Assembly Winter invites revealed

Assembly has announced the names of the four teams who have been invited to play at the upcoming Winter event.

The Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre will stage from February 5-6 the 2016 edition of the renowned Assembly LAN, which will feature an international CS:GO tournament with €15,000 in prize money.

Four of the eight tournament spots will be filled through invites, which have been issued to Aleksi "allu" Jalli's ENCE, Vexed Gaming, and LDLC.White.

allu to make first offline appearance for ENCE at Assembly 

The last four teams will be determined by two online qualifiers, whose dates have been shifted in order not to collide with the IEM Katowice qualifiers, which were announced on Tuesday.

To sign up for the online qualifiers, visit the links below:

  • Qualifier #1 - January 13-14 - Sign up
  • Qualifier #2 - January 19-20 - Sign up

The invite list for Assembly Winter is the following:

Finland ENCE Europe
Poland Vexed Gaming France LDLC White
Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Europe skelteR 
2016-01-12 15:56
Portugal krypz0n 
Sorry for post steal but 2006 edition?
2016-01-12 16:02
yes, new year was like 2 weeks ago...
2016-01-12 16:21
2016-01-12 16:15
1. ENCE 2. 3. Vexed 4. LDLC.white
2016-01-12 17:53
cl_brain 0
2016-01-12 18:06
toxic silver ajaj
2016-01-12 18:33
nice lineups
2016-01-12 20:59
If you want free skins go on and go in free coins and type Jenner
2016-01-12 18:32
2016-01-12 15:56
2016-01-12 15:56
Finland Jonzu95 
2016-01-12 16:03
They're in the qualifier tho.
2016-01-12 16:20
Sure. But they made "shitstorm" in Twitter 'cause they didnt get invite...
2016-01-12 16:42
They probably won't qualify, why should they be mad?
2016-01-12 16:47
Because they need to qualify. Of course you want invite, and i think RCTIC thought that they got more rewards than CSGO.One or LDLC White. Thats why they got "mad" but I think also that they qualify easily.
2016-01-12 18:04
London Conspiracy, CG, Team YP, LDLC Blue, Reason,, unu.AIN, myRevenge e.V., SpaceSoldiers, LionsEK, ExpertGaming etc. meh I think they'll have a hard time qualifying.
2016-01-12 18:13
Yep, not going to be easy but I trust that they can do it. =)
2016-01-12 20:19
Lele #1 kid EU
2016-01-13 17:47
2016-01-14 15:48
Finland NUCL3AR 
ez ence
2016-01-12 15:57
n1 edit
2016-01-12 15:57
Finland NUCL3AR 
2016-01-12 15:59
n1 ez ldlc
2016-01-12 15:57
2016-01-12 15:57
let's go
2016-01-12 15:57
2016-01-12 15:57
ez $ for ENCE
2016-01-12 15:57
2016-01-12 15:58
the only tournament ence CAN actually win xD topkek lurpiss "they can be top8 in majors" topkek
2016-01-12 15:58
Finland Hep0 
ENCE>Mousesports kek
2016-01-12 15:59
german scene xDDDDD on the same level as uk
2016-01-12 16:00
Kekd a bit, im laughing at all fins who seriously think ence can go any further than top 15
2016-01-12 16:20
Other PekkaMarkkula 
still better than mouz
2016-01-12 16:58
I aren't think that
2016-01-12 17:17
yea cause mouz have been in so many finals. So.. many.
2016-01-12 21:00
Aleksib | 
Finland y0nes 
Oh wait, they were on APM finals and managed to lose even with upperbracket advantage :>
2016-01-13 16:50
Finland Hep0 
Ence will go to katowice 2016 ez, ugly logo tho ;_;
2016-01-12 17:21
Estonia swag420weed 
Nice black, red and gold combination, but wtf is that thing in the middle supposed to be?
2016-01-12 18:50
Finland Hep0 
Idk D:
2016-01-12 19:12
its the lord cthulhu. No its supposedly enceladus or something like that
2016-01-13 02:17
Other anarh1st47 
ez allu
2016-01-12 15:59
ez for rallen
2016-01-12 16:00
2016-01-12 16:00
Finland WhenItsJust 
Twista so mad that they didn't get invited. This is going to be pretty bad tournament without better teams but at least now Ence has a chance to win without being that long together.
2016-01-12 16:00
so you're saying rctic is better than those teams invited? lolz
2016-01-12 16:04
no, he said it's bad tournament cause no good teams and Twista is mad
2016-01-12 16:12
There is no big teams cuz ''only'' 15k prize pool.
2016-01-12 16:14
Well LondonC, CG, Reason, Team YP, LDLC etc. in the qualifier so it's questionable if they will even be close to qualify.
2016-01-12 16:27
Other PekkaMarkkula 
Not even questionable i'd say. Questionable however is how useful this tournament with tier 3 foreign teams + finnish team is for finnish scene
2016-01-12 17:03
I think it's a great chance for others as decent opponents are hard to find.
2016-01-12 17:06
Finland WhenItsJust 
2016-01-12 17:07
What is CSGO.One?
2016-01-12 16:01
rctic suck so much i dont get why they are mad about not getting invite
2016-01-12 16:03
Sweden Trojka03 
Well look at that, finally a tournament GOAT ALLU can win.
2016-01-12 16:04
Won last year kappa
2016-01-13 15:16
Avengers assemble!
2016-01-12 16:06
ik allu is a bot but he is much better than pyth, NIP made a great mistake by removing him from their team!
2016-01-12 16:08
who carried nip to the kato finals? right allu
2016-01-12 16:14
GOD ALLU = ez for ence BOT ALLU = ence gonna get rekt
2016-01-12 16:14
ez vexed.
2016-01-12 16:32
Finland f0pZ 
2016-01-12 16:46
2016-01-12 16:48
2016-01-12 16:53
the only reason why ENCE even is there is because of Allu's name..
2016-01-12 16:58
Other PekkaMarkkula 
like it being a finnish lan didnt matter? eesti logic ftw
2016-01-12 17:13
finnish being in a finnish LAN has nothing to do with logic.
2016-01-12 18:31
Other PekkaMarkkula 
But your logic says that ence's there only because of allu?
2016-01-12 20:39
wtf u talking? :D they are there because its they are the only known team in finland. stop being stubid, they would be there without allu anyway.
2016-01-13 16:18
Czech Republic tomassks 
Hellraisers ?
2016-01-12 17:13
It's LAN.
2016-01-12 19:05
Other PekkaMarkkula 
Someone plz tell me another fucking country which organizes tournaments mostly for foreign teams?:D
2016-01-12 17:26
Cluj Napoca, ESL one dubai, gaming paradise 0 teams from that country was there and in assembly there is one
2016-01-13 15:15
Ok fine you answered to my question :D You think those are comparable with assembly?
2016-01-13 19:06
Finland Brjw 
who the fuck plays for
2016-01-12 17:43
ez for winland
2016-01-12 17:45
Tier2 teams
2016-01-12 17:58
Wow the teams are really worse than last year xD
2016-01-12 18:01
ez for vexed
2016-01-12 18:37
2016-01-13 02:38
Ez for Vexed, ENCE too nervous in front of home crowd + first LAN.
2016-01-12 18:40
ez for ence
2016-01-12 18:42
Why team like CSGO.One is invited?
2016-01-12 22:31
mad cuz no rctic?
2016-01-13 01:34
Nope, not really. Just can't understand what is the point to invite team that has played couple online games, they should not even be considered to be invited, i actually have no idea which teams were applying for invite, but i find it hard to believe that there was not a single team that would be more "qualified" to be invited. This is really good example of the event organizing skills here in Finland.
2016-01-13 01:39
I mostly agree. But im pretty sure csgoone qualfied for the minor too. So i guess they have some skill.
2016-01-13 02:44
Yup, it is not about the skill, the problem is that there were teams applying that have done a lot more and longer work to become a team that is even considered as a team not a mix. :D
2016-01-13 23:57
tbh.. ence shouldnt get the invite.. They should have put rctic in there instead. But im sure has been a team for more than 2 months. Idk, i dont see them as a mix. I know them from when they beat VP with s1mple, thats quite a long time ago
2016-01-14 04:07
BnTeT | 
Netherlands TEEZY 
ez mattye
2016-01-13 11:31
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