Planetkey barred from Rising Stars

February 3rd, 2016 04:55

German team Planetkey Dynamics have been disqualified from Rising Stars Europe after winning first place in the $3,000 tournament due to betting violations.

With Rising Stars Europe being the final regional tournament of's series of regional online tournaments that doled out money to lesser known teams, controversy was never far around the corner as the semifinal between two German teams (ALTERNATE aTTaX and Planetkey Dynamics) was shrouded in accusations of the latter team engaging in suspicious playing.

As the complaints of players such as ALTERNATE's Oliver "kzy" Heck forced the tournament admins to take a look and pore over demos, Planetkey went on to play the grand final against Danish team Revival which they won 2-0 (16-4 on de_cache and 16-7 on de_mirage).

r0bs3n is on a team caught up in another betting scandal

Although other insalubrious accusations were ultimately unproven, a joint investigation by's admins and CSGOLounge ultimately found that two players involved in Planetkey, Thilo "syken" Phan and Koray "xall" Yaman, placed extremely high bets on Planetkey to win the game against Revival (syken himself did not play in the grand final though he played in the semifinal).

As betting on oneself violates the Rising Stars ruleset, the team have been officially disqualified from the tournament despite winning it. In addition, syken and xall have been both permanently banned from tournaments in the future.

A statement from CSGOLounge administrator Courtney "Honey" Timpson further clarifies the situation:

"After doing research on the Planetkey vs. Revival game we came across some interesting betting from the players themselves. Although this is strongly frowned upon in general, it's not illegal (betting on themselves). So, according to our rules we will draft this game and give the players the benefit of the doubt because there's no solid evidence of throwing or cheating, just strange bettings patterns - innocent until proven guilty."

As a result of's decision, Danish team Revival will claim the first place prize check whereas runners-up ALTERNATE aTTaX and nevermind will split the second place prize money.

The revised final standings for Rising Stars Europe are therefore:

1. Denmark Revival - $2,000
2-3. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX - $500
2-3. Europe nevermind - $500
4-7. France Millenium
4-7. Finland RCTIC
4-7. France LDLC Blue
4-7. Serbia iNation
8. Germany Planetkey (disqualified) 

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Germany Thilo 'syken' Phan
Thilo 'syken' Phan
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Turkey Koray 'xall' Yaman
Koray 'xall' Yaman
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany Oliver 'kzy' Heck
Oliver 'kzy' Heck
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark menix 
Cu Germans - always something they split the money as well though, to 2nd & 3rd! But rules are rules; even though they bet on themselves.
2016-02-03 04:57
u NA cs now lol
2016-02-03 04:57
barred ?
2016-02-03 04:56
verb (used with object) definition #32: "to exclude or except" although I only used it because disqualified was too long :D
2016-02-03 04:58
shox | 
North America HackLMAO 
He was probably thinking about it in terms of a rap battle
2016-02-03 05:09
Or going for the Bar exam and becoming a Lawyer??
2016-02-03 11:25
or going to the bar and drinking some fine wine
2016-02-03 13:02
Joke of the day: "go in a bar and drinking some fine wine" Gay
2016-02-03 17:03
no joek and not gay y r u so insecure of urselves?
2016-02-03 17:04
Go drink fine wine you pussy.. Always had respect for saunaland guys cuz they seem to be a good drinking nation.. After reading your comment i lost all of my respect
2016-02-03 17:15
There isn't a better way of saying you're 13 than praising heavy drinking.
2016-02-03 18:01
2016-02-03 04:56
barred aka banned aka not welcome aka gtfo aka get off my property aka don't let the door hit you on the way out
2016-02-03 05:06
2016-02-03 05:13
About time.
2016-02-03 04:56
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
2016-02-03 04:56
Canada theSWBFman 
2016-02-03 04:56
United Kingdom FullSpe3d 
allah akbar
2016-02-03 04:56
2016-02-03 04:56
2016-02-03 04:56
2016-02-03 04:56
ayy lmao
2016-02-03 04:56
expectec these shit Fuc*ers
2016-02-03 04:56
why are the nazis and the commies the ones that throw the most in yoroep. ?
2016-02-03 04:58
2016-02-03 04:57
United States Acw 
2016-02-03 04:57
2016-02-03 04:57
[flag=de] Germany
2016-02-03 04:58
2016-02-03 04:58
So was it played beforehand and they bet afterwards or did the bet beforehand? If they bet before playing I dont really see the problems of them betting on themselfs.
2016-02-03 04:59
lol so u can win and lose ur games and bet on it ...stupid boy.... its called matchfixing
2016-02-03 05:00
Betting on yourself and then winning is not matchfixing. Matchfixing is betting on the opponent, then intentionally losing
2016-02-03 05:02
United States lumpy seal 
No it's still matchfixing. Since they bet on the game, they can use strats that no one knows they have. They can get together and say, "Okay guys we're throwing everything we have at this win" and then play the games of their lives.
2016-02-03 06:25
Denmark LnDcsgo 
Make sense plz... :D
2016-02-03 06:50
well if two teams are involved, which is i think what they may be indicating, then obviously they can trade skins or cash
2016-02-03 07:10
what obviously happened is that kzy agreed to throw then syken and xall would give them skins. then syken and xall thought "fuck kzy man" kzy mad cus get no skins
2016-02-03 07:19
who's dumber the thief or the one expecting to profit from one?
2016-02-03 07:23
If the two teams made an agreement then the other wouldn't have accused them of cheating
2016-02-03 09:28
Wow ameritard youre fucking retarded.
2016-02-03 13:06
United States lumpy seal 
Are you telling me that you wouldn't try harder on a game that you bet money on? The thing is that all games should be played equally (in a perfect world), so a team could play a few games like trash on purpose, and then bet on themselves with slightly better odds and win.
2016-02-03 21:30
Holy fucking shit thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
2016-02-03 13:21
United States lumpy seal 
Are you telling me that you wouldn't try harder on a game that you bet money on? The thing is that all games should be played equally (in a perfect world), so a team could play a few games like trash on purpose, and then bet on themselves with slightly better odds and win.
2016-02-03 21:26
The second part of what you said makes sense, teams could start playing worse on purpose just to get low odd's and then bet on themselves and play at their full potential, that makes total and perfect sense but you didn't say that originally, you said it would make them play better if they bet on themselves, these are pros who if they want to continue to be pros need to always play their best or else they get replaced by someone better.
2016-02-03 21:51
United States lumpy seal 
They might play really well already, but are usually too lazy to watch a lot of demos or anti strat other teams. If they were to bet their own money on a game, they would be especially inclined to do as much research as possible.
2016-02-04 02:06
Thats not a bad thing, at all.
2016-02-04 21:44
United States lumpy seal 
2016-02-04 23:41
2016-02-03 13:24
It is if you know 100% you can win, and they know, its 100% verified that they cheat and this bullshit innocent until proven guilty is such a farse. Any tournaments that care about cs should not let planetkey as a team play in any tournaments/leagues and other teams should say no to playing against them.
2016-02-03 08:53
No mong. They're betting on themselves before playing meaning PlanetKey wouldn't throw aka loose money.
2016-02-03 05:06
Stupid you are they could bet on a realmoney site and bet to win/lose one map so it wouldnt be obvious then it's still a throw if they won say 2-1 or won 2-0 and bet on that outcome it's not only lounge they used, if they did they are extremely stupid seeing as they could use several sites and make a couple 1000's easy.
2016-02-03 08:54
trusting that your team can win and betting on yourself is match fixing? what the fuck are you smoking?
2016-02-03 07:48
They cheated it's 100% verified in my eyes atleast and many pros for sure agree, so yes they know they could win 100% if they wanted.
2016-02-03 08:56
If it's verified they would be banned for cheating
2016-02-03 11:08
damn u are stupid, how u can call it matchfixing if you bet on YOUR SELF, meaning that u have to win to get your skins? thats just as much motivation as f.e. qualifying for some tournament if u win one game. the whole rule not to bet FOR your team is stupid as fuck, and considering your comment i'd say that you are the one who has invented that rule
2016-02-03 08:04
I will explain you why i call it matchfixing. You guys (ALL HERE) are stupid as fuck please go educate yourself. This is pure matchfixing. They bet huge amount on themselfs BUT (!!) how do we know they didnt talk to revival prior and said "hey lets matchfix this, but betting on opponent is to obvious we bet on us and you play as bad as you possibly could ok? No one will see this as matchfixing, ez pz". And you see? It works, cuz you dumb fucks never heard about brain. Done with HLTV for today, avarage IQ of -20.. I read so much here, hoping someone mentioned what i just wrote to all toilet cleaners here about this way of matchfixing but just couldnt find it.
2016-02-03 17:10
Then why isn't Revival barred too?
2016-02-03 18:09
Cuz we dont know if this was the case but its a possibility therefor you have to ban gercunts
2016-02-03 18:10
the most stupid thing i've ever heard. yes, you are right, average IQ in HLTV is -20. and you are not really helping to get it higher
2016-02-04 06:55
2016-02-03 04:59
GuardiaN | 
Sweden kvNr 
yeah, they're banned from ONE tournament, they can still abuse ding!t matches and get hell lot more skins. christ sake volvo, just place your ban hammer on r0bs3n already, this fat ugly piece of shit has nothing to do in the pro scene at all.
2016-02-03 05:00
+1 this fat shit has to compensate his real-life-lowness with some fishy hacking and matchfixing
2016-02-03 05:06
GuardiaN | 
Sweden kvNr 
This is the 3rd time he got caught with "odd betting patterns" right? this shit is always getting away with his hacking buddys while iBP got permanently banned for throwing one match. This is really sad
2016-02-03 05:07
How fangay are you to bring this shit up. It's a 3k pricepool event. Ibp can play as much 3k events in their life as they want.
2016-02-03 08:12
GuardiaN | 
Sweden kvNr 
i'm more of a justice fan, rather than ibp. It's just so corrupted.
2016-02-03 08:24
they just might respond to this. they should
2016-02-03 05:57
So, I don't want to offend anyone (or anything) but. Why is betting on yourself bad lol. If they were confident on the win, then shouldn't they be allowed to bet on themselves?
2016-02-03 05:00
While I believe its not technically banned its extremely unethical and in any other sport betting on the game you play is ban worthy. Ex: you can be a pro basketball player and bet on football games but you cant bet on basketball games. Google Pete Rose a famous baseball player.
2016-02-03 05:05
+1 in addition syken and others are HIGHLY possibility of cheating so betting on themselves and cheating to win it is basically free skins
2016-02-03 05:07
+1 oh ok, I appreciate the explanation.
2016-02-03 05:12
"As betting on oneself violates the Rising Stars ruleset"
2016-02-03 05:10
Correct if they play cs competitevly they should not be able to to bet in any match they compete in, there is so many ways you can throw nowadays that it's almost impossible to know they could lose pistol, seeing as you can bet on that on many sites or just lose one map and win the next, or whatever seeing as you can bet on the outcome for won maps.
2016-02-03 08:59
2nd place is only $500, 1st place $2k but not guaranteed 1) "hey guys, let us win the semi-final and we'll pay you $1k" 2) "OK, deal" 3) bet $2k at 2.0 odds => $2k profit 4) win $2k finals 5) give $1k agreement 6) $3k profit, if they lost the final they still have $1.5k profit It's like an episode of "Deal or No Deal", do you risk everything for the chance of a higher prize or take the middle amount
2016-02-03 13:39
PKD need to drop this idiot team, its a disgrace you can buy their stickers.
2016-02-03 05:02
the funny thing is PKD had a Team (I think is was 2013 with cly) another well known german cheater and the manager cheated aswell ... I think PKD gives a fuck they only want some reputation sad
2016-02-03 05:08 sad What is even more sad is that it is probably profitable for them. People keep giving the organisation and players second/third/etc. chances.
2016-02-03 11:33
2016-02-03 05:03
GIVE ME MY SKINS BACK rip 300 dolares
2016-02-03 05:06
United States XP3_ 
Life is not easy my friend.
2016-02-03 06:40
2016-02-03 05:06
so confident they bet on themselfs = cheats
2016-02-03 05:07
There's no way that's his real head
2016-02-03 05:12
Isnt that the second time Planetkeys get involved with this stuff?
2016-02-03 05:12
2016-02-03 05:13
i love being correct mmmmm
2016-02-03 05:13
innocent until proven guilty Kappa
2016-02-03 05:13
Would've been better to make Revival v AttaX play against each other or split the 1st+2nd place winnings
2016-02-03 05:15
literally expected. how are these guys allowed on lounge? hopefully lounge suspends them after this.
2016-02-03 05:19
What a stupid reason. E-Frag you're a freaking joke. Let the Flusha witch hunt continue.
2016-02-03 05:22
2016-02-03 05:30
United States StewieOnLAN 
You are literally everywhere someone mentions flusha or fnatic members cheating.. its ridiculous
2016-02-03 07:23
North America TGAC 
So many people saying only Germans would do this... yet the team before the finals made the accusations, a GERMAN team.
2016-02-03 05:30
United States Comp1ex 
The article should also link to the KFish/Lounge scandal too this guy robsen has been in so many shady teams lol
2016-02-03 05:30
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
How stupid people are still betting against planetkey and then they are so salty when lose :D Maybe they should quit betting.
2016-02-03 05:41
If you belive thats all people care about then you are.
2016-02-03 09:00
Portugal synk 
2016-02-03 05:47
gj hackers
2016-02-03 05:47
valve reaction?
2016-02-03 05:56
Why are people so slow... How can it ever be wrong to bet on yourself, its not gonna change any outcome whatsoever. The reason they are banned are due to them betting on THEMSELVES. Which is neither unethical nor wrong in any way. Stupid ruleset, stupid admins.
2016-02-03 06:10
not unethical? You are the minority with that opinion.
2016-02-03 06:21
Why would it be? I cant see why there would ever be any problem with betting on yourself nor can I understand why it would be untehical. Explain this for me. I might change my oppinion.
2016-02-03 09:22
I find it not unethical. Its not like they match fixed or anything or had cooperation with the other team. They simply bet on themselves not on the other team and lost on purpose. As in any professional sport, you should never bet on your own team/self but that does not make it unethical.
2016-02-03 18:17
bet on yourself german hacks ETHICAL -Nitromast
2016-02-03 07:39
then bust them for cheating? Nitro has a point. Btw does it matter if it's ethical or unethical? If someone bets on himself and cheats, well...fuck bust him for cheating! I don't see whats wrong in betting on yourself and winning your game, without any throw involved. I dont know these planetkey guys, maybe they are dicks, but if I were in their situation I would have done the same (if the rules allowed of the tournament that is)
2016-02-03 08:37
I can put a team together play the dignit cups and cheat every single time until I am vac banned. Then I will say I cheated on MM. But in the meantime I have made shittons of money betting on/against myself on my 10 other accounts. This is dumb to say ban them for cheating as you cant tell/prove someones cheating if his IQ is above double digit. Admins should have the right to ban if they feel something is fishy.
2016-02-03 09:56
You're right about that. If they are cheating and betting on themselves, that's easy money. However since VAC is shit and not trustworthy, the admins could come up with demo evidence that could proof his fishy playstyle. Sure that is still not 100% waterproof evidence, however they are admins. If they feel like someone is cheating in their cup, they can ban them. It will only do harm to the organizer if the community disagrees, but if that's not the case - it will only do good.
2016-02-03 10:02
If you look it from the organizer point of view. A lot less hassle to ban them on a technicality than go through the process of proving they cheated.
2016-02-03 13:22
yeah youre right. Saves a lot of trouble
2016-02-03 13:57
Yeah, I certainly mentioned hacks in my post. Good job Mr. Bob
2016-02-03 09:21
NFL/FIFA/NBA are all slow, you are the smart one.
2016-02-03 16:40
Germany ndr^ 
just ban these idiots from competition!!!
2016-02-03 06:22
but permanent bans deter players from fixing guys
2016-02-03 06:23
Lose my skins to this... robbed.
2016-02-03 06:28
stopped reading at interesting
2016-02-03 06:59
what a fat and low faggot r0bs3n is ..
2016-02-03 07:03
sad! they could have become a good team if they are clean :)
2016-02-03 07:11
Come on. am0 is so shitty even with cheats.
2016-02-03 07:28
And that's how you win a tournament when you suck dicks and clearly have no chance in the finals. Congratz REVIVAL
2016-02-03 07:12
2016-02-03 10:00
the legacy of cLy
2016-02-03 07:15
These fucks have been subject of suspicious betting before and now again.... YES I know the iBP tards did fix games but lets be honest they have shown plenty of remorse as well as reason to let them back into the competitive scene... And these cunts just carry on playing and nothing happens? They should get the perma bans and the iBP tards given ONE more chance. Fair call? Senpai?
2016-02-03 07:18
Wtf I just cant understand. They were betting on themselves but how did admins found them Guilty? Like they were wanted 2 win, and they did?
2016-02-03 07:29
That's against the rules. One can't bet on their own match regardless which team they bet on.
2016-02-03 07:36
Yeah I knew that , and got the info from The post , I just couldnt realize why did they watch the demos.
2016-02-03 07:46
Netherlands p2dr 
"... the complaints of players such as ALTERNATE's Oliver "kzy" Heck forced the tournament admins to take a look and pore over demos..." Alternate attax called cheats, wasn't proven but meanwhile csgl and efrag investigated further and found suspicious betting.
2016-02-03 09:28
2016-02-03 21:29
The main problem here is Planetkey members ( 2 of them ) bet huge on themselfs like they were 100000% sure they will win it and before this game, kzy called cheats ( wich most likely they had ) so they combined cheats + high bet on themselfs and it resulted to "innocent untill proven guilty" means they suspect them of cheating to win the huge bet + 1st spot. It has nothing to do with betting on their team, you can do it, but don't use cheats to ensure the win if you know what i mean =D They wanted to become rich, 1st prize pool + huge bet on sites and they could retire from gaming ez
2016-02-03 13:56
Thx man :)
2016-02-03 21:28
lmao hope they get vacd sadly juat cant see that one happening
2016-02-03 07:37
Does that surprise me? NOPE They seriously need to get bans, IBP got banned for one match and robs3n is basically throwing every match he's in...
2016-02-03 07:58
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
hope this is the final nail in the coffin for these players.
2016-02-03 08:06
robs3n being shady again. He throws cos he knows he'll never be good at the game. Valve ban already plz.
2016-02-03 08:19
meanwhile still allowed to play in 90% of all leagues.
2016-02-03 08:32
robs3n and co are disgusting humans, need global bans
2016-02-03 08:50
Oh nooo, theyre banned from efrag turnaments oh noo, they must be very sad know...xD
2016-02-03 09:12
good god nice englando
2016-02-03 09:13
i expected a gooder english from germany
2016-02-03 09:21
must be from somalia
2016-02-03 13:44
2016-02-03 17:16
Eventually they're going to be banned by every organizer doing tier 5 events.
2016-02-03 18:08
Germans have big mental problem considering online games and competition (sorry for exceptions), and that will never change... Cheating since forever and always shady damn...
2016-02-03 09:25
When normal people make top bet on underdog (expecting that PK had less %s than the other team) it's ok. When it's done by someone related to team that wins it's considered as potential throw? Ayyy (Wouldn't bet on PKs matches myself tho)
2016-02-03 09:47
r0bs3n again the fat bastard. When is he banned for life?
2016-02-03 09:50
This team is pure joke, bet on themself and use hacks, wtf hahaha everyone is free to do anything in that game. That's a shame, 5 names to remember and ban from everything.
2016-02-03 10:02 okaaay CSGOLOUNGE THANK YOU FOR INSTADRAFT !!!!!!!
2016-02-03 10:05
They didn't break any of csgolounge rules so why would they not draft it?
2016-02-03 12:27
United States StewieOnLAN 
2016-02-03 10:15
Russia Razor_88 
2016-02-03 10:40
Sweden BenneDoT 
Just ban these people from ever competing anywhere again you talk about ibp bans but these guys have been doing shady shit and been called out for it, for a long time now. It's so ridiculously obvious.
2016-02-03 10:17
IBP 2.0
2016-02-03 10:18
Europe k3nny/// 
this organisation is so done seriously
2016-02-03 10:29
still low tier 3 team, even using cheats.
2016-02-03 10:34
Russia Razor_88 
just germanistan things
2016-02-03 10:34
haha no wonder , the turks have to feed their 5 kids
2016-02-03 10:52
Fat Ass
2016-02-03 11:12
German CS EleGiggle
2016-02-03 11:18
that fat fuck cant keep his hands out the cookie jar/
2016-02-03 11:18
2016-02-03 11:20
2016-02-03 11:21
is this fat fuck robs3n ever gonna be permabanned from all tournies? How are organizations still supporting this guy?
2016-02-03 11:38
csgo lounge,they have to return our skins or not?
2016-02-03 11:52
World Sithis 
2016-02-03 11:52
With Immediate effect we released our CS:GO team.
2016-02-03 13:45
sithis,and?we lost our skins because that fat wallhackers idiots robs3n and xall,what about for our skins?the other guy lost 150 euro because that,and cs go lounge ?This sets up the game to planetkey?jeus christ!!and go to RESULTS OF and see,planetkey vs revival 0-1
2016-02-03 12:00
and then valve ban IBP permanently since players like syken, ayken, robsen still playing tourneys ? explain me im poor russian
2016-02-03 12:00
the point is,cs go lounge set the winner (planetkey)..after that ,no comments,cs go lounge SUCKS
2016-02-03 12:02
PKD bunch of german cheaters, how do these orgs pick these people up and keep them? So shameless.
2016-02-03 12:10
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
fucking robs3n
2016-02-03 12:10
tragic moments
2016-02-03 12:12
typical Germanistan
2016-02-03 12:13
PKD kicked their team :P
2016-02-03 12:15
Hahaha PKD released them. Fucking scums
2016-02-03 12:20
I'm so happy that they kicked those shit cunts. I think my praise was worth it.
2016-02-03 12:21
kzy of all people whining about others cheating XDDD
2016-02-03 12:23
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
LOL alternate attax have cheaters too :D what a joke. I do not care because even t1 players cheat and they play in majors so...
2016-02-03 12:57
You out all of people talking about cheaters XDDD
2016-02-03 16:41
yea, i've lost to them a lot of times. I know my shit
2016-02-03 16:54
Calm down ppl, they need to afford the rising taxes and the support of immigrants
2016-02-03 12:24
PlanetKey just made a statemant on Facebook, explaining that they have released their team!
2016-02-03 12:38
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
what's the official reason?
2016-02-03 12:44
They want to distance themselves from the incident
2016-02-03 12:47
Fuck you PlanetKey CSGO team.
2016-02-03 12:44
Those are some bullshit rules. Why the fuck cant they bet on themselves? That only means theyre confident about winning. Dumbfuck admins...
2016-02-03 13:09
Ask that to every single sports organisation in the world and they will give you many reasons why you cant bet on yourself to win. If you can't even pull together a few yourself you need to go back to school.
2016-02-03 14:01
Give me one, you sick fuck.
2016-02-03 16:54
fucking fat
2016-02-03 13:13
2016-02-03 13:15
It is rly worrying how often the betting and cheating shit in cs go gets out of control. Mostly never happend in 1.6. Cs go must be garbage.
2016-02-03 13:19
It never happened in CSGO before the game drew hundred of thousands of viewers. There is more money in CS now. You cant compare the two.
2016-02-03 14:02
Betting in 1.6 what? If there was it's atletast 1000% bigger now, so ofcourse people will cheat/throw to make money.
2016-02-03 17:26
LMAO PlanetKey released the team. Ayyyy
2016-02-03 13:49
I can already see the next hltv news headline: "planetkey part ways with csgo team"
2016-02-03 14:01
bot solek
2016-02-03 14:06
2016-02-03 14:09
millenium could have won this, sad they got eliminated by onliners
2016-02-03 14:24
Germany Mortak 
I don't know why they aven let them play in any leagues at all.. kames no sense after accusations in nearly every game and throwing games/betting games often too. Would straight ban them from every single league out there if I could^^
2016-02-03 14:36
These guys are insane... They were throwing matches for skins and now they bet on themselves and cheat to win
2016-02-03 15:01
Thx for skins tho xDDD
2016-02-03 15:13
fucking finally ban these retards
2016-02-03 15:48
Germany iN9N 
like i said some months ago already, shame for the german scene
2016-02-03 15:48
dont worry, its not even shame anymore, just expected
2016-02-03 16:38
-r0bs3n +fxy0 (he really deserves unban)
2016-02-03 15:53
insalubrious nice
2016-02-03 16:28
2016-02-03 16:32
pls refugees, replace the germans faster, we need less cheating in cs
2016-02-03 16:36
wew lad
2016-02-03 17:23
France daGriLL_Anna 
see ya in hell, germans
2016-02-03 17:59
faggots finally gets banned.
2016-02-03 18:13
lol csglounge investigates all other teams except for csgl. csgl throw all the time.
2016-02-03 18:14
because they actually throw for the site itself
2016-02-03 19:29
retard volvo better perma ban these guys like ibp
2016-02-03 18:42
Planetkey needs to release these cheaters.
2016-02-03 19:25
werent they cheating, also?
2016-02-03 19:28
2016-02-04 02:47
Low people here. Player betting on themselves = match-fixing/throwing. If it was that case, they would've bet on the opposing team fucktards. No wonder the CSGO community has allowed valve to add shitty updates ever since CZ was added.
2016-02-04 21:57
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