GuardiaN: "We can't let LG execute"

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács talked about Na`Vi's straightforward results in group A, facing dignitas in the semi-finals, and the Luminosity grand final ahead of them in the following interview.

Despite both groups being quite unpredictable overall, Na`Vi advanced in a convincing manner over SK and FaZe. Then the Ukraine-based team faced dignitas in semi-finals, where Na`Vi closed it out after two maps.

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács sat down with us to talk about their results so far at DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig as well as the upcoming grand final, where the team will clash with rivals Luminosity.

You can find the rest of's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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2016-01-24 00:29
Spain rezpekfull 
nigg u so fast how u do
2016-01-24 00:31
los angeles
2016-01-24 00:33
Germany Bestgerman69 
2016-01-24 02:33
ay lmao
2016-01-28 17:27
Norway toap 
2016-01-24 00:30
nice man almost
2016-01-24 00:30
hns | 
Norway truthh 
xaxa unlucky d00d
2016-01-24 00:32
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
hahah that retard who doesnt read article and tries to have top comment
2016-01-24 11:08
Twistzz | 
Brazil uhul 
2016-01-24 00:29
this match is going to be awesome!
2016-01-24 00:29
Spain Ayrr 
But u will get executed ayyyy
2016-01-24 00:30
Let's go navi!
2016-01-24 00:30
wise words
2016-01-24 00:31
gl to both teams
2016-01-24 00:32
50/50 match gl Navi
2016-01-24 00:32
lg 2-1
2016-01-24 00:34
ez LG <3
2016-01-24 00:35
Nice interview Striker your english getting better and better GL in the future m8
2016-01-24 00:42
2016-01-24 01:04
2016-01-24 12:51
Man, Guardian is such a nice guy. Tomorrow will be not less than isane.
2016-01-24 00:44
guardian is a nice guy
2016-01-24 00:52
like brs
2016-01-24 01:06
i remember a guardian flick
2016-01-24 01:06
olof is a bit of a boring player
2016-01-24 05:41
erection for ling ling one more time guardian? ahaha
2016-01-24 01:23
I can't believe i say that .. "Navi 2-0 ez"
2016-01-24 01:25
Brazil lokodecrack 
navi clearly didnt look at last game against LG since he dont even remember what tournament is and he thinks that pushing against LG is the answer but from the games i saw today LG expected the other ct team to push a lot of times, i can see navi losing badly tomorrow
2016-01-24 01:32
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia Kedo2 
I can see your comment and what a bad analysis.
2016-01-24 16:23
LG EZ. Called it from the beginning of the tournament. Fishiest team always wins.
2016-01-24 01:35
GuardiaN is <3
2016-01-24 01:45
Guardian is a nice guy, very good awp and i relly can´t know who will win tomorrow, hope LG :D
2016-01-24 01:53
Any1 find him speaking slovakian in interview or something
2016-01-24 01:54
Snax | 
Poland Mval 
LG dont have igl ? wut
2016-01-24 02:15
Guardian <3
2016-01-24 02:14
What GuardiaN means to say is that he hopes his teammates acutally do something tomorrow. Usually you can count on flamie, but other than that, na'vi has three t2-3 players. Hope LG fucks them hard.
2016-01-24 02:33
flamie doesn't shows up second tournament in a row. Instead Zeus and Edward are topfraging. I don't know where you get your info.
2016-01-24 02:44
2016-01-24 10:17
2016-01-24 10:17
Sweden ald; 
ez LG
2016-01-24 02:35
We are going to see very close games, many echos wining, confusions, awps clutches. The team that won clutches 3x1 2 or 3 times will be the champion.
2016-01-24 03:03
Guardian the Legend! Such a nice guy! Respect for the best APWer!
2016-01-24 04:12
tomorrow will be sick
2016-01-24 05:21
Europe Scottxaxa 
EU will win again. Don't worry EU NA will fall again there scene as a bad as UK.
2016-01-24 05:24
taco will choke again, no win sry :(
2016-01-24 05:35
taco can choke, taco isn't the fragger in the team, it's fer, cold, fnx that need to not choke
2016-01-24 12:08
tell me more now :D
2016-01-24 17:27
hltv hire me to interview I can speak English better and I can write stuff I am in 3th grade and am smart tankx.
2016-01-24 08:19
GL both teams
2016-01-24 12:15
anyone else feeling like guardian is the only one from navi doing interview bc he is the only one who speaks decent english?
2016-01-24 13:08
Good luck Na'Vi!
2016-01-24 13:34
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