Top 20 players of 2015: dupreeh (12)

Number 12 on our top 20 ranking powered by belongs to Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen, who makes the cut for the third year in a row. He was one of the most consistent players of the year and played an important role in TSM's title runs.

Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen is one of the cases of players who quickly rose through the ranks in CS:GO after being widely unknown in previous iterations of the game. The Danish talent never made it to the top in CS:Source, but he quickly gained notoriety when CS:GO was released, playing for 3DMAX, one of the country's strongest teams during the early days of the game, alongside players like Søren "socN" Falke and Tomas "xlo" Falden.

At the end of 2012, the players went their separate ways, and dupreeh landed a place in the new Copenhagen Wolves roster, boasting some of the most successful Danish CS:Source players and led by Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen. It was a breakthrough move for the then 20-year-old, who helped the team to top-eight finishes at multiple events, including the first CS:GO major, DreamHack Winter, landing him the #18th spot in our 2013 ranking.

Before the end of the year, dupreeh and his teammates were left without an organisation after talks with Copenhagen Wolves regarding a new deal fell through. For nearly two months, the team played as über G33KZ, but then in February 2014 the players signed for dignitas.

Copenhagen Wolves dupreeh

dupreeh playing for CPH Wolves 

Under the banner of the UK-based organisation, the Danish team cemented their place at the top of the pile, finishing top eight in every international event they attended and securing semi-final appearances in two of that year's three majors. dupreeh, as always, played a vital part in the team’s impressive year and earned the 16th place in our ranking. But despite all that success, the Danish team continued to lack silverware - something that was about to change.

The Danish team attended just one event in 2015 under dignitas' banner - MLG X Games Aspen. After a rough start to the tournament, with a -11 K/D against NiP in an overtime defeat, dupreeh stepped up to the plate and helped the team to grab the bronze medal with a 1.09 rating - the Danes' third-highest at the event. His display against fnatic in the third-place decider earned rave reviews as he posted an impressive 1.44 rating to help the team to secure a 2-0 victory.

Puckett interviews dupreeh

MLG X Games Aspen was dupreeh's only event under dignitas in 2015 

At the end of January, the Danish players signed for Team SoloMid in what represented the North American organisation's first foray into Counter-Strike. The news of TSM expanding to Counter-Strike was received with much fanfare, but the team were unable to capitalise on all that hype and had a rather quiet debut at ESL One Katowice. dupreeh was in the green during the group stage and netted 66 frags in three group matches, including 27 in the team's 14-16 defeat against Cloud9, but he was not at the races in the quarter-final match against NiP, in which he had a 0.89 rating. Overall, he was third in the team with a 1.03 rating, finishing behind René "cajunb" Borg (1.13) and Nicolai "device" Reedtz (1.07).

The SLTV StarSeries XII Finals, in Kiev, came right after, and this was a particularly hard event for dupreeh, who posted a positive rating in just three of the 11 matches played by TSM. Still, he managed to score an overall 1.00 rating, finishing third in his team, who had to settle for a 5th-8th place.

Weeks later, TSM attended Copenhagen Games, and dupreeh showed he was hungry for frags by posting positive ratings in nine of TSM's first 10 games in the competition. However, wound up being his Kryptonite as he managed to finish just one map in the green across two best-of-three series against the Polish team, returning home with a 1.08 rating - the lowest of TSM.

dupreeh bounced back later that month by being TSM's top performer at the ESL Pro League Winter Finals, where the team finished 3rd-4th. The 22-year-old was the joint third-best player of the event on a 1.16 rating and picked up over 20 frags in six of the team's nine matches in Cologne.

The CCS Kick-Off Season gave TSM their first title of the year 

TSM then went through their best period of the year with first-place finishes at three events in a row, the CCS Kickoff Finals, the FACEIT League Stage 1 Finals and the fragbite Masters 4 finals. Of the three, the tournament in Stockholm was the only one in which dupreeh secured a positive rating (1.00). In the other two, he ended up with 0.98 ratings but still had the third-highest score of the team on both occasions.

At the start of July, the Danish team returned to Cologne, for the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals. It was a disastrous tournament for TSM, who were out after just two matches, but dupreeh was one of the two players on the team to keep a positive rating (1.04), the other one being cajunb.

TSM returned to winning ways in Valencia, at the offline finals of FACEIT League Stage 2, where dupreeh had his best event of the year thanks to an impressive 1.24 rating (+38) across seven maps (POV video of his best map). The 22-year-old was the joint third-best player of the entire event and had the second-highest rating of the team, once again falling behind cajunb.

dupreeh put in great numbers in Valencia 

Before the end of the month came one of the lowest points for TSM in 2015. The Danish team went into the Acer Predator Masters finals event riding a wave from four international titles in just a few months but were stunned by E-frag and HellRaisers, finishing 7th-8th. dupreeh did his best to keep TSM afloat and was the team's joint top performer on a 0.97 rating - his worst event record of the year.

Next up was IEM Gamescom, which had a very peculiar format. TSM were the team who played the highest number of maps - nine in total - but still finished runners-up to EnVyUs, who played two maps fewer. With a 1.11 rating (+27), dupreeh was third in the team.

ESL One Cologne was the event that followed, and here dupreeh looked shaky at times, combining poor displays against NiP and EnVyUs with MVP-like performances against Renegades and Team Kinguin. Unable to keep the consistency going, he posted a 1.08 rating (+22), the second-worst of the Danish team.

After skipping Gaming Paradise, TSM travelled to Dubai for the ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational, featuring a $250,000 prize pool. At the event, dupreeh put in big performances against Na`Vi, fnatic and NiP but once again struggled against in the grand final, finishing the tournament on a 1.0 rating (+6).

dupreeh was TSM's best player in Cluj-Napoca 

dupreeh then had two very successful tournaments at DreamHack Open London (1.16, +23) and the PGL Season 1 Finals (1.17, +30), with the Danish team picking up the title at the latter event. The 22-year-old was able to keep up that level of form when TSM returned to Romania for DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca. With 45 frags over two group matches, he powered the team to the playoffs, where they would fall short against NiP. Despite the 5th-8th place finish - TSM's worst campaign at a major in 2015 - dupreeh had positives to take from the event as he boasted a team-leading rating of 1.18.

The next event on the calendar for TSM was IEM San Jose, where the Danish team survived three-map clashes against Cloud9 and G2 before losing to Na`Vi in the grand final. dupreeh was third in the team with a 1.05 rating, with the curious fact that he amassed over 20 frags in every map where he had a positive rating (50 per cent of all maps).

The FACEIT League Stage 3 Finals was the team’s last event under TSM. Despite having back-to-back FACEIT titles to their name, the Danes finished in a modest 3rd-4th place, and dupreeh showed a 0.98 rating, with three teammates of his placing higher in the ranks.

While playing as questionmark, the team still attended two events, the fragbite Masters 5 Finals and the ESL ESEA Pro League Finals, finishing 4th (last) in the former and 3rd-4th in the latter. For dupreeh neither tournament was really worthy of note as he posted a 0.99 rating (-1) rating in Stockholm and a 1.02 rating (+2) in Burbank.

Why is he the 12th best player of 2015?

A key part in dupreeh's 2015 placing is his consistency. His lowest event rating throughout the year stood at 0.97, which is just slightly below average. Still, with an average rating of 0.92 in grand finals and 0.98 in semi-finals, upper finals and consolidation finals combined, he struggled for form during key matches, in which he has the worst record of the entire top 20. This is, in fact, the main reason why he is not up higher on the list.

It is worth mentioning, however, that 99 of the 164 maps (60%) played by dupreeh were against top 6 teams of the year. This greatly increases the average difficulty of the matches he played, thus rendering his stats more valuable than those of most players below him in the ranking.

dupreeh won over 3/4 of his 1on1 duels 

Even though he was never the MVP during TSM's title campaigns, the 22-year-old still played an important role in the team's runs at the FACEIT League Stage 2 Finals and the PGL Season 1 Finals, showing that when is on point and at the top of his game the team benefits from it.

Over 2015, dupreeh proved why he is a player who should never be taken lightly. He ranks 11th in clutch rounds won (53 in total) and boasts a 76.7% success rate in 1on1 situations - the highest percentage of all players in the top 20. He also had the ninth-highest number of opening kill (480) during the year and was one of the most efficient round opening killers on the T side.

In addition to opening up rounds on the Terrorist side, dupreeh was also effective at clutching in them

dupreeh has been ever present in our top 20 ranking since the start of CS:GO. From #18 in 2013 to #16 in 2014 and #12 now in 2015, the 22-year-old maintains an upwards trajectory, and as the team's stock continues to rise, so does his.

What did you think of dupreeh's 2015? Would you have ranked him differently? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stay tuned to our Top 20 players of 2015 ranking powered by and keep track of the list over at the Introduction article.

Denmark René 'cajunb' Borg
René 'cajunb' Borg
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Tomas 'xlo' Falden
Tomas 'xlo' Falden
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Søren 'socN' Falke
Søren 'socN' Falke
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Henrik 'FeTiSh' Christensen
Henrik 'FeTiSh' Christensen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
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flusha | 
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2016-01-09 19:53
My 1st comment got deleted and this one remains..GG
2016-01-09 19:56
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Expected to be ez
2016-01-09 19:59
gtr #1 getting closer and closer
2016-01-09 19:50
FalleN | 
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sure, i would rather expect azk to be first
2016-01-09 20:00
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but azk he is the
2016-01-09 20:38
Macau fAKEs2j 
your mom
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South american player
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#5 scrub EleGiggle
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CIS Eklarm 
2016-01-09 19:50
2016-01-09 19:50
Ukraine KYRT1993 
2016-01-09 19:50
Best player <3
2016-01-09 19:50
2016-01-09 19:51
very expected
2016-01-09 19:51
best entry fragger of 2015
2016-01-09 19:51
2016-01-09 21:23
simple entries?
2016-01-09 21:57 From HLTVs post about Dupreeh. Doesn't it seem like S1mple is best entry? :D
2016-01-09 21:58
simple's doesnt always play against t1 team like tsm or envyous does tho. still simple always gets the opening pick even though he doesnt even entry, just shows how good he is
2016-01-09 22:04
it doesnt really matter if s1mple play against t1 team. He can rekt everyone he want
2016-01-10 12:50
apex is much better
2016-01-09 22:58
Apex is better when he isnt in his map-to-map slump. Dupreeh is consistent in a game where consistency really matters.
2016-01-09 23:47
apex is better throughout the year, which is why he is above dupreeh in the ranking
2016-01-10 09:54
nah, apex had sick games, but he had quite a few bad one. Dupreeh was more consistent.
2016-01-10 13:37
apex is better throughout the year, which is why he is above dupreeh in the ranking
2016-01-10 15:38
nah, apex had sick games, but he had quite a few bad one. Dupreeh was more consistent.
2016-01-10 16:27
apex is better, which is why he will be 6th and dupreeh is 12th
2016-01-10 16:31
Dupreeh is better, which is why he is 12th and apex already is 18th
2016-01-10 19:59
hltv overrates tqm like everyone else seems to do. they win nothing and are still high in the rankings. apex had better stats
2016-01-10 20:12
Better stats=/=Better player. Win nothing? Jesus, if you gonna pull all this bullshit, I'm done with you.
2016-01-10 20:17
worse stats and never win anything but still good player :) not sure if troll
2016-01-10 20:18
never first wtf
2016-01-09 19:51
2016-01-09 19:51
2016-01-09 19:51
GTR #1 again 2015? =D joking #1 would be flusha GTR #11 you heard here first
2016-01-09 19:52
Too bad Flusha is IGL now, killed his WH skills :/
2016-01-09 21:25
it wouldnt suprise me if flusha #1
2016-01-10 12:51
Korea saddummy 
How is gtr better than dupreeh wtf
2016-01-09 19:52
individual skill => yes clearly TSM have a better team work. that's why tsm better than NiP. karrigan too good
2016-01-09 19:53
Sweden günT 
Nice flag m8 :P
2016-01-09 19:55
Nice flag m8
2016-01-09 19:58
Nice flag m8 :P
2016-01-09 20:04
Nice flag m8
2016-01-09 20:45
Nice flag m8... oh w8
2016-01-09 22:06
poor denmark
2016-01-09 20:02
thats stupid. he deserved top10
2016-01-09 19:52
actually i think this is pretty fitting. 12th isnt bad at all, and if you look at some of the players he is up against i dont blame them for putting him at 12th place. the competition this year is arguebly one of the highest ever in cs history, with high diversity when it comes to title winners and peak performances from different players. and i agree on some points, you could place in him higher on the ranking based on some key factors, but there are some points, as stated above, that drags him donw. still 12th is a very noble place, or so i believe.
2016-01-10 00:24
2016-01-09 19:52
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
2016-01-09 19:52
Happy | 
Georgia Sarkie 
2016-01-09 19:53
2016-01-09 19:54
Nice, man!)
2016-01-09 19:55
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
He is like sweating bullets!
2016-01-09 19:55
2016-01-09 19:56
fucking expected
2016-01-09 19:57
dupreeh the name and the legend
2016-01-09 19:58
Other anarh1st47 
hes top10
2016-01-09 19:58
Ahahahah GTR will be higher rated than Dupreeh xD It is some kind of joke... Dupreeh should be Top 8 at least.
2016-01-09 19:59
Still, with an average rating of 0.92 in grand finals and 0.98 in semi-finals, upper finals and consolidation finals combined, he struggled for form during key matches, in which he has the worst record of the entire top 20 confirmed dupreeh is the biggest choker. leave devveking alone
2016-01-09 20:00
shhh you're not supposed to make sense on hltv
2016-01-09 20:10
Hahaha +1
2016-01-10 03:36
Europe Jon_Snow 
2016-01-09 20:00
WOW Didn't expect him this high and surely not above Flamie? What??? Wow, first player I don't agree with in this list. Flamie with his better rating, way more important notable stats and a major final should be above Dupreeh imo. Disappointed.
2016-01-09 20:01
Just because you have a better "hltv rating" it doesn't mean you're great. TSM wouldn't have had most of their success without Dupreeh & xyp, He should be way higher than this.
2016-01-09 20:02
Higher than this? Lmao What has TSM won that is more important that Na'Vi hasn't? I'll tell you: nothing. Even more, Na'Vi were 2nd in a major which is more important than a Invite ESL Dubait tourney. You guys are tiresome I already know the rating is not all but it IS the more important stat and 1.08 is way higher than 1.05. Also like I said have you watched the notable stats of Flamie. WAYYY more impressive than Dupreeh ones. And he deserves 12th while Flamie 14th?
2016-01-09 20:20
Following your logic forest allu and get right shouldnt be on the List since theyve achieved Nothing ( get right will be even higher). This is a Player Rating not an achievement Rating and while i Agree with you on the numbers i dupreehs are Incredibly consistent. I think that is why he is rated higher.i think flamie is better but he was very erratic and inconsistent, therefore his impact was way higher when on fire
2016-01-10 03:42
Have you read my post at all or are you talking without knowing? Did you go and watch the stats of those players before answering me? If you would have done it you would know GTR has a much better rating than Dupreeh and the other two have equal or better rating. I'm not saying Dupreeh or those 3 players should not be on the list but I srsly didn't expect Dupreeh at that point. If Dupreeh was going to be on the list I would have put him around 15/16 and below Flamie cause not only Flamie has a better rating but has a major final in 2015 while Dupreeh doesn't.
2016-01-10 19:06
Of course i read what you wrote, half of it was about achievements which do not matter. You even admitted stats are not everything. Of course i respect your opinion about dupreeh and flamie because it is debatable ( dupreehs Rating Overall) , but you are giving the wrong reasons. If you really want to have a counter argument to the article ( even saying why is he the 12th best Player of 2015) you have to Look at match ups, Performances vs which teams and all of that. As i said, his Ratings in tournaments are very consistent. Im pretty sure hltv is aware of the fact that his Rating is worse,still they Put him higher with good reasons
2016-01-10 20:02
So Flamie achievements do not matter and Flamie rating is also not important. What matters then¿??What are you talking about???? The rating of the player in that year (2015) IS the most important stat when you're doing a top20 list NO DOUBT. (It is the most important stat because we know both Flamie and Dupreeh played only vs top teams on LAN). After that, you consider the other things which include consistency that you seem to value so much lol and achievements with team and other stats like clutches compared to the other top20 players. And while I agree Dupreeh was slightly more consistent (not that much if you compare them) Flamie wins in most of the other stats including team aspects.
2016-01-10 20:17
I said it is debatable because flamies Rating is better, so i basically say Rating is very important. I would say most important as well,whereas achievements mean Nothing dont seem to get what im saying quite often, i said that consistency could be a reason to why hltv rated him higher, not that it was important to me. You also dont Talk about other points i make. Im still fine With you putting flamie ahead, im not really sure but i Would Maybe do the same
2016-01-10 20:25
I understood what you said and that's why I replied consistency is only one factor of the whole package. I just only said you can't put Dupreeh above Flamie only cause of consistency :) And besides that, today just proved my point this list is a joke. If I'm not mistaken GTR being 11 means JW will be above him in the top10 which is a complete joke imo considering how bad JW has played all (much worse than GTR). What you think?
2016-01-10 20:32
I dont think the Rating is a joke ( we have to wait :D) now,flamie and dupreeh are exceptions for me. Putting get right at 11 Makes sense to me but only if jw is not higher. I absolutely Agree that jw is worse as a Player and he didnt have a great year, i wouldnt even Put him in the top 20 to be honest. The Problem with the Rating is that you have to have numbers that Support the Spot on the List. Neo is not a top 20 Player individually, but his stats are great so he Definitely deserves his placing. We know that get right is a better Player than jw and you have to consider his Team was Bad and he still Put up great numbers. If jw is top 10 im starting to Agree the List is Bad
2016-01-10 20:57
JW will sadly be in the top 10, you'll see...
2016-01-10 21:07
I hope not, i have Players in mind Who will be in the top 10. If he will be i Come back here and Show respect for the Prediction
2016-01-10 21:17
you called it man. fuck
2016-01-11 22:06
yep, not even close to being deserved but oh well the list was already a joke
2016-01-11 22:56
1.03 rating i knew you would love that hahaha
2016-01-12 00:40
Flamie joined navi early summer only.
2016-01-09 20:09
Why are you lying? Flamie started playing for Na'Vi in March in STLV StarSeries tourney. Besides that, it doesn't matter look at Shox. There's literally no reason for them not to put Flamie higher cause he was playing for HR the first tow/three months.
2016-01-09 20:34
2016-01-09 20:02
Jordan LBJ 
Dupreeh lower than device? Nice joke.
2016-01-09 20:02
lol, yes?
2016-01-10 02:54
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
dupreeh in that shit list but no cold? rigged asf.
2016-01-09 20:03
2016-01-09 22:48
Number 12 on our top 20 ranking powered by Xtrfy belongs to Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen, who makes the cut for the third year in a row. He was one of the most consistent players of the year and played an important role in TSM's title runs.
2016-01-09 20:03
Switzerland pazzo0 
where is coldzera?
2016-01-09 20:03
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
inside top 10.. rlx
2016-01-09 20:09
So delusional
2016-01-09 20:50
rain | 
Norway Jokki5 
dupreeh lower than get_right, ayyy
2016-01-09 20:04
Dupreeh is so underrated
2016-01-09 20:04
I say dupre, you say...
2016-01-09 20:05
2016-01-10 02:48
thank you
2016-01-10 11:22
Portugal dracø 
inb4 gtr > dupreeh LOOOL Expected to see dupreeh in the top 10 :\
2016-01-09 20:06
2016-01-09 22:48
chrisJ underrated
2016-01-09 20:07
great player
2016-01-09 20:08
dat clutch %
2016-01-09 20:08
Brazil subconsious 
anyway he won only 53 clutch rounds.
2016-01-09 20:09
2016-01-09 20:10
he is very good player
2016-01-09 20:10
bramz | 
Tunisia bramzz 
2016-01-09 20:12
Top 20 Potentials list - - Based on the hints given by HLTV The field is thinning out!
2016-01-09 20:12
Finland fr0zeNid 
2016-01-09 20:13
ayyy lmao
2016-01-09 20:13
TQM to have most players in top20? Envy/Fnatic had better years, would be surprising.
2016-01-09 20:14
tqm only has 3...
2016-01-09 20:32
Yet to see full list so ...
2016-01-09 22:07
do you really think xyp9x and karrigan is gonna be there? UK...
2016-01-09 22:25
must be lost in translation, as I didnt say they would be - just the full list is not known yet so who knows :)
2016-01-13 08:39
2016-01-13 19:44
2016-01-09 20:14
Brunei br0ks 
2016-01-09 20:17
Poland sajlent 
those stats :o so consistent
2016-01-09 20:31
rain | 
Norway LakSeey 
It's duppeeeee
2016-01-09 20:33
No Byali in top 20?
2016-01-09 20:36
are u feeling okay? byali was trash this year. VP best players were Snax, then NEO, then pasha
2016-01-09 20:37
This is a joke. One of the best team, they won 1 big tournament they were a lot on 3rd/4th place and they will have just 2 players in top 20? They deserved 3 players. And TQM always sucks in the biggest tournaments.
2016-01-09 20:46
mad polak detected
2016-01-09 21:42
He Isn't wrong though - VP were better in the biggest tournaments than TQM.
2016-01-09 22:08
How would you Support putting more vp Players in the top 20 though. Problem with vp is that only snax is consistently performing god tier Level, Neo was very good as well. Everyone knows they have the least skilled Line-up in the top 5, yet they work very Well as a team but Its always someone else stepping up so i guess the numbers wouldnt Support the idea of putting more Players in. A tough one
2016-01-10 03:48
Who the fuck cares about winning anything??? You can be the best player in the game but play with 4 noobs and cant win anything. Stop comparing the achievements. Trophies=/=skill
2016-01-10 12:21
it means S1mple should be in top 5 or top 10_
2016-01-11 18:28
No cause he played like 5 matches...
2016-01-11 20:07
If Tgwris sees this, why is Dupreeh above Flamie? It doesn't make sense at all to me neither from a individual point of view nor teams point of view.
2016-01-09 20:42
Cause he's a better player. Done.
2016-01-10 12:23
That's not an argument. Why is he above Flamie in 2015? Tell me reasons not because you think he's a better player which is not true but w/e.
2016-01-10 18:52
2016-01-10 23:21
Flamie 1.07 rating Dupreeh 1.06 rating Both playing same amount of top level LANs, Flamie overall better notable stats -> Flamie should be above Dupreeh
2016-01-11 01:06
much, much better player
2016-01-10 15:23
Quit trying to make sense of this list, #15-16 already made it fucking worthless lol
2016-01-09 20:43
Australia BCP 
should be top10 imo
2016-01-09 20:46
TQM will have 3 players in top 20 but they never won 250k tournament. It is a fucking joke.
2016-01-09 20:48
Who has won 250 k tournaments? There would be envy and fnatic, so 10 Players if you want everyone in.still 10 left
2016-01-10 03:51
2016-01-09 20:50
2016-01-09 20:56
Wow what? This is stupid af, how is Dupreeh 12 and Seized not even in the list? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE ROFL
2016-01-09 20:58
dupreeeeeh :3
2016-01-09 21:00
So much salt in one thread
2016-01-09 21:08
The thing people need to realize is that HLTV-ranking is very much decided from big tournaments and mostly playoffs etc. And round win share is a big part, but that's what not people realize. And it is the WHOLE year that we talk about, not last 3 months that people think. There is so much more to this than you guys think, just stop trying to be the "expert" when you know nothing, thanks!
2016-01-09 21:18
hltv users don't usually use their brain when writing stuff
2016-01-09 21:49
Expected, but I thought he'd be higher. Hltv are still gtr fanboys
2016-01-09 21:20
whta....12 only???? JOKE LIST
2016-01-09 21:25
Should be top 10 :c Fuck this list.
2016-01-09 21:33
Maybe if he won a major
2016-01-09 21:40
Cause winning a major decides whether you are a good player or not. Kappa
2016-01-10 13:15
method | 
United States f0xes` 
dupreeh's a gangsta, well earned and kind of surprised he isn't higher. Sick player.
2016-01-09 21:35
World navlefnuller 
Nice! but need better spot
2016-01-09 21:51
overrated, expected from ex-TSM players.
2016-01-09 21:57
"It is worth mentioning, however, that 99 of the 164 maps (60%) played by Rasmussen were against top 6 teams of the year. This greatly increases the average difficulty of the matches he played, thus rendering his stats more valuable than those of most players below him in the ranking." So true
2016-01-09 21:58
Congrats to Dupreeh! And let me hype Device in top 10-5. He was really good that year.
2016-01-09 22:10
device must be top-1 o_O
2016-01-09 22:34
should be in top10
2016-01-09 22:32
wtf this shit noob
2016-01-09 22:36
i thought byali is 12th and 11th dupreeh. but its ok, i hope byali got at least the 11th spot :D (he was surely better than neo the whole year)
2016-01-09 22:38
1. flusha 2. olof 3. GuardiaN 4. KRiMZ 5. Snax 6. KennyS 7. device 8. GeT_RiGhT 9. Happy 10. NBK 11. byali 12. dupreeh 13. shox 14. flamie 15. cajunb 16. f0rest 17. NEO 18. apEX 19. allu 20. Skadoodle
2016-01-09 22:41
bad bait
2016-01-10 02:49
Deserved. One of the most underrated players in my opinion. While watching the ESL POV streams it was clear to me that Dupreeh is one of the most complete players in the world, he is supporting karrigan on the tactical side, he is calling a lot mid-round, and he is one of the best entry fraggers in the world. Really a player that adds much more value to the team than stats show. Congratulations Peter.
2016-01-09 22:42
Portugal dascouves 
NOT DESERVED He should be at leats top 10 LOL
2016-01-09 22:52
Brazil wdks 
cold > dupreh
2016-01-10 08:29
Denmark FeNoM_XD 
Nice b8 lmao
2016-01-10 09:56
Do you ever say anything good about non-Danish players? I just read through your previous comments, it's the same thing over and over again. 50% of your comments are either about how good TSM is or how good a certain TSM player is. I've never even seen you celebrate real CS legends, just your Danish idols. Some of your last comments: "Good to see the guys returning with this form. I predicted 2015 to be big for TSM, i think 2016 is going to be bigger." "Tsm as we knew them.. Clinical" On a thread called "Underrated pros", you had to mention some of your idols as well. Don't you think that it's a problem that an admin is this biased? Especially since you have the power to ban people. You banned me before for criticizing a Danish player. That would never have happened if it was a Swedish player for instance.
2016-01-10 13:32
Do you feel offended? Why are you always riding my back and stalking my comments. I hope I have the right to say positive things about what I want, and who I want. Admitted, i support danes more than others. What is your problem? Could you elaborate
2016-01-10 13:31
I don't feel offended. I just think it's weird that you're not even trying to be unbiased. I updated my previous comment.
2016-01-10 13:35
Why on earth would i be unbiased? This is how I feel, and its my personal opinion, do you want to write in every single thread about everything. You do know that I don't do this for a living, but out of pure interest. Why do you have expectations of me? Like I create and inspire opinions or something? Do you look up to me? Obviously there are certain areas where i cannot be biased, i understand that and act accordingly. Now please get a grip and stop crying because I support Danish counter-strike just like i've done since 1999.
2016-01-10 14:20
Another thing to add to the list: Toxic Do I look up to you? Who do you think you are? Your life must be awful, why would I look up to you? It is a problem since you administrate this site according to your own personal opinion. If you ban people who you disagree with it is, in fact, a problem. How can you not see this?
2016-01-10 14:26
Do you have a hard time reading ? or am I getting baited here? I don.t know why you would, but it seems to me that you care extremely much for my personal opinion on matters like these. This is a thread about Dupreeh, not about an unjustified biased ban. I do not ban people I do not agree with, stop spewing that bullshit. This will be the last comment on this matter since you obviously have no other agenda than wasting my time
2016-01-10 14:31
I care because I'm the one getting unjustified bans. If you weren't an admin, I wouldn't care about you at all. I've just come to realize that you shouldn't be an admin because you can't be unbiased. You're simply too patriotic.
2016-01-10 14:41
I'm patriotic in my opinions and comments, not in my ban policy, and never will.. That's it!
2016-01-10 15:02
Test: Which is the best CS country?
2016-01-10 15:03
Yeah, this guy annoying af.
2016-01-10 18:04
well deserved
2016-01-09 22:49
Brazil woody77 
no cold no fun
2016-01-09 22:50
Denmark FeNoM_XD 
Did you really expect botzera to be in this top?
2016-01-10 09:56
Portugal dascouves 
well, you can call me a fangay and all that shit, but he deserves at least top 10... pasha>dupreeh? hell no. Get_Right THIS YEAR > dupreeh? i arent thinking dat -.- Is this about skill or achivments?... cause this looks like achievements not skill... just put top 10 all fnatic and envyus then.. even doe, AT MAX only 4/5 deserves to be there LOL
2016-01-09 22:51
well pasha wont make it to this ranking, and i agree with dupreeh>get_right, this year
2016-01-10 02:50
Portugal dascouves 
he will make it, because its egb, and they are partners with VP so...
2016-01-10 02:52
he wont... he cant, that is just nonsense pasha beeing top11 or even top20 for that matter
2016-01-10 02:53
Portugal dascouves 
you will see... this rankins every year are aids as fuck
2016-01-10 02:54
The real top 5 will be device olofmoister flusha GuardiaN GeT_RiGhT or olofmoister device GuardiaN Flusha kennyS
2016-01-09 23:01
no way get_right is making to the top 5, actually for me he shouldnt even rank top 10
2016-01-10 02:52
Device shouldn't even be top 5 tbh. Get lost.
2016-01-10 03:48
Lol you are deluded, if device is not top 3 this list is a joke
2016-01-10 12:24
"<3 TSM"
2016-01-10 12:31
looks like you were wrong device top 3 world
2016-01-18 21:29
"Shouldn't" He shouldn't be top 5. Do you understand now? This is a Danish site, it's not really that surprising tbh.
2016-01-18 22:18
stats don't lie kid
2016-01-19 10:31
Funny how you accuse me for being a kid when you're the one thinking that stats are the only thing that matters. "Xantares is the best player in CS history" - MOLANDER logic
2016-01-19 12:34
get mad kid
2016-01-20 12:04
1. Olof/Flusha 2. Flusha/Olof 3. Guardian 4. Snax 5. Device
2016-01-10 12:53
Top 5 in order 1. Olof 2. Flusha 3. Guardian (cause of fanboys) 4. kennyS 5. Deva
2016-01-09 23:11
top5 no snax? hahahahaha
2016-01-09 23:19
no way flusha is ranking over guardian mate. olof to top and guardian going after, flusha 3rd
2016-01-10 02:56
Maybe we have to wait and see, I think Guardian will get a very strong rank because of how many fanboys he has not because he deserves that rank Flusha is better than Guardian but ppl like Guardian more.
2016-01-10 18:55
dude... you could not had said that... WTF anyone in is perfect mind that reguraly watched the scene through the year knows guardian was way better than flusha, just not quite good as olof but surely better than flusha...
2016-01-10 20:51
You srs? Olof and Flusha will be ranks 1 & 2 no one in 2015 played better than them. Guardian had a brilliant year but it was on and off, he played incredible last few months of the year but he wasn't like that all year, actually Na'vi were quite shit almost the whole year except in the summer and towards the last couple months of 2015 and Guardian played poorly at the first 2 majors of the year etc etc can keep going Flusha had like 1 or 2 bad events the entire year, Na'vi won like 2 or 3 LANs all 2015.
2016-01-11 15:09
guardian to be 2nd, i can bet all of my skins on that. He was the one to carry NaVi throughout the year, and he was very consistent, more than flusha, by your name i can just a assume you are fan, open your eyes to reality, flusha second... not just happening
2016-01-14 12:59
Yeah carried them all year yet they won nothing so who the fk cares? KennyS carried Titan all of 2014 playing some insane CS and he wasn't ranked in the top 2 and Guardian has never been close to as good as KennyS was in 2014 so no he won't be top 2, Flusha and Olof are top 2.
2016-01-14 16:47
they won nothing?! wtf are you???
2016-01-15 11:35
They won 2 or 3 LANs in the entire year kid, they are the only top 5 team that wins basically nothing lol one of the most ovr rated teams in CS Go and Guardian is one of the most over rated players in the history of CS.
2016-01-15 16:59
ok you are definitely trolling
2016-01-15 17:08
No I'm not people are acting like he's the next Markeloff just dominating everyone and Na'vi is winning everything but it's the complete opposite.
2016-01-15 17:14
so wheres your flusha in 2nd? i told ya, put your fanboyinsm aside and admit it many other managed to be better than flusha, and now GuardiaN 2nd
2016-01-19 00:22
Honestly don't care about these shit rankings on HLTV anyway dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life.
2016-01-19 19:18
you know nothing about this game...
2016-01-20 14:42
2016-01-10 00:01
JW | 
United States theobill1 
All TSM players should be in top 10 and SHOX shouldn't be included in the list. GG HLTV. RIGGED!
2016-01-10 00:14
Poland Marcines 
"All TSM players should be in top 10" top kek
2016-01-10 01:50
nice b8 karrigan in top10
2016-01-10 03:37
shox | 
Canada dB- 
nt danish
2016-01-10 18:23
gtr is already ahead of dupreeh which is laughable comparing INDIVIDUAL performance and team SUCCESS.
2016-01-10 01:40
This guy isn't even good i mean come on guys...
2016-01-10 06:20
1 spawn 2 potti 3 sunde 4 XeQtr 5 gaben
2016-01-10 07:45
Turkey powergs 
Hahahahah just 12 this list just bullshit dupreeh easily top8-7 or higher.KennyS and Gtr played better then dupreeh this year ? No way ! I dont even suprise if papa top10 atm
2016-01-10 08:44
online top1
2016-01-10 09:17
Damn chrisJ is on every rank almost in top10 with statistics
2016-01-10 09:38
dupreeh 2015 highlight
2016-01-10 10:54
Lol dupreeh only 12???? The fuck? In b4 krimz top 5 im gonna hang myself
2016-01-10 12:22
clueless people evrywhere...cant u just check by yourself and not write shit with no facts ? just look at the statistics and see where is dupreeh and take a look at this "His lowest event rating throughout the year stood at 0.97, which is just slightly below average. Still, with an average rating of 0.92 in grand finals and 0.98 in semi-finals, upper finals and consolidation finals combined, he struggled for form during key matches, in which he has the worst record of the entire top 20."
2016-01-10 14:18
Im looking at statistics and dupreeh is doing very well, on LAN he had like 1.05 and at Majors 1.08 thats very good
2016-01-10 14:46
yes.. ? and that is why he is #12 his stats aint good enough for top10 placement, for example krimz has at Majors K/D 1.27 and Rating 1.14 , Lans overall K/D 1.20 , Rating 1.10... can u feel the difference ?
2016-01-10 14:55
Romania C1pryaN 
dupreeh must be in top 8 ( at least ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-01-10 13:52
jesus... everything is explained , dont be stupid
2016-01-10 14:20
ez for dupreeh xd
2016-01-10 14:23
he looks like faggot xddddddddddddddd
2016-01-10 15:05
shox | 
Canada dB- 
Shox > dupreeh SMH FailFish
2016-01-10 18:24
Friberg 11?
2016-01-10 18:45
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