Tempo Storm qualify for IEM Katowice

February 15th, 2016 09:03

Tempo Storm have won the North American online qualifier for IEM Katowice by defeating Cloud9 2-0 (16-14 on de_mirage and 19-17 on de_cache).

The tenth season of the Intel Extreme Masters will take place from March 4-6 in the Spodek Arena and most notably feature a $250,000, 12-team CS:GO tournament.

Eight teams were invited due to their top eight placings in the last Major of Cluj-Napoca whereas four have advanced via regional qualifiers for Europe, Asia, and North America (with E-frag, mousesports, and TheMongolz having done so already in their respective regions).

boltz and Tempo Storm took down all three NA titans to qualify: Liquid, CLG, Cloud9

Over 100 teams took part in the single elimination bracket for the North American IEM Katowice qualifier, with teams such as Winterfox, NRG, and SPLYCE falling by the wayside early on.

The quarter-finals switched into best-of-three games, with OpTiC taking out Enemy at this stage and perhaps most notably the Brazilians of Tempo Storm taking down Liquid 2-1 in a heavily anticipated game.

Tempo Storm would not stop there however as they took down CLG 2-0 in the semifinals and advanced into the grand final against Cloud9.

Although Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir & co. managed to finish the first halves of both series maps with commanding CT-side scorelines (11-4 on de_mirage and 10-5 on de_cache), the similar storylines seen at the GEC Game Show finals came into play as a lack of T-side execution and strategy was the North American team's downfall.

Tempo Storm for their part continued upon a growing reputation for dependable teamwork and drilled retakes and site takes to power forward and win both maps, 16-14 on de_mirage and 19-17 on de_cache, and thereby qualify for Group B of IEM Katowice.

IEM Katowice 2016 NA QualifierBest of 3
15th February 2016

The group draw for IEM Katowice is:

Group A Group B
Sweden fnatic France EnVyUs
CIS Na`Vi Denmark Astralis
Brazil Luminosity Poland Virtus.pro
Sweden NiP Europe FaZe
Germany mousesports Bulgaria E-frag
Mongolia TheMongolz Brazil Tempo Storm

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United States Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir
Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:23
-Efrag -Mongolz +G2 +dignitas
2016-02-15 09:27
Russia sNQ- 
2016-02-15 09:44
2016-02-15 09:59
2016-02-15 10:44
2016-02-15 11:21
Bulgaria Chrox 
well they managed to qualify and dignitas and G2 didn't XD
2016-02-15 11:28
Im sorry ahabababababahsvdbva E dj gdnzbd
2016-02-15 11:38
Bulgaria MyNameIsWho 
efrag and mongolz deserved their spots, not their fault that G2 and dignitas lost to some tier5 teams
2016-02-15 12:47
Finland Aeronx 
-fnatic +ence
2016-02-15 13:21
2016-02-15 19:31
-MongolZ????? wtf are you talking about Mongolz >>> Norway u mad brah???
2016-02-15 13:22
g2 are titan , now everyone knows titan never make it out of groups so why have them there
2016-02-15 17:12
2016-02-15 17:27
Poland Mixstar 
2016-02-15 19:17
2016-02-15 22:32
All them norwegians mad because they dont have a scene and all they do is pouring salt over everyting :)
2016-02-17 12:51
n1 brazil brothers see ya in poland... oh wait
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 10:38
s1mple | 
Lithuania vodin 
2016-02-15 09:03
fer | 
Brazil rabanetin 
GG TS!! Clown9 doing it again -cry +BOLTZ
2016-02-15 09:10
2016-02-15 09:03
Edward | 
Macau ianzy 
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
Tstorm no.2 team in the americas?
2016-02-15 09:05
Chile Cristoff 
GG boltzz sick :D
2016-02-15 09:04
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
n1 NA
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
2016-02-15 09:03
I can't watch c9 games anymore
2016-02-15 09:03
FalleN | 
Brazil KyungDt 
2016-02-15 09:04
Brazil ZangadoHG 
BRASIL <333333333333333333
2016-02-15 09:04
2016-02-15 09:04
rip na cs
2016-02-15 09:04
cAmyy | 
Brazil ToRu 
2016-02-15 09:04
2016-02-15 09:04
shroud | 
Canada ozboz 
all stewies fault boltz had cold playing on his PC
2016-02-15 09:04
2016-02-15 11:35
boltz played so bad vs TL on train, they "kinda" got lucky to even win this map, if TL would have won just 2 more rounds lol. nontheless wp to TS and a pretty poor performance by two of Na's best teams lmao
2016-02-15 17:57
unexpected, congrats BR
2016-02-15 09:04
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
boltz GOD Hell... he played out of his mind this series against C9.
2016-02-15 09:04
sick gl
2016-02-15 09:04
fnx | 
Brazil DroidNTC 
2016-02-15 09:04
Deserve it.. they play so well
2016-02-15 09:04
2016-02-15 09:04
2016-02-15 09:04
No SKDC, no NA ;(
2016-02-15 13:34
Br too strong, NA too bad
2016-02-15 09:05
Brazil Lucasxp 
cry simple
2016-02-15 09:05
2016-02-15 09:07
Brazil Cobalsky 
NA cs .. dominated by immigrants LOL 4Head ha hah HA HA ha
2016-02-15 09:05
I'm glad that you know who you are lel
2016-02-15 18:25
tbh group B is looking very good if TS can bring the same fire
2016-02-15 09:06
Yeah,if they play in the same level on lan they will have an easier path than luminosity out of group stage
2016-02-15 09:26
Not sure if bait or simply retarded
2016-02-15 10:10
Denmark clutchkongen 
2016-02-15 10:26
Switzerland noxer* 
You kidding Pedro, aren't you?. FaZe, EnVyuS, Astralis and Vp
2016-02-15 10:47
faze LOL
2016-02-15 12:58
Switzerland noxer* 
ehm..yes? They always perform on big tournaments, and they just beat VP 2-0 wtf are you want
2016-02-15 12:59
ehm always? 1/10 good lan = always?
2016-02-15 14:52
Switzerland noxer* 
"big tournaments" =\= lan.
2016-02-15 15:27
Group 1 is clearly stronger!
2016-02-15 16:04
gz favelas. thanks for getting rid of those shitty NA teams who didn't deserve their places. gg.
2016-02-15 09:06
+1 respect
2016-02-15 11:39
finally no NA slot blockers at tier1 LAN
2016-02-15 09:06
2016-02-15 10:25
Poland frozyxD 
2016-02-15 11:25
2016-02-15 11:49
2016-02-15 14:31
coldzera | 
Brazil akak1 
gg bois
2016-02-15 09:06
kNgV- | 
Brazil brzcsgo 
gg bo1s
2016-02-15 09:06
Wp tempo
2016-02-15 09:06
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
NA cant even buy plane tickets for group stages now, rip
2016-02-15 09:07
gg wp
2016-02-15 09:07
2016-02-15 09:08
WP Tempo <3 <3 <3 GO BRAZILLL!
2016-02-15 09:08
fer | 
Brazil Br1ghtEyes 
2016-02-15 09:08
2016-02-15 09:09
RIP NA Before any of you guys talk about Indonesian scene,we have none
2016-02-15 09:09
Still better than NA cs
2016-02-15 09:20
We have nxl and playing with BOT Oh wait........
2016-02-15 11:03
mongolz vs. tempo storm grand final??
2016-02-15 09:10
2016-02-15 16:00
well deserved
2016-02-15 09:10
It's sad how poor the IGLing from n0thing is compared to sgares. I really hope he improves (thing that I doubt) or that C9 org find a coach/IGL if the bad results continues. Crearly the problem is not the new guy but the old one. Edit: Extremely good performance by TS. HENGOD.
2016-02-15 09:11
Argentina YH!one 
GG WP Tempo Storm :D It's official now, SA > NA
2016-02-15 09:11
You mean brasil bro, wtf are you want blinded piece of k
2016-02-15 14:20
Argentina YH!one 
And from what part of the continent Brazil is? South America, they don't only represent themselves they represent all of us too, you blinded piece of macrista gorila.
2016-02-15 17:59
Lol you are so funny brah
2016-02-15 18:07
:D NTN <3
2016-02-15 21:58
Astralis level of choke right there from C9 lmao Stewie2k is trash and still shit talks, he literally lost C9 the second map by trying to awp and dying every round
2016-02-15 09:11
Yeah, and ironically enough fREAK lost C9 the first map too lol
2016-02-15 14:46
2016-02-15 09:11
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
Well done, boys. BRAZILIAN STORM!
2016-02-15 09:12
Falador passa mal, rapaz. Falador passa mal. Great games. As the games have ended at 6 a.m. no sleep, I guess, so I'm fucked up for today, but it was worth it. Absolutely amazing! Great comebacks. But TS should really train their pistol rounds. Lost almost all of them. Lost last 3 against C9 and they were not even close.
2016-02-15 09:12
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Yeah... I'm here since 19PM watching TS playing and it's already 6AM lol
2016-02-15 09:18
North American qualifier Kappa
2016-02-15 09:12
fcking nice favela boyz
2016-02-15 09:13
LG playing on TS comps.... gg
2016-02-15 09:14
Brazil marceloft 
One link for you fool... periscope.tv/camis182/
2016-02-15 09:22
rip NA
2016-02-15 09:15
Na just got rekt, so now the top2 teams in Americas are Brazilians. Wp yankees
2016-02-15 09:15
Haha 2 BRA Teams and no "real" na teams....
2016-02-15 09:15
Other rez9 
BR too stronk for NA.
2016-02-15 09:15
hahahaha na scene is such a joke
2016-02-15 09:16
Hahahaha clown9 :D Gratz BR
2016-02-15 09:16
Australia DishD 
TS played so well! C9 need to sort out the IGL role ASAP, maybe its time to hire a coach/IGL and let the team just fragg. NA CS this is your wake up call, otherwise its going to be a painful 2016 for you!
2016-02-15 09:16
India transformer 
+1, Hope the so called renegades start to perform like how they used to be in VOX, then NA main stream teams will be nowhere to be seen in there own country. LOL
2016-02-15 09:18
imagine if the top 3 teams in na were luminosity, tempo storm and renegades ayy lmao
2016-02-15 09:36
I can't for the love of God, no matter how hard I try, imagine that Renegades would be the top of anything. Sorry m8
2016-02-15 15:21
top of au scene before moving to na ez top 1
2016-02-16 06:38
India transformer 
They definitely can make a impact in IEM Katowice, seeing they are placed in group b. Gl Tempo storm. C9, CLG and Liquid, all making changes to there line-ups didn't get them anywhere. Hope they all qualify for the major though
2016-02-15 09:16
cry is free my friends hahahaha!! you guys from NA can have all the money, but that money cant buy the love for the game and the talent that BRs have, we are warriors, the struggle is real.. fucking crazy to see what those guys did in less than 2 years, RESPECT!!!!
2016-02-15 09:17
Dosia | 
Brazil pacmanbr 
+1 dedication + raw skill + passion for the game = BR scene.
2016-02-15 09:22
so basicly you are saying that crying is only thing u can affort in brazil? :D
2016-02-15 11:49
Apparently you can't afford english classes in Finland though
2016-02-15 13:55
how long did it take to use google translate to write that sentence?
2016-02-15 14:58
Like 1 minute,my portuguese is good so it's not very hard to use it
2016-02-15 16:36
Using Apparently and though in the same setence just shows how good your english is.
2016-02-15 15:06
Why did you edit your post friend
2016-02-15 16:35
you shouldnt make fun of bra7-1lians, favela will invade norway
2016-02-15 16:43
We dont need to do that,you guys are all getting killed by muslims soon enough anyway kek
2016-02-15 17:15
im waiting for it, but meanwhile im living my good, healthy life while spending more money per month that u guys earn in year kekekekekekek
2016-02-15 17:39
>you guys Damn you must be pretty popular to know 200 million people lmao
2016-02-15 18:02
bra7-1lians favelage salary on 2014 was 550eur per month, guess it cant be much more these days
2016-02-15 18:29
Are all finns as dumb as you?
2016-02-15 19:19
no, can I ask why? if u do some research u find out that we are actually pretty highly educated
2016-02-15 19:20
You're using retarded slangs to refer to me and saying "average salary" when i just said our country has a population of 200 million people,why do you think everyone gets paid the same?
2016-02-15 23:14
retarded slang? Iimho my slang is pretty clever, and no one with small brain activity can come up with those words. u just cant deny it that you are 3rd worlder, so lets end it up here mr. favela falafel
2016-02-16 11:23
After reading this comment i came to the conclusion that you are,indeed,retarded
2016-02-16 12:00
nice comeback kek lol bur
2016-02-16 12:15
I mean whats the point in arguing with someone whos convinced my country is bad because he saw it on the internet,even if i show you the image you have is wrong youre just gonna keep calling me a 3rd worlder lol
2016-02-16 12:41
bcuz u are 3rd worlder :D
2016-02-16 19:48
Brazil AfKW 
Is so funny watch the depressed face of muricans players on twitch rofl
2016-02-15 09:18
MiKe | 
Canada Zoey 
I am not mad But I know who is
2016-02-15 09:19
GG, they deserve it for sure.
2016-02-15 09:20
gl to the Brazilian teams, you've worked hard for this
2016-02-15 09:21
2016-02-15 09:21
It is a dream come true for ex-GA / TempoStorm and for Brazil, seeing two top teams in the scene. They deserve all the success they had so far, hardworking beasts. GL in the future
2016-02-15 09:22
Denmark geerZo 
I feel bad for the NA scene.. Kappa
2016-02-15 09:23
It's officialy BR > NA now
2016-02-15 09:24
Brazil dUdUb44- 
Nice job guys! Congratulations
2016-02-15 09:25
Not sure where TS stands right now in NA. I suppose if they beat C9 and Liquid on LAN they'll be 2 NA confirmed but not yet
2016-02-15 09:26
I think that was the first time they had the chance to play against top NA teams, since they've been placed in lower divisons over the leagues when they got in US
2016-02-15 09:30
Nop they have already had that chance when TACO and FNX were still in the lineup, close series against CLG and C9 (2-1, 2-1).
2016-02-15 13:05
congrats brasil !!!! I will be cheering for you at Katowice !!!
2016-02-15 09:27
wp LG, you played well.
2016-02-15 09:32
how much?
2016-02-15 09:40
Wow you guyz are really apes haha
2016-02-15 10:15
Whats wrong with apes?
2016-02-15 13:06
implying that LG played for TS is definitely an ape behavior, yes
2016-02-15 21:04
Luminosity v Fnatic grand final confirmed
2016-02-15 09:33
ayy NA awkward
2016-02-15 09:33
well played favela crew #2
2016-02-15 09:37
So happy C9 lost. Made my day :D
2016-02-15 09:37
+1 shroud & skadood need to leave that shit team
2016-02-15 10:29
NA Scene is a joke, lmfao. Out of all the experiences going to LAN for Liquid, C9, CLG facing top EU teams, and they can't beat Tempo. Oh well, CLG, Liquid, C9 don't even try probably to get better. Congratulations Brazil
2016-02-15 09:38
ayyyyy lmao
2016-02-15 10:02
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
when s1mple streams half of the time and goes to sleep 6 hours before the game with tempo you can guess how dedicated liquid practice
2016-02-15 10:44
Brazil Kuratani 
2016-02-15 09:39
nice, c9 should get seangares back ...
2016-02-15 09:40
What I dont understand is, why are thrse qualifiers being playrd online. Wouldnt it be more fitting to host it offline? I mean its for a major not some random lan finals.... Gratz to ts Brasil stronk @ major!!!!
2016-02-15 09:42
IEM Katowice isn't a major.
2016-02-15 09:46
It is a major tournament, just not a valve major.
2016-02-15 09:50
it has only 12 teams instead of 16, which makes it not that big as major ^^ still the pot is big and I enjoy seeing NA getting rekt by brazil :D
2016-02-15 09:52
Russia bralBry 
No, it's not)
2016-02-15 09:59
Oh shit thought it was a major. Seeing all those names. Thing is.. for me the biggest tournaments should always have offline quals. Just to make it as fair as possible.
2016-02-15 10:17
we can call it major anyway, cuz its like major but without valve money
2016-02-15 10:45
So we wont call it a major. Stop contradicting
2016-02-15 14:37
seems like ur new and dont even know major times in 1.6, every big tournament with big names and prize was called major and for me its still the same
2016-02-15 22:56
doesnt matter. if you wanna life in the past do it, i dont care.
2016-02-18 15:17
Really sad for clg & liquid but fuck c9 & gz BR
2016-02-15 09:48
lg played for ts.
2016-02-15 09:49
Norway wowsowow 
they was streaming in periscope
2016-02-15 17:07
the day na cs died
2016-02-15 09:50
2 BR teams 0 NA teams gg ez
2016-02-15 09:50
Azerbaijan M1R4CL3 
no G2 no Dignitas sad :(((
2016-02-15 09:54
I couldn't watch it because it was so late, woke up at 15-15 but seeing this post I can't help but feel sad for C9, their T side is probably the worst T side among "top" teams atm, really heartbreaking seeing them lose advantages because of that. I hope that them and Liquid are able to figure out their own playstyle. Also for those that didn't know, CLG's coach (that is their ign) couldn't join the server as a coach due to some dumb reason. They look like the strongest NA team but this qualifier was really unfortunate for them.
2016-02-15 09:55
Reunion respectful 
s1mple is the best at giving entry frags to the opponent, he's just shown off his lack of gamesense during this game
2016-02-15 10:00
nt RpK
2016-02-15 10:06
Reunion respectful 
2016-02-15 10:14
Los Angeles, mate
2016-02-15 15:59
You need a team working to the game make sense. This takes time.. If you play with a team that you've never played before, also takes time.
2016-02-15 16:12
byali | 
Poland vezz. 
LMAO Brazil too stronk for NA.
2016-02-15 10:00
2016-02-15 10:02
choke9 lmao
2016-02-15 10:05
Brazilians should going play TIBIA
2016-02-15 10:10
Taking down Liquid CLG and C9 in 1 night, well deserved!
2016-02-15 10:12
no G2? Who did they lose against?
2016-02-15 10:21
France Escher 
CPH wolves (HUNDEN's team) I'm notjoking if you wonder.
2016-02-15 11:59
I think boltz took it upon himself to prove something to FalleN after he was kicked. Regardless, it seems to work for him. Looking forward to their matches at Katowice.
2016-02-15 10:22
I'm a bit confused. Everyone who is a member of LG is now a member of tempo storm? Call me an idiot, but I need to see a link of when these two teams "merged" if you will.
2016-02-15 10:26
they never merged, a couple of months ago, boltz and steel from LG were kicked and fnx and taco from tempo storm (Games Academy previously) replaced them, now boltz is playing for tempo and steel I don't know where the fuck he at, but he was a shit player.
2016-02-15 19:08
pls FaZe dont choke
2016-02-15 10:28
Slovakia FeN11x 
no na EleGiggle even uk scene is better
2016-02-15 10:30
It's pretty sad to see what's happened to Na cs, considering where they were at 2 years ago. ..
2016-02-15 10:33
no ibp no na scene is this because we.. oh wait
2016-02-15 10:37
2016-02-15 10:40
To be off topic I really hope c9 can finally cut nothing shit igl and lurker
2016-02-15 10:43
No na teams in katowice! Na=no scene!
2016-02-15 10:58
Now this is hilarious result, gg
2016-02-15 11:05
Choke9, thanks to be so bad... BRazil zil zil !!!!
2016-02-15 11:06
2016-02-15 11:13
BRAZIL ZIL ZIL ZIL! we smart, we loyal, we are from BRAZIL GUYS! Don't hate us, we love u so much!
2016-02-15 11:15
expected. na has no strats
2016-02-15 11:18
FAKE FAKE FAKE! No American team on the list, americans are always the best. Just look at their sponsors.. Or wait
2016-02-15 11:19
2016-02-15 11:24
2016-02-15 11:26
We need two more good BR teams to block out shitty NA teams from the esl pro league finals
2016-02-15 11:30
Tempo Storm dont play de esl pro league =/ next season maybe =)
2016-02-15 12:48
ah yeah true :( But we need them there, then just 2/8 shitty teams
2016-02-15 12:49
Yes, they are 6-0 on esea premiere, i understand esl, when they move to USA no one knows his skills =)
2016-02-15 12:57
Best NA teams? LG and Tempo Storm ay
2016-02-15 11:31
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
hard work > money and hamburgers wp brazil
2016-02-15 11:32
This is the point, this guys are living miles from home thinking only in his dreams.
2016-02-15 12:50
holy smokes! well fucking played!
2016-02-15 11:36
Serbia whoa!! 
BRAZIL ZIL ZIL ZIL! we smart, we loyal, we are from BRAZIL GUYS! Don't hate us, we love u so much!
2016-02-15 11:36
Can we get a #RIPNA, Kappa
2016-02-15 11:38
nice! gl to everyone :)D
2016-02-15 11:42
Brazil bvkzin 
So proud of my country
2016-02-15 11:42
you absolutely should be, this is amazing stuff.
2016-02-15 12:00
Hope Renegades comeback and we make de NA scene hahaha
2016-02-15 12:51
RIP NA, hahahaha!
2016-02-15 11:46
rip sweden, brazil top 1
2016-02-15 15:09
no? Fnatic still no.1 u pleb
2016-02-15 22:10
rip NA
2016-02-15 11:56
Austria gex0r 
well deserved boltz. looking forward to see hen1 doing crazy things in lan.
2016-02-15 11:56
Lmao and VP again easiest group. GG
2016-02-15 11:59
lol who cares.
2016-02-15 12:04
Although UK doesn't really have a CS:GO scene it is a pretty poor showing from all NA teams
2016-02-15 12:04
It was mostly enjoyable seeing TS playing, but Jesus Christ, there were some moments in which they almost gave me cancer, what with not being able to score the match point when they had an enormous advantage and all. Hope they can sort their shit out when it comes to closing games, because things like that de_cache against Liquid are painful and that's basically the one thing they are lacking in.
2016-02-15 12:09
ayyy lmao RiP NA. Bra71l 2 stronk.
2016-02-15 12:10
Sad NA CS is sad... All the money from decent orgas going down the sewer, while talented eu teams can't get and orga...
2016-02-15 12:10
ez pz
2016-02-15 12:12
whatsup now muricas?
2016-02-15 12:16
Congratulations , really good team Tempo Storm :) No swag , no win C9.
2016-02-15 12:18
Reynad wins! Who is salty now?!?!?
2016-02-15 12:20
boltz looks like the Mr. Potato Head.
2016-02-15 12:22
Russia Razor_88 
rip Clown2k, pick more nonamers
2016-02-15 12:22
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
cold was a nonamer... Everyone were a nonamer at the beginning. I like steweie, he has room for improvement.
2016-02-15 16:25
2016-02-15 20:29
tempo STOMP Rip USA, Is that the first time c9 hasn't qualified for a big tournament?
2016-02-15 12:25
Our boys are so dedicated, so proud of them <3 #GOBRASIL
2016-02-15 12:33
And to think that the ESL would not give the invite to these boys to play professional league, this serves for E-League rethink the teams in your league, and give a chance for the Brazilian team, hopefully the E-League does not make the same mistake of ESL to the spot for a weak Australian team and let the Brazilians out.
2016-02-15 12:37
one good qualifier = invite them to every shit tournament/League first of all they should qualifier for the major na major without any na team would be nice haha
2016-02-15 12:40
yeah, cuz TS < 12 NA TEAMS? ofc TS is better than more than a half of the teams in ESL Pro League
2016-02-15 20:28
Great team but vile fans.
2016-02-15 12:38
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Well played Tempo Storm. Nice to see more teams outside the Western world enter the top competitive play.
2016-02-15 12:40
The mongols will be surprise team!!!
2016-02-15 12:53
Brazil have two teams that are better then USA/Canada. How pathetic aint that? looooserinos
2016-02-15 12:54
Europe CdrScorpion 
mongolz will win
2016-02-15 12:56
Feel BR power!
2016-02-15 13:01
damn feels god to see NA burn
2016-02-15 13:02
Congratz guys!!! GL ahead
2016-02-15 13:03
NA CS, can it get more embarrassing?
2016-02-15 13:16
At least usa and canada have a scene, you know that teabag.
2016-02-15 13:40
they're becoming irrelevant, BR is taking over, step aside
2016-02-15 13:44
So.. what is good from england and what team is playing now in big tournaments?
2016-02-15 13:45
2016-02-15 13:17
Other rss___ 
deep respect Tempo Storm
2016-02-15 13:20
RIP Tempo Storm, last place expected.
2016-02-15 13:52
Haha cy@ USA
2016-02-15 13:54
It'll be interesting to see where Brazil is in 15 years Either they'll all have retard strats or they'll be harder to HS...or both pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=99252
2016-02-15 13:55
Poland jesh 
cya lan muricans hahaha gj tempo, well deserved
2016-02-15 14:00
Good game! American teams need to learn from these brazilians. Their dedication to proper practices, coordination, spirit are all above and beyond. Coming out from nowhere just like keyd stars back in the day and now scrapping the floor with tesms like clg, clod9 is unbelivable. This is what i call areally deserved win. Good gameand american teams should be ashamed of that especially knowing that tempo storms didbt even have international experience playing majors like c9, clg and still they outplay the na "giants". Good game!
2016-02-15 14:01
You said everthing :)
2016-02-15 14:56
2016-02-15 18:47
congrats guys!!
2016-02-15 14:01
trying to find NA teams :)
2016-02-15 14:07
ez E-frag -> the best team in the world ->will beat all the lame teams in this tournament
2016-02-15 14:07
beside sweden BR is the only country who has 2 teams.
2016-02-15 14:15
Incredible storyline. It is so blatantly obvious that these guys are insanely dedicated, and the passion they express is beautiful. This has got to be the most impressive rise of any team in CS:GO-history - atleast in the way they did it. They completely out-classed C9 on their respective T-sides. Respect. Congrats!
2016-02-15 14:20
United States j0w 
Doesn't matter Mongolz gunna win anyways
2016-02-15 14:31
ez mongolz
2016-02-15 14:32
Mongolia thechapchap 
Ez odds for you :D
2016-02-15 14:58
its not all about the odds and betting you know. mongolz actually are one of my most favourite teams next to navi and mousesports
2016-02-15 15:39
Mongolia thechapchap 
You knew it was joke why so serios bro
2016-02-15 16:09
just excited bout the fact that mongolz made it that far :D
2016-02-15 16:10
Mongolia thechapchap 
Maybe more than our thought :D
2016-02-15 16:24
nice boys
2016-02-15 14:35
Sweden Mrjohn 
hahahahaha c9
2016-02-15 14:45
SA has some decent teams. i wanna see how the mongolz beat Tempo storms. sadly they're in different group.
2016-02-15 14:53
It would be a great match, always good to see new teams in the scenario
2016-02-15 14:58
Is this a Major? Anyway I'm sad they qualified as they lost me skins on the way. ;( I'm not really, GG's to them.
2016-02-15 14:56
2016-02-15 14:59
japan cs scene is n1 all noobs
2016-02-15 15:04
cogu | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
n1 = nice one you fcking braindead
2016-02-15 16:20
2016-02-15 17:52
Can you write a single post in HLTV that is not stupidly embarassing? OR Just not write at all?
2016-02-15 19:10
2016-02-15 15:00
For the first time no NA teams wasting space
2016-02-15 15:05
2016-02-15 18:45
too strong for actual NA
2016-02-15 15:14
clown9 disband?
2016-02-15 15:17
This is going to be an interesting event.
2016-02-15 15:21
> NA > giants choose one
2016-02-15 15:23
2016-02-15 16:10
Wow, wp
2016-02-15 15:33
NA must do smth!! their 2 best teams are from SA HAHAHA
2016-02-15 15:34
Change the flag, theres nothing to do with NA in this post. I wont understand why ESL lets brazilians qualify through NA, why not have a brazilian qualifier
2016-02-15 15:38
Asian qualifiers include Australia and New Zealand, lol. So relax.
2016-02-15 15:58
ESL make an apresentation on Brasil last weeks, they incoming and probabily we will get some champs here =)
2016-02-15 17:38
Rather than inviting a team like efrag, they shouldve just made a brazil qual and an NA qual, but who cares i guess, na is shit either way
2016-02-15 17:49
gj Tempo Storm ! I always enjoyed watching brazilians rather than NA teams in CS :)
2016-02-15 15:39
2016-02-15 15:44
2016-02-15 16:03
France kennySsSsS 
Europe>NA Asia>NA Oceania>NA SouthAmerica>NA NA is bad
2016-02-15 16:20
The mongolz > NA. Yes pls.
2016-02-15 16:07
2016-02-15 16:08
Brazil Poshoclo 
NA Qualify - A SA team win. LMFAO
2016-02-15 16:22
2016-02-15 16:28
Only because they used the code "Tempo" for incredible luck!
2016-02-15 16:32
Niiiice!, really happpy for them =)))))
2016-02-15 16:43
gratz, im so fucking happy =D
2016-02-15 16:50
2016-02-15 16:50
i like this team alot, more than LG atleast. Hope they'll succeed and qualify for other huge tournaments.
2016-02-15 16:54
is this a major or what?
2016-02-15 16:54
nice! won Liquid,CLG and c9! GL TS!!! Respect!!!
2016-02-15 17:01
Armenia HaRRyarm 
2016-02-15 17:02
haha rip NA
2016-02-15 17:04
2016-02-15 17:05
2016-02-15 17:22
lucky reynad , just got this team and now they got kato :o
2016-02-15 17:27
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
How is choosing a good team luck-based?
2016-02-15 17:39
Brazil Kohzito 
Best investiment of year - Forbes magazine
2016-02-15 18:00
brazil premier time > all of NA? kek
2016-02-15 17:33
2016-02-15 17:34
2016-02-15 17:39
Brazil RisenNTC 
lets goo
2016-02-15 17:42
rip NA XD
2016-02-15 17:45
Brazil yxkz 
RIP NA shit teams
2016-02-15 17:46
Mirage 14:4 to 14:16 lol wp TS, and i cant belive how bad T side is (Cloud9)
2016-02-15 17:48
Brazil Kohzito 
And Cache 13:5 to 21:19
2016-02-15 17:59
not taking away anything from TS, they played pretty well, but only the TL game, like TL was ahead 13-10 on Mirage and couldnt close the game and if they would have had more than 1 round on ct site train(LMAO) they should have won that. didnt see the C9 game, but overall pretty poor by Na's top teams ayyy
2016-02-15 18:00
shroud played great, almost won clutch 1vs1 (1vs5) im not sure, only shroud played well on T side
2016-02-15 18:01
Poland adriannB 
no NA teams, so sad :(
2016-02-15 17:52
Very strong teams. I don't remember so well staffed tournament. I hope that the game level will be also so high.
2016-02-15 17:52
North America a7 
totally deserved. fuck those gay ass north murricans.
2016-02-15 17:57
Brazil has dominate NA confirmed
2016-02-15 17:58
Brazil > EU also
2016-02-15 19:02
prepare ur anus favelamonkeys,eu teams will rape u hard
2016-02-15 17:58
s1mple > NA scene
2016-02-15 18:03
is it on lan ?
2016-02-15 18:20
gz brazil! rly wp. watched few of the matches
2016-02-15 18:25
calling it right now, once they get their T-side together they're gonna be a sick team
2016-02-15 18:26
I watched only one map on Train against Liquid, but they already impressed me. Good luck on IEM!
2016-02-15 18:32
lol rip NA
2016-02-15 18:33
Mad respect to the br scene, SA will rise above! <3 Don't know how they will perform in Kato but this is a great victory already Light a candle for NA CS [*]
2016-02-15 18:50
Mad respect ? Rofl NA is so ez. They won't pass brackets with euro team.
2016-02-15 18:53
Hahahah, the same old talk since LG was Keyd Stars, you guys never learn, do ya? xD
2016-02-15 19:17
Not saying that TS or LG gonna win Kato but there's a fair chance that they could do well. I'm talking about their potential, and we must wait to Kato to see it. And as well as the br fellow said, its the same story with LG "They can only win bo1, if it was bo3 they wont win" "The euros gonna rape LG" -> and they beat nV, NiP, Astralis and got a win over NaVi.. Never understimate, just spec and enjoy.
2016-02-15 19:32
I don't understimate them but when you say SA scene will rise above, dude cmon let me laugh SA scene is composed of LG and that's it.
2016-02-16 01:15
So what? NA is full of big and known orgs and their teams are not up to the standard they should deliver, so until SA have some big orgs supporting we will never know what they can bring to the table.
2016-02-16 01:21
They're pretty close to LG. LG is routinely cracking top 4 now. It would be a surprise if TS didn't beat at least one or two Euro teams.
2016-02-15 19:47
2016-02-15 18:52
2016-02-15 19:05
2016-02-15 19:18
I honestly think c9 need a new roster and get rid of n0thing and freak and replace them with some better players
2016-02-15 19:19
GG WP, well deserved!!
2016-02-15 19:28
2 south América 0 north América SA>NA
2016-02-15 20:00
la concha de tu papa boludito!!!! no goza com la pica de los macaquitos..
2016-02-16 08:13
Algeria Problemdz 
GL VP, i think 2016 will be so hard for the polish team
2016-02-15 20:05
Portugal dracø 
ohhh shit I went to sleep when the server crashed. What a game I missed :( :( GJ TS! É NOIS ZUCAS :D
2016-02-15 20:08
2016-02-15 20:20
Again, Fnatic gonna leave groups and probl win the final such a shitty drafts. RIGGED.
2016-02-15 20:42
Best NA team is from SA. Lel
2016-02-15 21:04
seriously what the fuck Mongols and efrag is doing in this?? they are like tier 4 teams how they managed to gualify may i ask :D
2016-02-15 21:08
Mongolz rekted Renegades in ASIA qualifier
2016-02-15 21:30
Australia kTw0 
we got deleted
2016-02-16 22:39
It will be bo3 matchs?
2016-02-15 21:29
Brazil abused1 
2016-02-15 21:55
Europe tehenery 
oo new stickers
2016-02-15 22:01
China Ava1ondraGon 
Rip NA...
2016-02-15 22:30
srsly still no stats for this game? HLTV get to work.
2016-02-15 22:36
Africa CS > Black Hole > Shit > NA CS
2016-02-15 22:54
Venezuela GamerEvasioN 
NA mad in 3...2...1. oh, wait, is mad right now! rekt NA EU>SA>nobody care(NA)
2016-02-15 23:05
very sad day for cs world
2016-02-15 23:09
Second best brazilian team is better than the top NA teams! LOL WHAT ARE THE EXCUSES NOW??? Cry on my ROLA NA!!!
2016-02-15 23:21
CS:GO NA <<<< EU LOL NA <<<<<< EU Sad but true :D
2016-02-15 23:27
While I agree. USA Dota2 > EU/world USA sports other than Soccer > EU/world USA Olympics > Universe USA chess > world USA poker > world so what gives?
2016-02-16 06:19
China Olympics > USA Olympics Norway Chess > USA (Magnus Calrsen current best in the world - probably best in history).
2016-02-16 08:17
No. Overall USA has better chess players and USA always gets more gold and total medals. Just look at the history. Are you that clueless?
2016-02-16 09:57
Nice. So does that make you feel good? :D
2016-02-16 10:11
Hope you are not talking about winter sports XDD
2016-02-16 08:25
Turkey ramowarr 
+1 unfortunately USA Dota > world
2016-02-16 09:16
Greece hekzy 
EU > NA in dota2 cmon brah stop kitting yourself.. You guys are only good in the garbage sports you created and only you play. Except of basketball. USSR olympics > USA olympics And norway is better at chess. That leaves you with shitty poker. :D
2016-02-16 17:24
We talking about virtual games my friend ;) So it's still 2:1 to EU.
2016-02-18 13:24
Greece hekzy 
LOL NA <<<< LOL EU CS NA <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CS EU
2016-02-16 17:17
2ez 4 envy navi out= gg wp rip fnatic
2016-02-16 02:19
Tourists from Brazil won NA Qualifier. Congratulations!
2016-02-16 05:22
Turkey ramowarr 
Liquid, CLG, Cloud9 Wow took down ^^
2016-02-16 09:16
Sweden LspN 
Ez fnatic
2016-02-16 11:36
Only Hunden Team !
2016-02-16 19:36
Ez favelerinas
2016-02-17 01:21
Sweden FNAimboTiC 
what? no N/A teams? N/A'ed by brazilians
2016-02-17 10:41
Poland DominnX26 
2016-02-17 15:57
Does this mean there will be Tempo Storm stickers? [edit] I found the answer to this, it's not a major so no stickers
2016-02-17 18:17
Maybe they win the qualify for major too. Its possible :)
2016-02-17 19:34
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