NRG eSports sign ex-Method team

January 23rd, 2016 03:33

The core of the former North American team as well as ex-SPLYCE member Peter 'ptr' Gurney and European players Fatih 'gob b' Dayik and Nikola 'LEGIJA' Ninic have been signed by NRG eSports.

When Method parted ways with their North American team, much of the lineup fell apart except for duo Samuel "SileNt" Portillo and Justin "just9n" Ortiz who went seeking for a stable five to represent the team's ESL ESEA Pro League slot in the coming season.

Although this team's formation could have been guessed at a few days ago with a few new players joining the ESEA roster, NRG eSports (an organisation with its roots in League of Legends) have now announced that they have signed the ex-Method core and their new teammates.

gob b relocates to North America in his latest venture

First and foremost, joining the two players will be Peter "ptr" Gurney, who was previously playing on SPLYCE before that roster imploded at the end of 2015 and who had a breakout moment early in 2015 while playing for CLG.

The final two acquisitions have a much more international flavour: the fourth player will be Fatih "gob b" Dayik, who was previously plying his trade on mousesports this year before also being released at the end of the year and who will be the new IGL for the NRG team.

The fifth member is Serb Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninić, a once teammate of gob b's on mousesports before he stepped down from that roster and was seen coaching lineups such as Nihilum in North America and Kinguin in Europe. LEGIJA has often been seen on the fringes of the North American scene for the past few months, and was expected to join or coach numerous ventures that ultimately fell apart.

NRG have also signed a manager, Nebi "fnr" Serc, who has managed gob b in the past as well as bringing on board ex-Method player Zachary "Eley" Stauffer as an analyst for the team.

In a statement on the signing, gob b expressed some thoughts:

"I am very happy to find a completely new home to continue my CS:GO career. I also feel very happy to be here in NA with people I really like. It’s quite familiar here and everyone is very talented in what they are doing. I know we have to practice a lot but I see a great future for me and my team. There is an awesome chemistry which results in an extremely motivated team.

It is a big new step in my life and I am looking forward to achieving big goals with my team and working with the rising star of eSports, NRG," Dayik said.

NRG eSports' lineup is officially:

United States Justin "just9n" Ortiz
United States Samuel "SileNt" Portillo
United States Peter "ptr" Gurney
Germany Fatih "gob b" Dayik
Serbia Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninić

NRG will debut in this weekend's Last Chance online pre-qualifier for the MLG Columbus Main Qualifier.

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United States Samuel 'SileNt' Portillo
Samuel 'SileNt' Portillo
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United States Zachary 'Eley' Stauffer
Zachary 'Eley' Stauffer
No team
Rating 1.0:
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United States Peter 'ptr' Gurney
Peter 'ptr' Gurney
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany Nikola 'LEGIJA' Ninić
Nikola 'LEGIJA' Ninić
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany Fatih 'gob b' Dayik
Fatih 'gob b' Dayik
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Justin 'just9n' Ortiz
Justin 'just9n' Ortiz
No team
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Maps played:
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
2016-01-23 03:34
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
2016-01-23 03:36
No chance
2016-01-23 04:09
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Good to see silent in a new org.
2016-01-23 04:45
African Union ArisA 
No silent is a cunt.
2016-01-23 11:08
Australia KARMAAAYT 
To a certain extent that's true, he deleted me off his friends list. But hey, I understand, so he can make room for Bot B
2016-01-23 12:23
Edward | 
Canada k1st 
2016-01-23 05:18
Germany P3tR 
Rip god b. Talent lost in murica
2016-01-23 09:10
Doesn't his English suck? I thought that was the reason he was cut from mouz, because of his bad English calls ingame.
2016-01-23 11:27
Didn't he leave himself? Also his english fak's
2016-01-23 11:42
He got kicked by his mates
2016-01-23 14:02
Germany P3tR 
his english is okay for ingame comms, but not too great besides that
2016-01-23 13:08
ahok :>
2016-01-23 18:00
gob b left mous for this shit?
2016-01-23 13:45
Brazil uhul 
2016-01-23 03:34
2016-01-23 03:34
Germany Chris Walker 
2016-01-23 03:35
Switzerland xtrM7 
2016-01-23 03:35
Brazil RisenNTC 
wtf is this LMAO
2016-01-23 03:35
2016-01-23 08:34
NRG hit music only
2016-01-23 10:15
noway how u know dat m8
2016-01-23 10:50
Liechtenstein parish 
holy shit.
2016-01-23 12:53
Finland Jonzu95 
2016-01-24 13:15
No shit but the team isn't called that
2016-01-24 17:30
2016-01-23 12:54
best of luck to them
2016-01-23 03:35
god b !!!
2016-01-23 03:35
Reunion fnxLQK- 
NA finally can win a major , Yay. Kappa
2016-01-23 03:36
United States Warfororks 
gob b to NA? not expected
2016-01-23 03:36
He can't speak proper English ... ?!
2016-01-23 07:02
2016-01-23 12:48
fak me in the ass we lost the game
2016-01-23 13:07 Hes not bad at English.
2016-01-23 14:53
I give them 1 month before ptr leaves and gob b/LEGIJA moves back to Europe. DW and Pyth didn't make it, why should these 2 :S
2016-01-23 03:36
The team was bad to start off with
2016-01-23 03:39
Winterfox or this one? Both are bad imo.
2016-01-23 03:40
silent and just9n will stay doe since they really are too bad to have any place to go.
2016-01-23 10:57
ez bot b
2016-01-23 03:37
2016-01-23 03:37
I remember gob b raping in ESEA finals, maybe this is the place to be to be top in NA lmao
2016-01-23 03:39
Germany P3tR 
Nope. Wont happen.
2016-01-23 09:11
flusha | 
Lithuania jiffoe 
0-16 inc boys
2016-01-23 03:39
2016-01-23 03:39
This lineup is so terrible.
2016-01-23 03:40
fox | 
Portugal thefaceoff 
gob b can turn silvers into globals
2016-01-23 03:44
Germany P3tR 
But these are murican silvers :(
2016-01-23 09:12
Laughed so hard
2016-01-23 11:26
the problem is that he can't turn himself into a global
2016-01-23 10:06
Austria gex0r 
+1 ;)
2016-01-23 11:37
wow, that wasn't expected. At all.
2016-01-23 03:41
gl gob
2016-01-23 03:44
fox | 
Portugal thefaceoff 
is this happens because we are BULGARIAN!??!?!
2016-01-23 03:46
stfu poor kid
2016-01-23 11:39
Is this happens because we are from BULGARIA?
2016-01-23 11:52
Brunei br0ks 
2016-01-23 03:45
Portugal dracø 
ez 4 god b. Can't see this lineup do anything decent, but yeah
2016-01-23 03:47
2016-01-23 03:48
Canada pokerchip 
I have a feeling this lineup is going to be the old Winterfox with Devilwalk. They won't achieve anything.
2016-01-23 03:49
2016-01-23 08:34
Lithuania AvaIon 
ez bot b in na
2016-01-23 03:51
2016-01-23 03:56
Finland CHAIDz 
Interesting lineup. Silent3m kinda sticks out, but wish 'em the best of luck.
2016-01-23 03:56
United States Bibby 
2016-01-23 03:57
I think Legija is going to exceed some expectations. He's been a pretty good player in most of the NA matches he has played (recall, he was playing for Coast at one point).
2016-01-23 03:58
Russia Gresskaret 
2016-01-23 03:59
the fuck I just watched :D
2016-01-23 04:06
Team IGL, right? Don't all of them have some form of in game leading experience?
2016-01-23 04:01
All but just9n, I think. inb4 this team gets relegated to premier
2016-01-23 04:12
racist af
2016-01-23 04:04
Finland Al_Aziz 
Sad that Turner league gave the spots for the orgs and not the teams, now NA has 10 shitty full time teams and talent spreaded even thinner.
2016-01-23 04:07
Sweden b1nx 
what 10 orgs are already in? do you know?
2016-01-23 09:10
gob b in NA, NA will be fak'ed
2016-01-23 04:10
2016-01-23 04:18
wheres odeag
2016-01-23 04:20
2016-01-23 05:24
2016-01-23 04:23
Silent fangays inc
2016-01-23 04:25
rain | 
United States DuneM 
ROFL what a dogshit team. Gob b doesn't want to be in a coach role so instead of going to clg or cloud9 he goes to some dogshit tier 21 NA team.
2016-01-23 04:29
Why would he coach CLG or Cloud 9 rofl, he can coach much better EU teams if he wanted.
2016-01-23 04:32
rain | 
United States DuneM 
You're right, but if he wanted to go to NA it shouldn't have been to this team
2016-01-23 15:51
He said he was a package deal with Legija, this org was willing to take that package as well as pay him a salary. He probably couldn't careless about being the best NA team anyway.
2016-01-24 00:29
rain | 
United States DuneM 
Yea, no one wants to win anyway
2016-01-25 03:10
gl hf
2016-01-23 04:31
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
gl gob and legija
2016-01-23 04:35
gl ptr
2016-01-23 04:38
I thought m0e was a part of the team?
2016-01-23 04:38
Brazil chococaine 
gob b and legija arent they both igls?
2016-01-23 04:38
No, only gob is.
2016-01-23 06:52
legija was support in old mouz
2016-01-23 08:42
What a mess of a team.
2016-01-23 04:43
-Legjia +someone good then maybe this would a good line up
2016-01-23 04:50
gob b sinking to an all time low in his career.
2016-01-23 04:57
Europe Scottxaxa 
gob b to smash NA
2016-01-23 05:10
mir | 
Brazil limadavp 
GOD B is Back! Top tier NA incoming!!!!
2016-01-23 05:15
sry guys but even NA pugstars will rekt gob b
2016-01-23 05:26
respect 1 of the top legends of cs
2016-01-23 05:31
"vuggo, laying down on the playground, where he belongs..along with gob b" - semmler
2016-01-23 06:57
semmler? who cares about some caster with no knowledge or experience?
2016-01-23 15:26
this team gonna be good
2016-01-23 05:49
Straka | 
Argentina straka 
One of the worst teams in the scene right here
2016-01-23 06:26
actually a good sounding team
2016-01-23 06:30
legendary lineup hurray
2016-01-23 06:45
Other ToRu 
2016-01-23 06:50
"rush fak, no stop"
2016-01-23 06:50
waiting for RNG vs NRG
2016-01-23 06:55
2016-01-23 08:10
huh...silent is not even pro..such disrepectful and terrible players.
2016-01-23 07:39
what the fuck is
2016-01-23 08:10
Korea saddummy 
Shitty team fuck, well at least I like their LoL team
2016-01-23 08:25
2016-01-23 08:36
2016-01-23 09:49
Just9n sucks. This team isnt going anywhere
2016-01-23 09:07
this team needs some quality awp like m0E
2016-01-23 09:09
sad to see gobb and legija leaving when some many european teams need couches
2016-01-23 09:27
2016-01-23 11:10
These multinational teams always catch my interest.
2016-01-23 09:32
#1 NA noKappa
2016-01-23 09:51
2016-01-23 10:12
2 dead weight rip
2016-01-23 10:17
Please gob b you are legend retire b4 you lose to tier3 mericans
2016-01-23 10:25
2016-01-23 10:38
Germany |vaudini| 
gob b, the story of someone being bottomfragger in a overall tier2 team dragging it down to becoming bottom fragger in a tier 3 NA(!) team
2016-01-23 10:39
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
its all because of the analysts saying he is supertactical master mind, and then hellraisers go short 15 rounds in row on dust2, and he cant do anything about it, gl to him teaching NA mix stars how to play
2016-01-23 10:45
Germany |vaudini| 
I agree, his tactics and calls were just about average in his time with mouz, barely did a round winning call in my opinion.. but he definately can make the NA players better because they are the same type as the german players. they dont know and dont even care how to play together/play out a situation (like flashing for your mate, bait WHEN its needed to secure the kills for your mate, setting up crossfires, make sure to refrag etc etc..). And gob teached all of that to the mouzplayers and made them top10. The problem will be when he teached them all that stuff. He will be useless since even tier3 NA teams will be able to outaim him anytime and he will be the brick dragging his team down again...
2016-01-23 11:34
Hong Kong eldoodaks 
NA Tier 3 at best
2016-01-23 10:59
gobb is a tactical mastermind but muricans are overall very stupid. It will be his hardest challenge so far.
2016-01-23 11:01
I must say, this team is not bad at all. Tbh I think they are already better than TSM`s team.
2016-01-23 11:10
Germany SchaffeR37 
2016-01-23 11:22
gl ptr <3
2016-01-23 11:23
-silent +hades
2016-01-23 11:24
Austria gex0r 
seriously, who are these silent and just9n guys? do they actually have some skill? i mean ptr can be a beast if hes on point, also a new motivated legija can do some damage
2016-01-23 11:38
Everytime i watched na fpl, silent was bad as fuck. Srsly horrible.
2016-01-23 12:10
Not gonna win a major but still better than TSM ;)
2016-01-23 12:25
i mean ptr can go insane. i dont know enough about the two american players tbh. gobb >>>>> legija in all aspects. legija has not developed as a player and is a mediocre one at best if nothing big happened to him. gobb might come with some nice strats and stuff but i dont see enough firepower on this team to even compete with teams like splyce or nme. i wish you all the best gobb mach dicke hose in den staaten ;D
2016-01-23 12:50
ptr can go insane, but he is terribly inconsistent.
2016-01-23 15:04
Sweden godname 
worst team i´ve even have seen, legija so bad player gl ptr then
2016-01-23 13:26
fr0a | 
Serbia Xempy 
ez 4 legija
2016-01-23 14:27
First TSM and now this, enough please
2016-01-23 14:29
this team isnt better than mouz though, chrisJ more consistent than ptr
2016-01-23 14:34
2016-01-23 14:42
Vietnam t4y 
Niko back to giving it!!!! gl
2016-01-23 14:56
2016-01-23 16:10
gob b will teach those muricans how to play proper cs
2016-01-23 17:05
Calling it now, no hopes for this line up. Although, gl. RiP [*]
2016-01-23 17:06
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
Never heard of NRG but it looks like they have their pockets lined. "NRG Esports was formed when the co-owners for the Sacramento Kings, an American NBA team, purchased Team Coast's NA LCS spot for Spring of 2016."
2016-01-23 18:39
BOT B where he belongs
2016-01-23 18:47
no team with silent will get anywhere
2016-01-23 20:21
dumpster fire
2016-01-23 21:20
is gob b and LEGIJA already in NA?
2016-01-23 21:23
United States y0rk 
could be interesting, but I'm going to go with the safe bet of "it's going to fail"
2016-01-24 03:14
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