ex-Epsilon retract comments

Epsilon's former team have retracted their earlier comments about their treatment by the organisation.

The Spanish team made headlines on Wednesday evening as they parted company with Epsilon over alleged broken promises during their seven-month stint with the organisation.

Among other complaints about Epsilon were alleged repeated delays in the payment of their salaries and the organisation's failure to cover travel costs and tournament entry fees on numerous occasions.

The Spanish team have retracted their earlier comments 

Epsilon reacted to the comments on their website and issued a statement of their own in which they stressed that "all contractual obligations were met and salaries paid", adding that, in announcing their departure from the organisation without written notification, the players were breaching their contracts.

Francesc "donQ" Savall Garcia has now retracted the team's comments targeted at Epsilon, blaming a language barrier for the delays in having certain demands met.

"We would like to apologize to Epsilon and clarify our statement, as the general public has misinterpreted the situation," Savall Garcia said in a statement.

"All financial & contractual obligations of Epsilon have been respected; however the language barrier creates frustration and delay, add to that the lack of results have put tension between both parties.

"We decided upon ourselves to leave the team and start from fresh without any pressure, however realized it was perhaps not the most appropriate way of proceeding.

"We are happy to say though, that we have sat down with Epsilon and agreed on release terms. As of today we will now be looking for new goals."

The Spanish team continue on the lookout for a new organisation to represent and can be contacted by e-mail (omar_ckk@hotmail.com), with their lineup looking as follows:

Spain Francesc "donQ" Savall Garcia
Spain Alejandro "ALEX" Masanet
Spain Omar "arki" Chakkor
Spain Aitor "SOKER" Fernández
Spain Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent 

Spain Alejandro 'ALEX' Masanet
Alejandro 'ALEX' Masanet
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Spain Omar 'arki' Chakkor
Omar 'arki' Chakkor
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Spain Francesc 'donQ' Savall Garcia
Francesc 'donQ' Savall Garcia
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Spain Jonathan 'MusambaN1' Torrent
Jonathan 'MusambaN1' Torrent
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Spain Aitor 'SOKER' Fernández
Aitor 'SOKER' Fernández
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sooo, they lied?
2016-01-21 02:55
United States mmotorcycle 
2016-01-21 02:56
Lithuania AvaIon 
lmfao wtf
2016-01-21 02:56
2016-01-21 02:57
shit happens
2016-01-21 02:57
What? How much did they get paid to say that?
2016-01-21 02:57
shox | 
North America HackLMAO 
All of it
2016-01-21 02:59
Peru unfaithful93 
what they were supposed to get time ago LOL
2016-01-21 03:18
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
2016-01-21 04:22
2016-01-21 06:49
2016-01-21 16:12
Ban forever pls.
2016-01-21 02:58
well good luck on getting picked up after that
2016-01-21 02:58
2016-01-21 02:58
Poland tw1l1ghtt 
So they had the sallary or no?
2016-01-21 03:00
ayy legal troubles boiz. Those disparaging remarks clauses will get ya.
2016-01-21 03:00
Why? Epsilon broke the contract first. That is if the things players said is true.
2016-01-21 21:12
doesnt work like that sorry
2016-01-21 03:01
shady shady shady
2016-01-21 03:01
Portugal dracø 
ayyyyy, wtf
2016-01-21 03:02
I bet the phrase "Sue you to oblivion" came through the language barrier just fine
2016-01-21 03:03
2016-01-21 03:41
Bullshit. Epsilon 100% paid the players to say this to save face.
2016-01-21 03:03
Spain Ayrr 
Wouldn't be surprised.
2016-01-21 03:05
oskar | 
Czech Republic Skleepy 
Just afraid of lawyers...
2016-01-21 03:08
failure to cover travel costs? But there was no traveling to begin with
2016-01-21 03:10
2016-01-21 03:11
Epsilon is a shitty orga .
2016-01-21 03:12
2016-01-21 03:15
lol wtf is this bullshit. suspicious af, the org probably blackmailed them or payed them to say this. used some shady shit with their contracts to maybe make them change their minds. I still hate epsilon
2016-01-21 03:17
2016-01-21 03:26
I trust the players word. Fuck you Epsilon.
2016-01-21 03:20
i hate this players, anyways, too much attention for this tier3 players
2016-01-21 03:21
Epsilon been wanting to get back to their old dominating teams and probably put alot of pressure, sounds more like frustrated players losing game after game...
2016-01-21 03:22
nope. epsilon SUCKS.
2016-01-21 03:27
simply epilson saving their own ass by paying the players to take back their comments. =)
2016-01-21 03:30
today, ex-epsilons contracts have run out, team says "we reassert our previous comments, fuck epsilon."
2016-01-21 03:35
haha we know truth anyway
2016-01-21 03:42
I named my saber musamban1 in ARK
2016-01-21 03:44
United States MAY0 
Next: "Ex-CSGO.ONE team retracts claims about org"
2016-01-21 03:52
If csgo one is an org then NA is better than EU in CS.
2016-01-21 04:25
"We would like to apologize to Epsilon and clarify our statement, as the general public has misinterpreted the situation," "All financial & contractual obligations of Epsilon have been respected; however the language barrier creates frustration and delay, add to that the lack of results have put tension between both parties" "When it comes to salary, they paid it when they felt like it" ............... ok
2016-01-21 04:27
India rohansamal 
So the players lied to extort money from the organisation. ROFL
2016-01-21 05:00
Spain Silber_ 
No they didn't, they just wanted to leave, epsilon caught them with the contracts still effective and they were forced to apologise. All they said is true. Epsilon said they would pay their trip to usa to the rgn pro series lan (csgl attended) but they didn't. The shirts story the same, they went to Portugal on their own... Epsilon behaved bad.
2016-01-21 08:46
India rohansamal 
Arnau , talk to me on steam. Why the hell you talking here?
2016-01-21 08:47
they paid the players to save their arse
2016-01-22 20:16
Argentina EnvyJ 
Epsilon is good, epsilon is great. We surrender our will as of this date
2016-01-21 05:13
2016-01-21 05:37
Lel probably most people remember this team for KQLY
2016-01-21 05:43
blackmail confirmed, no team will ever join epsilon after this
2016-01-21 06:18
2016-01-21 07:06
Slovakia EMSK 
and now Ex-Titan Come to Epsilon
2016-01-21 07:33
So, who is lying?
2016-01-21 09:55
gl to the players finding a good org or epsilon finding a good team after this, lol
2016-01-21 10:02
wtf? yesterday "...despite the fact that they have not given us anything of what was promised (bootcamps, paid expenses to an event in the United States, full gear support, ESEA premium, etc)" today "All financial & contractual obligations of Epsilon have been respected"
2016-01-21 11:22
Probably a clause in their contract stating they cannot say anything bad about the organisation up until a few months after they leave. I had this in my contract too. Most teams won't sue for that but probably they threatened them and they got scared.
2016-01-21 11:40
World humpdogGG 
tl;dr - frenchies can't speak english. expected
2016-01-21 11:48
2016-01-21 12:01
that's why the players should have sued epsilon claiming a breech of contract for the reasons they originally stated, or asked epsilon to leave and after the contract has been revoked make a public statement denouncing epsilon. they just made a rookie mistake by going viral while still being bound by the contract. at their age they should have known better.
2016-01-21 12:08
Well if Epsilon breached the contracts first, it's kinda irrelevant.
2016-01-21 17:49
feels like epsilon paid them to say this to save their asses
2016-01-21 12:10
2016-01-21 13:08
Silenced from the bigger person. As always.
2016-01-21 13:14
1st: You can't talk shit about your org and still be contracted to them. Even w/o giving them a formal notice of leaving? Jesus fist f***ing Crist. 2nd: WTF is this "language barrier"? Good luck finding another org thinking like that, bro. Rookie mistake? Naah, mate. This says a lot about the players level of intelligence.
2016-01-21 13:24
Spain Ayrr 
You are right. But that's not the case for them. Read between the lines.
2016-01-21 13:26
Hahaha nice Epsilon, even though you forced them to lie and apologize, we all know the truth.
2016-01-21 13:27
It's obvious what happened here, read between the lines people.
2016-01-21 13:48
"hey guys, we'll pay the money we owe you, just shut the fuck up please."
2016-01-21 13:55
As we say in spain "donde dije digo, digo diego".
2016-01-21 13:58
Spain raes 
And don't forget "Al pan pan y al vino vino, Marcelino pan y vino".
2016-01-21 14:58
that's not how it works i'm afraid
2016-01-21 14:26
yeah im sure it is gonna work 100 % haha when they fucking learn 2 p they will l 2 p and u know it yeahhh
2016-01-21 15:04
u good bro?
2016-01-21 22:50
I dunno why everyone is siding with the players right away... as a whole, CS:GO pros are not the most mature people in the world, and I can totally see some twenty somethings blowing the entire thing out of proportion.
2016-01-21 15:25
just sounds like they got bribed to take those words back like how the hell can u say so much then say ohh wops mistake -___-
2016-01-21 16:00
Hard to tell which side is true now. If it was miscommunication that's unfortunate but you can't just say that they didn't...could be labelled as defamation.
2016-01-21 17:26
I think that players like MusambaN1 who play CS on high level for that many years have no need to tell lies...
2016-01-21 19:41
Russia Drinkins 
Musambani in Baskonia eSports inc
2016-01-21 21:17
epsilon = shit
2016-01-23 02:36
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