Team quit over fix request

January 21st, 2016 01:53's players have announced that they have parted ways with the skin jackpot website after being asked to fix some online matches. ventured into competitive Counter-Strike in November by taking the team known as Orgless, a mixture of Hungarian and Danish players, under its wings.

After finishing in third place at the ESL South East Europe Championship Season 2, recruited André "BARBARR" Möller, and since then their results have been improving, with the team qualifying for the European Minor Championship and finishing top four in the first qualifier for IEM Katowice.

BARBARR & co leave 

But the partnership with has come to an abrupt end, after the players were allegedly asked by the owners of the skin jackpot website to fix matches in Operation: Kinguin #2, a $20,000 online tournament.

"We are from today called Team Orgless after being proposed by to throw our upcoming games in Operation Kinguin," team member André "BARBARR" Möller told

"We want to make it clear that we are never going to accept such behavior.

"We are now seeking support for our upcoming tournaments, such as the European Minor and Assembly Winter. All inquiries can be sent to"

The news is likely to reignite the discussion about the increased involvement of skin gambling websites, which more often than not are unregulated, in top-flight Counter-Strike. 

Orgless, who have been drawn into Group B for the European Minor, alongside Lemondogs, HellRaiser and DenDD, have the following roster:

Hungary Viktor "flash" Tamás Bea
Hungary Bence "DeadFox" Böröcz
Denmark Lasse "maeVe" Elgaard
Denmark Benjamin "tabu" Vangstrup 
Sweden André "BARBARR" Möller 

Hungary Attila "boco" Árvai (coach) 

Hungary Viktor 'flash' Tamás Bea
Viktor 'flash' Tamás Bea
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Benjamin 'tabu' Vangstrup
Benjamin 'tabu' Vangstrup
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Lasse 'maeVe' Elgaard
Lasse 'maeVe' Elgaard
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Hungary Attila 'boco' Árvai
Attila 'boco' Árvai
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Hungary Bence 'DeadFox' Böröcz
Bence 'DeadFox' Böröcz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden André 'BARBARR' Möller
André 'BARBARR' Möller
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-01-21 01:53
expected from a scam site ran by poorlaks and russopoors
2016-01-21 02:57
2016-01-21 13:50
NA vs scandinavia economy EleGiggle
2016-01-21 14:43
Lol? Have you taken econ? The EU which has around 200 million more people than the US barely produces a higher nominal GDP collectively. No country even comes close, all of Scandinavia included (scroll down the list a while, you'll find them)
2016-01-21 17:22
GDP is a shitty measurement
2016-01-21 18:03
So is paying your teachers with vodka, I'm looking at you soviet
2016-01-21 19:05
blyat (((
2016-01-21 19:24
2016-01-21 19:33
lol? have you taken econ? thats not per capita, and since it isnt, why would you even bring up population? hypocrite? if you have a country of a billion people, but they all have 1 dollar each, everyone would be poor. you could call that country a shit country. if you had a country with 10 people but they all had 100$ each their living standards would be better, despite the other country having more money in total? catch my drift? the american guy said europoors, but theres way more poverty in the US than norway. he's a retard and so are you.
2016-01-21 18:12
You're retarded because you're clearly talking about the power of the economy and not the standard of living. Don't back peddle, think before you post Also I bring population into it as you would think "developed 1st world eu lololol" would have a FAR greater nominal GDP with 1.6x the fucking people lol
2016-01-21 19:06
meanwhile average life quality in Scandinavian countries >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NA by a lot
2016-01-21 21:15
that's true
2016-01-21 21:40
Poland richer than Belgium and Norway #strong
2016-01-21 21:34
NA talking about economy LMAO. funniest thing I've seen all day, don't forget that your country is $18 trillion in debt and constantly rising.
2016-01-21 19:11
Much respect to da players
2016-01-21 05:56
True though. Especially since they would've been given a huge cut, I suppose.
2016-01-21 07:48
+1 Respect.
2016-01-21 10:39
2016-01-21 10:52
+1 respect to the guys.
2016-01-21 13:31
+1. Well done guys!
2016-01-21 14:56
+1 respect
2016-01-21 16:23
2016-01-21 16:32
+1 Respect to the players. It's people like them that keep the community somewhat clean.
2016-01-21 17:17
Yup. +1!
2016-01-21 17:20
2016-01-21 20:49
2016-01-21 20:55
2016-01-21 22:46
+1 nice to see such honesty
2016-01-22 00:18
Kudos to all the players. It takes an extraordinary individual to stand up for what is right. rest assured #fanforlife
2016-01-21 14:15
France Fuks 
2016-01-21 01:53
rip dazed
2016-01-21 01:53
WOW, that site is fucked now!
2016-01-21 01:54
2016-01-21 01:54
2016-01-21 01:54
Europe osna 
gg Kappa // players
2016-01-21 01:54
Poland jesh 
it's not funny, it's sad
2016-01-21 01:56
2016-01-21 09:21
It would be sad if they would do it
2016-01-21 15:33
it would be funny if they did it. more pros banned=more space for new players
2016-01-21 16:48
csgoone players pro? i arent think that
2016-01-21 19:09
Contact me when you played for a European minor and for such teams as Reason,yeah and you also beated Virtus pro 2-0
2016-01-21 20:56
For me pros are who can live from it-csgoone cant so they arent pros, did u fucking say im better? Also spanish teams have beaten vp,vp throwing a lot of times
2016-01-21 21:00
inb4 lifetime ban
2016-01-21 01:55
Well done guys,respect.
2016-01-21 01:55
United Kingdom Dird 
they only left because they wanted 5k/euros each but were only offered 1k each
2016-01-21 02:08
2016-01-21 01:55
2016-01-21 01:55
2016-01-21 01:55
gambling sites should be completely banned. they are entirely rigged. streamers winning 54k when 5,000 people are watching? sites asking their teams to throw? csgolounge black mailing teams and organizations.
2016-01-21 01:55
they are "banned" from ESEA, i don't know about others..
2016-01-21 01:56
Why they have to ban smthing like this? People can bet on anything nowadays
2016-01-21 03:41
Yeah, fuck those sites. Betting on games is fine but jackpot should be banned.
2016-01-21 05:06
its reverse dude. betting should be banned. jackpot does not affect e-sports but betting does. like ibp and many other throwing cases.
2016-01-21 07:59
gambling something that doesnt exist and getting real life money is the same as printing money at home. so i guess all pixel gambling should be not allowed.
2016-01-21 16:50
i dont care about jackpot, since its not affecting competition. but betting is definetly affecting. end its not just with csgo. i found things like throwing pretty usual since its in betting nature.
2016-01-21 16:53
Betting sites are more dangerous for e-sports. How does rigging matches has anything to do with Jackpot sites in general?
2016-01-22 19:57
it doesnt bro i didnt say that? jackpots are fine.
2016-01-22 19:59
+1 everyone always talks about integrity and shit when we have gambling sites. Most of the viewer base is just watching to see if they get some skins.
2016-01-21 06:16
wut? let natural selection proceed. i am happy for every motherfucker that is dumb enuff to watch moes stream (stupid in the first place), then go to some shitty gambling site and gamble his whole life away until he ends up a homeless manwhore. i am happy if that happens. it makes me feel superior for not giving a flying fuck about skins and betting like all the other losers.
2016-01-21 07:31
The problem is that some of them are young and naive. Easily drawn in by the all the noise.
2016-01-21 08:09
yeah but with any good parenting they cant gamble anything more but their monthly allowance away.
2016-01-21 08:11
Aye I agree with you, if you're dumb enough to bet, you're dumb enough to lose :p
2016-01-21 10:03
matchfixing ftw
2016-01-21 01:55
2016-01-21 01:55
lol incoming BAN FROM VALVE?
2016-01-21 01:55
Obviusly not.
2016-01-21 01:57
for not throwing? ya 4 sure.
2016-01-21 01:59
ban org, not the players.
2016-01-21 02:04
oh, k then
2016-01-21 02:05
2016-01-21 04:53
use your brains next time
2016-01-21 02:00
ban, not the players. Use ur brain next time. Ups.
2016-01-21 02:07
I'd say that applies more to you than him considering your lack of comprehension
2016-01-21 02:14
lol incoming BAN FROM VALVE?
2016-01-21 02:19
use your brains next time
2016-01-21 02:42
damn youre retarded
2016-01-21 12:36
2016-01-21 12:41
i arent think that
2016-01-21 12:41
Yes Valve, thats where the skins come from what they gamble in edit: Sry answered to wrong comment
2016-01-21 15:33
Lmao HLTV logic - "Banned for not throwing"
2016-01-21 02:48
Read fucking replys, ty
2016-01-21 04:17
He's talking about the org not the players you fucking spaz
2016-01-21 12:06
nice dodge
2016-01-21 01:56
A Russian gambling site... EleGiggle Huge respect to the players
2016-01-21 01:56
Wtf new ibp
2016-01-21 01:56
LOL! its different
2016-01-21 08:54
Did you even read the article?
2016-01-21 10:57
gr8 b8 m8
2016-01-21 16:27
2016-01-21 01:56
Damn, the scene itself and the sites the scene is involved in is being destroyed. But great amount of respect towards BARBARR and the others.
2016-01-21 01:58
Respect to Orgless, Fuck the owner! Hopefully you guys will find a new org ASAP, and GL BarBarr <3
2016-01-21 01:56
The month of the throws (remember the IBP case).
2016-01-21 01:57
respect for these guys! i hope they will find a great new organisation and continue to improve
2016-01-21 01:58
Back when there was only 1 hungarian csgo team they were awkwardly famous for trowing some matches.I am not sure if thats the case with exactly these 3 players but i am 100% confident that at least some of their ex-temmates trew some matches.
2016-01-21 01:58
Volgare aka Revolte
2016-01-21 01:59
i remember the team name i am just not sure if the players where part of it back than.I am quite sure flash was part of them at a certain period,so he is not new at trowing.
2016-01-21 02:08
flash was part of it w/ gabeson and 3 more i cant remember
2016-01-21 02:27
nice, gj boys. Ban this site now.
2016-01-21 01:58
Probably already threw a few times.
2016-01-21 01:58
If they threw a couple of games before, why would they left the organisation because they wanted to throw more matches? #CANADIAN
2016-01-21 09:12
respect to this guy, hope they find a new home
2016-01-21 01:58
ez skins ez lyfe
2016-01-21 01:59
boco from cod4?
2016-01-21 02:00
Yes :)
2016-01-21 02:03
2016-01-21 02:26
A good move from those guys, I hope they get a good org soon
2016-01-21 01:59
Portugal dracø 
And this is how things are handled. Massive respect
2016-01-21 01:59
Fucking skins made the game gain numbers but at the same time brought this cancer: betting sites. This and fucking people that play ONLY for skins.
2016-01-21 02:00
2016-01-21 19:17
Blaming the betting sites makes no sense blame the people throwing and fixing matches.
2016-01-21 19:46
I blame both, I don't see any good side on this CS gambling shit, people care more about skins than to watch the game itself!! They bet, if their team lose they say they need to disband or that they threw, if they win they say 'ez skins', it's ridiculous, CS is more than this crap.
2016-01-21 21:13
rip csgo one site
2016-01-21 02:00
flash and reject throw kek
2016-01-21 02:01
shady stuff...
2016-01-21 02:01
well done boys!
2016-01-21 02:01
2016-01-21 02:01
Mad respect to BARBARR and co
2016-01-21 02:01
well then
2016-01-21 02:02
Respect, and good luck.
2016-01-21 02:02
2016-01-21 02:02
Ban forever pls.
2016-01-21 02:02
2016-01-21 02:06
United States dr01d 
poor dudes... keep losing their orgs. hope you guys get a new org soon <3
2016-01-21 02:02
Team Orgy lol
2016-01-21 02:02 inc
2016-01-21 02:02
that takes balls
2016-01-21 02:03
All I can say is: THANK YOU You could have chosen to decline that offer and not make this public. My biggest respect to you guys! I fucking hope that POS website goes down the drain Those type of gambling sites (as well as that alphadraft fantasy esports bullshit) should be all banned. *Applauses*
2016-01-21 02:04
+1, boycott a
2016-01-21 02:05
Where there even people using that in the first place?
2016-01-21 10:11
Yeah, it's one thing to just say "no", but another to then say it publicly in an interview. I hope all those sites that even think about match fixing go down :)
2016-01-21 10:05
big respect, hope they find an orga.
2016-01-21 02:04
Wtf I bet it's all a show. CSGO one is going bankrupt and they are going out with a bang so that they get a good sponsorship for their honesty.
2016-01-21 02:08
2016-01-21 02:11
Nt csgo 1
2016-01-21 11:46
Ive gotta say I'm very surprised this lineup denied to throw lol, they were on my list for fishy teams/throwers. Wpwp
2016-01-21 02:04
Yeah some of them where for sure involved in it before, but now there are new people in the team.
2016-01-21 19:47
Ahaha they were throwing in 2015 in GameAgents League and now this XDDD ROFL
2016-01-21 02:05
United Kingdom Dird 
do you see that swag? it's called integrity
2016-01-21 02:05
And the rest of IBP.
2016-01-21 14:18
respect for this guys, good job.
2016-01-21 02:06
Gj. Massive respect!
2016-01-21 02:07
I hope Valve can make something about this. Not about the players, but this is a gambling website we are talking about. Since they are "watching" when you login, they can just block the website access via STEAM API. Then its totally RiP to that shitty gambling website, which wanted the players "risk" their careers for a match-fixing (not proved, but theres the case probably).
2016-01-21 02:07
some of these players already risked their carrers by trowing some games at several Balkan leagues ;).
2016-01-21 02:09
Or lifetime tradeban all of CSGO one's bots.
2016-01-21 02:09
that will be a massive strike to CSGO One since the bots need a mobile app to use the trades (or it has 72h to wait), its a good way to make them a big loss. However, the site has tons of bots, it will be hard to ban them all. Let's see what valve has to say about this, they probably are discussing this situation.
2016-01-21 04:59
maybe valve could only allow gambles when games involved two top20 teams or something
2016-01-21 02:11 lmao nice exposure for them. Probably some site run by kids
2016-01-21 02:09
Shouldnt this site be banned ASAP ?
2016-01-21 02:09
nothing new here
2016-01-21 02:10
finally some players who have some dignity!!!!!!!! <3 respect and FUCK YOU CSGO.ONE!
2016-01-21 02:11
thats fucked up
2016-01-21 02:11
aurora | 
Australia omag 
betting/gambling sites has made this game so shady
2016-01-21 02:12
Canada pokerchip 
Good players. Horrible organization.
2016-01-21 02:14
dingit should get exposed soon aswell
2016-01-21 02:14
I hope this shit never find another lineup again
2016-01-21 02:15
Nice move
2016-01-21 02:15
Respect to Barbarr & co ? No. Barbarr and danish players.. Yes. 90% hungarian players are throwers..
2016-01-21 02:16
2016-01-21 02:17
same here.
2016-01-21 02:36
gg boys
2016-01-21 02:17
2016-01-21 02:18
Well, I guess an "expected" is in order. Expected.
2016-01-21 02:18
Teams should really pull away from any organization related to gambling of any form.
2016-01-21 02:19
not surprised by such behavior of such sites, gj...
2016-01-21 02:21
huge respect for these players, really smart choice fuck CSGOone
2016-01-21 02:22
so Aligon now are Lemondogs?
2016-01-21 02:24
WHAT? So ibp are still banned and scum like this are Scott free Only because volvo loves eu Kappa
2016-01-21 02:27
ibp as orga is not banned.
2016-01-21 02:37
are you inbred or just plain stupid?
2016-01-21 03:53
Did u not read kappa m9
2016-01-21 19:03
2016-01-21 02:29
Org ban plz volvo.
2016-01-21 02:31
2016-01-21 02:34
Nice orgless, valvo do something with this jackpot plz
2016-01-21 02:35
lol this hungary guys throw very more matches on csgl. 1 of this matches: K1CK.Hungary vs Latvian unskilled players eXanimo. fucking actors dont have oscar!
2016-01-21 02:35
lmao -rep
2016-01-21 02:35
2016-01-21 02:35
2016-01-21 02:45
Yo my CEVO free league team are looking for a sponsor. We are currenlty 0-3 but with your help we can be even worse. Take it or leave it
2016-01-21 02:36
2016-01-21 04:55
huge respect to the players. no respect for ibp they can rot in hell
2016-01-21 02:39
WOw u snitches zzzz
2016-01-21 02:39
MIRAA, you might want to consider renaming this article. The current tagline can be interpeted multiple ways. Something like, "Team leave org due to matchfixing request", although that is a little long. Great article regardless. Good to see players responding to the iBP jurisdiction approriately.
2016-01-21 02:43
inb4 steel, dazed, azk, swag replace roster
2016-01-21 02:44
2016-01-21 06:44
dont rate them at all but fair play for their response.
2016-01-21 02:45
pretty shady shit, could give couple more names and sites out too=D
2016-01-21 02:47
Dont talk smack without backing it up kid.
2016-01-21 03:01
yeah im like pasteing all the shit to comment section of this thread kid. Kappaa good idea bro!
2016-01-21 03:31
Then make your own thread and out them or shut up.
2016-01-21 09:15
thx for a great idea :Pp
2016-01-21 09:27
act like you act like you act like you knooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow but yea, don't talk smack without knowing anything 'kid'.
2016-01-21 10:08
what an irony. like you didnt throw matches.
2016-01-21 12:01
no pic no proof
2016-01-21 12:06
Trying to stay relevant. Not working son.
2016-01-21 22:29
just waiting for valves initiative :DD
2016-01-21 02:52
wat rofl well done btw
2016-01-21 03:04
I bet Valve is thinking they are actually making a difference... yet probably multiple matches were probably thrown this past month with bigger names.
2016-01-21 03:19
I can't believe people still support these Russian scam sites. It's so naive.
2016-01-21 03:25
Owner should be banned for life, site should be closed ASAP.
2016-01-21 03:30
There are skin gambling sites being created like every week, why the fuck would you get sponsored by them when they are most likely greedy polaks/ruski's/eastern europeans who are sitting on their computer in an adidas tracksuit trying to get a few thousand dollars.
2016-01-21 03:33
because they can do it.
2016-01-21 04:36
2016-01-21 03:37
And this is why no team should be sponsored by a gambling site.
2016-01-21 03:38
2016-01-21 03:39
good on them. Fucking sketchy scam websites popping up all over the place
2016-01-21 03:39
GJ. Next step - ban all gambling websites.
2016-01-21 03:42
Now to ban the gambling websites... Get to it Volvo!
2016-01-21 04:08
2016-01-21 04:09
respect :)
2016-01-21 04:30
Free IBP
2016-01-21 04:54
WELL DONE! i have mad respect for orgless now. Fuck the trolls, good to know not everyone is shit heads?
2016-01-21 05:05
2016-01-21 05:12
god boco
2016-01-21 05:17
Well, I wish money was spent elsewhere and alas someone has corrupted the idea of idea of gambling websites to some margin.
2016-01-21 05:20
mad props
2016-01-21 05:20
atleast some faith restored in csgo scene. +respect
2016-01-21 05:21
2016-01-21 05:29
+respect. Even for a small team that many don't know about, they didn't take the money. They want to earn it.
2016-01-21 05:45
Good Guy Orgless
2016-01-21 05:47
free skins or banned for life
2016-01-21 05:49
I think this is normal decision, nobody would risk as they don't know if organisation is f.e. testing them for someone else cause somebody want them banned, also if they accepted could do whatever they want with them as they would threat with revealing they throw'd the game for them so yeah... But still, good decision.
2016-01-21 06:04
Good guys
2016-01-21 06:16
valve, esl, esea and faceit should ban all gambling site teams, this is fkng unacceptable respect to the guys for declining!
2016-01-21 06:32
Don't worry Valve has a strong stance on gambling sites. They will make sure to enforce the permanent banned on match throwers like former iBP while the issue continues regardless. You know it's all about morals and justice.
2016-01-21 06:33
Well, respect to boys and good luck in the future
2016-01-21 06:43
Andorra veach 
great news and great mentality from all of them to do that and reveal it. fuck gambling websites. i hope they'll join a better org soon. and that the exact same drama happens with CSGL
2016-01-21 07:03
2016-01-21 07:05
And now they are going to run away with all the skins
2016-01-21 07:06
Mad respects to those guys, hope gets fined into oblivion by valve. If they ban Ibp forever they should totally fuck for initiating the throw
2016-01-21 07:17
lol expected form a lowbob scamsite
2016-01-21 07:39
All orgs have gone mad ... should be banned, like vac banned, forever
2016-01-21 07:41
HUGE respect for the players
2016-01-21 08:01
Respect to them, man!!! The org should be banned.
2016-01-21 08:01
counter-strike is all about competition, and with competition comes competitive integrity. huge respect for these dudes. also, please don't give your hard-earned money to these fly-by-night gambling websites.
2016-01-21 08:14
respect to da players. don't destroy your carreers :>
2016-01-21 08:23
lots of respect.
2016-01-21 08:36
2016-01-21 08:47
who would guess a betting site does so good guys, respect!
2016-01-21 08:47
Respect to the players. The fall of have just begun
2016-01-21 08:52
Who leave what?
2016-01-21 08:53
and people will still think gambling sites are good for grow of the game lel
2016-01-21 08:57
Depends on how you see growth as If you see it as the game having a much better and mature community,then no If you see it by raw increase number of players and money revolving around CSGO,then sadly it does
2016-01-21 16:49
RIP, major respect for players in that case :D
2016-01-21 08:57
2016-01-21 09:12
Good on them for not doing it, this was expected though.
2016-01-21 09:15
Respect to the players, I hope the do good and get a better org!
2016-01-21 09:15
2016-01-21 09:18
Good call. Respect!
2016-01-21 09:19
these players deserve some award from Valve
2016-01-21 09:25
So dumb, they would've made more money with throwing
2016-01-21 09:53
You can do a lot of money by selling drugs and guns but I bet you dont still do it
2016-01-21 14:54
2016-01-21 16:13
thx guys
2016-01-21 09:57
Saudi Arabia khorkalba 
This is why iBP had to be banned for life. Players don't want anything to do with matchfixing now because they're terrfied that their careers will be ended if they get caught.
2016-01-21 10:03
2016-01-21 10:14
+1 1st guy in my 39days on hltv who isnt retarded
2016-01-21 12:58
They didn't have to be banned because of this. If anything they could've been unbanned and then Valve could've released a statement saying that further throws will be met with a permanent ban and you would have the same result except iBP players would be able to play.
2016-01-21 14:17
Let me say what I have to about Match Fixing...This is a fucking video game, forget that we play it all the time and that its a big part of our lives, no the fact it there is a professional scene surrounding it with amazing players. Both stars and up and commers. In no way it is okay for any of this behavior to be allowed. I'm so glad those IBP kids, and especially fucking DaZeD got hit with the straight bans. It's unquestionable how stupid not to mention irresponsible it is to do this type of shit. This is why Valve can never back down in those life time bans. Let those kids fade away as they should.
2016-01-21 10:08
Valve please ban this website
2016-01-21 10:29
well this is hilarious
2016-01-21 10:33
How is this hilarious? Sad it has come to this tbh.
2016-01-21 10:46
well it was pretty fkin expected wasnt it ?
2016-01-21 11:05
Expected, how? And how is it hilarious? I swear to god, fucking hltv retards.....
2016-01-21 11:16
you are too dumb too expect anything m8
2016-01-21 12:43
To* Yeah, expecting an elaboration from a derp is too high standards
2016-01-21 17:56
heheheh at least i speak multiple languages
2016-01-21 21:44
Good on you. But so does alot of people on planet earth :)
2016-01-21 21:55
LMAO rip
2016-01-21 10:33
volvo ban csgolounge and jackpot sites
2016-01-21 10:42
2016-01-21 10:53
site administrated from russland nuff said
2016-01-21 10:55
guess they needed money to pay rent, poor idiots
2016-01-21 11:11
WOW, HAHA GJ Flash, Barbarr, DeadFox, Tabu, Maeve! <3 I hope WE can find a new organization. #GOGOHUNGARYDENMARK
2016-01-21 11:15
who were these nonamers anyway?
2016-01-21 11:47
they may be nonamers but they kept the competitive integrity and fair play which is what matters now gtfo
2016-01-21 12:33
are you inbred or just plain stupid?
2016-01-21 13:48
2016-01-21 11:49
wtf org reputation ruined nice team
2016-01-21 12:24
Well done lads, hope a good org pick you guys up.. There needs to be more professionals like them in esports
2016-01-21 12:35
Well Steam / Valve should block sites doing stuff like this, jsut deny them access to their Steam OpenID solution. If you can't login via steam account you won't be able to trade skins to the website (I suppose).
2016-01-21 12:44
oh my god, good that you leave this kinda shit Andrè. GL
2016-01-21 12:56
Oh my god. I already liked CSGO.One, now they are even more awesome. +rep
2016-01-21 12:58
I hope you meant Team Orgless, and not CSGO.One?
2016-01-21 13:15
Well, now it's orgless., rock, however you want to call them, I've been following them for a year
2016-01-21 15:53
What I mean to say is that it sounded like you have respect for the gambling website ;) Because that's what that name refers to.
2016-01-21 15:56
Lol no, fuck them.
2016-01-21 15:57 stomping bocos team back in da day
2016-01-21 13:25
I'm sure they raped you too ,just like everyone else :D
2016-01-21 14:46
2016-01-21 20:54
smart choice
2016-01-21 14:01
have r.lewis/thorin talked about this yet?
2016-01-21 14:26
Atleast they didn't go through with it. Nice to see honest people. Respect to Orgless
2016-01-21 14:48
Valve pls ban
2016-01-21 14:50
2016-01-21 14:51
2016-01-21 14:58
So this shows that Valve made the right decision by banning iBP forever, it seems that it does scare players enough to throw matches. So please no more whining about these bans, ktnxbye.
2016-01-21 15:32
2016-01-21 15:35 response They're trying to blame it on language barrier
2016-01-21 15:38
topest kek
2016-01-21 15:52
boco the myth the legend
2016-01-21 15:53
fucking massive respect to ex-csgo one/team orgless here. im sure there are many teams who wouldnt have done what they did, mad props, respect!
2016-01-21 16:08
Respect for guys but org should be banned for any cometetion.
2016-01-21 16:27
OOOO it was just 'language barrier'. Like, sori ma frend me ruski i no spek londo. I don't know, how the hell it would be even more obvious that they tried to convince Orgless to throw than this language barrier thing. But at least we really know the truth. RESTECP
2016-01-21 16:35
2016-01-21 19:37
Best movie ever. :DD
2016-01-22 10:35
Russian shady org with a gambling site as it's name What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
2016-01-21 17:01
guys.. just a typical flash lies again.. they already throw many matches.. now just the org dont want to pay as much as they want for lans, flight etc. probably the org want to blackmail them but they did the first step with this lies :D
2016-01-21 17:13
Good for the guys and sticking up for themselves. Super shady org though. Hopefully this will result in less match fixing, if the perma bans don't already do that.
2016-01-21 17:14 RATS Take note ex-IBP - this is how true professionals shoud act.
2016-01-21 17:30
Hopefully Valve will see this and take a stance against these gambling sites that have conflicting interests in the scene. Why take prize money when you own part of the betting scene and can manipulate the outcome to rake in more off of gambling fees?
2016-01-21 18:16
-Hey guys, wanna throw for some money? -Ofc. -Wanna throw again? -Ye, but more money this time. -No, less money this time. -Wtf? -If i will tell anybody - u will get lifetime ban but my site will be ok. -We are from today called Team Orgless after being proposed by to throw our upcoming games in Operation Kinguin. HLTV spam respect +1.
2016-01-21 18:20
2016-01-21 19:35
Valve strategy works.
2016-01-21 19:36 | DaZeD
2016-01-21 19:42
Oh please. These dudes throw all the time. Maybe not Barbarr but the Magyarok have made plenty of money from it.
2016-01-21 20:00
Magyarok wtf?
2016-01-21 20:37
2016-01-21 21:56
wtf are you talking about
2016-01-21 20:52
Magyarok = Hungarians. Doesn't hurt to Google stuff you don't know.
2016-01-26 18:25
Wouldn't hurt to reply to the right person you know.. Just like, read what people are writing
2016-01-26 21:25
nice bravo !
2016-01-21 20:28
Respect tesák
2016-01-21 20:46
2016-01-21 23:13
+rep good trader
2016-01-22 00:33
isn't that illegal ?
2016-01-22 00:58
gj Orlgess
2016-01-22 10:35
Maybe Valve can look into any other teams affiliated with this disgusting website.
2016-01-22 15:32
Pakistan zaidspawN 
2016-01-22 19:13
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