secured the NA spot too
2015-12-18 03:46
e-frag last
2015-12-18 05:30
no vp and nv, so boring
2015-12-18 05:50
TSM is iBuyPlaneticket of EU now
2015-12-18 07:10
Ex-TSM is going to become NiP in 2016, you heard it here first.
2015-12-18 08:21
Na'Vi - Fnatic final
2015-12-18 08:37
But this time Na`Vi will win cuz home tournament for them
2015-12-18 12:42
2015-12-18 13:26
f0rest | 
Sweden godname 
go titan <3
2015-12-18 10:07
Russia lkj 
ez navi
2015-12-18 10:42
Go Fnatic <3333333
2015-12-18 10:50
final ez navi : ?
2015-12-18 11:44
GO fox, GO G2 <3 <3 <3
2015-12-18 12:16
ez workshop
2015-12-18 12:29
fnatic <3
2015-12-18 12:45
I told swedistan, baguettes,cyka blyats,,botland,toilet cleaners, and the community of ddos and crazy cheaterinos, this wher ez 2-0 for sausagestan.
2015-12-18 13:02
World izjaf- 
i like its a nuke picture instead of train <3
2015-12-18 14:32
2015-12-18 14:47
Luminosity little bitch of Na`Vi
2015-12-18 14:48
Nice GL to them!
2015-12-18 16:19
First it was "?", then "Question Mark", now it's "questionmark". If they chose this team name to annoy the shit out of CS news websites, they've done a fine job. GG for this team name, best troll.
2015-12-18 16:28
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